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Again i say that with the elf ship from the south, there could be a lot of strange newcomers to introduce into the story. Its just a idea if the elf ship would come to the island.
Dear Quest writers and Quest Writers-to-be:

After some dicussion we have come to the conclusion that we can not include any more characters at this time. Moonstars Daria is the last one we can accept right now. This island is suppose to be lifeless and horrible, an evil place inhabited only by orcs and the Shadow who feeds on them. I am sorry, but it is really hard to find a way to include new characters now and still making it sound possible.

However, this doesn't mean you can't write for the story! We now have 2 dwarves, 6 humans and 5 elves, most of them are being neglected as we focus to much on the characters we created ourselves and feel we know best. There is so much potential in them! Help us and help them!

Characters up for adoption are:
Moori (female dwarf!!)
Aragorn (we all know him but it is hard to do him justice)

Milambar agreed to adopt Arkantos and write for him. So I am a big Milambar fan now! Big Smile Smilie
Ah, yes i understand. There is no point in calling this a horrible lifeless island if people start poping out from under you. But hey! You can join in with your own character as soon as we leave this accursed place with the Gem. O, Amarie, does this mean Icefangs is in or out? Because she is a great writer as i have seen so far and she has good ideas.
Icey can write all she wants, and we will absolutly adore her for writing! But her character is out I'm afraid. We worked hard to make it possible for Daria (Moonstar) to be included if you look back a few pages you see how Daria changed to fit in...
Whoa whoa whoa!!! The dwarves are mine!!! I've already adopted them!!! (At least I think I posted that somewhere...) Bad power-hungry Ama...trying to give away my dwarves....really... Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie So I'll have two parts to write - the dwarves seem to be a bit inseperable.

Wiggle Smilie
Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie i wouldnt mind doing this, maybe Roldan but i need to read the entire story so far. Is it uner Another Story?
It is indeed. But read the whole story? See you in a couple of years!
Oh great... i'm away for a mere two days, and there are DROW involved - I WARNED YOU!

Drow are AD&D forgotten realms creations - Dark Elves exist as MoriQuendi in Middle Earth, and DO NOT have Black skin, Amber eyes, Innate magical abilities, and Two Friggin scimitars and are called Drizzt Do'Urden or whatever he's called!

Sheesh... I welcome more writers, but Amarie has a point there can only so many involved in the drama as otherwise we will have a saturation of characters , and the story will ultimately be the loser as everyone will compete instead of cooperate. I hope this doesnt happen, if it does - then it will be a shame.

Shocked Smilie
Aha...Lady vee awakes from her slumber.

G'Morning Sleepy'Heed!

Wink Smilie
Pah, if you read some of the other forums you will see I was awake a lot earlier....... I posted about 5am i think but had been awake for some time before that. I even had an early night (again) because I was soooooo tired but no good.... can't sleep for the 3rd or 4th night in a row.....

So..... have you written anything yet?
Awwwww you poor love.

Well if you read my suggestion on "What are ye listening to..." then you have yeself a cure.

I gotta a suggestion, I'd like to carry on writing for the "Bad-guys" mainly as i think i have a flair for the DARK side of the farce (its deliberately spelt that way - not force), then if i leave the rest to you lovely ladies, we could meet somewhere in between?

What ya think?


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Whoa Vee, arent we having a stinker?

Errr, wtf is HTH?

Hope That Helps


Hope That Hurts

depending on how I feel.

Wiggle Smilie

So how do you feel, dare I ask?

dodges and weaves

Angel Smilie
The force is dark in this one...
The evil creatures are yours Earlick. Can't think of a worse man for the job. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Be prepared for pain!

Not sure now what to do with the group....... maybe they should meet up with what is left of Aelric's men...... the women can stay in the cave for the time being and do each other's hair, make up etc.

Well no change there from the ladies - always doing the useful things.

Leave the Menfolk to get their hands bloody n dirty. heh

Actually, i think your suggestion Vee on meeting up with one or two of the survivors, who may or may not be able to utter their harrowing near-death experience and the horror that befell them!

Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie
I thought they were all dead, but I guess baby-beast can only eat so much in one night. The girls all alone, giggling and talking about boys. Maybe a little water fight, both Amari’ and Daria are in need of a wash. Are the guys sure they wanna leave us? *lol*

The island is safe during the day except for orcs and Roth/Melvorion right?
Thats right Amarie - Except the orcs sleep too during the day, cos its the only time they can with any confidence, that and the routine "orc aversion to sunlight" given.

Melvorion/en whatever, is due to get to the "ancient Lair" tomorrow, and his progress is only slowed by Nil's pace, but he's a slave-driver on a tight schedule!

Note: Aelric can assume more control and assert his will during daylight hours, so its imperative for Thuringwethil that She rendezvous with Melvorien/on before daybreak the next day - But that wont happen ok?

Not gonna make it easy for the bad-guys. So Aelric can at least give you folks a chance of denying the bad guys, if he resists!

Sound good?

Tongue Smilie
I've just dropped a hint that Vael may have an ace up her sleeve with the pendant..... then I read your post above....... could link that up.......
Well, apparently I am supposed to be taking over one of the characters. To save me re-reading the whole quest a third time, could someone boil it down to a brief synopsis so far, so I know, at least partially, what I am doing?
Right... (takes deep breath) Loosely this is a summary of what seems to be happening.

1)We are at the destination of Gem, Nil is the only one of us that can "sniff it out"

2)Evil lurks upon the Isle, in the form of lesser servants and Ancient adversaries.

3)Aelric and Roth both possessed by Vampire-Wraith and Sorcerer spirit respectively - Both seek Gem.

4)Will each seek to "use" Nil in locating it - Roth/Spirit will cajole/manipulate, Aelric/Vamp will stalk them both out.

5)Aragorn, Vael, Amarie & Co will ( i guess) at some point seek to locate Nil and then to protect her from the immanent threat that she faces from the Evils that seek to use her.

6)Beyond this point i envisage all sorts of nastiness, a painfully bitter end for my character most probably...

Who knows?

Hope that helps Milambar. If not i'm sure the ladies will embellish it with their version of events!

Cool Smilie
Etharion, sweetie, if you read the posts before yours you will see it is night!
I'm real sorry guys and gals! I could've sworn that I asked if i could join the quest before I posted my rp part that I did! My apolegies toward all of you!! *bows* Sorry!
No harm done Icey. You probably talked about it with Etharion, we can blame him. Ha Ha Ha Smilie j/k Wink Smilie
Ups didnt see it was night sorry. Very Big Grin Smilie Hey! I didnt talk to nobody. Well maybe....i cant remember what i had for lunch so...
"Good Morning Angels!"

Waving Hello Smilie

And that doesnt include you Etharion (sowwy only ladies qualify as angels in my book!)

Good morning, Charlie!
Goodday to all, I'm online too (as you can see). I will read through the quest and see if I can post. See you around! Wink Smilie
Hey Gildor, i'm not sure Moonstar/daria would like her character described as an OLD woman lol?

Might want to amend that to scruffy waif or dirty slapper?


Wink Smilie
I think you're right.... Oops.... will change that immediatly Got The Blues Smilie
OK hope that was grim enough... i had to cut my post short, as i realised in time to see that Amarie had posted just before me - so i saved it and read Ama's to see if their were any compatibiltiy or continuity issues - i think it fits fine...

what do you think folks?
Oooooh a tad nasty!

btw I had a chat with Nil last night and we thought it a good idea if the gem is either with orcs or humans who do not know what it is.... that way it can move.

What about Gondolin? Nil is happy to kill him off the mean elf that she is but he should have some part to play before that happens.
Disgustingly good, lord Earlick. Smile Smilie

I stopped befor Ama came to the cave, I am guessing the elves and the mariners have arrived while she was away? It gets a bit confusing since I have jumped straight to morning and the boys are still in the dark. Dawn wasn't too far away when the boys left the cave though.

Aarrgh Nil stopped just when it was getting good. I got a " "The Quest' will be right back after these messages" feeling. Wink Smilie What time of day is it with her?

Nil will need some rest and TLC, she needs something that will transport her far away from Melvorion in a very short time. Mel can follow the track (and blood trail?) the horse leaves, but he has only a tired elf body to work with and she has a horse running as fast as he can. The elves will hear the hoofs miles away in the quiet forrest, they will be ready.
Good Bye Angels!

Na-na-na-na-na Smilie
Good bye, Charlie!
So, will Gondolin recover from his wounds or is that it for him! Up to you Nil.....

Oh and goodnight Charlie (or are you Bosely?)
*Weeps* Very Sad Smilie

poor horsey, poor poor horsey... sniff sniffle sniff.

what heart-rending stuff, was hoping that Nil would snuff it and the heroic Horse would survive and rescue Zee Vorld! Very Evil Smilie
He's not dead yet!

Nil can be the murderess! I'm too soft hearted.
Kill him! Kill him! Ama is to far away to help and Aragorn can't do miracles.
Arkantos died to save Ama, Ama almost died to save Vaeltira.
Nil is worth a dead horse isn't she?
Is she?

Oh well........

Such a lovely horse though. Can we keep him and forget the Gem?
Umm... Ok, but he is sleeping in your room, and you have to remember to feed him and walk him every day at least two times a day. And you have to explain to Elrond why we let his sons die. Wink Smilie
I can't do it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't kill my pretty horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, no, no, I refuse to - we'll leave it to fate, I think...yes, yes that's it...I can't be a poor poor horsie....
Well, if Gondolin dies then I don't want it to be in vain. Nil must be saved because of Gondolin. And he will be remembered....... and probably eaten - BBQ tonight!

Shall we leave it to Aelric?
Good Morning Angels! Cool Smilie

{i'm gonna start every new post like this from now on - until i get bored)

Tut tut - leave it to Aelric, Oh for shame, do you honestly think that I'm that heartless?

Of course ya do - I'd be happy to kill it, skin it , and eat it - Anyone for seconds?

Very Evil Smilie
Every new post or just the first of the day?

Can't decide whether you are Charlie or Bosley....

That last film was bad. Almost as bad as Tomb Raider, Cradle of Liff.

At least Mommy Dearest can't eat Gondolin cos it's light now and she's gone back to the dark.
Just every new post on the Notes i think.

Mommy??? Mommy??? What is this americanism?
Mummy Mammy Mother. Sheesh!

I'll sort the Gondolin problem, everything will be fine - it'll be humane.
Not sure i can gaurantee a similar demise for Nilgaerien though... hehe. Very Evil Smilie
Nil is saved, she um.. smelled Aragorn nearby. He must need a bath too...
He'll come running when he hears her scream at Gondolin to get up (not much else to hear in the woods..)

No need to eat the horse or anything like that, he is already on his knees. Unless they get him on his feet again he's dead. Poor darling...

We'll let Aelric kill him, it is the human thing to do (to us poor horse loving Angles).
Oh Amarie, dear lil Amarie, has to go and spoil everything by being "sensible"

Look the Horse is gonna go "Godfather" on Nil's butt.

Wink Smilie
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