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Oh my! Vee is digging up old threads in desparation.. I'm back now hun! Shhh... Come here baby, Ama is here, things are ok now. Things are oooookeeeeeeey... That's a good girl...

Roth is a half-elf, we agreed on that some pages ago. Wink Smilie
Aha.... well, if he was in Barad-Dur when Vaeltira was a young woman then it would work. OK - I've written a piece which takes place on the way to the boat. Can I post it? Can i? Can I?

Wait for me wait for me!!!!!! I've had an idea simmering all weekend (not a very good one but it needs to be relaesed before it takes over!) and I get to go first!!!!! You just posted!! Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie

What idea did you have for Roth and Vaeltira?
Well..... If I am going to post it, it needs to be now while they are on their way to the barge but I wanted to make sure it was OK with everyone, or most people, especially Roth. However, I could post it anyway and if it is wrong for the story I can delete it. What do you think?

It also gives Nil another chance for contact with Roth in his mad state........ and Amarie..... Hehehehehehe...

Update.... just posted it. Let me know what you all think? Can we go with it or what?
Pixie Smilie Oh my, this stuff is gold Vee!! Thumbs Up Smilie
I adore it!!!!! It's fantastic!!!! So what did happen between them??? I think I know but I'm not quite sure.
OOooooh, so glad you like it. No idea what happens next!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to show that not everything is either good or evil but a mixture. As to what happened between them...... I don't kiss and tell.

I hope Darous likes it!
I see Nil also saw the perfect time for a combined Nil and Roth healing, good, that was what I was about to write about too. Now what are these claws.. Hmm...
Just don't forget that he done her wrong! He can't get away with it - he has to live with it. Don't let him get off lightly, the swine!
It is time to remeber and deal with things now, not push them away and blame others.
Yep, saw the timing coming. Plus, Nil really needs one less thing to worry about. Wink Smilie Claws, claws, claws...ah yes. Figured either it's something from one of their memory's or it's Roth trying to make her let go and in her present state, she thinks it's claws.

All right, is it just me or are we really getting into our characters now?? Kind of a bonding thing going on. Big Smile Smilie No, never to be let off so lightly, Vee!!! We'll punish him good...actually, don't you think getting "healed" by Nil is quite a bit of punishment already?? Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie

I added just one more thing to it...should we wait till the "boys" get back or should we take over??? Very Big Grin Smilie Angel Smilie
I believe that actions must have consequences so I expect Roth to suffer in some way. Also, there will be consequences with Roth and Nil, and probably Roth and Aelric. There must not be a quick resolution though - he can't just say sorry and forget it. After all, he blames Aelric and Vaeltira for their past misdemeanors. I also don't think it should be an easy fix for Roth and Nil to be healed. But it's not for me to say.......

I think we have already taken over, don't you?
Lord Aelric: be aware that as yet Vael hasn't given details of what happened between her and Roth all those years ago only that he has attacked her now.
Yeah i know... And i think i rolled with only what has just happened not what occured in her past... ok ok ok ?

like you needed to remind me ...Sheesh!

Just clarifying things, knowing that as a bloke you get confused easily.

Now i bet if i make any kinda derogatory remark about the female of the species, i'll get a serious doing!

So what the hell - if men are always getting confused Vee, is it any wonder we do when confronted by the feckless and abritrary mind of a WOMAN.
E.g. woman says: "Do you like this dress i bought for tonight dear?"
man replies: "Yes it looks good on you, so shall i call the taxi?"
woman says "oh its the colour isnt it? it doesnt fit right, oh i'll have to change it now."
man in total bewilderment replies:"What do you mean? I said it looks good on you, the taxi's on its way,you cant get changed now???"
woman responds: "well something's obviously wrong with it, you didnt sound like you were too enthralled with it?"
man shrugs and sighs: "the taxi's here, i'll order another one shall i?"

Tongue Smilie
Stereotypical or what? Ah, you poor thing..... Anyway.....

Nil, I have an idea as to how to finish the Roth/Nil thing and to draw her mind out of his etc and also showing his need for redemption etc......... BUT did you have something particular in mind or shall I go ahead? And are there any points in particular that need to be included?
Aye youre right Vee, but i've only known the stereotypes.

I can see youre all in chat so i'm gonna leave work early and maybe join you in the chatroom see what ideas are being floated around...

If i'm not about in half hour then i'll see ya again tomorrow i guess...

Bye byes
OK, sweetpea..... anyway I am not in chat, I was scrubbing the kitchen floor.

I'm going to post a bit here....... Nil tell me what you think and should i change anything?

I've deleted that bit because I posted it already! Impatient, me?
I want to wait for Nil. I just assumed this village thing was after Roth killed the orc guard and run away, and had been free for quite a while, maybe befriending the poeple in Nil village. I am sure Nil has a pretty good idea what happend to her caracters family and home and how Roth fits in.
I wonder how much detail of that one can get into this 'mental' battle before losing the oooomph. Roth has now recovered memories and also is aware of why Nil hated him so they have a lot to get through once they recover. I think if it is all dealt with too finely now it wil detract from how they progress from here. They need to rediscover whatever it was before, reconcile with each other...... blah blah and she also has to reconcile with what else he did, and so does he. So I think it fits, and it gives them both a spring board to evolve their relationship.

Note: OK, I couldn't wait! Sorry... posted it....... if it is all wrong then I;ll amend it........ but I like it....... I think it gives extra depth to both Roth and Nil.

Wow - yes, Vee, you've got it. How is it we can guess each other's intentions?? Big Smile Smilie The village was the key, mainly because so much happened there: that's where Roth "betrayed" her people (even by accident), her mind fell completely apart, and any friendship was lost. Very very good. Now it's going to still take both of them awhile to heal so should they be cordial at first or are they just so shocked at being even halfway normal again that they don't know what to do with each other??? Hmmm...I think I like the second one better. And can Nil be free of romping across everyone's minds now?? Pretty please?? Like, she can control at least that part of it now?? Big Smile Smilie
I'm so glad you liked it!!!!

Yes, she can now control her mind better, thanks to Roth's unselfish act of whatever he did. But he still hasn't been fully redeemed. He may well have problems and anger still......... Vaeltira is a reminder of what he could be like..... not sure yet how he should deal with that. Maybe he should deal with Nil first. Go for it, girl!
All right, just posted again. Tell me what you think - after all, they can't come away perfectly natural again. And I figured Amarie might want to keep them away from the others right now - Nil needs at least one night to heal a bit and Roth doesn't need Aelric at his throat while he's still trying to figure out exactly what happened. Big Smile Smilie
I was hoping for to finally hear what really happend that day. It doesn't explain anything that happend exept that Roth and Nil and some orcs were there.

Page after page has been building up to this "showdown". I very very am glad they are finally ok, but there are too many loose ends that needs to be tied up. Who were Roths loved ones he mentioned loosing? No memories of the Gem at all? Nil parents aren't even mentioned, she who saw them die in nightmare all the time? Why did the orcs attack? Why did they follow Roth and not capture him? To get the gem? Why was Roth there, what was his connection to the village? What did Nil do when the orcs came? Why does Roth hate her for what she did or didn't do then? Nil has screamed that Roth brought the orcs to the village before.

*sob* I want to knooooooooow!!!!

Ohhh add-ons to the last thread! I liked that.
I think it will take time for them to put into words (or thoughts) what they are feeling. Details about what happened can come out now, from both of them if they are willing. I see what you mean about building up to this but I still feel it would be way too much to include it all in one go. I didn't originally think of the Roth/Nil thing as happening now - I had thought to pursue the Roth/Vael before this but Nil pre-empted me, bless her. I worry that the Roth/Vael thing will be forgotten.... still scope for stuff there though.

I wish we had some input from a few others...... where is Roth, I mean Darous? And is anyone else going to join in? We have a few spare characters so it would seem.
There were 3-4 people who said they were interested in joining, but they never did. Sad Smilie But Aleric did! Big Smile Smilie And you Vee! Wohoo!
Just for you Amarie, I have added a few bits to that post about the village, her parents etc. and Roth's realisation that he was to blame. Hope that works better now.

Don't make me line dance again!

Wiggle Smilie
Ahh you are so nice! Just for me! It is quite good!
Wiggle Smilie

I'm with Vee - I thought it would be too much at once and only bits and pieces would come out gradually, like part of their healing or something. But I need Dauros' help!!!!!!!! He seemed to have some idea of what was going on between them at the village whereas I don't have a clue....I could make it up and it would fit but if Dauros has his own ideas...

Here...I'll add on for you Amarie (the things we do for you.... Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie ). OH wait, just went and looked at it - I can't. The entire village thing is on Vee's post. Ha ha!!! You get to do it, Vee, darling. Angel Smilie
I am back workin and easter and what not so I will see what ye have written and wrote and get back ta ye's.
Roth better not be gay or anything

Vee legs it......
There so much ta read ahh bah why do I work so far away..on yes because I do
Yay!! Dauros - you're back!! Quickly, I need to know.... Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie

C'mere, Vee, quick! Roth and Vaeltira don't need any fatal run-ins. *Runs to the door and covers while Vee madly dashes across the street* Big Smile Smilie

Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Line dancing, anyone?
Dont know about "gay - Roth" Mr Darous, but they definately "wussed" you up somewhat...

But like i said before, the ladies will always try it on. Insatiable bunch so they are!

Disturbed Smilie

Oh and it seems like I'm the Big Bad Bogey man all of a sudden... Nil
"Nil needs at least one night to heal a bit and Roth doesnt need Aelric at his throat while he's still trying to figure out exactly what happened"

Hmmmm. Me BAD! *slaps own wrist* But i love it!
Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie

I have a problem with all this stop - starting - rest - start - stop... etc, i mean is it really necessary? Couldnt they just take the small step of actually getting on the barge and resting/recuperating there, which isnt exactly eons away, rather than resting AGAIN? Its Safer methinks. Wink Smilie
The group is split in two - we could go on and secure the barge. I've no idea what you had in mind for that, whether there are any enemies around? The others can follow. They know we have gone on. They are safe with the dwarfs and we can carry on regardless and they will catch up in the morning after breakfast and a smoke and a chat, coffee, shopping..... maybe a movie.....

hehehehehe! Or we could go without them...... sail the barge...... Mwahahahahahaha!

Yes go find the boat, the others will follow shortly.
I best try again then, as i had my last post wiped due to leaving my desk and returning to find i had been logged out... before i saved i may add!

How utterly annoying, i am broken, spent - a mere shell of a man!

Goodbye cruel computer!

Very Sad Smilie
i am broken, spent - a mere shell of a man!

Nothing new then?

Darous: Roth isn't a wuss, he just has more depth and character and something else to rage against - himself!

I actually liked what we did with Roth/Nil/Vael. I feel kinda proud.

How can we bribe/blackmail or otherwise entice RevGrevMcD and Val into the story? Or anyone else who wants to try their hand at serious but fun writing?

Cant summon up the energy to write anymore after that setback...

You best get reinforcements!

bye bye
We have all have lost a lot of posts and e-mail that way, you just need to get up in the saddle again! Or on the keyboard... or something.
I'll leave it till tomorrow now, I cant be dealing with trying to remember what it was i typed three hours or so ago... I swear whoever sabotaged my comp will suffer! Damn those sprites n gremlins!

You ladies (that includes Darous Wink Smilie ) carry on the good work , leave me an opening back on the barge, if you'd be so kind?

nightey night!

Hope my mind is fresh with some sweet n nasty ideas for you all to enjoy - but for the moment it's rusted!
If I had any idea what the barge was like, how big, and how many men etc I might have a go..... Vaeltira is hoping they can provide hot water for washing. She stinks like a pig in ........ pig stuff.

OK, you asked for it. If the barge is wrong - tough. Pah! She needs a bath.

I need a Numenorean word to replace 'Angel'..... help?????
Remember girls, this is a barge not a luxury yacht. Conditions are cramped and there is only ONE tin bath and that is in the storage room. Or it was.
Aw shucks!! I want my own bath!!!! Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie On a serious note, though, I wasn't sure what was where so I'll delte that...where can Nil get a bath then?? She really needs one and it's not fair that Vaeltira gets to be all pretty suddenly!!!! Tongue Smilie Big Smile Smilie

I feel stupid...I just reread your post, Vee, and realized it's inthe storage room. OK, then, shows that I'm paying attention....
Do the girls have their own rooms?? I need info, quickly, or Nil's gonna hurt me for getting it wrong... Animated Wink Smilie
Nonsense, there was a hot bath waiting for the elves and now it is all yucky. I'm sure Vaeltira will order some more hot water for us later so we can get clean agian, if not we can always wash in the river..
No problem. Urdon has been lugging storage crates and beds around and a tin bath to ensure you have enough room. But as there is only one tin bath you will have to share. Hehehehehehe! And you'll have to wash your own clothes because Urdon is tired and has gone to bed now.
Urdon needs to work a bit. Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie You realize now that all the ladies have taken over, Aelric and Dauros will be furious to discover what we've done with their tough men?? Very Big Grin Smilie Actually, I think they've rather improved - how bout you all?? Big Smile Smilie

Did Nil get a bath yet? No, I don't think she did....the water was full of yucky stuff. She needs a bath in the morning then. So, I've got a coin here, Amarie to determine which one of us gets the bath first... Animated Wink Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
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