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yay! Charlie is Back! Earlick rides again!

Great stuff.......... get things going so we can get off this island!

I know! I just killed three characters off in one fell post! hahahahahaha!

Couldn't wait any longer and I thought it good that Nil should die just as they find the Gem.

Of course, if Nil doesn't want to die.... but she does...... ah well, if she doesn't she'd better hurry up and post......

Ahhhh yes, finally getting away from this stupid island and onto the ship, where new dramas will take place. I think Nil should be able to finish off Nil herself, but if she doesn't post soon we will just assume the elf is dead and give her a proper burrial at sea.
UUuu i forgot all about this!! What in the name of Ulmo's water bottle is going on here??!!

A big ummmmm: why does it say that im a comunity supporter?? Cause i sure didnt add myself!
Amarie - how can Valruin pale when he is diving for the Gem?
You said in your post that they had found the Gem. I see i didn't write about the actual find, but my first line is "The earth shook and Amari’ was torn out of her joy of finding the Gem." I just wanted to hurry to fire the arrow and get moving.
Ah - Valruin had seen it and was diving to get it - he needs to resurface with it before he drowns. He's been down there a long time......
No it is found. Silly english language. Amari’ is happy becuase it is found.

But now it really is found. It did look a bit odd leaving out the finding of the Gem since that is what they came there for. Wink Smilie
Have I been missed?? Big Smile Smilie Hello everyone!!!! Now, I don't have much time to write, so pay attention ( Wink Smilie ): I have not been on because I just wrote an entire novel in the space of 21 days (, if you'd like to find out why I did). Because of my carpal tunnel, that little experience wore out my poor wrist and I am now taking a month long break from all writing. Please don't kill my Nil off. I'll do it...the way Roth and Mel died is perfect (though a bit abrupt. LOL. I tend to draw out the poor character's deaths), but I want to kill Nil. Thanks for holding her for me. Smile Smilie

I'll be back in January. See you all then!!!!! Waving Hello Smilie
Awwww, now that was a nice quest post, except that I feel a bit sorry for Nilgaeriens fianc’ whom she loved and missed dearly untill a few days ago in the story. *hehehe*

And I hope we with all this sword fighting and carrying of people that we don't forget that Aelric and Aragorn each has a broken arm they can't use. Just a reminder. Wink Smilie

ooooo I'd like Amari’ to talk to Roth before he leaves. ideas idea ideas... oh well, no time now. Later, precioussss. Later. Tomorrow. Or tonight. We'll see.

And of course you've been missed! And don't you forget that you still have a couple of dwarves to look after! Smile Smilie
Nice post Nil!

Maybe Mandos will release you sooner than usual.
When do you plan to end this story? Please end it soon so that once its finished, I can read it. Since I've no plans to rejoin this I haven't read it yet and have decided to read it only once its over and since I'm not able to contain my curiousness, end it! We can always start a new story.
Well, we can either end it here with the finding of the Gem or carry on back across the sea, blah blah blah...... ?

Well we aren't done untill we have gotten the Gem safely home to Rivendell. Or someone takes it to the Grey havens while some goes to tell the good news to Elrond. And we need to figure out a way to heal the twins, since the appendixes say they stay behind (alive and well) when daddy Elrond leaves. Since we have been saying again and again that the Gem wouldn't heal Nil, it would be odd if it suddenly could heal the twins. Maybe Ama can combine some of her new-found super healing and I-see-almost-dead people powers with Elrond. Ama rescuing her beloved together with daddy-in-law-to-be would be nice and Mary-Sueish don't you think? Wink Smilie Better ideas are welcome.

I think we all agree that we don't have to spend half as much time on the trip back as we spent on getting there. I think I have found a simple way of sorting the Drogba, Arkantos and Amarie drama. Let's just have a party at the boat to celebrate that we can go home, and I'll write something. Though I won't do much writing untill next year I suppose.. we'll see.
It is time to revive the story again... I might come up with something later today.
Gildor writing for the quest? *faints* Wink Smilie
Maybe I will remember to write the quest post I've been thinking about writing for quite a while now. Just maybe. I never remember it when I have time for it.
OK - let's have a roll call.

Who is left?

Valruin with the gem
2 dwarves
The surgeon

And a dead Roland, Nil and Roth.

Anyone else?
Amarie? C'mon girl, get writing.
OMG there's been a quest post and I missed it! How can that be? *Runs to read and write*
Phew! Now they are finally off that horrible island! Yey! Big Smile Smilie
I haven't checked the spelling, no time for that. It should be readable.
Now I must get back to painting and such, which is what I am suppose to do now... Wink Smilie
OK - let's have a roll call.

Who is left?

Valruin with the gem
2 dwarves
The surgeon

And a dead Roland, Nil and Roth.

Anyone else?

And is Arkantos absent from the class or what? Where is the only character I created?
Arkantos is still around, and now he is on the list as well.

Who is left?

Valruin with the gem
2 dwarves, Moori and Dorin
Mank’r the surgeon

And a dead Roland, Nil and Roth.

I can't think of anyone else we've missed right now. But it sure is a lot of people to write about. I suggest that Etharion will get off at a nearby (safe) island where he will be picked up by his people, so that he can go home and tell about their new allies and prepare for war against the... err... orcs was it?

And maybe Aragorn has to go and tend his Kingdom etc. Now the elves have the gem he can leave it to the others to get it back to Elrond.

We need:


I'd like to keep Drogba and Moori and Dori around. What about Arkantos? Can he go with Aragorn (if he goes)? And Daria? We can send her off with Aragorn as well. They can always meet up with us for the final celebration in Rivendell.

Maybe if we cut the numbers someone else can join with a new character along the way.? Or two, or three...
Arkantos won't go with Aragorn. He lives on the east of Misty Mountains so I don't think Gondor is a good destination for him and I think he'll still follow Amarie wherever she goes.
Vee! Post something! I want to know how Vaeltira feels about all this, how she is doing without the pendant, things like that. And you know her best so you should let us know...

It took a little while to accept that Daria could go to Gondor without Amari’. She has kinda been Ama's baby, and it was hard to let her go. But I think that breaking free from the island will do her good and she will grow a lot as a person on the ship. Amari’ and Aragorn had a conversation a while back in the story, and I think Daria has living relatives she could stay with. And she would be under Aragorn's protection, maybe even work at the palace.

The dwarves will probably go home to Moria when they reach the final crossroad. They were sent with them to serve Aragorn, and since he is not going to Rivendell I belive the dwarves will follow the others as far as they can. They have done their duty and should be allowed to go home.

I wasn't quite sure if the Numenorians would be allowed into Rivendell just like that, but I am sure there are elves from Rivendell guarding the boarder and the surrounding areas. There would probably be a meeting before they start the secret paths into Rivendell. Maybe even Elrond himself comes there.

Arkantos will go with Amari’ to Rivendell, he started out there and he wouldn't leave Amari’. (The poor lad.) And he might be needed to help Amari’ save the twins... I'm not quite sure yet.

Drogba would probably be left in command of the ship, so Aelric knows he has someone trustworthy in charge. I will miss him though. But I think one pretty elf is enough for him to think and dream about, I fear he would hurt himself from trying to charm all the lovely elven ladies in Rivendell. Wink Smilie

Well that is a few of my thoughts. I have many more, but we'll see how the story goes.

Now post a long post about Vaeltira. Do it! Please??
I have.

I know Smile Smilie I'm thinking too much about all my hundred "what might happen later" ideas and not enough about a simple "what is happening now" idea. But I'll post soon when I get time. (Can't promise a time.)
Well now, it is about time to bring this poor story back to life. I had a look at some of our old posts, and it's not half bad.

But anyway, I have actually made a couple of pages with handwritten notes for this story. I have a funeral half-planned, and dear Arkantos will spill his guts, a vague idea about the prisoners who where taken by the crew a while back and Ama and Aelric or Drogba, and a friendly chat between Aragorn and Amari’. We are probably due for a Vaeltira and Ama chat soon, after the funeral I think.

Vee, do you remember how the rooms were below deck? Who was where and all that? Did we say what room our people usually gathered in?

I miss our quest talks. Plotting alone is a bit sad.
Er.... ooh 'eck... Well, there was a large room were they met and talked and ate. Vaeltira and Aelric had their own posh cabin and there were some other rooms as well. But that's all I can remember. It was soooooooooo long ago.

Go for it!
I think Amarie and Nil shared a room, and Aragorn got his own when Aelric found out he was the king. But people have died so some room changing would probably happen anyway.

So Daria and Amari’ and Moori in one room, Aragorn on his own, and Valruin and Etharion and Dorin in another? I suppose there is a free cabin now, with Roland and Roth gone. I suppose it could come in handy. In a ff way of course.
Well that should be enough for one post. Please, my lady, do continue. Wiggle Smilie
Oooooooo! Now, that was a change in character for the dwarves. And I who had such a good reason why she pretended to not love him. Now you'll never know what it was! Moahahahaha! *cough* Unless I can use it anyway. We'll see, we'll see. I'll probably post tomorrow.

Yey! Quest posts! I am happy!
Ok, I made a small one today. And we forgot to put poor Arkantos in a room, so it would be very crowded with all four lads in a room.
Ah, but why did she have a change? Is there another reason why she wants to be alone with Dorin? Mwahahahahaha!
I did a little post, but i havent been here for a looong time, and i dont know what you >guys< are up feel free to tell me what needs to be changed in my last post. Ok? Im also happy that we have the quest back up and running! Yeeey!! (By the way, why arent there any more smilies??>sad face< )
I don't know what we 'guys' are up to either. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie I have a few ideas, but I change my mind a lot. And I am sure Vee has some ideas, and you Ethy must have some ideas. I am sure it would be a good idea to agree on some ideas so we know what the heck we are doing. Wink Smilie

Especially with the dwarves, I am curious what Vee has in mind. I had the idea that female dwarves would fight and work side by side with the males. But the minute they chose a man, they would be expected to stay home and raise children. Tolkien does say that there are few dwarven women and that they are very picky about who they choose. Like with us, I would imagine some would rather work than be a stay-at-home housewife, while others quite enjoy being at home. Broda (their boss) wouldn't let her fight if he knew. Try to imagine Moori sitting at home knitting or polishing rubies (or whatever dwarven women do in their home) while Dorin is out fighting. Impossible. Both Dorin and Moori knows that.

So Moori plays hard to get, and the two can spend time together, chopping off orc heads and be as happy as they can be.

Daria will become more independent, but will still need a 'parent' or two. Amari’ will be a safe haven, a temporary 'mom', especially at first, but I imagined Aragorn would take over as someone Daria would trust. She will follow him to Gondor and her relatives, and she can't be depending on Amari’ then.

Arkantos has a nasty wound on his back and it will need some care and repair. By Amari’ of course, and a druged Arkantos will tell her that he loves her and may not quite remember it when he wakes up. Days of our Lives?

Amari’ worries about the twins, Arkantos, broken arms, Daria, Drogba, the whats and ifs of everything, Vaeltira, and seagulls ... well either she will have a mental breakdown or realize that she has to look after herself as well, and not feel responsible for every person she meets. She needs to grow up a bit too, especially if she is to remain sane long enough to save the twins and be brave enough to look Elrond in the eyes. She can do it, she just doesn't know it yet.

I see her find a friend in the surgeon. Someone who is not about to have a mental break down and/or ask her to marry him. Work talk, a business relationship. They have a lot to learn from each other, even if they don't like the other person's culture.

Vaeltira, I can't quite deside what I have in mind for her, but the funeral will be tough. Probably.

Well, that is some of my ideas at least. Come now, share!
I think that Allyssa`s post on the first page of the thread should be updated. Some things have changed and we left the island. Other thatn that....the only current thing that interests me is what`s going to happen at the funeral?
I imagine the bodies wrapped in white sail cloth (I hope that is the right word), resting on a sort of board with one end resting on the railing. When the ceremony is over, someone lifts up the board in the other one end and the body slides over the railing into the sea. I think I have this image in my head from a episode of that Hornblower fellow.

Roth won't be given much honour though, as he is seen as Melvorion by Aelric and the crew. Roth's head will be mocked and played with by Aelric. Those who knew Roth won't be too happy about it, but it may be a bit much for Vaeltira, especially now without the pendant. Only Amari’ will notice it though, as she now is the only one who knows what Roth/Mel did to Vaeltira.

(Aelric and the head is in a way inspired by seeing Drogba play football on TV. I had wondered where our Earlick had found that name. Wink Smilie )
If this is what's going to happen though, can be discussed. Wink Smilie
Hmmm... ideas....

Well, I didn't have any idea about Moori and Dorin really but something should happen with the dwarves. I think they feel the strain of being so different from the other races that they will benefit by spending time alone doing what dwarves do. I see them grooming each other's beards and talking over what's happened, making songs and drinking and maybe revealing feelings about each other and talking about their future. Is that too much? All done in private of course.

I like the idea of Amarie and The Surgeon (we must find him a name if we haven't already). He can explain the finer points of cutting people open and how to chop off legs without killing the patient. He can't learn her techniques, only about them but maybe she can share herb knowdge with him and teach him how to mentally approach a crisis.

Yes to Daria and Arkantos.

Not sure what Etharion will do now. Who has custody of the Gem?

I think Aelric has changed. Yes, he hates Roth but I think his experiences on the island have shown him that there is more to all this than he realised. He is now free of influence and can make decisions without worrying about evil necromancers. I don't think he would kick Roth's head around even though he would like to. He has Aragorn and the others there and he knows they knew Roth and even regarded him as a friend. He knows what happened between Vaeltira and Roth. I think. Or he has an idea.

As far as Aelric and Vaeltira are concerned I don't want anything too mushy but Aelric will give his wife support. She is going to suffer more than him over the loss of the bond between them however she is strong and will cope with the new situation eventually.

Will Aelric follow Aragorn? I think he will. He will wish to remain in control of his men etc. and will still be LORD Aelric. Still arrogant, sometimes cruel but now with softened edges. I think his new relationship with Vaeltira will help that.

Maybe the crew could have fun kicking the head around until Aelric calls a stop to it, telling them to respect the feelings and wishes of their guests.
I don't know, the goo would stick to their boots; flesh and hair and eyes.... ewww... I imagined Aelric doing it more as a speach. Evil fiend, blabla, your days are over, never shall you bother us again, blabla, forever shall your name be cursed, blabla, head being tossed faaaar out to sea in the end and crew cheering. (Like a good throw on the soccer field.) He's not an orc, it will be... like Aelric would have done it. Maybe with a slight glance at Aragorn, both knows that one is burying an enemy, the other a friend. He wouldn't push it too far, but it would be his way to put this trouble Malvorion had caused behind him.

Maybe a pleading glance from Amari’, she is the emotional one. I sort of see her turn to Drogba with tearfilled eyes. "Please, no more of this!" Especially if she sees that Vaeltira doesn't find as much joy in seeing Roth's dead head floating in the air as Aelric might. Vaeltira wouldn't say anything I think. She wouldn't show weakness to the men. The focus will be on Aelric and Roth, so she can be a little more emontional that normal. I think only Amari’ would actually expect to see any emotions.

I agree with about Vaeltira and Aelric, that is how I see them too.

I think Valetira said in the story somewhere that Aelric doesn't know and that she didn't want him to know, but I am not sure. So long ago. But Aelric would be alot more fierce if he actually knew.

The surgon is called Mank’r and Valruin has the Gem, he took over after Nil. And Aelric has a dagger Nil wanted him to give to someone, but she never said to whom.
Hmm... what happend to Vaeltiras dragon pendant? I hope she still has it, even if the protection is gone. If she follows them to Rivendell, I am sure that Lord Elrond would be curious to meet one who carries Aul’'s pendant. It would be harder to get Aelric in, but he would go with Aragorn to the White City I believe.
You both have great ideas...
As for Etharion, well....he`s a bit lonely cause he dosent know anyone on the ship very well, and everyone is deppresed about all the deaths and stuff.. But he`s a diplomat, and not unexpirienced with these matters. He acts normally around people, but maybe someone could see him loking awfully weary as he leans on the rail looking at the sea, thinking he`s alone.
And im interested, after the funeral, where is the ship headed? It must dock somewhere, at least to replenish the supplies. But which harbour, which part of Middle Earth?
While your at it, where are we now??
I have no idea where we/they are. I found a nice big map here: Click for map

What was said earlier was that after leaving Lothlorien, they travelled for a while, met up with Aelric and Vaeltira, and travelled down a river to the sea where the big ship was. That means we have probably travelled through Rohan or Gondor without mentioning it...

I don't think the island they are going to now is inhabited, it just has fresh water and maybe some animals to hunt. *?*

I think the dragon pendant was damaged, if not destroyed but I'll check back. If possible maybe someone could present it to her, having rescued it from the island.

As I understand it the island was on the fringe of known Middle-earth. They are heading back to the mainland, probably close to where they started from or maybe further along the coast if that would take them nearer to Rivendell.
Land somewhere near the river Isen perhaps? Stroll a while and meet some nice Rohirrim to lend them horses?

And if we are still splitting up the group:
-Aragorn and Aelric to Gondor (with or without the ship?)
-Valruin and Etharion(?) to Grey Havens with the Gem (it can't heal the twins, just lead the way to Valinor). That is where they were heading in the first place.
-Amari’, Arkantos, Dwarves, Vaeltira(?) and Drogba(?). Or would Drogba stay behind to command the ship? Vaeltira would probably object to have him 'baby sit' her.
Corgon swiftblade
Posted Wednesday 17th January 2007:
i have herd sever things about this once great story and its creators if something so magnivicent is to just lay here and waste waya i request premishion to continue the story my self or with newly revived help pleaz let me know something my thred is "the story you write" asap and thank you for your time may your sword stay sharp.

We lost a couple of our writers, and Vee and myself haven't had time to do much. But The Quest is often on my mind. You should read the whole story though, to get to know the characters.
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