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I think it probably just wouldn've been much to dangerous to send her off on her own with her mind the way it is. She was fine with the orcs, but like you said, the troll got her. Maybe it could be general area and one of the other members has to sort of take it from there. Another thing I was thinking is that maybe it is partly the gem's fault her mind is like it is. If it's powerful enough (and we go with our earlier speculation of her people being the guardians, which attracted the orcs who destroyed them), could that have messed up her mind? Which means once she gets close enough, it could scramble her up a bit. She can certainly sense it but is not coherrent enough to get to it? Ideas is all. And I have no clue where we are - did we decide whether we're going to Mordor or the coast? That would make traveling easier. Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Can I join?

Lord Aelric has persuaded me and helped me with a character.

Pretty please?

Wiggle Smilie
Of course you can join! No need to ask, JUST DO IT!! Big Smile Smilie Yeey! More people writing!! Hooray for Aelric and Vee!!
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Are you writing soon? Are you done yet? Can I read it now? What is taking so long? Are you done now? What about now? Now then? Jumping Flame Smilie
Name: Vaeltira (female)

Race: Men - Black Numenorean

Physical: Average height. Average strength. Not beautiful but has unusual eye colour (dark blue) for a Numenorean. She is womanly and has the grace and nobility of her race.
She dresses in black, in a masculine fashion but not armour. She carries a short sword and short fighting knives. She wears one piece of jewellery - a dragon pendant, wrought in mithril by dwarves before the rise of Morgoth. She also has a dragon emblem embroidered in mithril thread on her horse blanket and on the left sleeve of her jacket. She wears a black leather cloak and hood which shadows her face.

Skill: She was trained in sorcery while in the service of Sauron. I must stress, however, that she is NOT a sorceress. Her abilities are limited.

History: She has a connection with Lord Aelric.
Are we adding the three elves and the kitties to the groupe? So many caracters to deal with at once, I just started panicing. Wary Smilie Shal we just send them to escort the kitties to the Blue Mountains? (think that was where Val wanted them to go, I have to look it up), to live with the other Chetmig-cats? Minnet is getting old, she deserves rest, the kitten deserves a mate and they have done what they were suppose to do. And the travel there could make an exciting story! They need to be adopted by a writer or ten..

Vaeltira seems cool! I wouldn't mind if it was her riding towards the fellowship now and not the elves....
Eeeek... well if its Elves coming this way... its gonna get "violent", bugger!

So i'm up for an alternative, come on in Vaeltira.

Tongue Smilie

Oh and a spot of Aelrics History in brief... its not public knowledge as he isnt using his true name, but Aragorn will almost certainly recognising him.

Born around the same time as Aragorn in the middle part of the 2900's,
but ten years younger. Came to understand his destiny as a royal exile
and only surviving claimant to the thrones of Arnor, Gondor, and Umbar
---- problem was his family had for centuries been in thrall to Mordor
and as such owed their claims thru those that descended from
Ar-Pharazon and his deeds against the Valar. For the decades in his
youth he was taught to hate the Eldar, and Elendili, and was acutely
aware of the actions of his contempary Elessar, fostering a personal
hatred of him in particular... This all ultimately came to head in the
War of the Ring, but they had their share of skirmishes well before
this, when Aragorn went under the name of Thorongil. In time, Aelric
(real name: Ael-Minytur), came to prominence as a successful general
and champion of Umbar & South Gondor. Sauron made him his Lieutenant
of his Southron forces revealing his intent to allow Aelric to lead the
assault of Corsairs up the Anduin river after razing Pelagir, he was
thwarted by the Dead men of Dunharrow & his rival, Elessar.
Since then, although he is hellbent on revenge, and seeks to depose the
pretender, he does acknowledge that Sauron has deceived his family and
his people for all this time. At this moment he is split between wanting
a reconciliation of the remaining Men of Numenor and pursuing his claim
to the throne. Meeting Elessar personally, he thinks, will decide his
Noooooo, way too scary - writer's block! Panic attack! Aaaaaaargh!
No pressure ...hehehehehe!

If you want Vee, i'll set you up nice like?

*waits impatiently*
You're not impatient and I'm invisible. Or so it seems.

Paranoid Smilie
I saw you, and I did try to write, wanted to make a cool converstion or something but my vocabulary doesn't contain the words I need. Very Mad Smilie I though I would wait for Nil or someone to post and carry on from there..
Oh, yes, leave it to Nil to bring it up for you... Animated Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie Okay, okay, I'm going...just give me a min....welcome Vee!!!!! Wiggle Smilie LOVE ur character!!
Thanks Nil.

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Our smilies are dancing together. Wiggle Smilie
Awwwww - I love the dancing smilies... Wiggle Smilie
Oh they are so cute!!
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Wiggle Smilie "Do you wanna dance and hold my hand..." one of my fave songs and another "Do a little dance..." Wiggle Smilie Okay, okay, all of us girls in here - we need some dancing partners!! Big Smile Smilie Wiggle Smilie
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Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie

Line dancing...........

Fear not, if it is too annoying Amarie can delete it!
Can I add a little note on Vaeltira's character.......

I want her to evolve during the Quest. At the moment she loves no one and cares for no one except for Aelric to whom she is fiercely loyal. Living in Mordor left her emotionally stunted. I want her to grow emotionally during the Quest and perhaps find a reason to live within this new world of men. This will be difficult for her especially when she finds out what the Quest is for!

OK heres the craic... if folks are happy about what i am loosely proposing then say AYE!

Aelric is a Sea-Captian(having led the Corsairs and being Numenorean his skill is without peer) as well as a Knight, and if you folk are still wanting to seek out the Gem in far-off lands across the seas as opposed to Mordor, then he can be the Key. He can also allow safe passage to Umbar where his Ship is moored and from there take the group to the Isle where the Gem can be found.

Along the way issues of trust between Aragorn the company of elves n dwarves and Aelric and Vaeltira may or may not be resolved, afterall its a big ask of Aragorn's faith to trust someone who is a political rival and blood enemy.

So please tell me if this is ok with at least all that can reply in this timezone... so i can proceed later todaywith my next installment.

PS... The Kiljoy Aelric declares DEATH to the Line-dancing Wiggles - Destroy! Decimate! Delete! Delete! Delete!
Very Evil Smilie
Vaeltira is completely in the dark about the Quest but I thought we were headed for Mordor? Still a nice cruise would be good.
I think the ships are a wonderful idea. Aelric can provide passage but Nil is still the only one who knows where it is so she could guide them most of the way...but I really like the idea of her mind already having been warped by the Gem while it was in her people's possession so it would be cool if it started to break her completely down before they get all the way there. Close enough for the others to find but not there. My idea anyway. Big Smile Smilie
I'm finding a bit of difficulty in directing my character. I have a good idea about the others because they have posted lots already but Vaeltira is still forming. I don't want the focus to be on magic with her because she is not a sorceress. Leave the pendant alone! It is limited and she cannot do any major magic with it. It is an aid to her senses and has a reservoir of dark magic which she can draw on for minor things like lighting fire, remote viewing, light etc. Nothing bad. She can also tell when they are near somewhere with a lot of evil around - resonance from the past but although it is dark magic which is the source of the pendants power it doesn't mean the pendant is evil nor that it can be used only for evil. Much like gas or electric - doesn't matter which one - the stove still works. I didn't want her to fight the elves, especially not Nil cos she is nuts. The mind thing was just her protecting herself by projecting strong emotional thoughts at Nil when she started reading her mind/emotions. She isn't deliberately trying to hurt the elves even though she detests them. Her loyalty to Aelric demands that and anyway, the war is over and she now wants peace for her people and what is left of her family. She is not evil in her soul but she is detached from ME because of her experiences under Sauron. She would not want to waste too much energy in conflict with these elves. As the Quest continues I would like her to learn more about the elves and other members of the group. But not at all at once and not forced.

Please don't gang up on her. (sniff)

No worries, Vee. I really do like Vaeltira but I wasn't sure where you were going with the pendant. And it would be really cool if, eventually, she and Nil can work together, so Nil's not ganging already said, Nil's got problems. She doesn't know what she's doing. Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie
I would like for her to discover that she can work with others like elves and she can trust them. But it will take time.

Maybe she can work with you and Amarie - a joining of all their skills and powers to do something or other.

I like that we may have met before....... oooooooh...... a possibility.

Keep her alive until Monday when I return!
Sudddenly Vaeltira tripped over a log, broke her neck and died... Naah, we'll look after her.

Nils post fits great! I was thinking Amari’ recognized the pendant too, but only from descriptions in stories as elves normally have perfect memory. Vaels blue eyes made Amari’ think that it might be some family ties involved (numenorians have grey eyes don't they?), and wanted to sneak a peak to see which which side was strongest in her, good or bad.

Amas mindskills are limited, and takes a lot of energy. Her skills are in healing, she cannot cause any harm with those gifts (not much anyway). Her nature is to look for good. Poor Nil can't help her mind-wanderings and Amari’ is just looking after her.

Since she was a child Amari’ could feel where pain came from, what caused it and how to calm it

Amarie was a healer and Nilgaerien was a hunter. Where Amari’ saw a strong mind and a good heart for her to revive and heal, Nilgaerien saw the weakness and doubt like a wild animal would look for in a prey. Wild animls often hunt i packs, Nilgaerien was alone.
We'll look after Vael...glad you like the idea! Gives a connection of sorts.

You like my post? I wasn't sure how well it fit but I needed some connection between the pendant and Nil for whatever reason my warped brain comes up with. Wink Smilie Yeah, poor Nil...I really like who she's evolving into though. When I first added her, I had no really clear idea on who or what she was but she has turned out splendidly!

Well, Nil gave me an overview of the story (Thank u!). I read it, did my best to understand it, then I come here to see that lot more has been added to the story. I think that the story's moving a too fast for me to be able to catch up with it *runs but stops soon tired and confused* Hmm....I guess I won't be able to make it. I wish I cld at least write a bit to the story before I leave but I won't make much sense having not understood wat has happened. So plz keep Aragorn safe! And the rest too. And put in more action. Then maybe someday, someone will read this story and decide to publish a book on it (I'm not denying the person may as well be me!). Pah! wishful thinking!

So, All the best ppl. Had fun contributing to the story till I cld and had more fun fighting with Amarie who shld delete his or her version of the story whenever we posted at the same time. (And that happened very frequently)
Right been away fer abit but back and goona look over and see whats new
Just wanted to say that I enjoyed the elf-hating culture. That's something new! Have fun people!
I want to show that even the people that are thought of as evil are not necessarily evil but it is their circumstances and experiences which, in some cases, forces those people to embrace evil or die from it. Vaeltira's past has conditioned her mind to think of elves as the enemy although on a rational level she sees that not all is as it seems and the 'conditioning' may have mislead her.

Also, these people that were lured into the worship of Sauron, and from whom she and Aelric are descended, are still Numenorean and still have the qualities of that race, albeit slightly misdirected. She feels anger at their abandonment and jealousy towards the elves which she sees as the favoured race.

Oh cr*p i think i've gone and killed my own character... lol

Big Laugh Smilie

That wont do now will it?

Did folks conveniently disregard the "Vampiric Blade" he's using? or not understand what was going on... No matter, i suppose i'll have to be more clear in future. Well the Blade sustained his life-force long enough for Amarie to lend her assistance, in the nick of time, so he wont stay wounded forever i hopeses, as we seem to be taking an age to move beyond the outskirts of Lorien.

Aelric's River-barge lies waiting on the shores of the nearby Anduin, i'll do my utmost to maneuvre the group in that direction so then WE can progress down river to Umbar, thence to the Isle of the Gem.
OK, let's finish with the orcs and move on once everyone is sorted and healed where necessary.

Any chance of a quick run down on who is what and who is still with us?
Thinking the same thing Vee, seems we gotta lot o dead wood, from folk who no longer post as writers, Their characters should be edited out carefully, with their permission (where possible)

Like the two Dwarves(Mori & Dori?), Roland, Arkentos

Active party members include (to my mind) : Aragorn (at least he has to be there or thereabouts) Amarie, Nilgaerien, Roth, Vaeltira and Aelric.

This Fellowship of the Gem is due a shake-up, like in the War of the Ring and the passing of Boromir. It would be dramatically appropriate to make one or more of the above characters exit the story in style - a victim of this last encounter with the Orcs.

Just a suggestion, but i think streamlining the tale makes sense, afterall, some of those not actively involved, could have their character's unwilling in principle to trust in the word of a Black Numenorean and his notion of Safe Passage" to hostile territory (Umbar)
I see what yer sayin Aelric.
Right im doin' a post in the tale and I'll be gone for a couple of days work and all. So keep roth involved but keep him in character.
I dont want ta come back and find he's gone all wussy on me Paranoid Smilie Paranoid Smilie Paranoid Smilie Paranoid Smilie Paranoid Smilie Winking Smilie Winking Smilie Winking Smilie Winking Smilie
Maybe, if people want to pick up their characters later, we could send some off to check on something or secure something or find someone etc.... that way they can wander back at a later date. Or we could kill 'em off! Mwahahahahahaha!

Could we lose Aragorn when LA86 goes? He could lead some others somewhere for somekindofsomething and meet us later, entrusting the safekeeping of the company but not the leadership to Aelric. That would annoy Aelric. Or does Aelric's presence require Aragorn's?
I dont think it wise to let Aragorn away, irrespective of LA86's involvement, cos he's got a personal interest in locating the twins, having been brought by their father and quested with them b4 for many years.

Besides, if and i mean only IF, Aelric does come good then this will have greater significance if the New King(Elessar) is present. Maybe things will go the other way - who knows?

Dont worry Darous, i'll give a good account of Roth as very angry wormfood... lol - j/k

And as for anyone aside from Aragorn leading or telling folk what to do, well it dont seem to work to well with the Psychos in the group... hehehehe

Lets keep the momentum going is all i say, cos the last coupla days have been fun, and the writing of high quality... especially ???
I keep trying to read back to find out about the characters but it is confusing. I am not sure who or what Roth is or how to continue the Roth hates Vael line. Some clues please Darous!

Roth has just got issues, Vee. Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie I don't completely understand him and I'm still not quite sure what Nil and Roth's past is supposed to be. She didn't encourage her father to save him and his people and he led orcs to her village? Am I right, Dauros? That seems to be the point of their hate relationship thought it seems Amarie wants them to kind of fulfill each other's destinies...what idea did you have there, Amarie?
I had hoped Roth was going to be the one to appear and threaten Vael in some way or even physically attack her. But I think he has disappeared now for a few days. Oh well......

Nil, can I ask you to ease off on making Aelric and Vael grateful for anything the elves do. They really wouldn't humiliate themselves by being grateful. Arrogant whatsits they are. Well, Aelric is really arrogant as you can see, and Vael is too wary and suspicious of elves.

Pretty please.

I'll line dance for you again....

Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Hee was your line dancing that did it. Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie I'll actually delte that if you want...ideas weren't too fresh at that moment.
Nah, the plot has been manipulated successfully.

Come on you lot! Post! Amarie! Stop whatever you are doing and post!!!!

Just had an idea! How about asking Val if he would come back and write for Aragorn? Or is he too busy?
I have no specific idea, just something about them two forgiving eachother and themselves for what had happend. It seemed they were so busy blaiming eachother instead of dealing with what happend. ...I don't know. I was just hoping someting would come up.

Where do all the horses come from??? Nil had one, Vaeltira had one and Aelric had one, then suddenly they multiplyed. I just pretended Aragorn had borrowed Nils horsie, but now there are talk of more? Just wondering...
They made like rabbits and quickly multiplied for us... Big Smile Smilie Actually, I could put it in one of my posts that Nil had more than Gondolin hiding out and had a whole pack instead?? That was my orginal idea anyway. Roth and Nil are supposed to reconcile?? Hmmm....interesting possibilites.

And I've got an interesting question: Vee and Amarie, do you ever fall in love with your male characters?? I do all the time. I'll create a new male character for whatever story I'm working on then suddenly, I'm falling all over myself and trying to "portect" him. LOL - or perhaps I really have fallen off the deep end? Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie
I often play a male in rpg but I never fall in love with him. That would be weird. As for Vael I do seem to have developed a soft spot for her but I may decide to be quite ruthless with her. She needs to suffer a bit. I don't want her getting all slushy over any man.

I can't sleep. It gone 2am. I'm tired.

Now gone 3am and I am still not asleep.

Just thought - I'd like to see more interation between characters - talking and stuff. They all have issues.
Okay, got a new scne with talking - you happy?? Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Use of dialogue in fiction is good, people. Dialogue is interesting to read and it reveals a lot about a character. Keep at it!
Sorry - had a break in's waaay easier to talk to people when they're awake. Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie
I like it - getting some stuff going that could be fun. Mind you, with a group of disparate people who don't talk to each other at the best of times, it isn't easy to find ways of bringing in lots of dialogue. Still, that's half the fun of all this, isn't it?

I hope when Darous returns he will agree that Roth hasn't gone all wussy!!!!

Wiggle Smilie

Also, can someone confirm whether Roth is an elf or a man please? I thought he was an elf with an axe but I've just read a post which says he is a man!

Apologies if I got it wrong.....
I have an idea to drive Roth over the edge, sort of. If he is a man and the timeline matches, that is. But it is a bit dark, can be done with few details but is not particularly pleasant. It would explain the familiarity he feels for Vaeltira. Shall I do it at some point? Or should I try it out in here before posting in the storyline?. It can be done sooner or later. When is everyone back from Easter? No one has posted anything for DAYS and I am getting twitchy.....
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