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Not a very good post, but she posted... Wink Smilie Been out of town so I was hurriedly flipping through pages once I got back. Big Smile Smilie
Howdy. just a 'warning'. I won't be around much from now and the next weeks, busy with rehearsals for the viking play and my boyfriend will be home for a month or so and later he'll be away for a month or so. Sad Smilie Will keep an eye on the quest though. I am addicted you know, can't stay away. Wink Smilie Hopefull I'll find time to post something.
"Good Morning Angels!"

I'm Back sorta...

Not sure i like the ease with which an ancient evil like Thuringwethil was dealt with, but it was stylish at least - nice Vee! Good Vee! Down Vee! heh

Bad King Smilie
Oh how I have missed the good mornings!

You should have been here to ensure Thuringwethil got her just desserts.


nice Vee! Good Vee! Down Vee! heh


A few words in my defence......

The Lord of the Nazgul was killed in a few lines......

Quality rather than quantity.

I managed to link the pendant in.

Thuringwethil, as I mentioned in previous posts, was weak and needed to feed but was trying to take over Aelric completely so that when she did fly out in a rage she was not at full strength thus giving Aragorn an advantage.

But I'm glad you like it overall. I do hope you read the posts fully...... I've worked darned hard over the past weeks being the only one writing for Aelric and Vaeltira.....
I thought it very good, Vee.

Yay! Allyssa put something in! Should we get on chat and plot our next move, Vee?? Wink Smilie
Allyssa was on chat today and I asked if she could give us some constructive criticism and a nudge because we seemed to have become stuck. She mentioned volcanoes...... lo and behold one errupted on cue.

Yes, get onto chat sometime and we'll work out how we are going to get out of this mess!

I suggest you all flee to the ship while those 4 go in search of Aragorn and maybe Roth can turn up and chase us round the island.
OK - an update......

Having found out where Aelric is and that Aragorn is the only one who can kill Thuringwethil, Drogba, Aragorn, Vaeltira and Etharion travel to the cliff and fight Thuringwethil. Aragorn kills her mortal body with the aid of Vaeltira's pendant and Aelric is released but very badly hurt.

Meanwhile, back at the cave........ Nilgaerien is blind and a bit mad. The ships surgeon, Urdon and a few mariners arrive. Dwarves want to look for Aragorn. Suddenly, thanks to Allyssa, a volcano erupts. Roland, Arkantos and the dwarves go to look for Aragorn and the others intend to go back to the Meneltauros for safety. Boats come for them. Amarie, Urdon and Daria go to the boats. Nilgaerien is with Valruin and she doesn't want to leave. Roth/Melvorion appears and kills a couple of mariners. The others row away from the island. Amarie is not happy. Valruin and Nil stumble down a gully and Nil knows Roth is after her so they run away from him and the others.

Ahhh! I thought Arkantos and the others had already left left, but now I see it never said they did only that they planned to. Interesting to just see what happens now that I don't have time to write. Amarie and Daria all alone on the ship with Aelrics men and everybody else is on the island.. Amarie is not happy indeed. Tongue Smilie But it could make an interesting situation..

Ooh so that is what an outcropping is, good! I've been thinking that there would be a rain of ashes, hot and a lot. If Nil and Valruin are safe under a "roof", and Aragorn and the others in one of the batcaves and Ama and the crew below deck (I am sure the 'sane' elves have sensed it coming). Maybe we can find later if elves can walk on ashes as well as snow Wink Smilie That leaves Arkantos, Roland and the dwarves, but I am sure they are running knowing there isn't much time and would reach the caves in time? And Mel/Roth out in the open and slowed down (again).

I don't think Valruin and Nil should go after the Gem alone, with a evil wizard shooting thunderbolts from his hands following them, I don't think they have a chance even if she gets to the Gem first. And if she leads him to it, the gem might decide she is not a good enough Guardian and choose someone else. It is If he is faced with a whole buch of folks however.. Don't know what Nil is planning though.
I had a quick chat with Nil......... I did suggest that she didn't find the gem without the rest of us and that she shouldn't let Mel catch her again otherwise she will be toast.

Earlick said he will post soon and hopefully he will do something with Aelric and Aragorn. I am trying to leave them alone until he has posted but it is difficult............

What should Ama get up to on board the ship? Pity Drogba isn't there.....
Yes it is a team mission. Better to be safe than sorry.

It seems to me Galadriel picked/asked/wanted Nil to guide them because she knew it would be good for her. She would know of other Gems and their guardians, but I think she picked Nil because she saw that Amarie could help her, something she, Gandalf and Elrond couldn't. Nilgaerien is the guardian, but it isn't 'hers', it belongs to all free elves. I don't think anyone but Aragorn should touch it. This I say mostly because I am jealous and want Ama to be super Gem-elf too, as if super-warrior-healer-everybody-loves-me elf is not enough. *lol*

On the boat.. No brave, strong Drogba to protect the girls... That is too bad! Silly man being so far away.. I pictured Ama staring towards the island worrying and waiting and longing and bla bla. Daria would probably not like it below deck with the scary men anyway. The men quarreling whether their leaders are alive or not and what to do.
Forget the others!! The girls will rule the Quest!!!!!! Muahahahaha!!!

Allrighty then, now that that is out... Wink Smilie I'm gonna have Valruin tell Nil no, not to go for the Gem now, but I stopped where I did since I couldn't remember what Vee and I had discussed. *still wandering about looking for brain* Oh, and the thinking its hers thing?? She is blind, slightly disoriented (okay, ALOT disoriented), in some way connected to Mel, etc....poor girl's gone a bit loopy. She doesn't know what end is up and at this point and time, just knows that she needs to get the Gem - basically translating to "my precious!!" Animated Wink Smilie Hee hee, okay, not that bad, but you get the idea.
Ha Ha Ha Smilie
In the meantime..........

The mariners, thinking their Lord is dead and maybe Aragorn and Drogba, consider leaving with Amarie and Daria - sell them as slaves or have fun with them..... no that is not nice..... oh but so evil evil evil............ Mwahahahahahahaha!

Well, maybe the nasty guys would think that but there should be enough staunch and loyal Aelric supporter who decide they must stay in case....
Very much what I had in mind too, Vee. If the mariners Ama helped is in a relativly sane shape they would probably feel a bit obliged to help too.

[qoute]She is blind, slightly disoriented (okay, ALOT disoriented), in some way connected to Mel, etc....poor girl's gone a bit loopy. [/qoute]Excuses, excuses. You want it for yourself!! *Ama walks around with a strange look in her eyes mumbling 'Gem the Gem precioussss Gem' *

Dress rehearsal for the play today. Lots of sun, I'm gonna melt! We are all gonna melt! Tongue Smilie
Maybe this could be a twist... Nil's mind is twisted, Mel has some control there, so when she gets the Gem she decides it is not for all those other silly elves, it is for HER, and she can do such a lot of good with it but it must be HERS and no one else can have it....... so she runs off with it and we have to chase her and kill her......

It's mine, it came to me!!! Hee hee, Vee!!!!! NO KILLING ME!!!!! I do like that twist however - all along we've been assuming Nil would gladly get it for everyone else and suddenly, "It's mine!!!!!!!" Mwahahahaha....
Well, it could happen......... but OK we won't kill you... yet.

I have made a post about the Quest elsewhere and suggested that someone might want to be an orc... then we can battle the orcs as well. Of course, they would have to be prepared for their character to come to an unsavoury end as I can't see us wanting to take an orc with us back to ME.
What a scary bunch! Pixie Smilie Some say the world would be a more peaceful place if ruled by women. I don't think that for a second!! In fact, judging from what goes on inside the heads of these girls, I say we would have been all dead millenia ago! Dead Smilie

Racists too! Poor orcs! Sad Smilie
Oh Grev... it is about time the womans get to rule the world, you men have had your fun, now it's our turn to ruin the world.

Would have been nice with an orc or two. It really would. And why isn't anyone posting? I'm getting serious withdrawals here! Oh but next monday I shoud be back for real, then I need to have a looong quest-chat with Vee, I'm having quest-chat withdrawals as well. I am pathetic. Tongue Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Well, the brits have a long tradition of female monarchs. And look what they did! Conquered most of the word! Greedy *mumble, mumble*!! Paranoid Smilie

Next monday?!?!? What are you doing this week? No need to burn that village any more - nothing more to loot! Orc Grinning Smilie

Oh, and how many times was you mistaken for beeing your own sister this year? Tongue Smilie

*tries to lure Ama back to the board with a chocholate bar and a V sign*
Please don't ask Amarie what she is doing!!!!!!!!!

And I am in chat now if you want to pop in but I won't be there for long.

I am stuck for ideas......... tomorrow is another day....
Indeed Vee today is that other day... and i missed ya.

Hey there Angels... been a lil while, but i gonna post today just after i read the copious bilge that has gone before, j/k!

Bad King Smilie
Marvellous... i gets banned from chat for an innocent Bytch chat?

Bad King Smilie
A quick update.........

Amarie and Daria are now on the ship along with Urdon and the rest of the men that were on the island.

Roland, Arkantos, Moori and Dori have left the campsite and are travelling through the forests to find Aragorn and company.

Nilgaerien and Valruin have run off in the other direction away from Roth at the campsite.

Aragorn, Aelric, Vaeltira, Drogba and Etharion are near the batcaves (hee hee). Aelric is going to post tomorrow about Lord Aelric.... he has something planned.

The volcano has erupted........ how long does a volcano erupt for? Amarie needs to get back to the island as soon as possible.
Nice story. But i hope you dont kill me off! Ok? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Etharion, it's been fun, but... Wink Smilie

Vee, volcano eruptions can last up to a year, but most are under two months. Are you wanting it to stop soon? Eruptions last only as long as there is magma under pressure, so if you're wanting it to stop soon, we can pretend magma flow got cut off or something. Then again, who cares about being scientific???? Big Smile Smilie

Hey, look, Charlie's back...darn... Tongue Smilie
Maybe this volcano erupted out of anger rather than a scientific reason? And can stop at any time perhaps.......

Amarie has the best view of the island - she should watch the eruptions.

As for Nil and Aelric and the screaming.... well.....
That'd be angry volcano. I like it!

What was with Nil and Aelric and the screaming?? Is he screaming or is it memories or...hmmm....

What should I do now?? I'm supposed ot have adopted the dawrves and I want to write about them but I'm not sure what everyone's doing with all their plots. Aelric?? Are you going to post?? I wrote a very boring, nearly generic post since you're supposed to be writing something. *pouts*
Because both Aelric and Nil had been in some way possessed or nibbled on by Thuringwethil there was a brief link between them. Nil heard Aelric's screaming from within his own mind but when she locked onto the Gem again it's power flowed briefly through her to him. Not only did this break the connection between them (we don't need any more mental connections!) but it helped Aelric.

Clear as mud, innit?
At the moment we have the dwarves and Akantos and Roland wandering somewhere on their way to find Aragorn & Co. Amarie, Daria and the ship's surgeon are also trying to find their way to Aragorn.

Earlick is going to post soon. He says he will. He has an idea for Aelric and Aragorn.

Roth/Melvorion is still a threat and I think we can use him to create some strife here and there.

Nil and Valruin are off on their own........ will they go for the gem or try and find the others?

I had thought that Melvorion might gather the orcs together....

Earlick suggested more fights with Thuringwethil's brood. Also, is the volcano something to do with Melvorion's power or Thuringwethil?

Things are more or less back to normal here so I will try and give Aelric a ring tonight and find out if he has anything to post. If not I will do my best to post something in the main story to get it going again.
Whoa... Has the story died???

I hope not as i'm about to post something the now, this very minute - sorry for taking so long but been working and all.

Hope all is well with me Angels! Wink Smilie

Bad King Smilie
Talk of the devil........
Things are more or less back to normal here so I will try and give Aelric a ring tonight

One should think people at PT would think twice about accepting strange rings..
All part of my plan for world domination.
Bad King SmilieBad King SmilieBad King SmilieBad King SmilieBad King SmilieBad King SmilieBad King SmilieBad King SmilieBad King SmilieBad King SmilieBad King SmilieBad King SmilieBad King SmilieBad King SmilieBad King SmilieBad King SmilieBad King SmilieBad King SmilieBad King SmilieBad King SmilieBad King SmilieBad King Smilie

Thats how BAD i am... Alright!

Although i loves me Angels!

Kiss Smilie
Yeah yeah yeah....

Anyway.... moving on... Amarie, I have a few concerns about your latest post..... mainly that this cave isn't really a cave... we seemed to have moved them suddenly at some point from the forest to a cave. Which is now a suite of caves with hot and cold running water, electricity and room service!

They were now, at Aragorn's direction, hidden within the dense forest surrounding the cliff face.

I thought they had sought shelter under an outcrop of rock but it seems not. The caves mentioned at some point are the caves where the Brood live. So it seems we have no shelter such as a cave so nowhere the girls could have a private chat etc. Maybe we can add a bit to a past post that suggests they found a cave nearbye.....? But I doubt Amarie and Arkantos would have a private room.

Also.... I doubt Arkantos would have a change of clothes. They travel as light as possible I would think, and live in the same clothes for months if necessary..... yuk! The women might put clean and dry cothing as a higher priority....

Thinking about this, the only people who had a chance to bring any further provisions were Amarie, the Surgeon and Daria because they had been back to the ship. The others were merely running around carrying whatever provisions they needed for their running around, apart from Nil and Val who were cut off and had to run for it. There may have been provisions left in the first cave but it may also be that they were destroyed by the volcano's eruptions.

This isn't an easy quest for them and they must endure hardship and deprivation.... no baths, or clean clothes for a while.

Also - Lord Aelric's post ..... Aelric has suffered greatly and I am surprised that he can stand even aided. But...... OK.... it may be he is just trying to make out he is tougher than we think. His physical wounds, it was said, would heal slowly but his mental damage may take longer. I don't think he should be ready to fight, argue and lead just yet but I do think his vulnerability and injury to his spirit should be shown.

I thought they carried Aelric into the cave after the fight. Or maybe I just thought it would be logical to get him out of the open and imagined it was so. Let me see... *pause*

"At least they must seek shelter until darkness gave way". (Aragorn thinking. Hiding from the brood.) Then nothing about it untill your quote Vee. Must have imagined where they went and ignored what you said. Wink Smilie But with the volcano rumbling, ashes falling, trees falling over their heads (blocking Ama, Daria and the surgeons way remember?), and with several empty caves nearby...

I remember thinking the cave had one big room where the operation takes place and a smaller room (or something) further out where Arkantos takes Vaeltira so she won’t see the surgery. That is also where I thought the girls would be, but suddenly the cave got gigantic for no logical reason... Orc Going Huh Smilie Ama can be well enough to take a stroll outside with Arkantos, she has to help Nil too so she'd better get better. Tongue Smilie

Aelric was a bit quick to get on his feet (though I imagined him quite wobbly). But I like that he feels guilty. Moahahahaaa!

Now... where is the brood hiding, where are the orcs (they should start popping up soon, but both Aragorn and Aelric have injured their sword arm), and when will Drogba have time to charm Ama?

We know the girls have a change of clothes, because Nil changes her clothes on the barge and Ama finds clothes for Daria to wear. Hopefully the men also have a spare shirt and a pair of pants with them. At least a shirt. Aerlic must be quite jummy now... covered in Thuringwethil goo...
I was sure I had written about a cave but it seems I hadn't - although I did put Nil and Valruin under a rocky ledge I think. Maybe that is what confused me. Shall I go back and add a bit about a cave somewhere? It only needs to be a hole in the cliff face rather than a massive cavern.

As for clothes...... surely most of them were left on the ship for when they return? And I am sure Aragorn just loves getting away from the cleanliness of living with Arwen and returning to his slobbish, bachelor ways.

I expect the orcs and the brood will come out at night to hunt.......
Yes add a cave somewhere, you can add it where ever you like now. Wink Smilie I have changed parts of my post, no huge cave and no change of clothes. Now there is just a fire somewhere.
I have added the following - just before Amarie arrives.

Drogba, following Aragorn's orders moved Aelric's battered body to the safety of a small cave, no more than a deep hollow within the cliff face but enough shelter for the time being.
Okay, I relented to Vee's demands that I write after her...Wink Smilie Anyone else going to post??? Please, please, please join me!! I come back and no one writes!!! *Sob*
Sorry Nil - I had hoped Gildor would post something about going off and finding Roland and maybe fighting a few stray orcs........

Aelric has suggested an idea for when we do fight the orcs. Amarie and I talked about Daria showing a darker side (she hasn't survived this long by being all sweetness and light!) and maybe getting into the fight and slaughtering orcs. Aelric suggested that she is a more subtle killer, waiting for an opportunity and slitting throats and maybe even scalping them or some other form of mutilation. He would be watching from a distance and see her doing this and think - aha, she could be very useful! The idea being, if he doesn't ming me repeating what he said, that while he gives his loyalty to Aragorn he uses less than 'nice' means to ensure Aragorn's safety and continued kingship - possibly assassinating certain dangerous elements. That's his plan - he's gonna stay mean and nasty but for a better cause. Just don't tell Aragorn!

So we need Roland to rush back in and warn of the Orcs!

I've been wanting to send Roland in, get some fighting started, to set Darias assasin skills free, been thinking about Moori and Nil talking, maybe Moori wakes up Ama 'casue she's worried for Nil... Some Ama and Nil chat... Maybe a bit about Vaeltira... And something from the orcs side!! But I haven't had time, and I was hoping someone would post something. I haven't had time to write, but I think about the quest a lot. Maybe Sunday I will have time for our preciousssss quest, Ray is leaving in Sunday morning... *sigh*

Gildor is NOT getting the invisible crown if he doesn't post... You hear me Gil?? Wink Smilie
So shall we hold off on Roland rushing back with news of orcs etc until you and Mil have had a chance to chat?

I can't think of anything else - Drogba could go and talk to Aelric and Aragorn I suppose so we get some macho male chat going on; Vael is sulking - can't do much with her.

Oooh I don't know, Amarie, I can leave it for a few days until you've posted something.
Some macho chat would be good. Hmm.. *thinking* Roland can come and warn them. He is a bit a head of the orcs so there is some time for the men to plan the battle while Ama takes care of Nil. She can join in after the battle has started too, more of a surprice for Drogba that way perhaps? She is the only one with a bow (except for Nil) isn't she? ooo got to run, but write whatever you want and just leave Ama with Nil. Don't have to wait for me, I'll play along with what happens. Smile Smilie

Is the surgeon and the 3(?) men still with them or did they leave with Roland?
Good thinking! Yes, let Amarie start firing arrows past Drogba's ears!

3 men? I only know the surgeon was with them and still is. As far as I know there aren't any men left with them.
Gildor is NOT getting the invisible crown if he doesn't post... You hear me Gil??

I hear ya, I hear ya, and here I am! Wink Smilie To be honest, I don't have the smallest idea what is going on right now, and I've tried to read all the posts but on a moment my mind just went BENG, and I couldn't understand it anymore. I don't know where Valruin is, what he is doing, and even if I would, I have a major writer's block here.

Can someone help me out?!

Thank you. Smile Smilie
I'll try and post an update....... let me just have a look and see what's been going on.


Everyone is at the cave except Roland who went to the beach and told the men there to go back to the ship. The signal for sending the boats back to the island will be a flaming arrow. Roland is now on his way back to the group who are still near the bat caves and has spotted a group of orcs who in turn may have spotted the smoke from the fire at the cave.

Aragorn and aelric are recovering from their wounds and surgery. Aelric has been told off by Vaeltira for being an arrogant idiot etc. He is now asleep in the shelter of the cave.

Nilgarien is not very well, still blind and can feel the gem.

Amarie helped the surgeon and used a lot of energy. She felt the evil within the earth. Her health has been helped by the rain.

Drogba is wrestling with feelings for Amarie. Arkantos is also.

Dorin has told Drogba that no good will come from an elf/human relationship.

Etharion is suspicious of Aelric and wonders if Thuringwethil still has a hold on him. Valruin is there but not doing much. The surgeon is still with them as is Daria and Moori.

Okay then, thank you Vee. I'll try to post something as soon as possible.

*Thinks about what he can add to the story.*
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