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Oooookey... So that is how they say 'see you later' in Whales, good to know! *lol* You are an odd one aren't you. Wink Smilie
Thats Wales babes, not those fat lumps o blubber what float in the seas - i believe you Vikings are partial to Whale meats, so i better shuddupa my face b4 you eats lil ole me by mistake.

Wink Smilie
*Hides gigantic harpoon behind her back* *whistles innocently*

Anyway, what do you think Moonstar? You still wanna play with us? We're not so bad once you get to know us. We're quite nice really. Just very very fond of the story. Angel Smilie
*floats - oblivious to the viking threat off the port-side*

Why are Sperm Whales called such??? If i were a "sperm" whale i'd be pretty annoyed at having my brutal man-eating bulk compared to microscopic tadpole thingy - unless it was to denote the whale's excessively high virility - then i would be quite satisfied, though i would still smart at not being called a "killer" whale (the killer/orca has had no human deaths attributed to it in recorded history, yet the sperm whale of moby dick fame has claimed hundreds of human lives - all deserved in my opinion, self-defense!)

*large harpoon strikes deep into the side of the philosophising ex-whale*

Sad Smilie

PS... Moonstar - I am Bad, sowwy but I am, its genetic or contagious cant remember.
Very Evil Smilie
Did we say we wanted Aelric back or was that just some off-handed comment in one of our plots, girls? Animated Wink Smilie Anyway, I'm going to ignore Aelric's rambling and get back to what we were talking about. Big Smile Smilie (Amarie, you have any other harpoons laying about?)

I'd love to have Moonstar join us, but without such a powerful character (but nothing at all against you, Moonstar! If I'm trying to be offensive, you'll know it. Wink Smilie ).

Hey, does it look like Dauros is coming back anytime soon? Cause, um, well...I had an idea and Vee just keeps encouraging it and I'll be in trouble if he comes back suddenly and finds my implementing it.... Angel Smilie
Ignore me at your peril little girly... a wounded whale is a fearsome beastie!

I got plans for Nilgaerien, oh yessssssssssssssssss plans, evil, wicked, nasty most malevolent designs, Muahahahahahahahahahahaha!

And as for Roth, he most certainly getting his. OH YES .. no more luvvy duvviness,chatting and nattering your wittering wayz tut tut tut youz girlies , the BIG BAD IS BACK and HE GONNA UP THE ANTE ON NAUGHTINESS.

Oh and i just remembered that i'll have to be extra Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil to Amarie and Vaeltira when they try to thwart my masterplan for world domination. Oh joy of Joys!

Very Evil Smilie

*Evil Cackle*

You gotta wonder what strange little world our Lord Aelric inhabits.....

Mine has two moons.....
I posted! Hope you like it, l must go, exams, Maths, wish me luck for l sure need it. Bye!!!

Teacher Smilie Wiggle Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Exploding Head Smilie
oooops Gildor - Aelric has been washed up on shore already...... you must not find his body or rescue him!

Oh and bye the way Amarie and Nil - Lord Aragorn 86 sends his love and hugs and says you must text him and keep in touch and you must force me (ha ha) to text him as well.
Well its not up to me, but for the sake of character balance, story continuity, and common sense i thik it kinda silly and will only encourage more folks to join in who want Drow/Uruk/Vampire/hybrids who have dragon blood and omnipotent Magicks, or somesuch.

Which is a good reason, I think, for people to post character bio and some info before they starte posting in the story thread.

*pokes Amarie in the eye and flees*

Does Amarie have fleas? No! Surely not!
I have tried to tried to text the litt rascal, but it didn't work. Sad Smilie

The sword wouldn't have tossed Aelric out to sea unless it knew if it could get him to swim to shore.
Gildor, I removed the last part of your post about Aelric sinking. Vaeltira had already said she saw something (Aerlic) crawling on the shore. Sorry.. Hope your exams are going great!
The plan for Roth is that he escapes to the island...... the spirit (he needs a name) is trying to get free and thinks the gem can help him. He intends to use everyone....... Mwahahahaha!

Nil - don't want to tread on your toes with this story line so what, if anything, do you have in mind?
Hello fellow questers... i'm back after a long weekend in the North of Scotland - in the most sumptuous and beautific weather i've seen in these parts for an eon.

Ok so things have a expectedly motored on somehat since i last posted. I better get a move on and kill Roth then!


Cool Smilie Wink Smilie Cool Smilie
Amarie - Nil's bio isn't on the first page with the others!

I need to get a grip on the timeline because I have an idea but....

The timeline needs to be......

Roth and Nil were childhood friends.
Roth wandered off and was captured and spent time in Barad Dur
During which time he came into contact with the spirit guy whose name I have forgotten already
He was tortured etc.
Met Vaeltira.
About 18 months after that she married Aelric.
The spirit/sorcerer was tricked into putting the curse on them at the wedding.
The spirit was then trapped within Roth (although he had been influencing him for a long time)
Roth then 'escaped' taking the spirit with him.
This also explains why Roth can do magic on occasions.
Roth then led the orcs to Nil's village - guess who was responsible!
Nil went off to Lothlorien and Roth wandered....

The problem I have now is how many years would it be between Nil going to Lothlorien and now? Nil being an elf obviously lives longer but to coincide these events with Vael (race of Men and short lived) I need to decide roughly how old Vael can be so that there can be enough time for Nil to do all her stuff with Galadriel.

I am thinking that Vael, descended like Aelric from Numenor/Westernesse is reasonably long lived. She was young when she met Roth so she could be in her 50s or 60s and still look young. I know with elves we usually count in thousands....... but would 40 years be enough?

I want the spirit to torment Nil about the orc raid on her village.
i want i want i want... sheesh, you're insatiable!

I'd like Vaeltira to rescue poor, possessed Aelric.


About to post in the next 10-20minutes ok, if work doesnt interfere.
I have looked and looked but I don't think I have gotten Nils bio. I don't think anybody is clear about her past anyway, but that time line would help to make a decision. For my own part I wonder when Nilly was living with Elrond and Celebrian and why Amari’ didnt remember her. But a year is so short for an elf, and Ama was probably visiting her family in Lothlorien, maybe just a short visit, 10-12 years or so. Wink Smilie

I'd like Vaeltira to rescue poor, possessed Aelric.
Never!! Let him suffer! She can marry Roland, he is much nicer. *hehehe* No, that would be so wrong.

Aragorn, Nil, Ama and Vael joins hands, skipping and jumping and singing

We're off to save Lord Aelric
Umbars most grumpiest lord
Because we are nice, we do not think twice
The Sword Wraitht does hate us all

If ever, oh ever, a wraith there was
The Sword Wraith is one because,
because, because, because, because, because--
because of the horrible things he does.

Ok, go do something useful Ama, remember your hidious exam?
I like that song or diddy, very apt!

but Amalerie, you still cant spell Aelric AELRIC ...not Aerlic (Ear lick, ewww!)

Well my post is coming along and i've just slaughtered Roth, is that ok?

Wink Smilie Smile Smilie Big Laugh Smilie


PS please fellow questoids, dont post anything just yet, i had to save the post prematurely, just to avert the log-out issue, got a bit left to do.

Fank yoo
Sorry Aelric, I suffer from errr.. typelexia. My fingers don't really type what I want them too. Wink Smilie
Was trying so hard to remember how to spell wraith, that I forgot to check the names.
Lord Earlick sound like a very interesting man, I hope we never ever meet!! *yuk*
I'm still in the dark.........

I'm lost.



Ah I see.... more to come........ phew!

Vaeltira is happy to rescue her poor demented husband.

But how and when?

Amarie: There are a couple of bits of Nil's bio in the notes but they seem to conflict slightly and I am not sure what the end result was......

Weeelll....actually, I had thought of Nil being crazed for much, much longer but Vee's idea would work, too. I'm pretty lax on her past, I think. And I thought I had written down a bio...hmm...what do you mean they contradict, Vee?

Do what you want with Nil and the spirit...according to your post, Vee, where Roth and the thing were talking together, it wants Nil for something? But then Roth also made it promise not to hurt her (yeah, let's just see how well that promise goes). So, torture her with renewed memories, etc...just don't make her deathly sick or unconscious...she has enough of that for two lifetimes. Wink Smilie
He needs Nil to find the Gem. Basically he is going to play everyone off against each other if he can. He is going to weaken her mind with memories of the orcs and then convince her to take Roth to the island. He can't leave Roth's body until he gets the Gem.

Conflict - er.... not sure now... saw a couple of posts from Nil about the character and wasn't sure which bits were still pertinent.
Hmmmm seems this other spirit is trying to hijack the plan that i devised for the vampire-blade spirit -Thuringwethil.

Or are they working together Vee?

I think we talked about this last week but i cant remember what we decided upon - if anything?

It would make sense if they were playing from the same sheet, otherwise there's gonna be too many elements working toward what ultimately is the same end.


Dunno - me confused now Too!

Disturbed Smilie
And you think I can remember something from that long ago, Aelric......?

Maybe the spirit and the vamp can fight it out together...... whoever wins goes on to challenge the rest.


Wing it!

I have just added a bit to a previous post mentioning how whatshisname gave the sword to Aelric.
hey guys,
sorry about Daria. i've got her for another story i'm writing and just thought i'd add her. what i meant by the soft c is that it sounds like an s (more feminine) instead of a k. i'd love to still play if you dont mind. you could always use Daria as human if you want.
That would be good, yes. The more the merryer. And we would make more space betewn all the great long posts of Vee, Amarie and Nil! Oh yeah and Aelric. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
We still have the problem of how is she on the island?????? Which, of course, is a problem for any character wanting to be introduced at this time. Anyone any ideas? Another human is a good idea though. Shame no one wants to develop some of the male humans characters like Drogba or the dwarves.

Moonstar is back!! Big Smile Smilie
I thought you hated us and didn't want to play with us anymore.
I am glad Daria has her own story, she deserves that. And Daria the human is very welcome to join. Smile Smilie
(And finally a caracter whos name isn't so hard to spell *hehe* )
Etharion is right, we need more writers!

Give us a little bio of Daria so we know who she is, so we don't treat her wrong when we meet her. Where she is from, what she looks like, how old she is, and if you have any idea where we will meet her. Anything you can think of about her. We wanna know. Smile Smilie

Welcome to the Quest, Moonstar! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

We don't know how the orcs got there either. I think it is possible they brought with them a slave of two or more, depending on how many orcs there are/were.

It is sad about Drogba and the dwarves, I almost paniced when I though Drogba died on the island. But it wasn't him. *phew* Maybe Amari’ will start spending some time with Drogba now that she thinks/knows Arkantos is hiding something. And Drogba seems to have a way with women that poor Arkie-boy doesn't. But I don't know how to write for him.

Maybe if we give him a proper background, a little bit about his parents, siblings, how he came into Aelrics service, how they became friends.. (I wrote Aerlic again, but thought about Earlick and fixed it Wink Smilie )

Someone pleeeeeeaaaaace adopt a character!!!! Very Sad Smilie
I'll adopt the dwarves...I like them. Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie

Just added a bit more...tell me if you like it. Since Nil agreed to whatever she's supposed to do, Aragorn nor Amarie is going to be able to get a thing out of her about what happened - that sound okay?

Oh, and just for the record, I'm still ignoring Aelric, no matter what he threatens. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Hehehehehehe....
I think she couldnt be a run-away slave because the orcs are there for generations, so i doupt she would grow up normally. I thought that one of the southern elf ships was nearby and they could follow us and then we can come up with something. Of course they were travelling for some while so they wanted to hear some news. Then they could find out about me and the pact with Aragorn. What do you think? Its just a idea
heh. Im pllaning to move somewhere in PT, from Rivendell that is. Something like a vacation. Just dont know where yet.
Didn't Nil say the island was pure and free when the Gem was put there? That would mean no orcs or any badies at that time. According to our new time line that would make it less that 40 years ago. I think someone said (and I agreed) that the orcs had fled there when the Dark Lord fell, which is not long ago in the Quest. Maybe they needed someone to steer or ro the ships/boats, so they had to bring some slaves with them. If not to use them for slaves then maybe just so they could have fresh meat.. ?

Moving away are you? Tsk tsk tsk... Oh well, vacations are nice. Smile Smilie
I am very happy to live in Rivendell, though if the Grey Havens became awailable I might move there. I live on the coast and the weather is often grey (hehe) and shipbuilding and fishery is very important around here.
Stop moaning and groaning and post something in the Quest!
"I did - But it died a miserable death - being consumed in the virtual Void, when i was forced to relog, Why did I not save it??? WHY? OH WHY? OH WHY?"

By the way, m'lud, according to the Silmarillion Thuringwethil was the messenger of Sauron not Morgoth.

handy to know what she looked like....

...and the bat-fell of Thuringwethil. She was the messenger of Sauron, and was wont to fly in vampire's form to Angband; and her great fingered wings were barbed at each joint's end with an iron claw.

Interesting. reading that piece of the Sil I see that Morgoth lusted after Luthien and was distracted by his naughty thoughts thus allowing her to blind him with a song of blinding power and he roamed to and fro, seeking her. Ahhhhh, bless. Morgoth in Love.
i were non compus mentis last night - too many doobies! So forgive me dear lady of wit and pedantry.

*blows kiss*

And what i typed/wrote earlier was pure gold! DAMMIT! Sad Smilie

The sword is called the "the Claw of Thuringwethil" its hilt is wrought from her previous form(Iron claws), all that materially survived of her after the sacking of Angband. Errr. Mother?
Why did I not save it???

You want an answer?


btw is what I posted OK or has it messed your idea up?

Errr. Mother?

I admit to watching too much Buffy!

I can take it out if you like or Amarie will....... power mad elf that she is.
It's great Vee., but no offense, mine was betterer, bestest, and the gooder than anyfink

Wink Smilie
OK - try and post yours again and if it doesn't fit then I can take mine out although I quite like the Mother bit..... hehehehehehe!

Hey Aelric, you type just how you sound on the phone!
Mother! Now that was priceless! Highly unexpected! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
"Yes dear, it is me, but mommy has changed a little bit since she went away. I am now half man you see."
Ok... here is a scary thought that popped into my head, if Thuringwethil is the things mommy, who is the daddy? The spirit inside Roth perhaps? Roth and Aelric and the baby-bat, just one big happy family. Disturbing.

Lord Aelric is meowing??? Orc Going Huh Smilie You are a very odd little kitty, you must be related to my Blackie.

Are there more than one 'baby'?
My girlfriend calls me "Ice-Cat" and i call her "Fire-Sparrow" in spanish it sounds better.

OK the deal with these Vampire-wraiths is simple (uhm - NOT), ok from what i recall from myself and Veeeeeeeee's conversation last night (which isnt much) The spirit in Roth is a one time accomplice/follower or Thuringwethil and is a powerful Necromancer, he wants to be reborn in the flesh as does the Thuringwethil, but his designs depend upon the success of her corrupting the gem in the presence of living vessels, harnessing the darkling power of the corrupted gem they will be able to walk the earth in their primordial forms. The reunion of HER brood is necessary inasmuch as it will bolster her power (which is at the moment pretty fragile) and assist in the Sorcerer/Necromancer's spell/ritual in corrupting the gem.

Or sommut?

lol Dunce Smilie
Oh, is that what we were talking about?

And become a PT supporter yer stingy whatsit!
Awwww... geez, i Dunno, thought it sounded good at the time. Tongue Smilie

If that can be the kinda bare bones of the evil folks plots and plan i reckon we can embellish it either way as we go...

If you have a bettererest idea, i'm all orificeses or is that orifi?

Pumpkin Smilie

Look i live in Scotland now, and i have come to appreciate their stinginess...heh.
Nah i would but my credit is non-existent, seriously a bank would nae touch me since i left University, no thanks to my Uni days of taking multiple bank accounts, credit cards, student loans et al. It's really that simple, i dont have credit, i no longer need it either!

Besides ’1 a month is like the equivalent of six extra pints o lager i wouldnt have had a year, could make a hell of a difference!

Big Laugh Smilie
Six extra pints a year?
Here you might get 3 if you are lucky!

Well I included a dwarf and Drogba in my latest post. Poor neglected Drogba, I am trying to adopt him. Nil seems to get the dwarf lingo a lot better than me, but I bearly know the language enough to write a proper post. To expect me to manage dialects as well is a bit much to ask. Wink Smilie
Nil seems to get the dwarf lingo a lot better than me, but I bearly know the language enough to write a proper post.

Just imitation, my dear Amarie, just imitation. That's what makes it so much fun to have the password to your best friend's email - I come off sounding just like her! Wink Smilie Way more fun to see me in person though, with all my different voices...

Ooooo - cool! Nil went evil for awhile (yeah, I know, not her fault but it's still kinda cool). My turn! I'll post now. Big Smile Smilie
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