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I've no idea what Aelric intends but I could give him a ring tonight and find out. No posts from him all day - he must be working!

Well, until he does post something we shall just have to carry on regardless. Whereabouts is Roth sleeping? Can Vael get to him? Hehehehehe.....

Get into chat and we can plot....
You're not in chat!!!!!! How're we s'posed to plot if you're not there?!?!? Oh, and did you see Dauros' latest post?? He's trying his best to ignore our saving plots... Wink Smilie
I was when you posted your bit! I am in and out of chat most of the day (In English time, that is).

Dang time zones....

As for Roth - he's dreaming......
Yes poor Roth is having nightmares.. Will try to think of something to post today. Now that Roth and Nil are napping and Vael is in her room, Ama can have a chat with the poor neglected dwarves.
Sorry was away for a wee while, will proceed with the Meneltauros' embarkation and then its journey across the high seas to Ethring... The river barge will be abandoned, uhm and the crew err, dealt with in true Aeric fashion! heh!

Very Evil Smilie
Urdon comes with us!
Dont worry its only the nameless ones that'll perish, Urdon doesnt wear a red t-shirt does he?


Very Evil Smilie
You are not making it so that I have to edit you again, are you Aelric? That is usually what "true Aelric fashion" means. Moderator Smilie
They seemed so happy transporting cattle for the farmers..

I dreamt last night that Allyssa posted in this thread, helping us out. That was a nice dream. I had to check if it was true. Wink Smilie We'd be happy for your help and guide Ally, if you have time.
What? True Aelric fashion means truly evil and naughty!

Why would you want to edit his entire raison d'etre? that'd be silly!

Wink Smilie
Do not use other languages than English or Tolkiens languages on this site lord Aelric.
would you rather "Reason for being"? Raison d'etre is in the english dictionary btw, check it out!

I hope your winding me up here, cos i dont understand what you're on about. You having a bad day or something?

Smile Smilie
I am just telling you the rules. Since I am the only council member online at these hours, I am the one who edits post that doesn't obey the rules. I am very sorry that you have such trouble with accepting me as an authority, if that doesn't change you will have to leave this place for a while. I demand respect for my self and for the rules of this site, and you are not showing much. Several times have you insulted me now, and you think a little smileyface makes it alright. It doesn't. Concider this your first warning.

Aaaanyway, the war ship sounds cool. And shouldn't the elves get all worked up about the smell of seawater and the sound of seagulls and such soon?
How so Amarie?

In my two previous posts i made no insult to you the site or anyone, methinks you are "looking" for reasons to take umbrage with me - you think i dont respect you, the site, well i concede i have had my moments and that has been resolved - i thought, but apparently not, your first reaction to my post today was to "edit" me, i simply asked WHY and WHAT for? i was polite enough, then you take me down for using a harmless expression, I'm mystified by your attitude is all.

Besides respect is earnt not demanded.
I have not edited you today.
I may have sounded harsh on the only English post, but that was becuase I was in a hurry and forgot to add the word 'please'. I have had to edit you a few times, and wanted to remind you to be a nice bad boy. I am not out to get you, and I was wrong to assume I would have to edit your post in the quest. I still think you decerve a warning, warnings are often given here. I can't have you going bananas everytime I edit you. Am I overly sencitive you think? Maybe.
All righty, then, I guess this is my opening to fill in for LA86 for a minute: "Lighten up, sis!" Big Smile Smilie Relax, girl,'ll be okay. Wink Smilie Council membering is hard work....just reeellaaaxxx.....I think Ama needs to go take a nap now, too. Big Smile Smilie
well at least this is a discussion now... not yourself using the threat of censure at every possible turn, which is hardly necessary all the time.

I didnt say you did edit me, i said you threatened to without any good reason - i believe its fair to point this out.

You are not making it so that I have to edit you again, are you Aelric? That is usually what "true Aelric fashion" means.
They seemed so happy transporting cattle for the farmers

i didnt take that seriously at the time but then when you had me up for using a global expresion that is french yet exists in common parlance in english, i began to wonder....
Say its not so?
You know I am not English, many people here don't understand English that well, and this an English site. I saw french words and felt it could be replaced by normal, common English.

And putting two so short-tempered, stubborn people like ourselves into one little thread is a recipe for disaster isn't it. Wink Smilie

You are not making it so that I have to edit you again, are you Aelric? That is usually what "true Aelric fashion" means.
They seemed so happy transporting cattle for the farmers
What I meant to say was "keep the bloodflow to a minimum" in case you where going over board (haha, what a good joke, not.) And "poor people who have to die", but I see they have been naught crew members.
I do not think you over sensitive, a little impulsive perhaps. If you feel the need to "warn" me thats your prerogative, but it just goes to show that you didnt accept my apology last week, and have found cause to be offended today when there was none.

Thats all i'll say on the matter. I just saw your last post - and yeah LMAO, too damn right! I'm too headstrong and argumentative for my own good sometimes - Its a CELTIC thing, just like your Viking pride no doubt! hehe...

There's plenty of room for us here, I just gotta remember to rein my head in sometimes is all.(in case it gets bitten off) Tongue Smilie

Back to the "Quest" well as for your suggestion of ocean birds and the elves appreciation thereof, i thought i'd leave that to the "elves" in the group to convey, as Amarie and Nil were below deck on the barge i wasnt sure what they intended to do... so theres an opening i guess?
You can also add he fact that my real name means war! Very Mad Smilie
I often compare myself to a lemming; short, cute and cuddly-looking, but poke me and I might suddenly explode. (Well they don't really explode, they die of a heart attack, but that doesn't make such a fun comparison.)
Usully I just have to blow off some steam and them I am back to little smiling Ama. Was a little steam left after I accepted your apology. Gone now I think. Time to go home now. See you all there!
You may or may not believe this but as your mentioning the subject of names - William, well i'm a Liam(Gaelic version) means "Hard-Headed!"(Strong-willed or just plain Bonehead) now if that cap dont fit i dont know what does... lol. Orc Going Huh Smilie

One thing before i leave the office, If folks post tonight, i'd like to make it clear that an order is issued by Aelric to slay all the crew on board the barge, before they set off, this he will arranged when all the group are below decks, so as to spare them the sight of this atrocity! (see he is NICE, lol) Someone is bound to hear the screams and protests of innocence, but the fact remains that the bulk of these mercenaries were about to sell Aelric out, and Aleric intends to repay them for their treachery, it'll serve to illustrate his ruthlessness and callous outlook.

If you want to write that in ok, no bother, otherwise leave it to me, if that ok!

Tongue Smilie
Uhm... ok i'll proceed with the next installment, maybe folks misunderstood the request, didnt really care if you went ahead and posted or stalled...

Ah well nevermind, leave it to me to write the next seven pages, no problem!

Wink Smilie
I didn't misunderstand, I was just out of inspiration. Wink Smilie Now where is Nil? Did we loose her? Did Bonehead and lill miss War scare her away? Wary Smilie
yall put alot of work into this story,good luck with the rest(sry if i wasnt supposed to type hear,not being a writer fer straight road)
Feel free to post in here - any encouragement is good.

Glad it is entertaining you. It is fun to do..... never sure whether anyone can actually follow the story though.....

Hey all!! I'm just away for a while because i have carpal tunnel! Waaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Anyway i have a great idea for the story after Vee's post so please wait just a couple more days and i can get that posted! Thank you soooooooooooooo much!!!!
Phew, we thought we had lost you......

Explain carpel tunnel please?

Hurry and post....... I am not sure whether Roth is going to be reasonable or slash at someone........

The spirit surfaced when Roth was weak.... it is the guy who was imprisoned for centuries by Sauron.... Either Roth absorbed the spirit or memories from that spirit are surfacing - who knows?

Take it away Nil - but hurry, my fingers are twitching....
Carpet tunnel is a primitive form of hobbit housing. In the very,very old days the hobbit houses was more like a tunnel into the hillside, with floors and walls covered in carpet. The carpets were weaved with special sacred patterns, the meaning of which sadly has been lost today. The carpet tunnels (of course!) had storerooms for food and goodies, but the actual cooking took place outside. Usually a lot of tunnel dwellers shared a common "kitchen". It is believed that the hobbits hospitality and soft spot for a good feast originates from this.

Actually carpal tunnel syndrome is a illness in the wrist. Read all about it here.
Thanks GrrrrrrrrrevRev! Most informative. We need voice activated computers!

Nil!!!!! Just read your post - great stuff gal!

Now what?
I'm writing a little something now, time for Amari’ to have a little rest too now I think..

Wow, I am really a slow writer today!
really really really slow.
I love the dwaves! They're so adorable! Big Smile Smilie

So what to do with Drogba? What's he like? ..hmm...
He's a young knight, and a trusted aide & household guard to Aelrics family - he is devoted to the family and both Aelric and Vaeltira. The epitomy of an honourable man, he is not evil but performs his duty to the letter irrespective of his personal opinion. He is, however, keen to see Aelric seperated from the unholy wraithblade, as will be seen a bit later. He believes he knew a different Aelric once, one not so thirsty for power.

Aelric eats a dwarf! lol he likes his food cute!


Wink Smilie

I think it important to realise that not all Aelric's men are evil. Likewise, not all Numenoreans are evil although they may have a different outlook on what is honourable to that of the elves.

Just read your latest, Aelric! Oooh now that's the Aelric Vaeltira respects and admires.... Gosh, I feel so sorry for him now.
I like my food a lot less hairy. :P
So are we out to sea now? Cause then it is about time the elves notice the call from Valinor...
Oh yes we are. Didn't see the new quest post untill after I posted this one.
They are on the open seas now and the gulls can be heard if anyone goes above deck I would think. That way the elves can choose to stay below and hope they don't hear it or they can have a little weep.
i've edited my last post... added some bits.

Its Happy Aelric - Soon to be drunk Aelric ... lol

Cool Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Cool Smilie
Oooh fun tonight! Remember - family friendly.......
thats my last post till tomorrow, so it wont be me you'll have to watch for FF fun, just you ladies use and abuse the 'Ric to your hearts content.


Cool Smilie
Okay - keep the party going!! I've got an idea but a can't take the time right now!!!! Just keep the party in swing!!
I've just added a bit to my previous post as Aelric indicated to me that he wanted an apology made to Amarie.

Nil - hurry up - the meal is over..... the dancing begins...... be quick or it'll all be over......
Can l join too? l never did something like this but l would really like too join...... if you guys are okey with it ofcourse...
Of course it's ok! Big Smile Smilie
You were suppose to join ages ago! We were suppose to meet you in Lothlorien, remeber? Wink Smilie
Oops probably l forget all about that Got The Blues Smilie But when can we meet now?
Hmm... it is very unlikely that Gildor will be where we are going, but a young Numernorian migth be so bold that he joins the party.. Pretty ladies, music and alcohol, hard to resist! (And you could begin to write immediatly!)

I don't know, any ideas fellow quest-writers (including Gildor)?
You were going to the Sea now, right? Maybe there will be a ship when you get there, and on board of the ship is then a Noldor Elf called Valruin, great with bow and sword, healing powers, other "magic" powers?? My sword should be called Draugmarth.
Well we already are on a ship out to sea, filled with Black Numenorians and no other elves... Sad Smilie I have to go to class now, but read through the story (hopefully it makes sense) and see if any ideas pop up. Smile Smilie
Sure, will do that Smile Smilie
Hye mate... what Amarie said is true. Think it best to read thru the previous posts that make the tale. Give you an idea of scope. But this is a free-flowing, organic tale - dont think anyone truly has a concrete idea on how its all going to pan out. I would say , however, that another elf (particularly a Noldor) would be difficult to include at this stage, as we're at sea and well a black numenorean ship is unlikely to to see an elven vessel as anything other than a threat ATM.

But, if you're serious i'll try and work an opening for you, a bit later on today ok?

Good to hear interest from another potential writer, if your a bloke then that'll mean there's two of us now - I was beginning to feel surrounded by all these raving ladies!

*places hands over soft masculine bits*

Tongue Smilie
First of all: Keep your hands Down Tongue Smilie l'm male. Now you know that, l want to thank you that you wish to make an opening for me. l'm already reading the story now and l had an question: where exactly is th ship going to?
For a really dramatic entrance you need to be dropped from The Great Eagles Claw as he swoops around lower and lower towards the ship.... landing lightly you roll, jump, double lutzs or whatever and present yourself.......... bearing news and gifts of course fromLothlorien.

Hey, don't blame me for what goes on inside my head!
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