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I haven't quite got to grips with Valruin but as I see him he is slightly different to the other elves because he has travelled and seen more of the world including both his own kind and Etharion's kind. I see him as a strong but quiet type, interested and curious, weighing up everything and thinking a lot. He is a good warrior and has learnt many skills on his travels. He probably welcomes change and differences as a good thing whereas other elves may be wary of them.
He is a good friend to Nil, being from her village, and they have a strong bond. He probably loves her as a friend or sister and wants to protect her.

How close am I?

But...... what would he do in this situation? Would he stay with Nil or go out with Etharion to see what is happening nearbye and maybe meet Roland?
Nil didn't mention him being around, so he might be... outside? Sleeping? Hugging a tree? Wandering around, looking for Melvorion/Roth most likely. He will probably be the first to spot Roland. Etharion is keeping an eye on Aelric, so he is probably inside the cave.

If Valruin is inside the cave he could be talking to Etharion about what had been going on lately and comes running to Nil when he hears her throw up (it is a small cave after all). Maybe she senses someone coming but is too broken down to know who? Both Daria and Mooori is with her now and Valruin would use his elven eyes and spot Roland?
It would be good if Valruin went out to meet Roland and saw the orcs for himself. I think the two of them could easily kill a few strays. Is it dark yet?
It is quite misty, so I don't think the sunlight would bother the orcs much if it still is daytime. If the orcs have a few shortcuts (which they probably do) there could be a couple of scouts for the two to kill befor the main groupe arrives.
Good idea........ Gildor - get slaughtering!
Okay, whether you believe this or not, I had a really great post, on halfway. but when I put a word in the spellchecker (theyre which had to be their) I pressed backspace, because thee word I typed was wrong..... But when I did so, I went BACK to the mainpage!!! All my text gone and I try to figure out what I typed again..... It really was a great post and I hate myself for deleting the damn thing. Exploding Head Smilie So Angry Smilie It *deleted* me of!!!!!

(one naughty word edited by Vee - Council Member)
It does happen and I do believe you.

Can you remember anything of it at all?
I remember Valruin going out the cave, taking a walk. he met Roland in the forest and Roland told them about the Orcs. Roland showed Valruin where the Orcs were Valruin grabbed his bow and that's it.
Been there, done that. Several times. Exploding Head Smilie
Just try again. I've lost quest posts too... I will add an invisible ruby to the invisible crown if you write it again. Wink Smilie

I use ms word for spell checking, I write it here and paste it there. There is always some mistakes I haven't noticed.
Jippie! I posted!!! Not a great post (the other was better) but still pretty good if I may say so myself Smile Smilie

Now Amari’, where's that crown with ruby!!! Give it to me, give it to me NOW!!! Tongue Smilie
ooooooo! My fingers are itching to write the next bit! Yeah baby! sadly I have no time... but that is life Wink Smilie

Thou hast served this team well. I giveth Thy this invisible crown with a shiny ruby. I
You like it? YAY!!! *grabs crown* It's mine!!! My own!!!! Very Evil Smilie Bad King Smilie
Mine's prettier. Tongue Smilie Oh, wait! Ama! I'm supposed to get another jewel!!! I posted twice!! I've got a ruby...I want a diamond now. Big Smile Smilie
Very good post, Gil. What does everyone think of mine??

Oh, and that's another jewel, Ama.... Angel Smilie
Yay - two posts to get things moving - orcs AND Melvorion!

OK - we (Amarie and I) had a little chat about what to do regarding the Gem etc and these are a few ideas we had....

1. Instead of the obvious, i.e. Nil going for the Gem...... we think Daria should go for it. She is sneaky enough and small and clever and much like Frodo and the Ring she is the last person Melvorion would suspect. Lord Aelric could put this suggestion to Aragorn....... Nil must be kept in the dark about it. Of course, Daria needs to know where the Gem is so we thought Valruin might be able to help there as he is from Nil's village and can sense the Gem faintly.

2. Or Nil could tell us where the Gem is but using her connection to roth/mel she could send him/them off in the wrong direction with false information

3. The gem was left on the island when it was a good place before the brood awoke and the orcs came and corrupted it but it has also been mentioned that the gem has moved. Hmm.... either it has been swept away by water perhaps or maybe an orc found it and realising it was elvish through it away maybe into the river. If there is a river..... We think Nil would have hidden the Gem somewhere like a cavern behind a waterfall... nice and pretty. Somehow it has been moved out of there.

4. We also both think the gem is red - not sure why but we do. And about the size of a Palantir - at that point a coconut fell on Amarie's head.........

5. I am just remembering something Aelric said to me....... he wanted the orc leader to have a name and to be someone other than a nameless orc...... not sure whether we bring more orcs into the story but if we do maybe we should consider making one a real character.

Anyone any comments/suggestions?

I totally agree of course. Wink Smilie And I though a coco nut sized gem is easier to hide and carry around. I also agree on "he wanted the orc leader to have a name and to be someone other than a nameless orc......" I'm just not good at making up names. The surgeon needs a name too.
How about Grom for the orc , and Mortimer for the surgeon?
Technically, I'm not supposed to be on here with one wrist being eaten by carpal tunnel (Wink Smilie) but I've still been keeping track of the Quest so I know what's going on when I do come back...and I found one little problem. Ama, um, Nil's still blind! Big Smile Smilie You gave me a good laugh, though, when I read it, getting an image of Quest Amarie looking quite confused: "Nil, I thought you were blinded!" "Oh, uh, yeah, I...well...yeah, I was, but it's...uh, minute blindness. Yeah - minute blindness!" LOL. Forgive me. One highlight in my boring life now that I'm not allowed to write or type with this stupid wrist.
"Ohh my eyes, well err umm .... Aprilsfool! Got you all! *whistle* "

Heheheheeeee, had forgotten all about it. Vee said Nil was nowhere in sight so I guessed she was out walking. See what happens when you leave us alone? We forget everything! Ha Ha Ha Smilie Will fix it. Maybe not right away, maybe tomorrow. *laughs*
Well I have fixed it, poor Nil is blind again. But what should I write instead of "it is ok", ok is a quite new expression, no elf you say that.
how about *everythin is sweet as*?
Orc Sad Smilie Nobody heard me..
How about Grom for the orc , and Mortimer for the surgeon?

I like Mortimer.

Grom is OK..... but we have't got an orc yet....... maybe soon.... mwahahahaha!

Amarie - instead of OK - just 'everthing is alright now' or 'it is alright'...

*Ignores the silly Rhodry who made the character Roland and then dumped us all, both writers and characters. Sad Smilie *

Poor little neffie Gildor...
Grom means great/excellent in Norwegian, maybe Grum instead?

Drogba, Aelric, Vaeltira and Mortimer... I don't know, he sounds like a butler. Maybe I just have to get used to it. Give me a minute. Mortimer Goth is a character in the Sims you see.
I'd rather have the orc call himself Mortimer. If the trolls in the Hobbit could steal names, so can the orcs. Wink Smilie
Poor little neffie Gildor...

Huh? Why am I poor... Tongue Smilie Perhaps Lashnack for Mr. Orc? Don't know a name for Mr. Surgeon yet...
well, just after i wrote Roland I met silme and then i started the new job, ran out of spare time,
but you guys seem to be doing a good job with him so..............*carry on!*
Oh silly me, ment poor Etharion, who got so ignored that I didn't even see it was he that posted!! Very Mad Smilie

Choosing girlfriend and job over writing for the quest... well I guess I can accept that, since it is my fave cowboy talking. Wink Smilie

Mortimer means "still water". That is quite nice really. A lot can be hidden under that name. It still sounds a bit modern to me.
Thanatos? It means death in Greek. Good name for a doc. Hehehe Wink Smilie And a bit simular to Arkantos, if we are to pretend the two lines of Numenor both kept some name traditions.
Skaerir = cutter, sound fitting too. Skarin, Thanamir, Tharamir...
I don't know. See anything you like here? ---> Viking names
I know! We should call the surgeon Bob!! Like.... Dr. Bob!!
Well, we can't have Mortimer because he has been used in the Black Rose Forest RPG.......
So Bob it is? Or Phil....

Seriously, how about Mankir?
Hello again everyone!! Nil's wrist is healed up sufficiently to rejoin the Quest!!!!!!! Yay!!!

So, because I've been a bit out of the loop anyhow, would someone mind taking a moment just to recount what['s going on and where we think this might be going (for now?)??? Thank you thank you thank you. I'll post as soon as I get my info (Ha ha!!! Blackmail!!! Okay, time for bed now...I'm going insane...hehehehehehehe - and it's so much fun! Very Big Grin Smilie )
Aragorn and Aelric are healing. Everyone is round the cave area now having fought a group of orcs which were being spurred on by Melvlion. Nil is still blind. Melvorion is taunting her. Arkantos ws wounded in the fight and Amarie healed him. Amarie had a chat with Vaeltira. Daria went off scalping orcs. Aerlic has an idea to use Daria's skills for political gain in the future - to help Aragorn. Vaeltira remembers things now the pendant no longer has power and she has doubts about Aelric.

A day's march away some orcs have gathered........ Valruin can hear their chanting....

OK - what's coming up? We have an idea to send Daria after the Gem while Melvorion is distracted trying to catch Nil. Not sure where the Gem is though.........

We now have more orcs on our trail as well........ ho hum....

The Brood are still around......

Melvorion is still around.......

They are too many! We're doomed I tell you! Doooooooomed!!! Quick! Let's leave Nil behind as bait and get out of there! Wary Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Ack!!! No, not Nil, you awful "protectors!" Very Big Grin Smilie Hehe...wellll, I remember something about one of you saying Nil shouldn't know someone else is going after the Gem...but what if she does? What if she is the instigator. She's the Guardian, yes, but she knows how weak she is. She knows she's failing rapidly; she doesn't have the strength. What if she comes to Aragorn and tells him so, bluntly saying she doesn't even know if she'll survive this and suggests they send someone else? She could suggest Daria or someone else - Aelric? - could, it doesn't matter. What do you think? After all, she's changed quite a bit from the elf they first met, who was hanging onto the Gem for dear life. Nil is still strong enough to guide that person with her mind to where the Gem lies. After that...who knows....(dramatic music Wink Smilie )
I was thinking of splitting the group - sending Aelric and Nil plus one or two others off in one direction so that Melvorion would follow them...... and Aragorn and Daria and others off to find the gem. The problem is Melvorion is in contact with Nil's mind and we can't risk him knowing where it is. Nil can give us a hint perhaps and then Val can hopefully sense the right direction....... I don't think Nil would think of Daria because she hasn't 'seen' her in action whereas Aelric has. I think he should suggest something to Aragorn.

I have the idea...... just need to be bothered.......
Oy! By the way, where am i now??
Leaving Aelric to organise the groups

Etharion has probably gathered his stuff and is now with the others, listening to Aelric giving orders and deviding them in groupes and wondering what Aragorn is talking about with the elves maidens?

I suggest I go with the Lady Nilgearien, the dwarves, Etharion and Roland. You take the others

That would be Amari’, Daria, Arkantos, Drogba, Vaeltira, Valruin, Aragorn and Mank’r the surgeon. Wow we really are a lot of people on this quest!
Aye a veritable and 'orrible HORDE!

I'll have to do some trimming now the Ale D'ri{n}ca is back... heh

Bad King Smilie
Okay so I haven't been around much and I know I've been bad, but bear with me. I have good excuses - none of which I'll be sharing!!! Muahahahaha!!!

Now that that is out...Wink Smilie I've finally figured out where Nilgaerien the character is going. Apparantly she will be leading Melvorion in an opposite direction, correct? In keeping with Vee's horrid appetite for death and destruction (Wink Smilie), Nilgaerien will meet her end very soon. Now, don't start screaming on me! I will explain in due course. Nil has led a hard life and ever since joining the Quest, has seen the potential for a normal which she knows she can never have even if she IS healed. She has no use for Valinor since all of her loved ones were murdered and are therefore not there. She also does not have the best excuse for living on after this Quest. What will be left for her? So instead of merely fading into history's anals, I want her to go out with a bang.

My basic idea is this: everyone by now has seen that she has/had something for Roth, perhaps even love (whether he feels the same is beside the point). Once the Gem is safe, Nilgaerien will naturally be able to sense that and Melvorion is going to be understandably irritated. He decides to get the Gem from the others and Nil knows she has to keep him from it. A number of pages later, they meet up and in order to keep the Gem safe, Nil has to seperate Melvorion and Roth. Bear with me - almost through! Roth and Nil are able - somehow - to connect to one another, thereby freeing Roth (and destroying Melvorion with the Gem's power?), but also using up their last strength in the process. Fitting end for Nil, I think - saving another person.

Now, I know that has alot of holes and what-ifs but that's why I'm telling you all instead of just doing it. I need your help to fill in the gaps sensibly. But I get to kill her, Vee!! Wink Smilie I'm the one who gets to deliver the death blow. Very Big Grin Smilie Angel Smilie
You think that will satisfy the V-Goddesses lust for blood? We want mooooore! MORE!! Very Evil Smilie

Actually that sounds like an interesting plan so I won't object too much (but Ama will be very very sad). I'll just add the good old "The Gem is not a weapon" speach, and point to Aelrics post. Roth/Mel is going doooown. So you two better agree on how. And you had better continiue writing young lady!

Speaking of lust for blood. We have 14 characters and two people who write regularly (3 if this means Nil has returned!!!), two nice fellows who says they are gonna post and one who doesn't. It is gettting both lonely and crowded in here! Soooo... Vee and I have decided that the logic thing to do is to kill someone.

Etharion the elf has no soul and is just a tag-a-long.
Roland. Love him but he can go too.
Valruin. Perhaps.
Drogba. Maybe?

With a island filled with blood sucking shadows, hungry orcs and a evil wizard someone has to die!
Oooooooh bloodshed ahead!

Well, Aelric has good reason to kill Roth - he said he would ages ago and is just waiting for the chance. Melvorion isn't going to be easy to kill.

If Nil dies what happens to the Gem? Is she needed to keep it safe or anything?

Roth could die saving Nil...... she can be a tragic figure and fade away........ or.......

there will be plenty of opportunity for her to die gloriously later on. After all, we still have to get back to Rivendell.... or.....

Nil and Roth could die together!

Someone explain what the power of the Gem is? I am not sure it has the right power to destroy something like Melvorion....... how would it do that? Nil isn't strong enough either - even with her added senses etc she wouldn't be a match for him. Not sure how we can kill him........ or even if we can.

No, don't kill Drogba! He's a sweetie.......

I know you guys don't want your characters killed off but come on........!!!! Give us a break! You aren't writing for them.... you aren't going to write for them..... which leaves Ama and me writing for them so anything could happen. If you were going to write you would have done so by now - Amarie and I shouldn't have to keep nagging and begging you to write. You manage to write in RPGs so there must be a reason you don't write in the Quest - possibly because it has more constraints than an RPG? Fair enough, if you can't you can't...... but beware the consequences! Mwahahahahaha!
I recently posted...
If Nil dies what happens to the Gem? Is she needed to keep it safe or anything?

I guess if she dies the Gem will find another guardian, Valruin most likely, like she became its guardian when her parents died.

Nil and Roth could die together!

Oh that is very Romeo and Juliette! Better than fading away Smile Smilie

I recently posted...

Which is why Valruin isn't at the top of the Death List. It's a wakeup call.

The Gem was made to lead the way to Valinor, why would it have powers to kill? I belive we agreed it would restore Nil and give back what Thuringwethil took, but its powers are not for fighting.

All for now, got to run.
3 if this means Nil has returned!!!

It does indeed!!! Sorry to take so long. Between my regular writing, carpal tunnel, and car troubles, life has been nuts. But Nil is back!!!

Nil and Roth could die together!

Ooooo - yes!! This one, this one!!! Sorry, Vee...can't take the romantic out of me. Wink Smilie No fading way - that just wouldn't be fitting to what Nil has gone through. She should at least be rewarded with a glorious demise.

The Gem was made to lead the way to Valinor, why would it have powers to kill? I belive we agreed it would restore Nil and give back what Thuringwethil took, but its powers are not for fighting.

That's right! I forgot - scuse me. Okay then...I'll kill Nil but I need guidance in how to do it and keep Roth in the picture with her. As long as it's quite the finishing touch, I'll be happy.

Now to contemplate my next post in the Quest...
I dont know what to dooooooo!!! When i can get some time for PT i go blank when i try writing for hte Quest!! Ill keep trying but i need to find my muse! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie I wont give up!!
Halo Folks... I feel kinda guilty that i havent made good on my promises to make some serious inclusions into this great tale that has seemed to have fizzled out somewhat. Well as of this monday i am no longer that busy and feel obliged to hop on board again.

I missed my Angels!

Ok there's a mad monk waiting outside my front door wanting a donation, so, regretably, i Moscow.

Bad King Smilie

PS. Hullo Ladies Vee, Nil and Amarie - my return IS immanent! {honest}

Disturbed Smilie
I'll belive it when I see it, not a moment sooner. Wink Smilie
Hiya Aelric! Please really come back this time. I'm tired of having to deal with Lord Earlick myself. Tongue Smilie

On the story, Ama and Vee, I don't know what to do. I know what will happen once the Gem is found, but I don't know how to move Nil from here to there - I really don't want her sitting dormant till that point!
Oh...duh...I can write about the dwarves. Silly me... Rolling Eyes Smilie I have a feeling that's why they were sent with me??? Big Smile Smilie
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