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it all depends what Aragorn saw further on

Are u talking about me or AragornElessar who's in the quest ? I mean the fictional one or the real me!
I meant king Aragorn Elessar, as he was sneaking ahead to see if he saw the orcs there where so many tracks from. Then Roth saw the grey powder, chopped up a dead tree and the wrights came and Arkie came back, and the king just haven't had time to tell what he has seen.
Oh! continue writing ppl! I want to reach Lothlorien before I leave!
Hi Gildor!
If you open the thread "Another Story: The Quest for the Straight Road" you can read the story we (here on PT) are writing together. This thread contains notes and comments and question anyone might have about that story. That way we will have an on-going (and hopefully interesting) story for people to read.

You are very(!!!!) welcome to join if you want to! This is a story, not RPG, you can jump in and write what ever you think might happen next. Smile Smilie
I happy Nilgaerien decided to join! Yeeey!!
And I hope Lord Aelric will continue to write! Yeey! The story isn't dead!
Hey everyone -I just realised I was supposed to read this before joining in, but Amarie presented an invitation I couldn't refuse. Wink Smilie (Thank you Amarie!!!) Now do I need to explain my character or can we just go with it? I'm glad you're happy I joined, Amarie, but now it seems to just be you and I.
It is just you and me babe! For a while now it's mostly been me and Lord_aragorn86, (and Darous from time ot time) but Lordy is is moving away (noooooo!) and can't wrote anymore. *sob* Lord Aelric has written a piece and I hope he does it again. Hopefully Val will return to write soon too.

Nil is an interesting caracter. Explain her if you want so we (well I for now) don't write something that doesn't fit. And it seemed you had a history/background for Roth, please feel free to tell it, Darous sure hasn't and we have asked several times... Don't know what he's about! Very Mad Smilie
LordAragorn is moving away??? Nooo!!! That's not fair!! Sad Smilie

Okay, well, Nilgaerien is still something of an enigma to me which doesn't bode well for her survival, Wink Smilie but I'll try my best. Couldn't it be possible that there are elves that are slightly different? Ones that survived Morgoth's wars and have trained themselves in secret to reisist anything else like him (which means they probably wouldn't have done much with Sauron)? I have Nilgaerien coming from this sort of sect. In his travels, Gandalf found her people, befriended them, and took in an orphan (Nil) whose parents had been killed. He and Galadriel ended up training her then let her go back to her people. Now she was still in the beginning stages of her training when orcs attacked the village and killed off everyone around her. Since she hadn't quite learned how to keep out emotions (the reason she was sent back to her people, where it was quite for the most part) and the experience of so many emotions at once scarred her mind and drove her half-mad for awhile before Gandalf came back to find her among the carnage. She never fully recovered from it all, despite even Elrond's best efforts. Now her own emotions are pretty much buried under everyone else's and the only way to protect herself is to be cold towards everyone around her. So you got most of what I was trying to put out.

I do have my own history on Roth, realted to Nilgaerien, but I'll put that in another post. This one is getting too long and when I do that, my comp likes to boot me off. It's really weird that way.
Okay, my take on Roth: he is a wizard/magician of sorts and as such, could have powers that heal as well as destroy. I can't decide whether he led the orcs to her village (through no malice of his own) or he tried to help her afterwards and ended up shattering her mind more. That was for other writers to figure out why she hated him.

He hates her because he was with her when a person close to him was dying. She, of course, could feel whoever it was slipping away but didn't say anything until it was too late. So now they both have a vendetta against each other. They won't endanger the mission, but they'll be more than happy to kill each other later. That's about all I have on him right now.
Hey Amarie... I would really like to write in the "Straight Road" but feel it necessary to get a proper grip aon what's going on, i'd like to throw my lot in, but need to be assured what if any rules there are...

Like for one, can i introduce Lord Aelric the Character into it, and do you require additional background info on him... cos its kinda tricky to just throw him in when everyone is still stuck in Lorien, he wouldnt dream of setting foot in that place - the Elves would eat him for breakfast...

And if you havent guessed he is kinda dodgy, not strictly evil - (ANTI-HERO) in fact he's honourable, but his heritage lies with the doomed kings of Westernesse (therefore he's a Black Numenorean) Ar-Pharazon, so he begrudges Ellessar's claim to thrones of Gondor and Arnor. But he sort of wants to atone for his previous misdeeds and for his service to Sauron. There's more Sh*te like that ... but i'll leave it there for now until i know i can be sure that he can be admitted and not PK'ed instantly!

Smoke Smilie
Well Lord Aelric sounds very interesting! Can't wait to meet him! And Nils latest post in the story left me with a pounding heart, aching to know what happens next!! Pixie Smilie

This is good stuff!! Big Smile Smilie
It did??? Wow - that was just something that hit me for no reason. Cool. I love yours, Amarie. I really didn't want the twins to be dying that quickly. Paranoid Smilie Any ideas on Roth after what I said and Dauros' latest post?
Well clean forgot to do my characters bio. So here it is.
Firstly Roth is from the race of men....where the elf idea came from I dont know.
His family was taken to Barad-dur when he was a child and put to work there. His family was slaughtered and he was left to be tormented by Sauron. His childhood was hard and was forced to fight other prisoners for the amusement of orcs. Here he learnt all the skills he'd ever need to survive. His only company as such was the spirit of a man who had been trapped by Sauron for countless centuries having been brought from Angband.

In his 30th year of inprisionment he finally escaped; slaying a orc slave master with its own Axe. Roth then took the axe as his own and discovered it to be of dwarfish craft. After his escape he wandered the land for many years, turning his hand to whatever needed done. He finally settled down in Calembel where he farmed and also acted as a warden.
He has forced back the memories of Barad-dur but they resurface at times. He angers quite easily and trys to control it but never with much luck.
So thats it folks. Hope it helps.
Thanks! It helps a lot . Smile Smilie I'm now trying hard to loose the image Roth as an elf, but it is hard. He looks cool though! *Hehe*
I got that he was some sort of wizard or something. Oh well.
What's going on?

And by the way, if any of you are wondering where H.R.Boulter is, then I'm her.
Maybe I should have kept me mouth shut. I didnt even know I was a half elf, which does sound pretty cool. But as it is the truth had to be known shame cause the way Roth was shaping up he was gonna be a kick a*s half elf axe weilding wizard with a temper ta boot.
cause the way Roth was shaping up he was gonna be a kick a*s half elf axe weilding wizard with a temper ta boot.
Then lets keep him that way, I think him being a half-elf is a good compromise between what you had in mind and what we made him into. And he has to be a wizard/sorcerer of some sort, if not then the whole spell-casting thing when he first arrives makes no sense.
I'll introduce Lord Aelric at a later date, but as a villain - antagonist type. But only if he doesnt get murdered right away. His dark past is not obvious even to those with, the built-in evil detecting, radar (elves).I will not be overtly playing him to spoil the other characters plans or to upset anyone, just to throw the occasional spanner in the works.

If anyone (notably Amarie) has read Michael Moorcock's 'Elric the Stormbringer' series, then he's pretty much like that, but in the dunedain mold, not the Menzoborranzean...(cant remember how its spelt), if this isnt ok, nevermind.

Tongue Smilie
Well I just dont know now Amarie. Plus he doesnt have ta be a full blown wizard. Like any good wanderer he has picked up a ween a tricks along his way alright then Roth will be a half elf with a axe to boot..he also has picked up a few tricks along his way. plus his temper is still rotten as well. Oh yeah all the history stays the same execpt that he aint a full man.
Aelric PMed me

OK great... but like i said if you can get others to appreciate that he (new caracter Lord Aelric) isnt there to cause grief, i'm gonna make him kinda like Ellessar's political Rival - Black Numenorean, but still Dunedain!

Can you give me some pointer's on where exactly the quest is likely to go, i mean Geographically, in addition i've followed the Elladan and Elrohir part, but the actual gem... what is it precisely?

I would very much like some poiters my self. I have no idea where we are heading, Nil was going to lead us but I have no idea where, and now she has left us.

So I think I will do as so many people do when they are lost and confused; call out to a higher entity for help!

Allyyyyyyssaaaaa!!!! HEEEEEEELP!!!
(I'll send her a PM, this is her creation after all.)
Hey! Nil PM-ed me to tell me what she had planned. This is of course open for debate! I have a couple of comments i think, but I haven't got time right now.
Okay, here goes. Most of this info you already have, I'm just reviewing for tha sake of clarity....Nilgaerien is an elf from a destroyed clan. Her very highly sensitive mind was being trained to shut out emotions but the death of everyone dear to her left her mind ravaged and beyond all help, even Elrond's. She has wandered alone for years. Dauros might not agree to this, but her relationship with Roth was veyr close at first. Unfortunately, his coming to her village inadvertantly led the destroying orcs there as well. Nilgaerien swore revenge. He and Gandalf got her out of the burned village and Roth tried to help her (despite his hardness, he wanted to undo what had happened) but he touched her arm at the same time as her mind and it opened her up even more, causing her to lose her own identity for weeks before coming to Galadriel. Nilgaerien also did not let Roth know about his...I dunno, some relation....dying and now he is furious at her (and maybe at himself for making her worse).

Nilgaerien was to lead them to the borders of Mordor (of course, a cursed land now). The gem lies hidden in Morgul Vale, a place no one wants to be in, much less Nilgaerien, who can feel every echo of evil and pain. Her senstiveness saves them several times along the way, since she can sense danger before it even gets close. I had no definite plans as to what happens in Morgul and after. The only thing I had planned definitely was that Amarie works with Roth (who finally decided to put aside his hate for awhile) and help Nilgaerien. It works but Nilgaerien is so ravaged that when the twins go over Sea, she goes with them to eternal rest for her weary mind.

So there it is. Hope that helps. I had also planned a sort of romance between her and Roth to develop but I didn't know how well that would go over...Roth, no matter what he does for her, still seems like a hard character.

Thanks for all the fun we've had and please have fun with this story. I have Erb keeping me up to date so she'll tell me how it turns out. I love you all and I hope to be back someday!!
Nilgaerien was to lead them to the borders of Mordor (of course, a cursed land now). The gem lies hidden in Morgul Vale

All right! I'll list my ...watever u call it!

1) Allyssa had planned that we meet Galdriel, look into her Mirror and from there come to know the future corse..or maybe where the gem is hidden.

2) How does Nilgaerien know about the location of the gem?

3) Why is Mordor a cursed land now? It is still filled with filth......but it was destroyed in the battle when the ring was destroyed. Remember the story takes place in post-ring era. And if u think that I, Lord Aragorn of Gondor, had been sitting idle after winning Mordor, the answer is no! Since mordor is now a part of Aragorn's realm.....obviosly he has taken measures to rebuild it. And he's sensible enuf (like me) to have posted guard over mordor to keep the easterlings and other filth from capturing it. So Mordor is inhabited by Gondorians.

4) How can such a gem.....something powerful and connected to elves.....reach a place like the Morgul Vale. If I use my logic,the gem shold be somewhere nearer to the sea than be inland since it is used to go over the sea to Valinor.

Well, yes these are my doubts. And if someone agrees or disagrees with them r most welcome to post!
I guessed that maybe Nils people were guardians of a Gem, and maybe that was the reason for the attack that killed them all. Maybe someone got away with the Gem and hid it or it was already hidden, and she knows where, maybe she sensed it?

Galadriel would know that Nil knows, maybe she intrusted it to their keeping. When she is asked about the Gems and hears of the twins, the most logical thing would be to send someone who knows as a guide, rather than get cryptical visions from the Mirror. Also Galadriel might hope that if Nil faces her past, it might help her learn to control her powers. I also think that Galadriel hopes that Amari’ and Roth with their powers can help her, as we have seen Amari’ isn't hurt by Nils powers like Arkentos was.

Also Roth needs to face his past there.

I like the idea of sending them close to the sea, rather than to Mordor. Especially the elves! Can we go towards the sea? Can we? Can we?
Still waiting for an apt moment to introduce Lord Aelric into your tale, would be better if you did happen to go Seaward, as a former lieutenant of the Corsairs ... during the War of the Ring, it may be more in keeping with a functional longer term involvement if he were of some use to the group despite his "naughty" tendencies

Numenorean stock so therefore - a fine Captain and great Sea-lore

Tell me what you think, i'll hold back till i hear from some of ya ok ok ok?

Smile Smilie
Right then I suppose I shall add my thoughts to this discussion. Firstly location of the gem sounds good. The history on how it came to reside in Mordor should be a interesting tale maybe hidden in Mordor a evil sleeps guarding the gem who knows.
secondly Roths involvment in Nils past sounds ok. This could have occurred sometime after Roth had escaped from Mordor and was travelling the land doing whatever he could. A romance happening well we will leave that for now and see what the way the story goes,possibly a love hate relationship but as I said we'll see how the story occurs.
Well thats my two cents for the mo so give us a holler if ya have any other thoughts of things.
Okay heres another message from Nil!!!!

Hey all! Another message through Erb! ;S I hadn't been able to find Allyssa's posts (or maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough) so that's why I brought in Nil as a guide. Amarie is right in that Nil's ppl were the guardians of the Gem and that is also why the orcs attacked. It could also be part of the reason her mind was so sensitive, being so close to that thing and why it was destroyed so easily. I chose Mordor mainly b/c that would be havoc on her mind and force her to come to grips with her past but I really love the Sea idea better. There could still be something around the Gem itself that forces her to her past. Plus, that could be become part of her healing, being near the Sea. Basically, I like all your ideas and if mine wrought chaos on Allyssa's, I'm really sorry. (Oh, and LA86: I said Mordor was cursed b/c evil dwelt for so long there that I figured no one would want to dwell there ever again...more like a legend-filled spooky type of place.)
I'll live in Modor........I have recently been thinking about shifting my capital from Minas Tirith to Mordor.

Jokes apart, So where shold we go? Mordor or the Sea? I don't mind either. Going to Modor will let us have help from my army ie the Gondorian army. We can have Lord Aelric, the mariner there too. Sea is also good. Maybe we can get to meet the hobbits if others want to. (personally, I don't like em..but I'll folow u anyway)

And Nil, no need to be sorry or was nice of u to make me think. Brain's been dead due to the exams.

And I'll try to do something with the story before I leave. But I'll have to catch up with a lot! I don't know anything about the story since my last post!
Umm folks, the story makes no sense now, we just left Lothlorien and suddenly we are back where we were with Nil sleaping and the others waiting for Mori, to see it all happening again?

Where is Ally?!? *sob*

Oh well, the easiest way is for me to delete my post, but we have to make sure what we post fits with what is written above (even if it is someone elses story bit we are posting). But it is great that Erbalwen is posting for Nil. Don't forget that you can put in your own bits and pieses too Erbie!Smile Smilie

I had to delete and/or alter my post several times as Lord_Aragorn86 and I had the strange habit of posting simultaniously. *lol*

Erbie, maybe you should adding the "this is Nils piece" in this tread instead of the story thread. Of course I want her to take credit for the things she writes, but when we started this we wanted a contious story which could be read by others with no "disturbences". It is kinda (a little bit) like if Tolkien suddenly added in the middle of the Hels Deep battle.: "I'll write more on this chapeter later", and then it continues. Even if he took a break, we who read it later doesn't need to know that, and if we do want to know, we look in the appendixes (this tread). Wink Smilie Blablabla, am I beeing to picky now?

Oh Lord Aelric, the time for your arrival is (finally) drawing close. Wink Smilie

No one get excited - I'm not really back. I just wanted to apologize for the inconvience I'm making for all of you. The reason I had to "leave" is complicated and not worth going into but I'm still checking in. I'm thinking, too, I may be able to be around to help continue the story...but that'll be it. So I guess I'm sorta back?? Man, I miss you all and that makes me depressed cause you all love me!! (I hope??) Anyway, sorry about your post, Amarie and thanx for being understanding. I wanted to continue posting mainly cause once I have a character, I can't give her/him up until the story is complete or I feel like a murderer.
WHEEE! .."not get excited"?? Eh, ok... wheee? Don't like complicated leaves.. Sad Smilie

Of course we love you! Looking forward to more drips of Nilgaerien in our lives! Smile Smilie
Grev - I love you. Big Smile Smilie
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWHEEEE!!! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Wiggle Smilie *swimming in circles* Big Smile Smilie
*Low chuckle* Yeah, well, try to be a little excited, why don't you? Posting my next bit of the story (really like where Roth is going, Dauros). Aelric, will you put in ur stuff if I leave an opening?? Pleeease??
Yeah, well, try to be a little excited, why don't you?

I am! WOHOOOOO!!! *dances with little fish* *puts little fish back in water befor he dies*
Oh yeah sure Nil, assuming the group moves clear of Lorien and gives me an opportunity to come in and ruffle up some goodie-goodie feathers heh(j/k)... I'm poised waiting for a good opening, still hanging on, nearing the edge of precipice in utter expectation of someone leaving the thread/tale wide enough to fit in a Black Numenorean of Doom type thing! You see he has a swell-head, thinks he's Billy-Big-Bitz!

So Nil or Amarie or anyone else who writes in the Quest a great deal theres ya job, ok ok ok ???

In anticipation

Patient Person Serching Smilie
we have left Lothlorien Aelric, jump in when you feel like it. Smile Smilie
So... What happened to the cats? They were getting close in january...
I sent the cats and the three elves into Aniloraks hands, as he insisted I donated him someone to write about. But I haven't heard anything from him on the matter. And I am incapable of writing about battles Sad Smilie Someone help me/them/us? Grev? Anybody? Elf Confused Smilie

We haven't moved far in time, we spent maybe three days in Lothlorien (with all the waiting and stuff) and one day of walking. We needa some kill-the-trolls action, maybe finding Valedhelgwaths cloak and Tennors head or skin or something so they know Val has been killed, and they decide to revenge their deaths.

Kitties will then lead way to Lothlorien. They have horses so they should be able to catch up pretty soon with the others when they are told what is going on. Horses to carry the bagage will make them all able to walk faster.
Question Smilie
I'm not the right person for it, sorry! My style of writing doesn't fit with what has previously been written about them. It would be some completely different cats! And battles? Ehmm, squimish litte me? Don't think so..
Okay okay, Nil to the rescue! *plays a cool little tune, such as: da da da DUM!* Animated Wink Smilie Anyway, I'm fantastic at battles (hope that's not bragging?) and was just getting ready to go into one next time I posted, which would give Aelric a perfect oppurtunity to jump in. I just thought we needed to really get Nil and Roth straight, which that seems to have played out really well - you've got some background on them but not too much since it all doesn't pertain to the story.
So...should I start a battle? That would be cool on Nil's emotions...I've decided that she can thrive in battle. Her heightened emotions are so busy sensing where the next enemy is and where her friends are (if you can call them her friends - she doesn't seem to be too accepting) that her mind doesn't have time to worry about all the emotions. Basically, battle shuts down her ability to sense emotions - a sort of reprieve in which her own are clearly felt by any elf in the vicinty. What do you think?
Oh, congrats, Amarie, on becoming a council member! Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie
Thank you Nil Smile Smilie

I was thinking a troll-fight for the three elves and the cats but it was a good fight you made. Smile Smilie Welcome back btw, I have gotten used to having you and Erbie around. Smile Smilie
You're most welcome and thank you. Wink Smilie

Glad you liked it. Now I don't know what to do with Nil. I don't want her mind much worse than it is now (or she won't be able to lead them properly) and I don't want her healed just yet. So I can't decide what this will do to her mind or what. Elf Confused Smilie So anyway, that's the way, the "dark stranger" is supposed to be Aelric's character but I don't know if he's still willing to join or not.

I AM SOOOO HAPPY TO BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!! But I'm still depressed, as my journal entry says....anyway, everyone here makes me feel at least a little better. Happy Elf Smilie
Aelric will join, we have been too close to Lothlorien for him to show up. He said in Website Suggestions > Smilies that he will join today. *hoping*
He did he did! Go read it as soon as you can! And tell me if Nil's part is too little....I really didn't know what to do with her. *sighs* She's such a difficult character! Oh, and I love the cats but I got lost somewhere...what are they doing and how are they going to help the storyline? Forgive me if I'm just being a ditz and the answer is already out there somewhere. I
I did? I did?

Oh yeah, so i Did... hope like it and it fits in with your plan, not sure if Southron is the appropriate defintion of him, as he hasnt got "haradrim or Corsair" affixed to his helm, if i must i will... his armour is ornate and an heirloom of a bygone age, so its totally Numenorean in origin and style - Yet obsidian and gold in colour, just like that worn by "the King's Men" (not the Elendili / Elf-friend faction) in the Akallabeth.

I was going to try and write in Andunaic, but i floundered at the last minute, realising that i didnt bring me books into work with me...

Ok guys i'm not in till monday, so i think its best if he kinda introduces himself the now and then forges ahead as a vanguard or scout, or something ok?

Incidentally Nil, his emotions are pretty well guarded, due in large part to him once serving as a lieutenant in Umbar, under Sauron. Now its cool that Nil sensed his hatred toward Aragorn, i'll run with that as its an extremely potent and defining part of his character, but in future could you appreciate that he is a stonewall when it comes to emotional radiation (for want of a better term)...If you have any problems or queries on this matter just PM me ok?
I'll go with that - seems to fit the character better anyway. I wasn't sure if he was a Southron or what so that's why I used that term. Just let me know if I make any more slips. Wink Smilie At times it's so hard to deal with other people's characters. Smoke Smilie
I was thinking of adding the three Mirkwood elves and the cats to the groupe soon, we have moved very slowly and on foot, the three are skilled hunters and warriors, so following their tracks shouldn't be too hard? They are the riders Amarie hears and soon sees? We can have them telling about what happend in and on the way to Lothlorien later.
Sounds good to me. My only question is, will Nil guide them close enough (say, having no idea where it exactly lies) and the cats can somehow sniff the exact location out? Just an idea because I can't see Nil knowing right where it is hidden. She could have simply gotten it and brought it to them if that was the case.
Then maybe she is leading them to someone who knows the location of the gem?
Or it could be in a dangerous area. Sending her off so she could find the gem on her own would be very unwise in either case, just remember the troll and the orcs that stumbled across them. I think trolls have too thick sculls and a too slow mind for any thoughts to get through. Wink Smilie They will probably take another route back to Rivendell? Where are we anyway? *goes looking for a ME-map*

I don't think the cats knows what a gem like that would smell like.
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