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I like it!! (Now may I kill...umm...who-know-who, Vee and Amarie????) Did anyone get the chance to read my newest post to the story? Any good or just simply tying together two posts?? Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie

(Thank you, Gildor!!! I rather like her myself...better than getting teased about my toilet. Paranoid Smilie Big Smile Smilie )
OK l posted, but if you don't like it tell me, so l can edit it or even delete my post. Smile Smilie (especially you Etharion, if you don't like it tell me Smile Smilie )
It's good! I'm writing something now, don't post anything in the quest untill I am done please Smile Smilie
Glad you liked it Amari’!!! Now l'm happy again Big Smile Smilie Tongue Smilie
I hope you are liking what iv been writing . Im not much of a writer, but im great with ideas.
It's doing OK, guys......... love the ideas....... but........ if Aragorn has to go off (which is a good thing because let's face it, no one writes Aragorn like Tolkien) who goes with him and how does he go? We are on a ship in the middle of the open seas looking for an island......... is Aragorn going to trust the Numenoreans to take him back to Gondor? And who will lead the Quest?
Well dont ask me, im still new here. And iv put something up in the quest just now.
They will have to get the gem first then travel home. There is no turning back there now. Then they will take diffent paths, Roland will go with Aragorn for sure, the dwarves too I guess.

Amari’, Nil and Arkantos and the Gem will go to Rivendell. Roth too? Have to ship the loony elves to Valinor so they can get well. Vaeltira to Rivendell too i think, so Aelric knows she is safe? Aerlic will have to lead his army so he will be going there...

darn it... we will have to describe a battle, probably on several fronts, I can't do that. Describing Aragorn is a pice of cake compared to that. *panics*
Cann i go to Rivendel too?Please? Ahh i see the trouble with describing the batlle , yes....
We could make the war something that might happen sometime in the future, after our quest is over. Tolkien says nothing about a big battle taking place befor the ringbrearers leaves ME, and the armies are not rebuildt after the War of the Ring.

yes you can come to Rivendell Etharion, we might all go there if we postpone the war. Wink Smilie I would like our Numenorian couple to meet the elves and see Rivendell. We are suppose to reunite the Black Numenorians with the errr white ones(?) right?
Maybe steps can be taken to pre-empt the hardrim thus delaying their invasion, giving us al time to get the gem and head back. Aragorn can go off if necessary. Not sure what Aelric wants to do. If we all split it will be difficult but not impossible to write. I think the main battle should, as someone said, be sometime in the future...... or averted altogether.

Aelric either intends to reunite the Numenoreans or to take the crown from Aragorn...... he hasn't decided. Could go either way. Nasty man. Poor Vaeltira.
Well the 'real' Aelric wants to reunite (at least he did), 'sword' Aelric wants the crown and gem and war all such of silly stuff. Wink Smilie Yes poor Vaeltira... But the girls like her.

I had started a post with a little more Ama-Aelric arguing, wanted her to get to reply. But then Etharion posted. not sure if I should shove it in, if fits inbetween. Hmm...
Leave Aelric alone, he is misunderstood!
But I do understand, i was saying/hinting that he did it to protect vaeltira from rebelling crew men. But forget that post.
I was joking, Amarie! Give him hell!
I need to get off that ship!

Etharion, I thought you were a lone traveller? Not being picky but I feel if we bring in a shipload of strange elves we are going to lose our way - The Quest! Remember, this is not role playing but storytelling........ eat your heart out Robert Jordan!

We need a plan to get the sword away from Aelric - it won't be easy. Maybe Vael could distract him.... although it will have to wait until they are away from the ship. Oh I hate that ship! I need dry land....... soon!

Yes Etharion, I agree with Vee. And you didn't have a ship remember? And you know Valruin, he is no stranger. He was sent up to find Nilgaerein and bring her back below deck, since she snuck away.

We can't wander around freely on the boat, and we were ordered to stay put and wait for our lords. We do seem to have a small section of the ship for ourselves, with our chambers and common room. We are unarmed and if one or two crew men decides that one of us are in a place we shouldn't be then *poof* we're dead. Aerlic wouldn't interefere, he hates elves, he has got his own agenda with this. If we make him angry and loose his protection, we are dead as well. and that is not a good ending, is it? Wink Smilie
About the discussion who goes to Valinor, l think l will go to Valinor because l have exams next week and then l won't be online much. When l'm done with my exams, l come back.
The ship is just there so i can tell my people that you guys are OK and that you will help us with the Haradrim who have been buging us for quite some while. They wont be included in the story. I will just send them a message. OK?
I thought going to Valinor was the main objective of elves and they don't want to come back to ME. Will Valruin be able to? And won't out story be finished by then anyway? Eeeeeek! What do we do next??

As for the ship of elves..... I'm still having a problem with this. Highly unlikely that the elves would accidentally find Valruin's ship and Aelric's ship in that vast ocean. The storm was after the pirates attacked so you would have been in the water from their attack to during the storm when you were fished out. I'm assuming you spent some time with Valruin before that so where has the ship been hiding?

I don't know much about Haradrim and the south but would the elves have better seafaring skills than our elves? Or we could use the ship to send Aragorn and others away back to Gondor. If so, I feel that Etharion should be surprised at them finding him.

And hey Etharion - don't take any of this to heart - we do it all the time........ which is what the Notes thread is for in part. Just because I may disagree with some bits doesn't mean i don't like your ideas.
Not at all. I agree totaly. We cant know whats right or wrong until everybody says what they think (at least i cant). So the ship isnt really that close ok? And my elves are good at seafaring because just think how good they had to become at it to escape and fight the pirates and the haradrim. Those elves of the south are not so much into the whole going to Valinor i guees.They just want to come up north where you dont have to put sun lotion on your pointy ears every five minutes. But i still have to send a message telling them iv found alies, ok?
I thought going to Valinor was the main objective of elves and they don't want to come back to ME. Will Valruin be able to?

Maybe Valruin just wants to help Nilgaerien in battle, l mean he just found out that people from his village are still alive.... He could raise an army of reincarnated Elves (from the village) from Valinor....?
Eeeeeek! Zombie Elves!

But i still have to send a message telling them iv found alies, ok?

If he uses a mobile phone, he's dead, OK!
Hehehe. Zombies and mobil phones, i don't think so. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Just try not to get in Aelrics way Etharion, Ama promised Vaeltira that you wouldn't. Wink Smilie

Elves can't return from Valinor, the Valar wouldn't allow it and most wouldn't want to leave anyway. Who knows, the straight road to valinor may be a one way street for all we know. It seems spirits can be set free from the Halls of Mandos and join life in Valinor among the living, but only if Mandos allows it. The war of the Ring was the beginning of the Age of Men where elves have little or now influence at all. The war will be fought by men against men if it comes to that.
I haven't really been following the present discussion, so forgive me when I change the subject here. Wink Smilie How's my last few posts? I've been trying to give Vee more of Nil's history but is it working? It would have been easier if she had just gone along with Ama and Vaeltira but Urdon locked her in (which is her own fault, I'll admit. Big Smile Smilie ). Since we're tlaking about Aelric's sword and Vaeltira's pendant, what's up with Nil's dagger (I don't think she ever returned it to Vael's safekeeping, by the way)? It has something dark in it, too - is it connected to the sword or pendant in any way? And can we pleeease get to the island soon or are we waiting for Aelric to get back?
History is good! We like history!

Well there was something in the dagger that was fighting with something in the pendant. It was an elven dagger right? Owned by someone who had owned a pendant? Since Vals pendant had been in her family for generations that I guess it was one ot the other two good pendant. I would guess the dagger is linked to the good in the pendant(s)? and fighting the evil in Vaels pendant?

And what about Roths dagger from the sea serpent? We need some Roth history too. I don't know who that sprit is or how to get him out. Maybe we can borrow Etharions mobile phone and call the Ghostbusters or an exorcist? Wink Smilie

I hope Ama isn't asking to many questions, if she does then tell her to shut her mouth, I like that she and Vael are friends.
So much to respond to!

OK - Nil, the history is great - fills in a lot of gaps, thanks. Brings Valruin in nicely as well.

Amarie - great stuff with the dreams and pendant....... WOW didn't see that line coming.....

Nil's dagger - I didn't see any connection other than elven magic in the dagger reacted against the dark power in the pendant. THe dagger was returned I think by Urdon to the weaponry place. Only Roth has a weapon. The dagger which for some reason unknown as yet the spirit in his head wanted him to take.....

Can we see land yet?
Here, let me spot land...oh yeah, Nil's locked in. Maybe she can plead with Urdon? Big Smile Smilie

Glad the history helped, Vee.
We'll see land soon. Nit saw nothing while she was on deck, but not even elves can see past the curve of the earth.

I was wondering, isn't it about time Amari’ get hurt too? Loony Roth trying to assinate Aelric or something and goody two-shoes Ama tries to stop it gets stabbed in stead? Maybe in some turmoil after the sword is taken? Aelric will surely blame the elves and Aragorn. Now what would be more annoying for Aelric than to ow his life to an elf? A female elf as well! Oh the horror! And Ama can't heal herself, so Aragorn will have to, he knows his stuff too of course but he can't do magic. And there is no evil for Vael to remove with her pendant. And poor Arkantos.. Something to do while the island approches?
Hmmmmm.... so Nil promises Roth she won't go off, he promises her he won't kill Aelric or Vael, they are locked in a room except for Amarie and Vael...

How about, Amarie and Vael finish chatting, Vael persuades Urdon to unlock the door and says she will stay with them.... Roth immediately storms out........ and remember he has a dagger (which he must hang on to!)..... Also, Vael says Aelric is stronger than any of them while he has the sword, so it can't just be a quick fight somewhere.... Roth will have to be sneaky about this...... It is no good building Aelric up as a tough guy with evil sword if someone is just going to walk you and go boo!!! and they die...... Rather than Aelric be hurt and healed it might be better if Ama saves him by thowing herself in the way of the knife, piano, ten ton weight......... and she is hurt (did you say that Amarie?).........

I think we've got to remember these are Middle Earth Men - moody, broody beggars. Get some more aggro going..... stop the fluffiness!

I am off for the weekend. Take care of everyone...... no killing Aelric, I feel responsible for him.........

Smile Smilie

I'd like Vaeltira to sense dark power from nasty beasties on the island when they get nearer. Lots of nasty beasties..... The Sword Wraith is happy......

Well I am now being attacked by nasty evil exams with little study time in between so I can't be here as much as I want to. Boyfriend is coming home from the military in the middle of the most hectic period! What wonderfull timing!!!!! Leaves me with too little time for anything!!!! *strangles his superiors* AAAAARGH!!!! *breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out*

Ok, so you will probably be a lot on your own in the next.. 3 weeks???? I can't stay away that long! I will pop in to see what is happening, but won't have much, if any, time to write. Maybe it is for the best, I would probably make the Ama saves Aerlic thing really Mary-Sue like, in slow motion with everybody crying and stuff and Ama being oh so brave! Yuk! Dead Smilie

Poor possesed Roth is going to die now isn't he? Or is he allowed to live and squirm about what he has done? He would have been usefull against the nasty orcs on the island. Will we'll never who/what that spirit thing was/is? Do we even care? He can contemplate his actions in the Halls Of Mandos.
What will we do with out you? Who stays anyway? Me and Nil, i dont know anybody else. And man!!! My mobile batery has just droped dead!!!
I have no plans to kill dear Roth!

Etharion: get your character to talk to someone and leave it open for a response......

I can't believe I went away for the weekend, came back today and find no one has posted since I did.

Amarie - feeble excuse! Enjoy yourself! Wiggle Smilie

If you think of an idea - post it and one of us can flesh it out for you.

Ill try my best !!!! Im just not so good as you at writing so much.
You are doing great Etharion! Practice makes perfect. Smile Smilie
Heheh, if you say so. Thank you. Are you going to the chat room?
Okay, I went a little overboard in this last post of mine. I had some ideas and jus twent for them and then saw how long the darn thing was. So anyway, if this is just way out there and you all don't like it, let me know.

Vee, I know you said something about Nil's dagger being back in the weapons locker thing but I looked and couldn't find a specific post that said they had retaken it so I left it with her which gave some awesome possibilities. And I included the beasties.

Then, since Ama feels so left out and so desperately wants her character to come to harm, I made it possible. Perhaps the pendant did fatally harm Nil through her dagger and when Amarie goes to heal her, it enters her mind and harms her? Thyen Aragorn would have two on his hands to make better. Or maybe she heals Nil all the way and her mind can't take all that evil in there. That way poor Aragorn would have one less person to worry about healing.

Ooooo...then that would give Roth the perfect opportunity to go off on Vaeltira and therefore Aelric (especially if Aelric feels Nil threatened his wife so he threatens Nil), if we were still wanting something to happen with Roth? I know we were talking about that. No killing him, though...just something to spark fun stuff till we get there. Whatcha all think??
I like long posts!!! Big Smile Smilie
I am wondering where Aragorn came from, he wasn't locked in and I was thinking he and Aerlic would come back to say the message was sent and discuss more. But a simple "then Aragorn came back and said 'yo peeps, wazzup? Aelric went to see the pretty birdies!' " would be enough to explain him being there. Wink Smilie

If Roth is to attack Aelric and NOT get killed, then there has to be no guards there or anything, not even Urdon, but Valetira can be there, she knows the truth. The men can overpower Roth, Roth being shocked over stabbing the wrong person. I suspect Aelric will hear Urdons version of what happend on deck, and come running to kick Nillys behind. Roth will be annoyed since it (in his head) was 'that witch' Vaeltira that hurt Nil. But he promised not to hurt Vael, so he goes for Aelric?

Would be nice to heal Nilly completly, maybe she can't be healed halfway. Sort of all or nothing? I like Nils idea, Ama being hurt both in mind and body, even more than I asked for! She has to be sane enough to stop Roth though, at least would healing Nil take a lot of strength and energy. Oh well, back to studying! *sigh*
Wow! Great Nil!!!!!!!!!!!

Vael told Urdon to stow the dagger safely and told Nil that it would be kept safe until they reached land..... but.... I have an idea.......... bear with me...........

Changes can be made if you want.......

I don't want Roth to die. He is useful.
I thought it more likely that Roth would attack Vaeltira rather than Aelric. Is that OK?
wohoo!! It is great!! And makes sense too! Hehehe, "you stole if from us" Now who does that remind us of? I love it!
AAARGH! I can't stay away!! I love this story! Hooked hooked hooked! Very Mad Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie
(Rubs hands together with glee)

Hehehehehehe...... the plan worked, Nil!
Pfff, like that was such a challenge. I was hooked on this story a long time before you two came a long, you also had great help from my lousy study habits. Wink Smilie You are wasting your powers on the wrong person, it is Aelric we need to lure back! And Gildor! Where is he? Etharion is one of us, he is well on his way on getting hooked! Yeey!!


And THERE the exam panic hit me, tummy ache and ligth depression, I-don't-know-anything-booohooo, that kind of thing. Don't like that feeling. Stupid exams...
Heheheh, yeah im hooked. I love storyes and RPG.
Just i cant figure out who acctualy stabed who?
Roth tried to stab Vaeltria because he thought she had stabbed Nilgaerien. But Roth ended up stabbing Amari’ instead.
If Etharion (or anyone) goes to talk to Roland (who is standing outside the healing room), he will hear the entire story.
And Gildor! Where is he?

l heard your call Amari’! What's wrong Tongue Smilie But actually you're not the only one with exams here, me too, and l now have a little scheduled time for the story. l will read your progress and try to post too. See you guys around!! Teacher Smilie Read Smilie Boring Smilie
hey guys,
I just love the storie!! I was wondering if I could add a little something to it ?!
OK...... could you give us a character bio and any ideas you have. Or do you want to take over an existing character - there are a few available - Roth, Roland, Dwarves.....

btw I have spoken to Liam (aka Lord Aelric). he has absolute faith in us and in what we do with Aelric. hee hee.....

He hasn't got net access yet but will try and get online somehow tomorow hopefully. He has ideas for Aelric and is happy for the Quest to proceed as long as we don't do anything too drastic with him. And he wants Aelric to kill Roth!

Watch this space....
Wohoo! Of course you can Moonstar! You don't really have to ask either. Wink Smilie
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