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He stole our Nilly!!! It was the logical thing to do for him/it of course, but I was still hoping she was hiding somewhere. Ahhh Gondolin; Black Beauty, The Black Stallion, Flipper, Lassie and Benji in one. We'll get you up on dry land, don't you worry. Just... a little more sleep... first.... mumble mumble... zzzzz...
Was a bit concerned we were going to see a talking/flying horse....... "Don't worry little elves, Gondolin the Wonder Horse will save you!"

Can he row a boat?

Please tell me he can't.... he's a horse! How intelligent are horses in ME or do we now find out that he is a maia spirit?

I am waiting with worms on my tongue to see what he does....
Maybe he can fly, or walk on the water Tongue Smilie NO JUST KIDDING!!!!! l'll be posting now i n the quest, don't interrupt...... Wink Smilie
Ok...ok ok okay!

Nil is going to do this by herself right, with the help of her trusty steed Gondolin?

well i hope not. Smoke Smilie

Can i make a few suggestions?

Right... (takes deep breath) Loosely this is a summary of what seems to be happening.

1)We are at the destination of Gem, Nil is the only one of us that can "sniff it out"

2)Evil lurks upon the Isle, in the form of lesser servants and Ancient adversaries.

3)Aelric and Roth both possessed by Vampire-Wraith and Sorcerer spirit respectively - Both seek Gem.

4)Will each seek to "use" Nil in locating it - Roth/Spirit will cajole/manipulate, Aelric/Vamp will stalk them both out.

5)Aragorn, Vael, Amarie & Co will ( i guess) at some point seek to locate Nil and then to protect her from the immanent threat that she faces from the Evils that seek to use her.

ok i dont want to go any further than this, but i think that summarises where the quest appears to be heading in the short-term, Correct?

I write this so that we can have some sort of consensus on how things might pan out, Of course with particular regard to this form of creative writing, "nothing is set in stone", But it is good to have some kind of direction, however loose.
And....... l posted. Not that good but it is something. Must go soon too, science exam coming up..... *sigh*.... But l did score a 10 out of 10 for my English exam, and l'm Dutch!!! Pary Smilie
Gondolin will gallop on a magical rainbow of love and valkyries will come from the sky and....
No don't worry, I have a very very logical way to get horsie to shore. I only need a way to get him into the water. Some rope and tackles and some elves calming him down would do the trick I hope. Poor baby.

But..But... Gildor... Gondolin is acting like this becasue Nil is calling him, and she is on dry land so Valruin can't see them.... Hmmm... maybe I can use the dots anyway.. I think I can. I was planning to have Valruin talk to ponyboy anyway. Don't know how much Nil has talked about horsie to Valruin, but I have a plan! Hang in there folks! This might take a little while...
Well, hurry up you lot and move the story along - I am unable to contribute because I don't know what Nil has in mind for the horse, what Amarie has in mind for Drogba (!!!!) or anything..... I don't want to tread on toes and change th direction too much so I will wait.

Seems the story is becoming disjointed with various plots veering off in all directions. Thanks for the rundown Aelric!

If someone has an idea they wish to follow through please don't post and leave it halfway, finish it or give us some idea in the notes so that we can carry on. We have lots of people all writing different plotlines now and to be honest it is getting a bit odd........... need to pull it back together.
Agreed Vee.

Thats kinda why i posted the brief summary.

If people insist on taking their characters and/or the plot in a different direction thats fine by me, so long as those same people understand that others will or can do the same, and then we will have little or no continuity, random events & acts, and all will be to the detriment of the BIGGER picture, which to my understanding, is the Tale of the Quest.

This Gondolin "Lassie" element seems a tad lame. It just defies logic that a horse, however sentient/intelligent, could liberate itself from the hold of a ship without the crew noticing or then restraining it? Dont tell me, Aragorn & co will arrange a great escape and free Willy!

I was thinking Nil could get away on Gondolin, while Aelric/Vampie is busy killing Roth for interfering in her plans something. She is the main enemy after all. Was hoping Roths spirit/soul could go to Valinor and be at peace at some time. Don't know what happens with the Spirit if Roths body dies though.

Green Light on Roth!!!

Disturbed Smilie Very Evil Smilie Disturbed Smilie
Roth + spirit = not easy to kill as witnessed when he first met up with the Questors. Not impossible to kill though.

I thought the spirit (what IS his name?) and VampireWoman were in cahoots? OK, they may fight over who should have the power and the gem but for now they are working together.
Yeah, i guess they are, but its of little consequence to the Sorc/Necro what vessel he inhabits, alive or dead.

Of course an alive vessel would be better as a disguise, otherwise a dead one performs the same function just as well when a disguise isnt needed. Like NOW. lol

I got something good in mind. Very Eeeeeeevil!
Sauron trapped the sorcerer/necromancer in Roth's body from which he is unable to escape otherwise he would have done so already.
Ok... no problem Vee, so his evil spirit is tied to the body, that doesnt mean it has to remain alive though does it? Afterall a necromancer is a master of Death magicks.
And this binding to Roth's shell could be the motivation he desires to seek out a "new" vessel and undo Sauron's ban with Thuringwethil's assistance!


Wiggle Smilie
You just want an excuse to kill Roth!
Hey you! Now Aelric the character has plenty of reasons to kill Roth! All, i may add, are to do with his abuse of Vaeltira. Now as far as I'm concerned aelric will be doing him a good turn.


Very Big Grin Smilie

Waiting for an appropriate opening for my post, and will do so tomorrow, as i been busy all day and havent had a spare hour to mull it over.

G'Nite ladies

Ahhh! *hugs Vaeltira* That was so nice! She's the best!
Not the best, dear Amarie - The Beast!

*ducks Vee Backhand*

{She gonna kick my ass tomorrow, i know it!}


Very Big Grin Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie
Your donkey is safe but your vulnerable bits ain't!
Hee hee...ahem, anyway I'm supposed to still be ignoring Aelric Wink Smilie ...excuse me for not telling everyone what I was doing. *Slaps herself - bad girl!* She wanted to get Gondolin riled up to get everyone's attention - her only way of warning anyone. The more she nudges the poor horsie's mind, the more he flips out...sooner or later, someone's going to put two and two together, which it seems they did.

I don't want Nil rescued, exactly. I don't know what I want besides that either, so that gives you the horrible split-minded me to work against. Wink Smilie

Hey -weird idea. What if Aelric and whatcha-ma-call-it find Nil and Roth and his spirit thingie and she's caught between the two wills? That would be interesting. Kind of like bye-bye Nil for awhile.

Then I had another bizarre idea. What if the Gem is taken at first? Something unexpected. Either both spirits are working together then tear each other up for the prize or one of them is able to convince Nil first? Then you have the evil winner running off with the Gem for awhile before the "Company" comes running to the rescue? I dunno...just some thoughts so I know where we're all going here...

Oh, and Vee? If I ever leave off in a post without posting what I'm doing in Notes, most of the time it means you all can do whatever you want with it. That's when I'm freahs out of ideas and I need one of you to carry it far enough to jump-start my brain again. Big Smile Smilie
hey guys,
so 'bout Daria. she could be a human slave that was brought to the island when she was 14 years old and has been there eversince( she's about 29 years old now). she is the daughter of a dunedain lord named Elwin. her mother died when Daria was 3, and the only thing that she has of her mom is her necklace. which is a celtic style cross made of mithril with two pear shaped stones in it. a emerald and a parparadschah sapphire(that could have healing properties?). she's an only child as far as she knows. due to the fact that she's lived on the island for 15 years, and has no memory of who she is.

Amerie could use the necklace to heal herself, Nil, and Roth..... the guys could meet her on there way to the island.....

just a thought. you guys don't have to use it if you don't want.
Ahh too late, Amari’ is healed (mostly, she'll be alright in a while) and back in the healing business so she can take care of the others. Wink Smilie But Daria can have the necklace! With two Dunedain and a Rivendell elf (elves don't forget you know) there is a good chance they might know her family even if she has forgotten!

Daria sounds nice! I don't know how and when she wants to be found, but the elves and the Dunedain are arriving soon, later the Black Numenorians (Vaeltira and Drogba) will come too and she might not be so pleased to see them. Along with Roland and the dwarves too. Almost forgot them.
I thought you had a plan!

You kinda hijacked my idea for Vael and now I am not sure what to do about her. But I'll think of something.

I love the story!!! I know that i dont post, but thats because i like to watch more...and i dont have as much good ideas. You can fell free to use Etharion in your posts, so he dosent just sit around. If you want of course.
Aww Vee.... Vaeltira knows who her family is, she shouldn't be threatend by a slave with a pretty (though probably unmagical) necklace. But when you mention it, hehe, Daria does sound a lot like Vaeltira.

I am sure we will agree on something. That is what we do in here, discuss and argue ideas and plots.

Nil knows the direction to go, Vaeltira sences evil with her pendant and protect us that way, and Daria can help us find a way around the nasties. And Ama heals them if things go wrong. Wink Smilie

I had a plan to get the horse onto the island, Nilgaerien has to show what she had in mind with him! Will he run of searching alone or will someone ride on him? The party will probably have to make a small camp to wait for.. whatever will happen. Daria will probably observe from a distance first, alone for so long... She has probably seen the ship come in. I don't know?
No, Amarie, sorry - I was replying to Nil's post...... sort of got out of synch.

I'm fine with the Darla (wasn't she in Buffy?) thing. But. I was hoping Vael would go to the island with you lot as she is desperate to find Aelric. Don't leave her behind!
*groan* Forgot to leave some nice herbs for Vaeltira to drink! Will fix that soon. Had to ship some (it became all) we-can-talk-to-the-animals folks with the shy horse. Should I have left Aragorn you think? Was not sure if they would come back to the ship with Nil or if the others would follow shortly. They did leave in sort of a rush.

Drogba, Roland, the dwarves and Vaeltira are still on the ship. They need a boat on their own, that is all. Come when you are ready. Wink Smilie Maybe they are waiting in case the others need to come back with Nil?

Hmmm didn't even see nils post untill now, I thought Moonstars was the newest when I opened it. Well Nilly, we have now put two and two together and got at least 10, so now you have to deal with your pony coming to look for you. We could let the vampire kill him if you don't want to be saved. tasty horse meat! Yum yum! I am sure the orcs woudl want that too. The spirit might wanna kill the thing for fun. *mahahahaaa!* We can't have you and Roth riding of on him, that would give you a way to big headstart, wouldn't it?
Okay, just posted on the Quest and for Vee's sake ( Wink Smilie ), the evil thing she sensed was Aelric and his spirit thingie (is that still the plan , by the way?).

Poor Gondolin but that was actually what had planned...Nil's onyl friend for how many of those years she wandered alone is killed for the heck of it by this spirit thing? Her anger and/or sorrow could drive her mad enough to be an advantage to the spirit...or it could give ehr some hidden strength back. Guess it could be both...the first one then the second. Anyway, let him go alone...the spirit would probably kill anyone who comes along and Gondolin may not like someone on his back right now. Big Smile Smilie
Thought She was ignoring me? *shrugs*

Hey Vee, will post a long 'un today. Hope it fits in and is dramatic enough for y'all

Wink Smilie
A long evil Earlick post!! Wohoooo!!!! Big Smile Smilie

Sending Gondolin off on his own was the main plan. He doesn't like to have other people on his back. So while he is running about the others find a safe place to camp for the night, leaving an elf in tree by the shore to scout for Vaeltira and Roland and company and lead them to the camp. Unless they wait till the next day to arrive, just in case.

Vee called the spirit Melvorien, -ien is a female ending, should be -ion perhaps?

But we have to get Nil back, we don't know where to go. Even if we meet with Daria, she doesn't know where the Gem is. It would all be guessing. If Melvorion/Melvorien breaks Nil just for a little while, he can sense where everybody is on the island. And he will break her, the way he is pushing her. When/if she does break free she needs to get a way in a hurry, and she is to weak to run like the wind. Only Gondolin can carry her quickly on safe distance from Mel/Roth back to Ama so she can help Nil.

Doesn't mean Gondolin will survive, he might attack Roth to keep him away long enough to give Nil a chance to get on his back, Roth slashes him with the dagger or something. And poor horsey bleeds to death while bringing his mistress to safety. *?*
Just posted the beginning, so plz dont post just yet, trying to avert the logging out stuff thats happened to me b4.

Sorry Amarie, i have plans that may well conflict with what you're proposing.

It involves Nil getting nibbled by Aelric/Thuringwethil thingywotsitbatfink.

Cool Smilie
Well that is even worse, Thuritariwingding is a lot more powersful than Mel. If she gets her hands/claws/teeth in Nil she wil have problem taking over (unless Aelric puts up a heck of a fight, which is a bit soon I think, and he wouldn't care that much for an elf?), then she'll see where the Gem is and simply fly there. Maybe send junior to nibble on the fellowship. YumYum. At least Roth would have to walk and that body is already tired, or negotiate with WingThing.
Hey hold yer horses young lady, all i said was nibble!

It's all under control, trust me"!

PS whose Mel?
You have things under control? HAH! Wink Smilie
Fine fine, post and we'll see then. I am just worrying to much about what MIGHT go wrong, just like my mom (but she is worse). Like that one time I was answering an e-mail while visiting them, and she was stressing because there was 5 minutes till there was 10 minutes till there was 30 minutes til the ferry went, and it is a 20 minutes drive to the ferry. *Gaaaah!* Very Mad Smilie

Vee called the spirit Melvorien, -ien is a female ending, should be -ion perhaps?

So I call him Mel untill the ien/ion is sorted.
hey Ama, you'll see that i'm posting a paragraph every half hour or so, its cos i have to appear "busy" in work okay, *looks around nervously*

THEY see everything, honest!

Hopefully everything meets with yours and others approval - so far?

So DONT PANIC!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

Wary Smilie Paranoid Smilie Disturbed Smilie Very Evil Smilie
OK Melvorion it is. Or whatever....... Smile Smilie

Gah! names....
It is very polite and nice of Melvorion to bring lunch to his ladyfriend. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
*switching from sound-like-Mom-mode over to sound-like-Dad-mode* Relax, there is nothing to worry about. Every half hour is fine, gives me something to look forward too. If you get fired, you can't write for the quest! *shudders*
Oh, c'mon, I don't wanna be lunch, Aelric! Oops..I'm supposed to be ignoring you...shoot...

So which is it gonna be? Does poor Nil get away then falls into Aelric's hands or gets back to Amarie or what? I figured she might have enough strength in her mind to resist revealing where the Gem is but maybe not...she seems to be failing pretty fast there.

Tasty Nil, YUM YUM

Shocked Smilie
Ok i'm away till monday... have fun folks I'm off to get very very very drunk!

Enjoy the Craic!

Hope you liked the last installment... wasnt too icky i hopes.

Buh Bye!

Cool Smilie
Now she has been eaten on too! Poor Nilly, we got to get her back. Run Gondolin! Run like the wind! Errr... right, got to get him on land first.
hey guys,
so i was thinking daria could be hiding in the woods when the guys get to shore and when they stop to rest and have all fallen asleep, except aragorn who has taken the first watch, daria not seeing aragorn could sneak into there camp and try to steal some food(since living on an evil island there really isn't much food for a human to eat)and since she's been living on her own for a couple of weeks and she can't provide for herself (not being able to remember how to take care of herself) she trys but, aragorn senses her more than sees her at first but then she trys to run and by doing so awakens everyone else, she draws a blade(a small dagger. her father gave it to her perhaps) and says something unintelligible that everyone else thinks she's trying to attack him but she' s actually speaking the language of the dunedain of the north which aragorn recognizes of coarse............

well you get the idea. but i'm gonna be gone till tuesday so if you guys want to bring her in before then thats alright with me.

have fun. Smoke Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

oh yeah....
by the way LEAVE NIL ALONE! Ha Ha Ha Smilie Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Okay, Nil hasn't completely lost her memory - it's just temporary! I'll explain more in a bit!

Sorry, had to leave in a hurry. Anyway, a chunk of Nil's life has just been eaten so she'd be in a fairly bad position. I chose to take her memory away temporarily (it'll return) since I took it that a vital part of her didn't get taken away. Of course, she will be extremely weaker and...I don't know, I thik there should be something more that's missing. Nothing big, just something that would be a slight inconvienence to not have anymore, like easy memory failure (over small things like what she had for lunch Wink Smilie) or weakened physic abilites or something. I dunno...

And Nil is not tasty, Aelric... Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Oh look! Has Nil found a fan in Moonstar??? Animated Wink Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Yeah! Leave Nil alone! *Pats Moonstar on the back* That's the spirit!
Nil needs a good, warm hug and a nap. Melvorion/Roth needs a kick in the behind, I am sure Gondolin can take care of that. Wink Smilie
Roth needs a kick in the behind ye say. Well he probably does since you wabs have been puttin' words in his mouth ye goits.
Aye don't know what ye have done the fellow but whatever it's probably sh*t cause ye don't understand the fundermentals of the character. His passions, his pains, what awakes him at night in a cold sweat. He is dark and forbodin' this is the way I had him.
And I know I haven't been able to do this sh*t but at least ye could have tried ta keep him in character.
hey what is this exactly? explain
These are the notes for another thread called 'Another Story - The Quest for the Straight Road' aka The Quest. It is a joint effort by those wishing to join in. It is not roleplaying. but an ongoing story in which we hope the characters develop. It may not be great writing but it is fun and I find it an interesting exercise.

As for Roth's character, we did the best we could for the story, keeping Roth as dark as possible and it doesn't get much darker now he has been taken over by Melvorion, the necromancer/sorcerer.

can i join Big Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile Smilie
We have someone who just climbed down from a tree on sounding very elflike and who know of the king and queen and the quest. Very surpricing to me. Come sit down and fill us in on you character and thought you have about her, Icefang. Want a biscuit?

Hi there Silvaghar. Welcome to Planet Tolkien! Big Smile Smilie
You want to 'just' write or add a new character or maybe (pleace pleace) adopt a character?
Silvaghar tel' zaughym Posted Sunday 6th June 2004 (04:53pm) in the Quest:

And then I was there on the island a black looking elf with very long white hair and if you look in her eyes you see 2 redglowing eyes but i warn you dont look in my eyes cause if you will do that i will kill you and you highelves dont come close to me cause i dont really like you kinda sort.....
I am the darkest elf there is I am a drow so dont even try to kill me ive warned you once and i wont do it twice...... Very Big Grin Smilie

Sooo adding it is I suppose... Now we have to find out what you two are doing on this cursed, deserted island. Any ideas?
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