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Angel Smilie
Hehe, I'm sure Aragorn could wed them if they wanted to. Wink Smilie Just a small, private wedding, the King (not Elvis), some friends and 50 of the closest enemies. Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Poor Arkantos, so shy and Ama has no idea what is going on. He did die to save her (and tadaaa! was brought back!), about time she let him know that she cares wether he lives or dies.

So is Aerlic posting soon or what? Wink Smilie
Forget Aelric!! It's my turn!!! Wink Smilie Here, I'll include him in my next post... Big Smile Smilie

Oh, by the way - Vee, your writing was perfect! I had already planned on the sea-longing to already be in Nil, as she had bee nto the sea before, so that was very very mindreadingful of you. Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie
I'm so bored now when everybody is away, I might have to double post again. Wink Smilie Come on Nil!
Sorry I had to leave chat so fast, Ama - had a phone call I reall really needed to take. Anyway, whatcha think of my post??? You like it?? Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie
hahaha, it's great! "Nana nana naaa naaa I know your seeecret!" Poor Arkantos, but at least he'll get some help from Nil now to charm Ama.
Can I double post??? I got stopped at a most irritating spot!!! Or wait - maybe I'll just add on. Yeah, I could do that. Cehck my last post just to be sure that I didn't decide to simply add on to it.
Hey! It's only Amarie and I!! Come on, everyone!!! Where are you????? VEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie
I'm back but haven't got time to post anything yet - visitors and bank holiday and paul going to Germany etc...........

Let me get my breath back.......
We need something from Vaeltiras and Aerlics views soon, and not to mention from Valruin! GILDOOOOOOR!!! but you can breath for a little while Vee. Wink Smilie
Sorry l wasn't not online the last days.... but me in examyear.... busy busy busy!!!
l'll start reading what you've posted and start thinking of my part of the story... Smile Smilie see you guys around Smile Smilie
OK... we are heading for the island (how big is it?) so I suggest we get some action going...... here's my thoughts.....

As they approach the island the pendant warns of Orcs there. Lots of orcs. Seems the island has been taken over by them or by someone else who has taken advantage of Sauron's fall. Aelric sees a chance for battle everyone swarms onto island.
Aelric a bit too intent on killing - Aragorn sees a chance to get the sword. Big fight. Aelric captured. Drogba has helped only as long as Aragorn lets him take over from Aelric. Aelric left with ship, maybe but kept away from sword. Others go on. Nil senses gem then loses it oh dear where has it gone............ who has it..........? And anything else inbetween that anyone can think of. Whatdyathink? Does it help to have a guideline? Or shall we wing it?

lt's pretty hard too to make a new story under this circumstances, l mean everybody is now in a meeting and are discussing what to tell Valruin. ln my opinion, lord Aelric isn't gonna ask Valruin about the quest, for Valruin isn't in the quest (yet). l think Aelric will ask Valruin other personal stuff, like what was he doing on the sea, where did he come from, etc etc. l think it's very hard for me to write another part of story now (hope l'm not whining now Wink Smilie ).

ln case you still don't know what l mean: I NEED HELP!!!!!
Maybe Valruin has information on the island - mayb ehe has been there? Maybe Valruin just joins the quest because he wants to go to the Undying Lands............ Aelric isn't the Quest Leader, Aragorn is so if he says another elf joins then another elf joins. Maybe there is a link to Nil's people here...... Val's people could have been associated with them. Maybe Valruin knows how to neutralise the sword?

Er... tell me when to stop........

Maybe Valruin knows how to neutralise the sword?

l think that's a great idea! Valruin after all, knows some "magical stuff" maybe he has some kind of spell what can neutralize the evil?
Whatever it is though it has to have a big fight and struggle between Aragorn and Aelric and perhaps Vaeltira's betrayal of him and also Drogba's betrayal for his own good. It can't be too easy.
Right been a while and I have browsed quicklt through the post swell that was a few days ago and I saw Roth was fartin about....he had a decent into madness which is what I wanted until I could return from my beta testing but it seems he has gone to explain.
We couldn't let him run riot over the ship or he would hav been killed and Nil had some issues to resolve for herself involving Roth. He seems to have either the memories or the spirit of some old man in his head...... plenty of scope there for madness.

Vael still hates him.

What do you want to do with Roth?
This is a story, not an RPG. If I had to leave PT for a while I would have to accept that I left Amari’ the elf in the hands of my fellow writers, out of my controll. Super Scared Smilie I might have to do just that now that the exams are near.
Okay, I just posted, but if it wasn't in your ideas, Gildor, tell me and I'll delete it or if anyone sees anything weird about it, tell me. Just something that popped up an I went for it. Wink Smilie
lt's great Nilgaerien!!! Smile Smilie l like it Smile Smilie
Oh goody!!! want to be a long lost cousin or something?? Wink Smilie Sorry - just trying to decide what to do with my crazy idea now.
I see you've employed our chatroom plotting ideas, Vee. Big Smile Smilie (Something to scare Grev with.) Very nice, though I wish it had been longer... Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
Quote: want to be a long lost cousin or something??

Maybe, or long lost friends.... lt also makes more sense when l join the quest when l am connected to one of you.
I would have made it longer, Nil, but I started getting twitchy fingers thinking I had better post if before someone else nipped in........ paranoia rules!

Can Nil go and talk to Valruin and get it sorted so we all know what's happening. I don't know enough about Nil's past to post anything. It is up to you girlie!

OK, Etharion wants to join us. Welcome aboard. Can you give us a bio for your character please?
l am afraid that l have a lack of inspiration, there's nothing in my mind now to continue the story. l first need more background info about Nilgaerien, so if she would respond, it would be a lot of help.... Exploding Head Smilie
All I can say at this stage is wing it! Otherwise I shall be posting on my own....... for ever and ever....
l see..... Okay l'll start to think REALLY hard now!!! Hope to get back to you soon....
OK posted something, but it is not much *sigh* but all small things help too, right? Angel Smilie
Goody! You posted! Now Nil will have to post something...... or have her past altered....
Not sure I fully understand where your character is coming from..... it needs to be Middle Earth based..... and as close to Tolkien's world as us poor mortals can manage. Sounds like your elf is some kind of alien..... I need more explanation/infomation!

The main mission is of course the Quest, and while other matters sometimes take us off course it is the Quest that we have to think of. I assumed your elf was another survivor from Valruin's ship which would make sense...... otherwise I don't know how to incorporate him into the Quest....... maybe Allyssa could help us out?
Oh man, I'm so sorry, everyone! Life has been a tornado, to say the least. Looked over all the new stuff and love it! (By the way, Vee, if you don't stop reading my mind, I'm going to be freaked soon. Here I give you no info on how Nil was rescued and you write down exactly what I had in mind! Very Mad Smilie ) So anyway, I'm going to go add some stuff and maybe we'll get some more info on what all happened to Nil in her past...maybe... Wink Smilie So, Gildor, are you wanting to be actual kin or just friends? If I put the wrong one down, let me know, and I can change it. Smile Smilie

(How does everyone like my pretty faery? Ama helped me with her... Wiggle Smilie )
I agree with Vee, this is a Tolkien based story and I think we should stick to that.

On the first page Allyssa writes:
This story takes place immediately after the War of the Ring, which ended in March 3019 as The Tale of Years tells us. The Last riding of the Keepers of the Rings did not come to The Grey Havens until September 3021. They seem to have been delayed for two and a half years. Something must have held them this story?

He could be a regular Tolkien-elf from Valruins ship, that would work?

I had left the village with a long time before, together with some of my kin. We travelled far and saw much.

Vee, you read my mind there, that was just what I was thinking. Smile Smilie

I was thinking Valruin was "just" a resident of the village, not a relative. And elves don't forget (except Nil, but she is messed up the poor girl), Valruin would have recognised her at once if she was family.
Perhaps another one from Nil's village?

Hey Nil, my mission in life is to freak you out!

Hehehehe - as is mine, Vee. Wink Smilie Haven't quite succeeded yet.

Another elf from Nil's village? Wow - soon we're gonna have the whole village on board! Big Smile Smilie

So, whatcha all think of my addition? I figure Valruin and Nil can sit and discuss any and all happenings since they last saw each other (short form, of course) and in that way, we can finally get all of Nil's past out in the open.
Good! Big Smile Smilie
Ama is so busy running around healing everybody that she has no time for poor Nil. Sad Smilie
Its ok. I just didnt know if it was tolkien based. What do you think about the elf city being in the faaar south-east. A lost elven culture which has just found out about theyr close relatives that they have been isolated from, and maybe tryed to start a trade route. The stuff about the ship i came in can stay right? Well if even this is not ok just tell me. I want to get this right!!!!

Love the new avatar Nil !!!
Thank you, Etharion. Vee just can't be made happy - she laughed at the toilet-seated one then she complains about this one. *Sigh* Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie

Wiggle Smilie
The toilet one makes me smile.

So let me get this right, my elf is from Nils village?And whats so important with that village. I just cant figure it out, im no good when thers a lott of text. Are they the kepers of the Gem? Or something else?And now the numenorian is beating me up, how nice Smile Smilie
I thought your caracter was a wanderer from the south and had hitched a ride on Valruins boat? Don't worry, Amari’ the healer will fix him when the Numenorians are done. Now you just have to decide if your caracter is telling Aelric who he is and hope Aelric will stop beating him up, or say nothing to him but telling Amari’ and the others later. Wink Smilie
So, Gildor, are you wanting to be actual kin or just friends? If I put the wrong one down, let me know, and I can change it

We better be long lost friends for Amari’ is right, if we had been family we'd probably recognized each other at the first sight.

BTW l love your new avatar!!!
Etharion, what is your character's name? Can you give us a bio about him please?
It is getting a bit difficult to keep calling him 'the elf'.
That's right, and he wants to meet me now so l MUST know his name.... lt looks a bit stupid when l recognise someone who l assumed was dead, calling "the Elf".......
You could always call him 'my friend'.
All the time my friend? That looks weird too. lf just...... ETHARION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! would come it would help too!!!
I meant just the first time you meet. Then you don't need to call him by name, just talk to him. OK, you might have to think about it.......... Etharion!!!! We need you now!!!!!

Aelric hasn't said he can talk to you anyway. Maybe he has something evil in mind.....

Here i am. Sorry guys i was at school. My character is named Etharion, and as i said he is a traveler just back from the far south. And with all your current worries about the Gem, i have some dark news from the red hot south, very bad news.....(duno if youl like them, or even aprove them)
I see that this story is after the war for the Ring. I know about the seeking of the Gem, because Elronds sons are sick right?I just came up with this idea. The Haradrim in the far south did not respond to Saurons sumons.Middle Earth is just a piece of the contient so there are huge unexplored lands in the south. And there the Haradrim are building up hearing of the finall destrucion of Sauron. I was there(my elf, Etharion) i saw thousands of them....even more. The whole desert kingdoms are moving , with the purpose of seeking more hospitable lands up north. And with all of the elven people almost gone , there seem to be only the humans, who to me are not so good as i thought.

I thought it would be another race against time to find a way to deal with the new problem. This is just one of my mad ideas i got, and i dont expect you to like it but i wrote it hear anyway. Maybe you or we, could fit it in or use it in your story?If not just tell me, i only wanted to see how you like the idea. See ya later!
Heeey.. that could be interesting! It would mean a common threat to both Aragorns and Aerlics people (besides the orcs and stuff...) and a good reason to join forces. The Numenorians joined together at last. And while some rush to Rivendell with the gem, Aragorn returns home with Roland and probably some others to prepare for war. Not bad!
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