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Mommy??? Mommy???

Yep..... from an old Bette Davis film I think.... or some other American film. Incidentally, my m-i-l uses the term Mom instead of Mum which I have always found odd but then I have heard some other northern/midlanders use Mom so maybe it is a regional thing rather than a straight American term.

And you didn't start that new post with 'Good Morning, Angels'.

And Amarie, we could be Anglos or Angels but no way could I be an Angle.... way too curvy for that.
You don't have to be like a 30 or 45 degree angle, you could be more like 180 degrees, but then you wouldn't hurt Earlick so much when we simultaneous attack him for killing Gondolin. It mostly a secret identity anyway, don't have to be an angle all the time. I am quite curvy too, a nice disguise.

Yeah me too, Real Curvy! For a horse moiderer. Very Big Grin Smilie

Amberdamberie, if you wanna bring it my way...i'm ready n waiting. "Whose the DADDY?"

Wink Smilie

And you didn't start that new post with 'Good Morning, Angels'
Did so!

Good Morning Angels!

{i'm gonna start every new post like this from now on - until i get bored)

N'yer... what ever that means.

Na-na-na-na-na Smilie
Men aren't curvy, are they?

Anyway, cease your chatter Earlick and post something in the Quest, dammit!
You have to prove you deserve it, I don't waste my curves and angles on just anybody.

*misses her somebody, especially since the car is acting funny again*
Messed my last post up with them quotes...Bugger!

Okay i'm not curvy, i'm angular - just felt left out is all. Think i might relog as Aelrica-KaKaKa, just to show me feminine side.

Alright Vee i'll post a daemon entry just for you.
Wink Smilie
My curves are never wasted.

And Aelric, you are not starting new posts with 'GMA' just the first one of the day which is not the same. Each post you make here is a new one but only one is the first of the day. So make your mind up what it is to be.

This post was brought to you by Pedants R Us.

Aelrickakakaka! Ha, good one, Bob.].
ACK! *strangulated gargle of despair*

Ignore Smilie

fair enough Angels.
I'd expand further on Aelric's plight, but thought better to leave it at a kinda cliffhanger, with Vaeltira possibly venturing explanations to the others... however cryptic.

That and i wanna go home and have a big Dinner and a nice cuppa.

Laters Wiggle Smilie
What?????? What what what??????/

I don't have a clue....... is it Aelric...... or not? Where, what, how, why.....

Oh dang!

I need inspiration......... (checks down the back of the sofa).. where did I leave it?
Pssst, Nil. Dorin is not there, only Roland and Aragorn stayed behind.
I dunno where i came up with my last post. I just thought that the nasty creatures could maybe do a little mind probing and made Ethariongo mad for a while. Nothing serius. Whatcha think?
OK, folks..... want my opinion....... ?

We are losing the timeline here...... I put in the bit about Aragorn returning with Nil so that we could cut out the dying horse stuff and just have her grieving...... some things are often best left unsaid. Too much detail can detract. It doesn't flow with the going back. I say drop the detail and carry on from where I left it.

Yes, Amarie, Dorin wasn't there...... but then I am not happy about going back to Nil and Gondolin at all. She is back at the cave and the story should carry on from there. A hint at what happened maybe but let's assume readers have some intelligence and can work out what happened.

Etharion, I have nothing against what you are proposing although I didn't know elves could do that. Not sure where that is going so it may need a bit more clarification rather than just leaving it as it is.

Oh darn it! I am so sorry. I had that bit already written and couldn't post it last night so just did this morning without looking around first, mainly cause I had tons of stuff to do and I was just getting rid of it.

If I have to delete my post, I get to make a demand - Vee, I don't want Nil sobbing when they bring her back. Poor elf's kind of in some shock right about now so she's not showing much outward emotion. Pleeeeeease? I'll dance for you: Wiggle Smilie

Etharion - I don't get your post. Then again, I don't get much today, so maybe it's okay.

Now, no posting, Vee, and no more complaining about my timeline... Orc Smiling Smilie
If I have to delete my post, I get to make a demand - Vee, I don't want Nil sobbing when they bring her back. Poor elf's kind of in some shock right about now so she's not showing much outward emotion. Pleeeeeease? I'll dance for you:

Dance, girlie, Dance!

No sobbing..... but that conveys her grief over the death of Gondolin. Oh........ maybe...... OK......
Okay, then, how's that? Better, Mistress Vee? Wink Smilie

I'm dancing, I'm dancing!!! Wiggle Smilie Oh, c'mon, we know she's's a little obvious, I think. Big Smile Smilie Thank you thank you thank you!!

Oh, I want her eyes to stay that color. If Thingie-what's-her-name took enough, it should affect something, so to be as harmless in the long run as possible, I made her eyes a faded color. She'll be able to see again...I'm actually not sure where that came from but maybe it's because of Melvorion, the mommy-spirit thing, and her grief over Gondolin? I'm reaching here. Animated Wink Smilie

Hey, what do you think of a pull being on her mind? I alluded a few times to her agreeing to take Melvorion to the Gem so what if, because she promised, he now holds some part of her mind? It wouldn't have to be anything big, just enough to make her want to go to the Gem...or something... Orc Going Huh Smilie
No, leave Melvorion to suffer a fate worse than death when Thuringwhatsit finds out he has lost Nil. I think Nil had done enough with him....... she can now help the others find the Gem. Had an idea that Daria may know about the Gem without actually knowing what it is. Maybe her people have it and it moves where they go....
"Good Morning Angels!" Waving Hello Smilie

I see that there was a good deal happening last night in my absence, hope it turned out fine.

Cool Smilie Everyone's 'cool in the gang'! Cool Smilie
Good Morning Charlie!

Yep - all cool. Not sure though what to do with Aelric...
Leave the reprobate to me, i'll deal with him.

Very Evil Smilie
Has Nilgaerien become blind?

Blind and Daft!


Wink Smilie
Come on - feel free to join in at any time.......

Yes - I am talking to you!
C'est Moi? *looks innocent*

Shocked Smilie
Etharion - are you going to elaborate on what Etharion is doing? You can't just leave him there, poor thing. And Amarie is busy with poor Nil and dying men everywhere. Perhaps some of those men should survive....... send 'em back to the ship.

Hmm.... just thought of something Vee said. We have insisted that daria is the last new character we add while we are on the island, we can't have her people running around the island with the gem in their backpack so to speak. She wouldn't be so lost, scared and confused unless she was all alone, without human contact. And if all we need to is to let daria lead us to her people, then we really don't need Nil. At least it will be more exciting if we have to sneak into a orc camp and look in their backpacks.

I am really tired, but I'll try to write something for the quest.
To be honest i dont like the idea of mere orcs running around with an artifact that i think has been previously suggested has Silmaril qualities, at the least it is of elven creation - cant see Orcs wanting to or being capable of handling such a thing.

But I was thinking it would make things interesting if Melvorion's role were not yet over - He is in a desperate race to either retrieve Nil or else on a fruitless search for the gem by himself - either way he knows the clock is ticking against him as Thuringwethil will awake at night and punish him for his apparent failure.

Anyways i been really busy today - so if i post, its gonna be pretty concise, and i hate being CONCISE!

I'll have more time tomorrow, friday n all... We dont take the press seriously on Friday, its the rulez!

Big Smile Smilie
In my last post i was thinking that the bat thing,Thuringwethil, was trying to get into Ethaions head. As he couldnt find us through the Aleric-Vaeltira connection. So i thought that we should hurry and gett the Gem before its to late, and send the others to the ship. What do ya think?
LMAO, ROLF ...nice one Etharion, priceless, brilliant and very very very BRAVE!

" I think it would be best if we send the wounded and women back to the ship,

thats so funny, you is so gonna get a ribbing from the Angels, they gonna have your virtual sweetmeats...

Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Haha Aleric. I just thought that i dont want YOU to goble them all up. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Umm.. well Nil is the only one who can lead them to the gem, Vaeltira is the key to get Aelric back and thus defeating Thingiewingie, Ama has to help these girls to cope with their super powers and Moori... well try to send her away and she will chop you into tiny tiny pieces. What would the boys do without the girls?

But I do agree the wounded men should be sent to the boat and we should get moving soon, why don't the boys row the men to the boat and Ama will help Nil. The ladies are doing fine, and it's daytime, ms Bat is not a problem yet. Wink Smilie
If the humans on the island have the Gem then Daria will know and she might know where they are. How long before Nil is ready to go looking again. Melvorion is still on the loose so we need to move as quick as possible.

Send the wounded men back to the ship but leave the women alone.

No no, Vee!! No more humans!! I'm having a difficult time as it is with the ones we have now, seeing as how one in his new form decided to chew on me for awhile. Paranoid Smilie Give it to the shadow creatures running all over the place or something.


Blind and Daft!


If she's daft, it's your fault, you nasty man, for taking a bite out of her!! Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Haha. Your right. What was i thinking. Honestly sometimes i just dont know where i am. The outcome of all this is up to the girls. Sorry ladies Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Etharion, we want you involved so keep writing....... but, and this applied to all of us, please read what has gone before and let's make an effort to keep the story and timeline flowing. Everyone has a place in this Quest and although it is natural to want to keep your own character going, we all need to write for others - this is what being part of the Quest means, but keep it as realistic as we can in Middle Earth and be aware of everyone's part in it.

Is Daria's creator around? We could do with something from her... she needs to find a part in this Quest.... working with Nil perhaps?
Moonstar hasn't been logged on since june 4. (Got you all on my buddy list so I can see if you are online, so I know if I can hope for a new post in the quest or the notes)

I did write a bit for Daria, but I didn't know if it would fit. It depends if there are humans on the island or not.
I think the premise is that the orcs came to the island via boats bringing with them human slaves. The ships were wrecked and the orcs and humans made it to the island with the humans legging it. So I assume that somewhere on the island is a small group of humans, fighting against the orcs and the shadow vamps. Daria for some reason left her home.
Ill try harder people. Yea its a shame Daria isnt around a bit more. And i dont want to sound stupid, but i thought that orcs cant stand water, and never go near it.(exept rivers and stuff when they have too)
I'm sure we can think of a reason they were on water....... scared for their lives and running away perhaps.......
Morning Angels!

O poor Nil, your mad at me still are you? heh. Very Evil Smilie

"If she's daft, it's your fault, you nasty man, for taking a bite out of her!!" Nilgaeirien said. (Meeeow)

Nasty, wicked, evil, - Nah just a lil mischief-making is all m'dear Merkin. Tongue Smilie
Good morning Aelric...... *sigh* you'll do this for eternity, won't you Animated Wink Smilie

So Thingwhatever has gone in Etharions mind...... Then what would happen to the body he left behind? Would it die?
Uhm... not sure "that" happened Gildor. The spirit Thuringwethil resides within the sword that Aelric wields and has now possessed and momentarily overcome his will - I'm not sure what Etharion was trying to get across, but of one thing i am sure is that he was NOT possessed by the Big BAD.

Read All of the posts is my suggestion - it may give you a clearer picture of what's going on.

Then you can appraise me and i'll be less confused too.

And NO your NOT the angel i am referring to. Unless you're a bird/chica?

Wink Smilie
Tsss, I want to be an Angel too! Tongue Smilie

So, you say Thungwithil (can't spell that name!) didn't go in Etharions mind? Then who did? Don't tell me that there is another evil spirit on that island.... I'd go mad!!
I think Etharion tried to connect with whatever evil nasty there is on the island and got a blast into his mind from it. Elves aren't all telepathic though are they so I am not sure whether it was Etharion doing the telepathy or the beastie?
I'd say it's the beasty then..... Etharion was just standing guard when he suddenly felt a pain in his head.
But who from the two tried to invade his mind..... Melvarion or Thungellingie?
Maybe it'd be better presented as an attempt by Melvorion to ensnare the fleeing Nilgaerien using such a ploy, but instead momentarily locked on the mind of Etharion - which would give him further pause for thought.
I was looking for a reason for Daria to be there. Is Moonstone going to post or do we have another supurflous character?

Amarie suggested the orcs have the gem and not the humans which makes sense although I can't see that Daria would be the only human there. Can we find her a reason for being, get Moonstone to post or kill her off?

Dunno, Dont care, want, NO Need Beer!

Wiggle Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Wiggle Smilie
I Alcoholic Wink Smilie
It has been suggested that we update our character bios. Those who haven't done one for their character, please do. Otherwise Amarie will start zapping people.

Vaeltira Lady of Umbar
moved to front page.
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