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Thread: Notes for the Quest for the Straight Road - READ FIRST

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That's actually not even a bad 1! l could do that.... l will do that...
The night before last I was thinking about the Quest and the ship and wondering if another character should appear.... I thought about an elf from Lothlorien arriving via one of the eagles and I could visualise it swooping lower and lower with everyone on the ship watching and the elf dropping gracefully. The other elves would rush up to see and then they would hear the white gulls........

And here you are.... wanting to join....... it's a prophecy fulfilled.
LOL! It's all fate Tongue Smilie but it is ok if l join like that? Because it is kinda... weird entrance
I kinda liked the Numenorian sneaking into the party, but as long as you have good reason for arriving by eagle mail that will be ok. Let us just hope the crew doesn't shoot it. Wink Smilie
Ok then. lf it is ok by you l will come like that. By Eagle mail. LOL.
Uhm ...dont wanna pee on your parade, but an eagle with elf attachment bearing down upon a War-Galleon... hmmm realistically i think a call to arms would be expected - REMEMBER Aelric has elves aboard who are Guests, now elves coming aboard via Eagle is not going to be greeted with delight but hostility, either by him or his xenophobic crew (elves).

Well if it happens it happens... i'll deal with it. lol

Another suggestion, possibly a little less dramatic but more practical, is having him plucked out of the sea, either because his vessel is under attack from pirates,(he being the last survivor) or else his vessel is adrift, battered after a storm,(again he is the only survivor). Eagles? Eagles? Eagles? VEE? What have you started? lol

Cool Smilie

It is a bit weird but then it came from inside my head!

Another possibility is that Aelric has suggested something happening soon..... at sea...... pirates or something....... we could rescue you from them having been tortured etc........ ooooooooooh better than the Eagles........

I can see you now, floating on a makeshift raft made from an old door........ 'Elf Overboard!'
Well, knock me down with an eagle feather - am I psychic or what!

*tickles Vee with an Eagle feather*

Big Smile Smilie
I think the shipwrecked, rescued elf gives more scope for action. Aelric had better get writing..... Any idea when you want to join? Today, lunchtime., tomorrow? ..... actually just give us a nod and we can write you in and if you aren't ready you can remain unconscious....

Oooops... too late..........

I prefer the shipwreck idea!

Is this going to work here?

If we stick with the eagle Lord Aelric is not going to be pleased at having his leisure time interrupted!!!!
l just deleted my thread where l was dropped by eagles(bit to enthusiastic l think Disturbed Smilie ). l will join the story whenever you want... but as soon as possible would be fine.

l ave to go in class now, but l'll be on later today. See you around!

My head! My head!

OK - I suggest that we come upon a batch of pirates attacking a small ship. Aelric to the rescue - up on deck does his bit, and either...... the elf is on the smaller vessel, rescued and safe with us or when we destroy the pirates ship we find an floating elf who was their prisoner........

Any chance of a bio on your character?

And shouldn't you be in bed by now?

What do you mean in bed? And here's my bio:

l'm a Noldor Elf, named Valruin. I'm good with bow and sword. My hear is blond and long (say Legolas type Tongue Smilie ) and l'm male. my sword is called Draughmarth
Hmm... Vee, didn't that sound a lot like the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean? Wink Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie
But saving some guy sounds great, it makes a lot more sense than eagle mail ( the eagles are proud creatures you know)! And we really need another man writing with us! Smile Smilie
Welcome aboard (soon) Valruin! Thumbs Up Smilie

So is he a prisoner or on his own boat? And would he be doing all alone on the big, blue sea? Or did the others get killed by the pirates? Or... Darn it, class again. c ya!
Sorry Gildor, I thought you said in another thread you were tired and lazy and off to bed.....

And yes, Amarie....... I was wondering whether we could get Jonny Depp......

Look girlz... if you get a Johnny flippin Depp.

I want a Monica Belucci or Liv Tyler or Ms Blanchette - Deal?

Besides if i was pushed to say what i thought Aelric would look like - it have to be some kinda mix between a Christopher Waulken(charisma and attitude) and David Boreanz or Gabriel Byrne(brooding sap). Evil(scary) but Dashing.

just a bit o fun.. what would yours be ?

Big Laugh Smilie
Oh that you meant Tongue Smilie no l'm not going to bed l was just joking. Back to the topic, let's say l'm shipwrecked after a storm came and destroyed my boat. l'm floating on the sea, when you find me.

Ooops gotta go again, class begins...
Morticia from the Addams Family plus a bit of dark Queen Galadriel without the scary effects.
Ahh to late Gildor, Aerlic posted and it sounds great! We (the good guysWink Smilie ) get to fight pirates too! Yippi-ka-yey!
Aelric! I don't think you should refer to Strider as Aragorn just yet....... someone might notice!
Hmm... I can do it, I haven't edited Aerlic on what seems like ages! Ha Ha Ha Smilie If he won't mind of course...
Ahh to late Gildor, Aerlic posted and it sounds great! We (the good guys ) get to fight pirates too! Yippi-ka-yey!

Oh, but that's no problem, Amari’, l think l like th pirate thing better too Smile Smilie Wiggle Smilie
I'm guessing that Nil has already heard gulls in her travels and lives with The Longing already. Can't have two elves staring into nothing, dreaming...........

Hope that's OK.
It it fine withme! Logical even! Amari’ already wants to go to Valinor since her parents are there, so the longing has been there but not this strong. she just wants to help save the twins first (and some friends she meets along the way. Wink Smilie ) She'll wake up from the seagulls, and be in fight mode once I get home and have time and inspiration to type. Was thinking that the thought of Valinor and its healing power would give Roth some hope and help him recover. Unless he has, he seemed quite sane at the party.
Glad you liked it Amarie - have amended the "Aragorn" bit... remember in his company he always refers to him as Elessar, but on ship - that would be dangerous. slight lapse on my part.

On the matter of ship weaponary - while of course there is no cannon, there are ballistae, and small scale converted siege engines like trechubet and catapults. - Most hurl incendiary projectiles, i'll include that in a small edit on my last post, then proceed with my last new one for the day...

I'll get our new friend involved somehow ok ok ok?

Cool Smilie
Think i've left a decent enough opening for our new buddy to join in, leave it to one youz ladies to write it up ,i gotta go now.

Have fun girls and

Wink Smilie

ps. oops, methinks you(amarie) and I were typing our posts at the same time, hope you dont mind... but it seems i may have made things awkward for ya - sowwy.

Wiggle Smilie
That is ok, was hoping I would have time to sneak it in befor you posted yours, but I'll just edit it. That is part of the challenge isn't it, to make your own ideas fit with others? Or maybe i'll just paste it at the end of Nils post? Naaah that is the easy way out. What's the fun in that? Wink Smilie
You are welcome to stick it at the end of MY post - seems the most appropriate place.
Well.. Lord Aerlic summons Amarie at the end of his post so she knows there is an elf there for her to help. So much editing, have to reload constantly to see what is new. Tongue Smilie

Seems to fit together now, doesn't it?
Take it away Gildor!

Come on Gildor, we're waiting...... twitchy fingers.... keyboard so near.......
Welcome Gildor, good to see you have joined us... Smile Smilie

Just like to direct your attention to some "continuity errors" dont worry about it too much, but if you could make the necessary amendments then things would make more sense.

Your character has only just been taken captive in the last few hours, rather than a week ok. ie...
All but two of the pirates that hadn't immediately jumped overboard were given quarter, one was a female the other no more than a boy of fourteen. Aelric with fire in his eyes flashed them a grim look, focusing upon the woman alone he demanded, "Where are your spoils witch? Tell me and you will be spared much pain!"
Hesitantly she replied all the while looking skittishly about at the hopeless plight she had found herself in, "We are a slave-ship only two days out of port, the ship we destroyed had few crew, all took their own lives except one that we managed to overwhelm. Stinking elves they were, you must have love in your heart for Eldar filth ..." at that their was a slap across her face as Drogba struck her.

You're the only survivor as the others of your compliment commited suicide, you as captain didnt have the opportunity and were overwhelmed and slapped about ... Cool?

Wink Smilie
Ooops! I thought he had been taken captive days ago - hence his sorry state. Would elves commit suicide?
l see, sorry about that! l will edit my thread now.
Would they risk capture, torture, a life of servitude and a possibility of having a similar (not same) future to those originally captured by morgoth - who then twisted them into orcs? I'm not saying or suggesting that its possible now, but the Haradrim are pretty damn cruel as a race!

If not suicide i'll amend it to say that they fought to the death.

Didnt Aerendil's missus commit suicide ...threw herself off rocks rather than have the the last silmaril taken by the brothers of Feanor - Maedhros and co?

I dont think its impossible or unprecedented, but i am definately NOT going to ARGUE about it! been there - didnt like it much! lol

Wink Smilie
l edited the thread now.... ls it now better? You musn't forget that this is my first story Wink Smilie
It's great mate, dont worry about us, you just write according to your style and disposition. We're a pretty cool bunch, if you should want advice or input just ask, i'm sure anyone of us would be glad to help you.

Nice one buddy!

Maybe Vee, the elves wouldnt term it as "suicide" and conceptualise in human terms, rather an honourable and expedient way to the Halls of Mandos - i dont know really... *shrugs*
Thanx Aelric Smile Smilie l feel flattered Got The Blues Smilie
Aelric, Aelric, Aelric......... argue? Moi? I was merely thinking that a group of valiant elves might not give up and die so easily but then I wasn't thinking the pirates were that scary, well... yes they are scary but not that scary. You are right - quite a few elves killed themselves. I can never quite understand how Melkor & Sauron kept elves alive because I thought they could just fade away using willpower and die........
Was thinking the pirates prolly had a crew of fifty or so, the elves half a dozen to a dozen max, not all super-warriors either, some maidens and older cant be bothered fighting types(sages/loremasters and the like).

Thinking we afford the "warrior" status to our new friend Gildor's character...he fought to the death but didnt get his wish.

Sound better?
Wasn't l already a warrior?
You misunderstand me, easily done so many have before, no i meant to say that all on board your little vessel that got nuked by pirates were civilians with little or no weapon training, whereas you were a skilled warrior and the captain of that doomed ship... got it mate?

Big Smile Smilie
Oh ok, yes now l see Smile Smilie

l'm always a bit late with understanding things Tongue Smilie things have to be explained twice for me Tongue Smilie
Boring Smilie lt's a boring day again at school
Hello everyone!! So sorry to have taken so long to join back in - first I have carpal tunnel in my right wrist then I got really sick....sheesh. So then, a big welcome to Gildor!!! I think I'm gonna go post now.
Ouch! How's the wrist? Can you type with the other hand? Glad you are feeling better. You are feeling better, aren't you? Was that a yes? Get writing then.....

She's in a demanding mood again --------> *ducks*

Insatiable woman. Very Big Grin Smilie

I'll post something long today, as i wont be on until tuesday next week - mayday/monday off, oh YAY of YAYS!

Well, I am away from tonight until Sunday so no one kill anyone while I'm away! And if any eagles fly over.......
...the crew got orders to gun 'em down - IT's CHICKEN TONIGHT!

Chicken Smilie

Hey, Amarie - way to go girl! Just remember Aelric and Vaeltira are the only married couple! You lot behave.
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