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Maybe not so much ask as state your intentions. It is useful for us to know how you will fit into the story and a bit about your character. But welcome anyway - the more the merrier.
Who is she gona play? And when are we geting to that island???
We need to heal the elves and then head to the Island. Have we decided that Aragorn, Roland and Arkantos are leaving to go back to Gondor because if so I have a lovely idea on that.........?

I had hoped Aelric would be back to take over his character again before we reach the island but if not......... lots of beasties to slay. Aelric suggests the beasties hunting orc are from before Sauron - evil nasty beasties. We need to research what sort there were at that time maybe.

Umm... I thought they sent that message so Faramir (Lord_Aragorn86 says on the first page that he is ruling in Aragorns place) could start preparing for the war, giving Aragorn time to finish the quest? Why all that trouble with the message and Aelrics spies if Aragorn was to return so soon? And Arkie leaving Ama?

There is really no need to 'be' or play a caracter, I wrote a lot for the "let's write a story together planet-tolkien" without having a caracter and it was great fun and a great challenge! This is generation two of PT-story making, still open for anyone who wants to write, but notes and story are separated (which they weren't in 'Let's write') and a mod is monitoring to make sure things adds up (in Let's write we came to the same mountain three times and one caracter changed gender and race several times because of misunderstandings.) Allyssa and I agreed on the rules when she started this story.

It is good to have neutral writers, because we get so involved in the people we create that the others are forgotten, and others may see things about them we don't. But if you want to create or adopt a caracter that will be ok too, of course. Smile Smilie
To be honest, Amarie, the only character I feel we cannot do justice to is Aragorn because he was written by Tolkien. It makes sense that he would head off home to lead his army etc and that the other Men would go with him. The messages at least gave Faramir a chance to start preparing. I just thought we could get rid of some characters that no longer have anyone writing specifically for them. But if you think he should stay then OK.... shame because I had a lovely piece ready with him and Aelric. Ah well........

And you ARE power mad, my girl!
Hey hey hey!!!! Don't get rid of Arkantos!! He and Ama haven't figured out themselves yet!! Aragorn we can send off...but Roland - I've taken a fondness to Roland, to be honest. Big Smile Smilie He's so sweet and now Nil's not hurting him. But then, we do have two new characters and perhaps a third, just seems sad to send off our dear oldies. Perhaps if we do they can meet up again at the end?? *Hopes with fingers crossed behind her back*

And we aren't going to kill Roth yet, right? (Not that I have any problems with that. Very Big Grin Smilie Oh boy - so so bad, Nil! Quit talking like that! You have a Council member here! Wink Smilie )

Did my last post make any sense at all?? I wrote it at like 1AM my time and it just popped out and I let it. Cow Sleeping Smilie
What? Me power mad? I'LL DELETE YOU FOR SAYING THAT!!! Very Big Grin Smilie

I know we don't do Aragorn justice, not at all, not even close, hope Tolkien can forgive us. He shouldn't have been added in the first place at all, but he was.. And if he leaves he will have to take with him some of our precious caracters, oh no! Aaaargh, that is why we need Allyssa!! COME BACK ALLYSSA!!! Help us make the right choises! *looking towards Australia with big puppy-eyes*

Oooooh the pendant! Nice! What about Amas precious brooch, I'm sure she has it on her somewhere, will it have any effect? It isn't a weapon, and it has any powers it would be 'nice' powers I guess. Not sure if there are more healers in Amas family, at least not her parents but maybe grandma or something? I don't know, I'm going back to bed, tired.
I keep waiting for someone else to jump in....

You are doing great Vee! I can't help you, I am a nervous wrech. I'll probably be back friday, if I am not to depressed about how the exams went.

And where did Moonstar (and everybody else) go? Sad Smilie
Good Luck with the exams!!!

And that is for everyone here doing exams. Sorry if I am impatient but I forget that some of you have exams at this time of year.

BUT - if you need a break from studying.......

Oh, thank good, land!!! And i saw that you where talking about some beasties. Did you decide what they would be,look like?
Aelric suggested something other than orcs so I'd like something that perhaps feeds on the orcs as well as anything else it can get its teeth round. Maybe something that escaped the destruction of Utumno back in the days of Melkor. A demon, corrupted minor maiar that fled to the island and hid for ages but awoke when Sauron was at his peak, gathered power and evil things onto the island (after the elves left) somehow has the Gem. Not a strong demon like Balrogs but a nasty one.

Maybe someone will have to die in order to save the others........

Also, if the demon tries to corrupt Aelric, knowing him for a former servant of Sauron, we will see which side Aelric takes.

I know one that could be cool. If you saw the Tomb Raider movie "Cradle of life" in it you will see some kind of shadow demons that guard some place. They look really cool and with a few diffrences i think they would be perfect for the beastie job.
Let's just say I can easily imagine Tolkien thrashing in his grave at our story at this point. Wink Smilie But, you know, I think Etharion is on to something. I really like that idea. Beasties in shadow form - cool! Harder to fight against, perhaps? Sneakier? Something that Aelric's sword, Vael's pendant, Amarie's brooch, and Nil's dagger (and Roth's dagger, too?) have some special effect on? Like, Nil's dagger and Amarie's brooch could be something they can't stand but the pendant and sword could help feed them (and Roth's dagger or craziness if that's something we want to include).

By the way, love your latest post, Vee!! Gives the first really clear look at what the spirit thing is. He wants to hurt Nil, though - bad, bad spirit! Big Smile Smilie I'll try to post something as soon as I can.
Hey Nil - thanks for posting - the strain was beginning to tell. That long line of 'V' avatars was doing my head in.

As for the creatures, I hated that film but the shadow things were cool Doesn't seem very Tolkien though. What about a Wraith of sorts? I like Dragons but they are so passe dahlinks. Whatever they are, somewhere has to be something with the intelligence and/or cunning to control them and something that at least knows the Gem is powerful. Dunno.

And Nil, we spotted land two days ago and you have been asleep!!! We are all anxious to get ashore!

We could send out a reccie. Lay of the land and all that.

Did I forget to mention that the landing party are wearing RED SHIRTS!

Star Trek reference.... hehehehehe!
star trek again ey? You know when they send out an away team and there is a new guy among the regulars, you know that guy/gal is gonna die. Our 'away team' only has one guy with a name... Their future doesn't look bright. Wink Smilie
I had thought that they would be horribly butchered........ maybe one survives to tell the tale.....
No one post!!! I'm next but I'm also running out the door at the moment - I'll be back in a couple hours so no one touch the story!!!!!! Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Yeah, i hate the movie to, but the shadow thingys are cool. So is the landing party going to be destroyed or what? I think Etharion is really anxsius(duno how to spell) on the ship all the time , i gota come up with something. I love the story so far.
Etharion could come and have a chat with Amari’, he needs to be told what is going on. She is just lying there now anyway. I am sure the two of them need to talk about the beating he got by Aelric, or they could just talk. It hurt her too, sensitive as she is.

And she might want to mention that he is is not dying and not so fragile as she was shouting he was while Aelric was beating him. It was just so the men would think Aelric was even more brutal that he was.
Ahh yes i see. I shall try and post something soon enough. And what about the shadow beasties idea, have you all made up your minds on what are they going to be?
Errr... *waves*

Me back, BAD BRUTAL AND BELLIGIRENT! Not me per se, the character - Aelric!

What have you done? Oh woe is me! All IS LOST ALL is LOST!

So i suppose i better post something today, just that i gotta catch up on so much stuff thats happened, and i imagine you've all had a hand in mutating my character into some chaos warrior, metal music luvvin god of EVIL!

Cool Smilie

And btw i was 31 years young yesterday, a pretty nuffink kinda year to celebrate. But an excuse to drink n be merry.
happy birthday!

Sorry about Aelric - we just can't be evil enough can we? At least he can sing.
Wohooo!!!! Aelric is back! About time! Big Smile Smilie Happy late birthday!
Pary Smilie
Still trying to find the last post i've made... its like ages ago - you gals can sure write a lot of stuff.

ok ok ok ... its time for Aelric to kick some bottom methinks. Is Roth dead yet? lol
Well, l'm back too!! (At least for a while) Today l have a day off from my exams and l thought: "maybe it is time to go back to PT again! l'll be browsing through the story and look if l can post something too.
Hey Amarie can you rearrange our last posts, so mine comes after yours, i think it'd make more sense then?

Cheers m'dear!

Big Smile Smilie
Ahhh Aelric, my friend. Why don't you just copy what you wrote and post it after my post, and delete the original post?
Uhm.... good idea, sheesh why didnt i think of that?

Very Mad Smilie
Well its good to be back, thing is - I'm in a far higher profile job, and that generally means more work less time, so forgive me if i do not contribute as much as i used to.

I'll try to keep my end up though.
Yay!! Everyone's coming back to us!!! (Not that us three girls weren't having a good time. Wink Smilie ) Happy late birthday to you Aelric!
Well, that's Aelric out of the way........

Shark ahoy!
Well that also means byebye Vaeltira... Bam! Flat out, dead on the deck.
Going swimming in full armour isn't all that clever. Maybe he will loose his sword, he must realize now that the sword is a bit unhealthy for him now?
I suspect this is the sword's way of getting away from us. He will survive - cos Vael ain't dead! I see him washing up on shore......

Oooooooh it's getting dark.....
Ah, the "infamous" Aleric. Heh, just kiding. Im Etharion i joined in recently. It sure is nice to met you guys. Man you got a loooot of catching up to do.
thanks for letting me add stuff you guys!
ok, i don't know if i would be able to add things myself do to the fact that i don't have access to a computer all the time but if you guys wanted to take control of my character that would be alright with me.

first i have a question. did Manwe and Varda have any children? if so what were there names?

so here is my character:
her name is Daria daughter of Almatari Celebisilwen(that's a soft c not a hard c) who was an Eldar and her father was Adam son of Manwe and Varda. the fellowship meet her when they get to the island; things happen........
(Almatari was very powerful. she got her powers from her mother whom is a handmaiden of Varda in Valinor. Daria has never met her father or grandparents, nor has she ever been to Valinor. she was born on the island and raised there. her mother was born in Valinor but left when she became pregnant with Daria. which was seven years after Earendil and Elwing landed on Valinor; and she returned there five months before the war of the ring started. neither Almatari or Daria have seen Adam in his physical form. Almatari recieved a necklace from her father whan she was three years old and before she left for Valinor she gave it to Daria.)
If you guys have any idea what the necklace should be let me know and you can add it. If you have anything else to add let me know and add it.
well there's my idea, i hope you like it.
Wow, thats a very powerfull character. What does the allmighty three of Nil, Amarie and V say?
I'm wondering how and why she is on the island especially as it is being established as a place of evil creatures.

Anyone any ideas? Nil knows more about the island than I do.
I first established the island as a quiet, safe place that would harbor the Gem until the time came to use it again. It would have been perfect if a daughter of the Valar was there - instant safeguarding! But then, she also, in probability, would have been able to stop evil from coming there (I figured that evil beings fled when Sauron was destroyed and the island was the first place they landed), so how are they there and so powerful if she is? Plus, wouldn't Nil, with the power of the gem behind ehr, be able to sense something good that would help them? Just some questions...
She sounds like a very interesting caracter. I don't have time to be here today, exam tomorrow *blahhh*, but I just wanted to know what a soft C is? C = K and celeb (silver) is pronounced keleb.
Can the Valar really have a child? IIf yes then maybe she was there to safegurad the Gem, but the evil when it came overpowerd her and set her in a deep sleep. What do you think?
Well, the idea behind the shadow creatures is that they are 'children' of the sword wraith who was Thrangywhatsit the vampire oojum... ask Aelric...... They are pre-Sauron and fled from Utumno (?) when Morgorth was defeated. They slept for thousands of years..... underground and hidden but awoke after the Gem was left there. By some means (not thought of that one yet) orcs came to the island and are the primary source of food for the shadow beasts.

I can't see how we can place another elf there without it being contrived. Also, another extremely powerful elf would be in competition (story wise) for Nil.

Oooooooh.. I want more people posting here but it would be good if someone were willing to take over responsibility (if that is the word) for one of the other characters (anyone out there interested?).

So how do we fit this new character in? Does Allyssa have any thoughts?

Oh no... why cant folks be content with dwarves or hobbits or humans or elves or even half-elves, without wanting to be the next BIG thing... Half elf half GOD??? oh please lets not go down that road.

I think its a bit far fetched too. Its just to powerfull a character and , lets face it, probably unlikely to happen. But if your wiling to fit her in the story, who am i to say no.
Well its not up to me, but for the sake of character balance, story continuity, and common sense i thik it kinda silly and will only encourage more folks to join in who want Drow/Uruk/Vampire/hybrids who have dragon blood and omnipotent Magicks, or somesuch.


Thats my next character... lol

Cool Smilie

We all want to be better and stonger and more important that we feel we are in he real life. You are a great Lord who can compete with Aragorn and you have with a gorgeous wife and a magic sword, Vael has the pendant, Nilgaerien is guardian of the Gem and can 'read minds', I tried to keep Amari’ normal, but then suddenly she was someone said she was a healer and then I gave her a magic brooch. Why should you have all the fun i wanna be special too! Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Such a powerful elf could just say. "Oh yes the Gem, here I'll fetch it for you."

The Numenoreans are gonna go nuts if we come with yet another elf, no ride back for us that is for sure! But a runaway human slave perhaps? Maybe the orcs brought some slaves with them to the island. She would hide for the Black Numenorians, but a bunch of free elves arriving would be like a gift from the gods for her, hope of getting off this dreadful island. Nilgaerien knows the island like it was, maybe Daria can show the way to secret hideouts where the shadow can't find them?

I wasn't suppose to post any of this, but I suddenly realized that I never made Amari’ a half-elf, so she can't choose to be human can she? Hmmm... She could decide to stay with him, but he will age and then die and they will be separated for ever. At least they had some time togheter, maybe some kids too? Little Arkantos jr. Awww.... Anyway, it is about time she puts two and two together and finds out soon don't you think? Now that she knows the twins are alright and waiting for them, she has time to think about other things.

Wouldn't it make more sense if the Mother Shadow-spirit-thingie was on the island and baby-shadow was in the sword? Such a big powerful thing wouldn't have much trouble to take controll over Aelric, and it needs dark powers to do it's stuff. And if the shadow is the source of evil on the island... I don't know, got to get back to the books.
Wouldn't it make more sense if the Mother Shadow-spirit-thingie was on the island and baby-shadow was in the sword? Such a big powerful thing wouldn't have much trouble to take controll over Aelric, and it needs dark powers to do it's stuff. And if the shadow is the source of evil on the island... I don't know, got to get back to the books

Actually its like a Dark reunion, Amarie, there are a lot of things i've only hinted at in regard to the Sword and its nature and the identity of the Spirit. It being obvious now that its a vestigal part of Thuringwethil's dark soul. And in answer to your notion of how easy it would be for it to take complete control of a Aelric, well i'll refer you to the time's on land when it has suited it to take some control, if only to keep alive its vessel and means of transport - its power is stronger over land, NOT sea, now that its so close to its ultimate goal - it has dispensed with subterfuge/stealth and now is the dominant consciousness in the Aelric corporeal vessel. That is not to say that it has TOTAL control, but it may as well be just now.

the shadow creatures is that they are 'children' of the sword wraith who was Thrangywhatsit the vampire

I have been seeing the sword as being a bit like the Ring, created by the dark lord to make sure Aelric didn't stay out of trouble, creating as much evil as it could through him. And it wanted to go to the island knowing it would start a war (against the elves and men the Dark Lord hated) if Aelric took the Gem. Not part of the Dark Lord like the Ring was, but depending on evil powers to work.

Then it got a thinking, self-aware, mighly vampire spirit inside it with some spirit kids on the island, and I found it odd that she wasn't strong enough on her own, but needed to feed from an evil source. But it if is just a part of her, then it makes sense.

Gonna be interesting!
*pokes Amarie in the eye and flees*

Jumping Flame Smilie
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