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How come you never come into the chat room? We could discuss plots and ways to further wussy up the men.

Chatrooms are scary.

Hmmm... How many pair of legs do you have Vee? Me suspects Vir and the others to have been lured into the chatroom and made into tacos...

*runs off to look for powerful flashlight*
I only have one pair of legs and I make my men into deep fried fritters, not tacos.

The Tolkien chatroom is remarkably gentle. Try it. Again. I'll practise getting your name correct.

Be vewwy vewwy qwiet..... hunting Nemos......

FINALLY!!!!!! I made it into chat!!!!!! Been trying for months. So, I'll be getting on now to "discuss plots." Plots that none of the men need to think about. Animated Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie

Oops...I think I scared the little fish away again. Come back!! *runs after Grev*
GHASP! *swims like a mad fish!*

Someone please throw a goat to the veevil Vee,
before she makes fish 'n chips out of me!
And Nil's plotting make me stay up all night,
wishing Ama was here, making everything all right.
Oh God, oh God, how much more can I take,
I need to get out of this frighetening lake!

*searching for friendly pelican*
Oh you ladies are so amusing... So I have been immasculated in one foul swoop. From what i read, all seems fine and dandy. Truth be told i woulda done things differently, but i like the overall effect! My Barge has been Boarded by Fanatical Females with Excessive Bathing Fetishes!

Abandon ship, men overbaord! *men flee the barge*

Tongue Smilie
Hey! All characters must have layers - we can't just go from hate and fighting to fighting and hate. THere has to be a break somewhere.

You should have posted when you had the chance!

Nil! I missed you in chat!!!! Dang time zones!

As for Nemo, I mean RevBevMgDev the Grev, were you in chat as well without ME? Were you? Has Nil persuaded you to join the Quest yet?

Bye the way, Nil, glad you didn't make Urdon do anything nasty - he's a nice guy, a sort of batman (not the caped crusader) for Aelric and the sort of guy who somehow can get anything. He's just one of your ordinary, everyday Man of Umbar who has been fighting all his life for something he doesn't understand and is suddenly faced with peace, of sorts. And he rather likes it. I expect many of them do.
Easy there tigress... I think the impression i gave was one of assent not dissent, so please dont be so darn huffy. Layers? Layers? Why reveal all in one post when an eternity will do a better job of revelation in small subtle stages.

Smile Smilie
Hmmm.... ok, you may live to fight another day.

Anyway, I am being subtle.

Go and hack an orc or something before breakfast.
Is Darous going to post something for Roth? Someone has to? Nil and Roth - is it all sweetness and light, or has Roth discovered that he does have a dark side....... Come on Darous!

And Aelric - get in there and start something. Breaks over!

Additional note: I just added a bit to the Nil/Roth fighting in their minds bit to show clearly that he was not actually remembering a fight between him and Nil, she was just in that memory as his opponent. Carry on.....
ok... one of the group who does not have a writer, i'd like to see "go missing" whilst on board, this i hope may prompt others who are not as "involved" in the Fellowship to up sticks and leave when their questions are not adequately answered. Meaning we can have less folks "just hanging on". It would kinda be integral to the current story... so if folks could get back to me on this matter i can press on, as i dont want to do this without EVERYONE concerned approval.

I was thinking either Arkentos or Roland could be "disappeared" mysteriously, all will become apparent as to what really happened later.

Cheers m'dears

Wink Smilie
Why is Roth the only one who is suppose to feel guilty? He was been a slave for petes sake, tortured, beaten, stepped on mentally and physically, broken down, seen his paretns get killed, treated like dirt. Still he managed to escape and claim his life back.

Where are Vaeltiras dark sides? I highly doubt she was picked to be Aelrics wife so she could sit at home knitting woolly socks for the army.. She most certanly had slaves of her own in the house, maybe not elves, but still. Even if she did pity them, she couldn't show weakness or she could get killed like the lady who had given one elf water. Ergo, she would be forced to mistreat them.

What about the Saruman-stuff mentioned somewhere? Why was she picked to do.. what-ever-that-was? What about the curse they have over them?

Nag nag nag
Nag nag nag
and so on
Wink Smilie
Errr what about answering my last post Amarie???

Nag Nag Nag?

Or are youz still peeved at me? Look i love Norwegians honestly i do, i was (six years) ago engaged to one!

Smoke Smilie

Oh and i think Vee will answer that whilst she has enjoyed the privileges of nobility since marriage, before it she pretty much enjoyed the same trials and tribulations as Roth, if not worse. But thats really for her to say.

As for the Curse, well i dont want to be a kiljoy and give everything away from the outset, all things will become clear in the future, to be sure to be sure!
Wink Smilie
You posted while I was writing Aelric, didn't see you post untill now. I'm not mad, the nag nag nag was for me, I keep butting into your plans, "why this why that?" Wink Smilie

I think we can keep Arkentos and Roland, we need some men on the "good side" in the quest, some that can really be trusted. Just include them in a conversation or something. They are quite interesting caracters but everybody is so involved in the one caracter they created themselves that there is no room for others. I was writing a post about them the other day, but it didn't fit with what was posted while I typed so I didn't post it. Just give them a try.
Not the Dwarves!

I am fine with that - who's wearing a red shirt?

Arkentos would be the guy in the ranger outfit, Roland is wearing an Gondorian armour if I remember correctly.
Alright then, i guess we're stuck with em. I only asked, Amarie, as although i agree that a balance of Good n Evil in the group is necessary and to be promoted. Isnt the rule that "permission" must be sought to kill off a writer's character, my query was rather if these quested characters that have been abandoned by their writers can at some stage, not immanently, be sacrificed (not in the sense that your thinking, well maybe in the sense that your thinking... heh) for the sake of dramatic effect and pushing the story forward - like Boromir's fall and demise!

No problem.

And by the way Amarie i agree that there is a natural tendency for folks to write material that pertains directly to their particualr character. Whilst that can at times be seen as a selfish and perspectival way of writing, it is and has been the "norm" for all involved in adding to the Story of the Straight Road. Its sometimes awkward to write an inclusive part of another's character without first addressing the matter of permissions.

Ego ergo, the essence of this problem.

Animated Wink Smilie
Amarie - if someone would take the time to talk to Vael they might find out more about her but no one asks her any questions. You've delved into Roth's memories and Nil has as well - she was the victim in her encounter with Roth even though he was the slave. Is anyone bothered about how she feels over recalling those memories? I can give you some detail here but I would rather it came out in the story. I can see Nil and Amarie having sympathy for Roth but they also know what he was (is) capable of having shared his emotions/memories.

Vaeltira feels, along with many of her people, that they were abandoned to Sauron by the Valar and through the mistakes of their ancestors they were ensnared by evil and they did what they had to do to survive - much like Roth did back in Barad-Dur - even though he thought himself the victim. I don't like characters to be all good or all bad, rather a mixture. Vael isn't evil as such but she has lived her entire life in evil, with evil, surrounded by evil. She may see things differently from the Valar enriched elves. I want her to learn to accept the other races and they to accept her even if they disagree, but it will happen slowly, perhaps with more interaction between her and Amarie in the way of using Vael's limited powers through the dragon pendant together with Amarie's for something.

It has been hinted at in previous posts that Vael is from a once noble house and the Dark Lord had political reasons for her marriage to Aelric. Hence the death of her first husband and disappearance of her BABIES! Something which may cause her conflict when she finally finds out what this Quest is for. No one has told her anything yet.

Also, she was nothing more than a servant in Barad-Dur - until her heritage was recalled and a use found for her but not until after she had endured humiliation.

Roth I see as having sacrificed a certain amount of sanity to restore Nil's mind - in his memory it was an attempt at redemption for the village and for Vael but it has damaged him. Let's face it, he's nuts. But there is so much more for him to do.

Arkentos would be the guy in the ranger outfit, Roland is wearing an Gondorian armour if I remember correctly.

The red shirt was a Star Trek reference just in case you didn't get it.....

"Set Phasers to maximum yield!"

*aims at man in red shirt*


OK, me going home now, have fun all!

Waving Hello Smilie
We would and we will talk to Vaeltira, i am very fond of Vaeltira and I'm dying to let her get to know the elves, I have been thinking about what they would talk about too, but there hasn't been time. Since Amari’ healed Aelric there was others to heal and patch up, guard duty, then the Nil and Roth thing, then Vaeltira was asleap when the elves arrived, then there was Nils foot, and last time I checked Vaeltira had just gotten back up on deck and ran into Roth. But NOW they can talk!

Of course it is quite impossible to show a persons feelings and thoughts whitout letting them talk. If I just had some patience and ability to think logically I might have seen that. Cyclops Smilie But it was good to get a full description of Vaels background, I had forgotten a lot about her and totally forgot her children! *bad bad Ama!!* It is hard to keep up on the info on everybody when there is so much happening. While writing this I don't even know what time of day/night it is in the story!! I will take the backgroundinfo and put it on the first page with the other caracters so we know where to look. Being angry on Roth and enjoying a bath doesn't mean she thinks she is queen of the world... And he will be eaten up by what he has done! Never intended to let him of the hook, just wanted to remind us that he has done his share of suffering too.

Heh, now Roth is a nut as well, Darous will hate us forever!
But he is a perfect example of what we wanted with this story, to write about all the caracters as we wanted.

We tried that in "Let's make a story together...". I wrote a lot there without having a caracter in the story. Was easier to write about all the caracters then, even of their creators weren't there to write. I have tried to do the same thing here, but i wanted to be more involved this time, to be part of it. I focus on Amari’ quite a lot... It is hard to let her go! But I am very glad when she gets included in other peoples posts. "Yey, my 2000-something year old baby has friends!"
Ok, added some info. Let me know what you want it to say about your caracter, need more on lord Aleric, and I need to get Nilgaerien described in a few words.

*reads the new stuff in the Quest*
Oooo good stuff! Nobody fancies Amari’.. *sob* Oh Arkentos does! Almost forgot! He might get annoyed if he sees other men drooling on her. He even died for her. Still he hasn't revealed his feelings.

Now both Vaeltira and Aleric have saved Nil. Interesting...
I think it a very good idea to have the character notes on the first page. Some things have changed and perhaps we should make it a character update with the date so that we know that Arkansas is really dead or whatever - I can't quite grasp that bit of the story, seems wrong to have this ghost or whatever hanging around. Is he a ghost? Does he have any uses and if so why isn't he fighting fights and righting wrongs. His character has gone too skewed for my liking. Someone explain it please.

And Amarie is mentioned as possibly being a healer - well we all know now that she is.

OK - Vaeltirar's amended bio.......

Vaeltira Lady of Umbar

*Vaeltira was once a servant in Barad-Dur (where she had an encounter iwth Roth) until the dark Lord found out she was from a once noble house and forced her and Aelric to marry for political reasons. A curse was used to ensure their co-operation and prior to the marriage with Aelric her first husband was killed mysteriously and her new born babies taken from her. She suspects Aelric of being involved in at least the murder of her husband.
*Although the marriage was forced on her she is fiercely loyal to Aelric.
*Spent time in Barad-Dur and in Mordor although her home is in Umbar.
*Has a magical dragon pendant (dwarf origin) which acts as a reservoir for dark power/magic and enables her to use this power but it is limited.
*As Lord Aelric's wife she was deemed suitable to represent Mordor on an information gathering visit to Isengard where she met Saruman (she refers to him as The Betrayer) not because he double crossed Sauron but because he betrayed the race of Men.

Info added and changed. Ty Smile Smilie
Nobody fancies Amari’..

Give Aelric time and I am sure he'll get round to you....
You really think so? How wonderful! *sighs dreamily* Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Can't decide who comes through the door.. I'm hopeless..
Oh and we must not forget this is a family friendly site. No nasty details. But so far it seems ok, unless someone objects. I'm sure Ally is keeping an eye on us..
Well night night, maybe i can come up with something tomorrow.
Some good stuff...I actually had Nil going out of character for awhile because she was so glad to have parts of ehr mind back but that got a little to loopy for me so I'm glad her encounter with Roth happened - brought her mind back down to earth. Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Whoa! Aelric...that's quite interesting. I still don't quite understand the culture Aerlic and Vaeltira come from but that'll come, I suppose??
Oooo - yay!! Vaeltira and Amarie saved me!! (Was a bit worried about that.) But I wanted to talk...I got a bone to pick with Vael.... Angel Smilie

I'll get Nil's bio to you soon, Amarie.
Through the door.... could be Roth minus his axe because let's face it, would you let a mad half elf run around with an axe. No, that is somewhere safe, no doubt. So Roth in a froth...... or

Aelric - ahhhh 3 women altogether........... no way!

Urdon with yet more hot water, tea and cakes.

A dwarf perhaps?

Also, and Amarie is my witness, Darous is rather busy at the moment so we can do what we like with Roth.... hehehehe!

As for no one complaining - Rednell did mention it. I get the feeling Aelric's post should be a little more subtle. Whether it is worth him changing it or not I don't know, not being a moderator.
Right then folks as they said I cant do this at the mo. I'm testing a new game at the moment so that is takin up all my time soon enough I will have no life but it is fun. So if you would send Roth off on a mini quest or sumthing and dont make him gay or anything similar. If I can I will try and pop in every so often just to have a look. So good luck peeps and see yah all on the flipside.
That's Ok Darous, you can trust us.


Amarie: just thought of another bit for Vael's bio

* She has an unusual eye colour for a Numenorean - very dark blue instead of the usual greyishblue.
Well Roth is out of the picture at the moment in his madness he got caught up in a rushin' river and got swpt away so he safe at the moment.
You swine!

We could have followed Aelric's suggestion and had you disappear mysteriously.......

Man the lifeboats!
Hahahhaha I had ta do something well see yah in a wee bit best a luck.
As for no one complaining - Rednell did mention it. I get the feeling Aelric's post should be a little more subtle. Whether it is worth him changing it or not I don't know, not being a moderator.

I'm not following, Vee, but I've had a long, tiring day, so maybe that's why. For this poor one's strained mind, could you elaborate?? Wink Smilie

And do you know how bizarre Roth's post is?? For me at least...despite being exhausted, I wanted to post but since Dauros didn't seem interested in writing (don't worry, I know you have been and are busy - I'm teasing), I was gonna do something to Roth wher ehe could still come back. Wink Smilie And my idea was for him to go overboard!!!!! Weird werid weird...whomever is reading my mind better stop. Big Smile Smilie I think my idea was something like he and Nil have another run-in or something and its too much for both of them (???) and he goes overboard, blah blah blah....shows I really wasn't thinking it through. Very Mad Smilie Big Smile Smilie

And I agree with Vee - it's not fair!!! We were juts refining Roth. Bah! to all your ideas of saving him!!! Very Big Grin Smilie

*Just posted*
I just had to write seomthing but left it up to you all to decide who it was in the doorway...preferably, I'd like it to be the same one who keeps her from going over the edge (hint hint Wink Smilie ). Big Smile Smilie With Nil and Roth connected as they were, I felt she needed to be affected somehow, though I think the poison is casuing her to hallucinate.
Roth is so involved in the plot so I would rather he didn't vanish now. I wouldn't mind if Roths fall down the slope (What slope? We're on a moving boat!? *confused*) were only a hallucination. Nil could have dremt if, she did worry a bit for Roths when she saw him. Then seeing him drown led the dream over to her brother dying... and so on.. then whoever comes through the door shakes her awake?

Besides, his midless hacking away with the axe would be e dangerous for the whole ship and the men would have tried to stop him. They weren't allowed to kill him either, so they would have tried to save him from the drowning, simply to save themselves from Aerlics anger.

Ok I have decided. Aerlic, pleace change your post to remove Lord Aerlics urge to get a harem! I do not think that is suitable for children to read. I will do it myself if you don't, but I know how pouty you get when I do that. Wink Smilie

The elves are beautiful beeings as we all know, and it would be strange if a boat full of men didn't get interested, even if they are elven women. There has probably not been many women on board, except Vaeltria and she belongs to Aelric.
For the record: This is a family friendly site, we are on a list over family friendly sites. They have montitored us and found us fitting to be listed there, a place parents can safly let their kids surf and read without having to worry about them reading foul language and unpleasantries not suitable for children.

In short: don't swear, don't curse, don't write anything sexual.

Kids understand more than we think.
I'm just trying to be cheerful and go with the flow when really I am so mad at this Roth thing. OK, so Darous can't spare the time, fair enough but to just put Roth on ice is bad for the rest of the story. We have the Nil connection, the Vael thing...... and he's just gone. Well diddly dandy doo!

Let's just kill the rest off and be done with it.

(Ama was here, just a little bit)
Don't worry Vee, Roth is alive and unwell. I am not letting him die now. It was only a dream.
All is understood and cool. There'll be no more trouble outta me anymore.

* flowers and soft bunny rabbits in my head! *

Baby Girl Smilie
No, no bunnies and flowers! You are the last evil person writing for this. We need Evil Aelric. Or not very nice, Aelric.

I'm not so Evil really, honest? Tongue Smilie

As for Aelric, well yeah he's a total GIT! Very Evil Smilie

But now there's like three ladies writing and ............................................................. lil ole me. *looks scared*

Aelric says: "One Demon of Angband coming right up!" holds a scrap of Roth's trouser leg to the demon's angry nose and maw, "sniff snuffle - Grrrrrrr"
"Now go kill boy, KILL!"

Very Evil Smilie Moderator Smilie So Angry Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Bad! Smilie
I promised Amarie I would wait for Nil to post and cross examine Vael if she wants.

It's not easy..........

Come on Nil!
Keep your shirt on, Vee - I'm here, I'm here. Why is it I always get called for?? Perhaps sometime I should make you suffer for a couple days... Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie

Posting - tell me what you think...and thank you, Ama, for making it into a dream. I was furious with Dauros (and still am, you nasssty spoiler Big Smile Smilie ) and you've solved the problem!! Oh, the cliff thing was probably not explained enough but images were mixing in her brain and instead of seeing the barge and Roth, she saw a cliff and her brother. Does that make sense now or should I try changing it??
Yep, it all makes perfect sense or it would if I could persuade Aelric to change Nil going to Gondolin as she was on her way to see Vael.

But, yes, all is harmony.

And now I find I cannot post...... too angry at the moment with stuff in real life. And I mean ANGRY! Just raged through the house thumping walls...... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Calming down.... calm.......
OK, the worst is over. I am calm Upset but calm.

Can I ask Aelric to give us some idea as to where we are going and what to expect - the girls are sitting chatting happily down below, the barge is sailing to rendevouz with someone so what sort of things should be happening. Otherwise, us girlies are going to keep chattering on and on. More wine, Urdon!

Can we just be wherever we are going? Soon?

P.S. I know Aelric isn't around at weekend...... I don't expect an immediate answer. I'd like one.. but..

Ok if anyone want to tell Vael about twins and gems, go ahead, I have to hurry to do some last minute shopping! Wink Smilie
And if anyone want to think about the timing of the birth of Vael's babies...... hehehehehehe..... something that hadn't occurred to me before......... now wouldn't that be strange?

Oooooooh I've thought of something.... nobody post!!!!!!!
Ummm.....oops?? Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Hee hee - forgot to check Notes before I did....umm, I don't think it will hinder your was just something to keep me feeling involoved until I finish with this other idea, which wil lprabab;y have to be changed now that you've got this great idea, Vee.... Big Smile Smilie
It's OK Nil, it fitted fine.

Are we now spending too much time chatting with not enough moving forward? Anyone any ideas as to what can happen?

One of my problems with writing is I tend to write in 'real time' instead of quick action or descriptive posts. This must be rectified!!!!
Nah - we're still moving (that's what makes it so great about being on a boat!) so we're just digging up more about our characters until Aelric gets back and tells us what the ship moving towards us is about...aren't we?? Oh, forget Aelric - the ladies can take over again!!!! Mwahahahahaha!!!! Good and Evil Smilie Big Smile Smilie Actually, I want to get to the open sea soon - Nil's getting claustrophobic and Gondolin is getting fidgety...they need to reach the island soon.

Oh, about the island - Aelric obviously knows where it is, right?? So once they get there, it will be up to Nil to find the Gem, right??? I want to make sure I'm right about this before I actually post anything later about it. Big Smile Smilie Because right now, she's not fulfilling her purpose. Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie
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