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Please could everyone go vote for planet-tolkien at the new Tolkien Top 100 site, to vote just click on the image below, click 'Enter and vote' and click back to planet-tolkien using our banner on the toplist - click on another sites banner and you effectively vote for them!

Tolkien Top 100
It will really help the site traffic.

So what exactly does the site traffic in?
And PT is n umber one!
Hi Grep , I want to vote but I dont know how to do it
Click on the image link given in the first post by Grep. Or click on the link I give below:

Tolkien Top 100

And then click on "Enter and Vote" and voila, your vote will be accepted. Simple, ain't it?
Shouldn't we fear any tinkering with the ballots?
I think we'll be fine.
I voted, of course giving my praise, but it only shows 4 reviews up to 31st Dec. My review didn't show. Also, you can't vote twice (not that I tried.....)

ps where have all the smilies gone boo hoo......oooooh are you adding a fairy Grep!!!!!!!
do i get a button say "i voted"?
No buttons, but if you can find a purple plum (or some grape jelly) and stick your thumb in it, you can then prove you voted. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Reviews need to be approved first. They do not show up immediatly.
Votes do appear in the stats and in the front list immediatly but there are some anti-cheat scripts running. But all is still in a beginnersfase. The Tolkien Top 100 was once the most respected top list, hope it will return to this status real soon. And then i hope people will be voting to get PT to stay on top!! But i think it will...
Is it your list Beren?
if it is, i bet pt stays at the top for a loooong time Wink Smilie
Yes it is my list. But i never shout loud about things i make. The purpose is to get the Tolkien Top 100 back to live. And if PT is on top i'd be very glad. I wish the best site to be on top...
I voted, of course giving my praise, but it only shows 4 reviews up to 31st Dec. My review didn't show. Also, you can't vote twice (not that I tried.....)

The reviews seem to pop up on rotation, keep going and having a look and you'll see yours i'm sure. As for the smilies - the council told me about the bug before christmas and i forgot! I'll get right on it!
Good on you Beren, it's a good site, hopefully it'll bring PT some traffic! Do you have other tolkien sites?
I got some, my main site:
Tolkien Library
Two small site not really worth to mention, namely a small site that needs lot of work:
Tolkien books
a site i'm currently working on, which soon will be finished and will mainly be a petition site to get "the tale of Gondolin" published officially:
Tale of Gondolin
Beren perphaps we should co-coperate on updating PT's content about JRR's books?
How do you see the cooperation? I'm very busy, but can always try and see what can be done.

People please vote... Planet-Tolkien is the best! I'd like to see it on top of the list!!
I am very confused about it. I click on the link to the site and am told to click enter and vote which I do and nothing else happens. I can't even find the list of sites and number of votes.
I can't even find the list of sites and number of votes.

That's funny, 'cause the list of sites is the only thing I find when I click the link. :P
I'll try and see what i can do to get you going... funny thing is that your vote came through and PT is now almost first.
I sort of expected to see a "Your vote has been accepted" notice or to enter another page but maybe it is enough that I just click the button.
Just had a look at TolkienLibrary through IE instead of Firefox but I still can't find anything that mentions the top 100 sites.

I did notice that PT is not listed in the Tolkien fansite links.
I'm trying to recreate your problem. Have been checking about 8 browsers now, both for Mac and PC and untill now i cannot recreate it. All seems going fine... very strange indeed.

And about the links from the TL, yes Planet-Tolkien never asked me to put up a link. But maybe i'll add one this weekend when i have some time.
We're in needs of votes for the site people!
I got further this time. I clicked on vote and enter and it took me to the page with all the sites listed. Does this mean my vote was accepted?

Probably not, unless you also clicked on our banner that is there, I expect that is the key to voting. We were in second place, if my vote ever gets tabulated we should be tied for first place.
I went back and clicked on the banner and it just brought me back to PT.
lol... once you click on the enter and vote your vote is accepted. So yes, your vote came through when you saw the list.
Yet there is a anti-cheating script in action which prevents from multiple votes from one person. Grondmaster is smart because indeed also the clicking out changes the rankings. Next to this ranking does not depend on how many votes you have during one week of time but from the average amount of votes you get every week.
Planet Tolkien should really be on top, so keep voting!
And we are top Smile Smilie
Yeah, thank me :P
It's a new week, folks, so don't forget to tell the world you still think we are the best.
We are still in second place and now down by 8 votes. C'mon peoples, do your duty and vote.

This time it worked!

Well I only noticed 2 more votes for us since yesterday and we are still 8 points behind. Orc Sad Smilie
Well, it's another new week, and PT is currently top (albeit, with only 3 votes). We have on average 15.2 votes/week, which falls second behind Tol Eresea, who have an average of 15.3.

Keep voting, folks.
Gosh darn it if we don't need some votes this week, though i'm begining to suspect Tol Esera have found some way to fix this list!
Our vote count hasn't changed since yesterday. We still only have 17 votes this week and have now dropped down into third place. If you haven't voted for us since last Sunday, please do so now. I go there every day to vote and check it out, but it seems our votes only register once per week.

I agree, it's a bit annoying to slip into third!
Vote vote vote!!
What Amarie said: vote, vote and vote would put PT in second; five more would put PT first. So if you haven't voted this week... why not? It takes, like, half a minute for me, and I'm on DIAL UP. Then you can just hit your backspace twice and your back at PT; how hard is that?
And if we still aren't on top, we can send in a request for a recount.
Hehe, I found a way to CHEAT!!!! I won't though, aside from the 2 that I already have. I intend to be a good boy and not cheat anymore, but my evil twin might perhaps slip in a few votes...

And if you want to know how, you'll have to wonder because I won't tell.
And I visited Tol Eressea, the WHOLE site, and I decided that it isn't that great. I think that this site is MUCH better. Especially the layout.
WE'RE NUMBER ONE!!! Sort of... Tied with Tol Eressea for first, but they had it first, so they're still on top. Won't someone break the tie...?
We were top when I voted yesterday, but Radio Rivendell has now stormed into the lead. I'm guessing it is curious Planet Tolkien members who are boosting other interesting looking sites by having a quick look here and there.... I was so tempted to have a look at Radio Rivendell.
We're NUMBER ONE! Of course, I'm the only who's voted yet this week, so if we're gonna stay that way, I'll need help; I can't vote again for seven days, give or take a few hours. The best part is those of you who've heeded the rallying call ARE having an effect; our average has shot up to 27/week (it had been down around 23.) So go vote!
I second that, i checked late sunday and we were third with 40 votes, so a BIG effort this week people!

VOTING TIP: When you've clicked through to vote, click back to planet-tolkien using our banner on the toplist - this helps our stats!

Tolkien Top 100
Ah, didn't know that; I always backspace, but will hit the banner from here on out (you realize this is a great sacrifice for my dial up connection, right?) I'm nothing but a team player. Speaking of which...

OK, 24 hours later, give or take, and we're STILL on top by ONE vote (9 for us, 8 for Tol Eressea and 8 for Radio Tolkien; this shouldn't be hard to dominate, ya'll.) For now....

I'm starting to feel like Richard Daly Sr. here: "Vote early and vote often." So, who's gonna keep me from looking like Richard Daly Jr.?
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