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At the end of Tuesday GMT we have 17 votes and are 5 ahead of what comes in second. Jumping Flame Smilie
I think our votes are now starting to register. I always assumed we had to click on the banner in order to make our vote count, else they only gnu/knew/new/noo/nue we were given a ballot, but not for whom we were voting.
We're now at 20, but only on top by 4, not 5. Still, good job people; it was a 5 point margin when I first got here, and the thing I really like is the average/week is ALMOST 30. Only Tol Eresseas average is higher than that -- for now. Keep it up, folks. WE know we're the best; time to let the rest of the world (or at least the Tolkien world) know, too. Wink Smilie So where will we be at 1205 on Texas Independence Day...?
Still we need a more votes - last week the top sitter ended on 42 votes, so we have a way to go yet. Infact we're off the top spot right now - so get voting people!
Yup, GMT+6; in Britain it's Texas Independence Day, so have a happy. Meanwhile, current standings are as follows:

1 Planet-Tolkien 2 Tol Eress’a 3 Radio Rivendell
Movement: Neutral
This Week 26 This Week 23 This Week 20
Average 34.1 Average 29.5 Average 7
4/5 stars 4/5 stars 5/5 stars

(Any of you Admin types who have a clue feel free to makes this actually LOOK like a table, 'cos I sure can't.)

So we've slipped; The Lonlely Isle is a little less lonely, and only 3 votes behind us. On average, they're almost 5 votes ahead of us. Will you stand for this, Planet Tolkien?
Does anybody know when Arwen's 'Lonely Hearts Show' on Radio Rivendell is on air? I believe the subject is gonna be "How to find and seduce the mortal of your dreams", hence tremendously interesting.
I loved her "How to deal with rejection" show with Glorfindel and Peter Jackson as special guests, and they all started fighting! Go Arwen! Go Arwen!

It is right after Lindir's Poety Hour. And it's followed by Elrond's reading of the White Council's announcements. I turn it off after he tells us this week's Ring toss winners, politics is so boring!
Astonishingly we're stuck down in third! - Only by two votes tho - more voting please!!!!
Now we're second by one vote, and out of first by two. C'mon people, we've been number one all week, don't let 'em take it away now! 33-31-30; it's anybodys game, but it's past time we finished a week on top. Surely there's at least 5-10 people that haven't voted yet. I know lots of folks are gone, but how can we have 5,000 members and only 31 votes???! Go. Vote. NOW!!!

Edit: we are now THIRD. I'm not sure why, as Tol Eressea has only now reached 31 votes; maybe it's 'cos their average is higher (not that makes me happier.) Radio Tolkien, however, is up to 35. And if only 1% of our members are active, fine; that's still 19 people who haven't voted out of 50. C'mon people, let's get this done.
That's because only 1% of our membership is active.
C'mon guys!

When you've clicked through to vote, click back to planet-tolkien using our banner on the toplist - this helps our stats!

Tolkien Top 100
There was an email in the November 2005 issue of Tux Magazine. I'm posting it here:


Polling Problems
I don’t know what your opinion regarding actively encouraging one’s users
to participate in a poll is, but I suppose that your recent Readers’ Choice
Awards [September 2005] has been faulted without your knowledge.

When DesktopLinux received lots of incoming votes for Yoper, the editors discovered
that Yoper was actively pushing its users toward voting for it, thereby flawing
the results:
As a reaction, DesktopLinux decided to exclude Yoper from that competition:
’our readers were quick to report a fishy smell, and a trip over to Yoper’s home
page today turned up evidence of a well-intended but survey-busting tendency
to encourage Yoper users to boost Yoper’s standing in online polls.’

I was recently surprised by PCLinuxOS’s excellent result in your user’s
awards, but reading through their forums I discovered an unpleasant
explanation. You will understand what I mean after skimming
through this thread:
To make my point clear, I provide a few quotes:
’If you haven’t already please go to
TUX_Readers_Choice and vote for PCLinuxOS.’
’Done’twice ;-)’
’Bump. Sorry guys but I want to keep this thread visible for the next week or
until the voting closes.’
’No problem. I’ve set the thread to Sticky.’
’Thanks yama, but that doesn’t keep it on visible on the index page in
Recent Posts. I’ll unset the sticky when the voting ends.’

Now I wonder whether this is fair to the other distributions. Posting a news story
to tell the users that there’s a poll going on is one thing, but spamming them
with constant voting incentives surely distorts the results. Ubuntu and SUSE
haven’t done anything like this, and neither have lower-ranked distributions done
it (I suspect, although I obviously haven’t been able to check them all).
Seeing this, one gathers the conclusion that the poll has been partly sabotaged.
Maybe TUX magazine can publish a disclaimer, or something even better, to make
the situation clear to the audience (whilst mentioning that PCLOS is indeed a nice
effort, just probably not the third of them all)? This would surely raise the overall
level of respect the readers have toward the magazine and the data it provides.


I hope I've made my point clear.
Not really. It seems like saying political parties should not campaign during election year. I don't quite understand if you are saying we shouldn't be asking our members to vote but I don't see why not.
I agree with Vee. If members of a site are ASKED to vote, not ordered, i think its ok. Its not like "I want YOU to join the army", its just asking the constant and active members to go vote for the site THEY like (if they like it, again, its not a order). Cause if the site they like is first, they'll be happier! Simple.
WE ARE #1!!!1!!!1!!eleven!

By one vote, at least at the moment.

And I can see the argument against campaigning, but do wish our "Vote PT" Link was at the top, not the bottom, of the page, like all the other sites (and all the top 3 have more and less prominent versions of "vote us" on their page. ) I mean, if we didn't bury it at the bottom of the page; it takes a minute or two for me to load an entire page, and I can't help wondering how many people don't see our link. Can't miss it at the other sites.

Anyway, with 37, we're on top BY ONE VOTE. I can smell victory, but it's a long weekend (I don't know what time the Top 100 is pegged to; we need ~2+ days from where I live.)
We're on top now, but keep voting - i've moved the ad for the votes to the top of the page as requested! - Keep voting!
I believe that just may have done it (though by all means, if you haven't voted, feel free to do so, you lazy so-and-sos. ;-p) We now have a comfortable 7 vote lead; one more and we break 50. Can we hold on a few more hours? Time will tell. By the way, does anyone know when the date stamp for the Top 100 is? I'm in CST, so we still have 18 hours to hold our lead as I write this, but in Britain it's only 12.
I'm not sure when it rolls over to a new week - my guess is between midnight and 2am GMT. The good news is the ad at the top of the page is working. So keep voting just incase!
Must be on EST, or mine (hopefully not PST.) I'm going to bed, but as of 2118 CST it's 55-51-50: US! Hopefully it's not a Dutch site operating out of Hawaii. ;-p If not we SHOULD have it locked up for the week within 4 hours. Not that anyone should let that restrain them from voting if they haven't yet. And then I can go back to badgering you slackers to vote again (actually, with one first place finish at last I think I'll see what the unaided banner ad can do; we've shot up since it's been moved.) Goodnight, Professor Tolkien, whereever you are!
From the look of it we won last week! A brief check around midnight GMT confirmed that we had 55 votes - we're back at the top today with two votes - so lets make sure we win this week!
Well, based on their movement tracker, we pulled it off; we're up by 3 votes (first to crack double digits this week!) and the tracker says no movement for us, while Radio Rivendell is down. The banner appears to be working, and thanks also for the page tabs at the top of the screen.
Yep we're in a winning position this week and i think we won last week too! - Yeah the lack of page tabs at the top was annoying me - though it was me who took them out in the first place as they were causing some technical problems in the mega threads.
Well done Grep, and well done members! As I write this before hitting the Party Tree then crashing, I find that when I got to the site that nasty Tol Eressea had crept to within one vote, only to see us put on 3 more; we now have a 3 vote edge (20.) But don't let that put off anyone who hasn't voted; things can change. IIRC we came from behind last week, no? Keep up the good work folks, and well done once again. Looks like that banner is paying off; I don't recall us being at 20 on the first day before now. Could be interesting to watch, if Radio Rivendell spikes at the start of the weekend like it did last week.
VEry happy with the results so far this week!
we can see that you are very happy Grep, just look at your Avatar!!
Good old Gene Wilder! - Three votes ahead at the moment!
8 ahead now wooooooooo!!!!!
Been holding steady at 38, five above Tol Eressea, for most of the day. Well done, team. Can we make it two weeks in a row? Guess we'll see what happens when everyone's off work tomorrow, only a little more than half a day away in the UK. Goodnight, Professor Tolkien, wherever you are!
ok not good!!!!!! we have 41 Tol Eressea have 40!!!!! talk about mass voting!!!!
We're doing very well indeed, up to 57 so far, which i think is a record for the toplist so far. We've been a very solid number one all week, with just a few more votes i'm sure we'll clinch it for a second week in a row!
11:30 gmt sunday night we're in the lead 63 to 50 (tol esera 50) nice - even if raikonnen lost the gp and france won the rugby - at least we won the toplist!
700 GMT, 100 CST. After finishing the week number one by an impressive margin, we're number one again this week -- by one (my) vote. I don't think it's gonna stay 1-0-0-0-0-0... all week though, hint, hint. ;-p Outstanding job last week guys, if 62+ isn't a record, it should be. ;-p
I was vote nr 3.
we're 5 in front wooooooooo!!!!!!!!
Up by two: 17 to 15 just now.
And now we're Number Two. How can we be Number One for two weeks and drop to second when Tol Eressea has 17 also? I can only assume average is the tiebreaker, sigh, but at least our average has shot up in the past weeks. You know what to do, people.

Edit: the tie is broken; we're number two, by one vote. Sigh. I knew it was too good to last.
Morambar, how do you vote?
You vote by clicking the little picture near the top of this page where it says "Vote for us".
Then you should get a page where it says
Enter and vote
Enter without voting

(I didn't see that page in firefox, but it worked in IE.)

Click on "enter and vote" then click on the Planet Tolkien banner on the page. You have now voted and have returned to Planet Tolkien. If you click on someone elses banner, you will vote for them instead.
I hope i did it correct , as far as I can see its a draw rigth now. We have 18
Damm, they're ahead again - we need some votes!
We're down by 2.
Yeah, I think Amarie covered it, Fionwe; just want to make clear I'm not ignoring you. ;-p 24-22 them, sigh, and I think if we're tied Tol Eressea does get the top spot with a 4 vote higher average. Just more incentive to vote on weeks like last week when we won by over a dozen and broke 60. The last two weeks our average has shot up about ten votes/week, but Tol Eressea still has a slight edge there, too.

EDIT: tied for 1st now at 726 CST (that's 1326 GMT, IIRC) but since our average is lower than Tol Eresseas, they win the tiebreaker. Act now and kill two birds with one stone (supplies are limited; not available in AK and HI; offer void where prohibited. )

EDIT II: Back in FIRST! By one. 25-24. Tol Eressea just won't go down, will they?
27-27 at 2300 UTC/GMT
WE are number 1 (31)
Still in first, but only by one.
Planet-Tolkien: 32, Tol Eress’a: 31
We are number one again !! With 4 ! Tolkien 35 - Tol Eress’a 31
36-31 guess whos in front??? (us)
Just for the record: we apparently ended last week in first, for the third time in a row (though it was touch and go there for a bit, eh?) and are currently up 8-4 over Tol Eressea. But don't let that stop you; remember: in the event of a tie (inevitable for some position at some point during the week) the tiebreaker is average votes/week. As things stand, Tol Eressea has a significant edge there of about four votes, but we've cut it by more than half in the last month or so (mainly because our average was so low, around 25 as opposed to the current 34, which is about what theirs was then.) So don't let a little thing like a comfortable lead stop you from voting. ;-p
YEA, US! Not only have we rocketed to a nine vote lead (24-15) over Tol Eressea (who, after dropping to fifth, shot back to second) but our more important average is closing in as well: 36.4-39.6. Keep it up people; at this rate we should be able to overtake them by the end of April. This would not only mean we have more votes total than anyone, but that if we ever finish the week in a tie we win by virtue of average. And now back to The Great Dragon Debate (LTT would smoke them all with Callandor in his hand. Elf Winking Smilie )
Come on Pt members !! VOTE ! We need it ...its even rigth now
We are one vote behind (54-53) at 1:00 AM GMT Monday, so assuming the clock changes at midnight somewhere in the USA, you still have a few hours to put us back on top.
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