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We are now two votes behind... Hath thou users forsaken our small sanctuary?

It's not hard, just click on the Tolkien Top 100 link at the bottom of every page and click Enter and Vote... Simple...
Down by one: 31 TT, 30 PT, 21 NK, 20 MB
Oh WOW! Jumping Flame Smilie We're up by two with a total of eight votes. This means only four of us have been voting so far this week. Orc Sad Smilie
We are still number one and you are correct again sir, more need to voteSmile Smilie
We are up by ten now Orc Smiling Smilie

*Puts head down in shame and scuffs feet 'cuz of not voting everyday*

Won't happen again..... promise! Orc Grinning Smilie

I wonder where The Two Towers MUD votes have gone?
I guess they simply aren't as dedicated/obsessed as we are. Cool Elf Smilie
*proud to be one of the Four Voters From Earlier This Week*
Oh yes... I did forget that.... major detail Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

*Votes after posting this*

Edit: Voted... 29 - 14 Orc Smiling Smilie
Another slow week and we're up by two: 10 PT, 8 TT, 8 NK
Very poor showing by everyone here and there in the first five days of this week:

17 TT, 16 PT, 12 NK Orc Sad Smilie
Another new week and were tied for first: 3 PT, 3 TT, 2 MB, 2 NK

So we need more people voting, because our weekly average as dropped from the mid-forties to the mid-twenties.
Orc Sad Smilie Now we have dropped back to third place: 6 TT, 6 NK, 5 PT

We need more than the three uf us voting peoples. Deal Smilie
Pt is number one with 13 votesSmile Smilie
I vote everyday even if I'm not in the threadsSmile Smilie
Me too, but at least we are winning at the present time, 2 votes ahead...

*Always look on the bright side of life* and *whistles* Orc Smiling Smilie
Looks like we will be on top this week as it is almost over and we lead by ten; however we are still below our weekly average which used to be in the forties and is now in the high twenties and dropping. Anyway: 25 PT, 15 TT, 15 NK
Brand new week and we are up by one: 3 PT, 2 NK, 2 MB

So who isn't voting?
We are still on top, now by eight: 18 PT, 10 NK, 9 TT
A new week and the first day is almost over. My vote brought us into a four-way tie for second and now one behind Two Towers.

We have got to do better! Moderator Smilie Please. Angel Smilie done my daily voting Smile Smilie And PT is number one with 11 votes just 1 ahead TT Smile Smilie
Come you guys please vote for our dear planet Smile Smilie
Up by three: 17 PT, 14 TT, 9 RR

Please vote today if you haven't already. Thanks
grondy help!! i can't see the vote banner!!
LOOK IN THE FIRST POST OF THIS THREAD FOR THE BROWN BANNER/LINK BUTTON. All the rest of the banners seem to have disappeared. Sorry.
Sadly PT is on 4th place !! PLEASE vote for PT Smile Smilie
I was going to ask where the banners went, but hey, at least we have one to use... *Votes after and will tell the standings after posting*

We stand as second now with 8, tied with Radio Rivendell amongst others, but with The Northern Kingdom in first place with 10, they seem favourites...
I've dragged us up to 9 votes. Aaaaaalmost there!

I took a quick look at NK's site just to check, and their 'vote for us' banner/button is still there. Strange.
Down by three; tied for second: 13 NK, 10 PT, 10 TT
Things are looking poorly: each of the top three have received only one vote since I voted yesterday, including mine.
Well, a new week and we probably came in third last week about two behind with about twenty votes. Everyone's vote totals are down. After I just voted today at 10:40 GMT, we are in a four-way tie for first with 2 votes each.
Hopefully the new week will be better, but we are still tied with NK with 3 votes, I voted at 01:26 GMT...
Well, we are up by four votes; PT 9 - 5 NK

Looks like some sort of Rugby or American Football score... We should so get jerseys, or have some designed...
Heya allWaving Hello Smilie PT is back on top with 18 votes so far Smile Smilie
Now ahead by 21 Smile Smilie
Well, a new week, and a new board to tally...

I just voted and we are behind by one... But then again, the opposition have only got two votes...

Two Towers MUD 2:1 Planet-Tolkien
Now down by three: 6 TT, 3 PT, 2 MB
Down by one: 10 TT, 9 PT, 7 NK
We are at a tie game at 14:33 GMT+0...

Two Towers MUD 11 - 11 Planet-Tolkien
Up by two: 15 PT, 13 TT, 10 NK
Up by 3, 18 - 15 at:

01:26 GMT+0
Well I brought us out of an eight way tie for second place with my vote today and now we own it all by ourselves. Northern Kingdom is in first place with three votes; we now have two; those others each have one except those with none.
My vote brought us to another tie...

PT 3 - 3 NK
Yet another tie ..4-4
9 - 8 to almighty PT! Only just almighty mind you Orc Smiling Smilie
Up by only four: 16 PT, 12 NK, 5 RR, 5 RA, 5 GH

Keep us up there peoples. Happy Elf Smilie
No change in the other sites, but we most certainly have

PT 19 - 12 NK
Up by eleven: 24 PT, 13 NK, 8 RR, 8 RA

Keep up the good work ladies and gents. Happy Elf Smilie
It's a tie between PT and TT with 7 votes each Smile Smilie
Now we are up by two: 9 PT, 7 TT, 7 CR
My vote brings us first with 10 against 9
Pt is ahead with 12 votes againts TT s' 11 Smile Smilie
PT has 17 votes, while TTM have 13... A strong 4 ahead...
We are now temporarily in third place at the beginning of this new week, but only one vote out of first with our two votes; the top groups have three votes each and we have the best weekly average, though lately it ihas been becoming a little weakly. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
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