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Ofcourse mellon.




Unfortunatly the Red Devils got them Orc Grinning Smilie
Moderator Smilie We have a Footie Anyone? thread in the Forsaken Inn. Please use it for discussing football (both types) and leave this thread for discussion of's standing in the weekly website popularity poll.

Point is taken Grondy!

We will of course vote and comment results in this thread.
And as you can see PT is back on top!

Heh im not very smart.....
How do i vote? Ha Ha Ha Smilie
If you weren't being facetious, how to vote is listed below; if you were, go soak your head. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Look at the bottom of this and most every page and you will see a brown ad that says "Vote for us at ...." click on it and the select 'Enter without voting' and you can see the current standings; then back page and click on the ad again and this time select 'Enter and vote', You should then see that the Planet-Tolkien total has automatically increased by one. Now Back arrow back to your previous P-T page and continue having your fun here.

You can only vote once per day and you don't have to do the above 'Enter without voting' bit if you don't want to, but it is nice to know your vote was actually counted.
I've just voted and come back. We're leading by 20-8-8 with average of 38 followed by other site's 3.5 & 7.5. We're the best!!!!
On top with 23 votes at this hour Happy Elf Smilie
You can only vote once per day

As far as I know you can only vote once a day per PC at your disposal. I believe that if you dispose over one stationary and one laptop you can vote twice. Which also goes for any poll Sir Grondy make! Good and Evil Smilie
I think it is really once per day per IP address.
Okay! So one may feel very much worth if one can use more than one IP-adress! I feel lucky!
PT is still on top and going strongHappy Elf Smilie
Leading by 44 - 26 - 18 - 17. Yes Mellon we're showing strenght.
Oh yeah PT is the best that ever was and ever will be.
Have we ever been over 50??? We are currently at 50 now, 'tis a record or no???
Have we ever been over 50???

I don't know brother Loss...Since the day I joined PT ,I have never seen such high ratings Happy Elf Smilie PT 52 Tol E 34
We are starting well this week. 7 - 5 - 4. May we try more than 50 by the end of the week.
Just don't cheat and vote more than once per day per person: This isn't Chicago where they say vote early and often. Then there was the lady whose lifetime voting record was imaculate she never missed casting a vote. When she died she wanted to be buried in Chicago so her voting record could be maintained.
Just don't cheat and vote more than once per day per person

I know we have been having this debate before , but I didn't think it was even possible to cheatSmile Smilie

we're leading by a single vote. anyone who still hasn/t voted do your duty.
I cannot see how it is possible to cheat. But we did take a strong hand and are up by seven votes! 18 - 11. We will keep our strenght!
Up where we belongHappy Elf Smilie24 votes and on top again
Pheww. That's good news mellon
On top by 29 to 24! Angel Smilie
We're still on top, but see competition. 36 - 31! Angel Smilie
Last day of the week and we are still on topThumbs Up Smilie
We're on top but it's close. We're leading by a single vote; 55 to 54.
Up 60 to 57 when I logged in today. Both numbers seem higher than normal, but maybe we both have more people involved now.
Starting up a bit slow this new week, we're on second place 4 - 4. We can better, can't we? Paranoid Smilie Angel Smilie Paranoid Smilie
We're ahead 18 to 9 to 9 to 8 Happy Elf Smilie
#1 people!

Ahead 18-12 when I just voted.
Still first.

21 to 16
We're still in front, but now it is 23 to 20. Be alert, friends! Paranoid Smilie Angel Smilie Paranoid Smilie
Still on top: 38 to 33 to 23
On top! 43 - 39 - 29. Keep up the good work, friends! Angel Smilie
Everyone is getting more votes now, but we're still on top: 53 to 45 to 34 to 30 to 25 Happy Elf Smilie
Now 54-47-36
Leading by 4-3.
PT on top with 13 votes over second place with 8Smile Smilie
Leading 25 to 13. I'll enjoy it if we can make it hold this way!
PT has 34 votes and are on top with The Northern Kingdom at second place with 27 votesSmile Smilie
Friday evening PT at top 40 to Northern Kingdom 30 and Tol 22 as third. Angel Smilie Elf Smilie Angel Smilie
Now PT has 42 votes and it's only SaturdayHappy Elf Smilie
We won last week again. Started up this new week with 7 - 3(Northern) - 2 (Tol)
Are the votes a bit slow this week ? Anyway PT is on top with 15 Smile Smilie Come on Happy Elf Smilie
A closer race this week! PT 26 - NK 25 - TE 18! Be alert friends! Paranoid Smilie
Still close Happy Elf Smilie PT 35 votes while NK have 34
I just voted so we have a 2 votes difference!!!!!! Dunce Smilie Tigger Smilie Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
Up by 5 Happy Elf Smilie
Up by 6, PT rules, and we don't need no stinkin ring!
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