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PT is number one with 43 votes while NK is second with 37 Jumping Flame Smilie
First with 46 while Nk status quo with 37.
Looks like we will remain in first another week: PT 56, NK 47, TE 36 Happy Elf Smilie
First with 6 followed by the others 1,1 &1. Dunce Smilie
First with 17 followed by NK 12. Angel Smilie
PT has 30 votes followed by NK in second place with 27
PT 47, in the lead!
Sunday morning and PT is in the lead with 50 votesJumping Flame Smilie
Add 2 more to that!! Hey hey hey we're the best.
Were behind by two: NK 13, PT 11; TE 10

We'uns gots to do better peoples. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Happy Elf Smilie That's better, up by five: PT 21, NK 16, TE 13
Looks like I should start voting for Tolkeinforums again. They're not even in the top three. Sad Smilie
Now we are Vir Smile Smilie PT is number 1 with 25 votesSmile Smilie
Back on top, Vir, and it would be nice to see your votes! Angel Smilie
PT is number one by 45 votesJumping Flame Smilie
Actually we are only up by one: PT 47, NK 46, TE 35. This is partially my fault as I wasn't here yesterday.
It is almost Wednesday and we are only up by five: PT 19, NK 14, TE 10

Let us get out there and vote people! Jumping Flame Smilie Please.
I really dont whether i have voted or not,i click on the link-Enter and Vote, but after that it brings me back to the same page.Is there some problem that i cannot see?Again my ignorance,i hope i have voted it right.

It seems that you have done your voting correctly IzilaanSmile Smilie By the way :nice colours on your Avatar ,I really like itSmile Smilie
Today PT is number 1 with 22 votes NK is second with 18
First with 24 and leading by 6 votes. Na-na-na-na-na Smilie
Izilaan: To ensure that your vote counts you could do what I do; the first time click on "Enter without voting" and notice PT's total; then back-arrow out and try again. This second time click on "Enter and vote" and you should see that our total has incremented by one. Happy Elf Smilie
First with 32 followed by Nk with 26.
First with 38 - leading by 9 votes.

to grondy: i tried your technique and today for the first time i'm sure my vote was counted!! Very Big Grin Smilie
to grondy: i tried your technique

Got The Blues SmilieGot The Blues SmilieGot The Blues Smilie I would just like to add, that is my technique, Grondy gets enough credit around here Orc Smiling Smilie...... look half way down page four of this thread........ It's mine Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I reckon it is your method Loss; though unless you remembered to apply for the patent, we can still use it with no penalty. Orc Grinning Smilie

We were up by eleven when I voted today. Happy Elf Smilie
I look behind but...can only see a small speck.

Up by 10 folks. PT rulz Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Already Thursday morning (just barely) and we are only up by two: PT 15, NK 13, TE 9
I guess I wasn't the only one to have forgotten about it yesterday.

VOTE regularly and often (only once per day)folks, please.
It is really tight this week folks. (Probably due to our Norwegian contingent being on vacation, may they be having fun.) We are only up by two: PT 25, NK 23, TE 21, TF 17

Heya Waving Hello Smilie PT is number 1 with 27 votes
First with 30 folks and leading Nk and tol eressea by 5 votes.
We are tied for first...I think...somebody vote!
I just did and PT is number one with 13 votes ..keep up folksSmile Smilie
After I voted today, we were down by one: NK 21, PT 20, TE 15

Let's get with it folks!
WA HA! First with 27 followed by NK 26.

We're being led by 2 votes and are second with 32. Quick, everybody who's not yet voted go do it.
I got us up by one: 36 PT, 35 NK, 24 NK
First with 39 but leading by 2 only.
can someone explain to me why i can't vote. Even as i didn't vote today every time i click on the icon at the back of the web page it enters directly on the result and does not ask to vote or just see the list. Everyday i have this problem and must try at least 20 times without counting all the refresh page i must carry out. Today it just won't work. HELP. Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie .
Sorry Thorin ..I don't know how to help you ..
It's a tie between PT and NK with 47 votes each Smile Smilie
Ha i finally managed to vote. Up by one now!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Up by two: 50 PT, 48 NK, 30 TE
2nd with 16 and being led by 1.
Now up by one: 19 PT, 18 NK, 14 TE
It's a tie again with PT and NK with 29 votes each Smile Smilie
36 and up by 3.
Now in the middle of a new week and we are up by three: 17 PT, 14 NK, 11 TE
PT is second with 1 vote less than NK , please voteSmile Smilie
My vote bought us back on top but we're tied on votes with 31 and are leading through average. I think we should do some advertising to get more users voting.
Good job I just voted then, as we are no longer joint first Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Don'tcha just love me... Orc Grinning Smilie
Up by four: 35 PT, 31 NK, 20 TE
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