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Ah ok, didn't know it was considered a poll. Elf Smilie (I had just answered the Tom Bombadil poll.)

I think the point of the Tolkien Top 100 poll is to get the good sites noticed and lure new people to join. If you are in the top 3 to 5 or so you might get people checking out the site and wanting to join if it looks interesting. This is why you vote daily to get the count up so you are at the top of the list and more people visit to check it out.
We are ahead with 10 votes Smile SmilieSmile Smilie
If you click on your banner or anyone else's banner you do NOT vote for them. You have to go through the official vote page each site owner sets up to be counted as a vote for any site.

Ahaaaa... Of course, that makes a lot more sense. And it is a good way to advertise, I get a bit curious when I see the ones who are on top, and wonder what is so great about them.

New week! Vote vote vote!!
We were tied at nine for first after I voted.
Hey youSmile Smilie We are ahead with 3 votes !! GREAT Smile Smilie
18, 11, 9 we be in first naturally. Happy Elf Smilie
Yeah, we're officially stomping tail: 22-12-9 (AND our five star rating is intact) and I've only voted three times this week Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Well done, people, keep up the good work.
A good start indeed Smile Smiliewe are number 1 , with 24 , Tol E has 14
We're leading 35 to 20, but don't quit voting because the could sneak up on us.
AgreeSmile Smilie KEEP VOTINGThumbs Up Smilie
We have 40 votes but keep on voting Wink Smilie
42 up by 6. Happy Elf Smilie
A new week , vote for PTSmile Smilie
Were already down by four, 11 to 7 behind (I think) a new kid on the block.
True GrondyWink Smilie we are number 2 with 2 votes behind the new site.Come mon PT !! VOTE
Disconnects CAN be cool, we're Number One; "and NOW to bed, and NOW to bed!" Goodnight, Professor Tolkien, wherever you are!
Good morning allSmile Smilie Keep voting for PT
Our 32 votes are behind the leader's 36. At this rate we will need at least 60 to win; probably 72 or 80 and I haven't even done the math.
So pleeeeease VOTE for PTDeal Smilie
Vote, vote, vote!! Don't make us fall behind that loathsome Tolkien Forums!
You can't go descriminating other sites Vir. Whether or not I gave you a bit of greif about it back along is irrelevant, desciminting TF and other sites isn't allowed, unless you meant it jokingly. Even grep said he has agreed to do a link exchange with them.
We are all Tolkien fans (at least I hope so) and we should support each other. I am a member here and I vote here but I am also owner of Tol Eress’a and vote for my site and I belong to The One boards and Council of Elrond as well as some specific sites concerned with research. Being Tolkien fans puts us in a brotherhood/sisterhood of like-minded individuals. I think this is very cool and is our greatest strength, even beyond one board! Big Smile Smilie
Aye, its tought enough that we have to deal with non tolkien fans, we dont need strife between ourselves. Smile Smilie All for one and one for all!!
After my vote today, we're back in first, but tied at 44 love.
We are number 1 again , keep voting Smile Smilie
All for one and one for all!!

Make that 'All for PT and PT for all'.

*megalomaniacal Green Goblin laughter*
Were back down by six, 54 to 48. Looks like most of our roleplayers have moved over to that other forum; which is not a problem to me: we already have over our average number of votes and it is not yet Saturday.
I didn't realize TF was an RP site; not the way it was marketed to me, at least. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie I can't help wondering about the high numbers since it's debut though, given all the discussions here about "how to get another vote." Not accusing anyone of anything, just wondering....
We are back by 4 , I think its all rigth that members vote for any sites but there are often many on line that dont vote for either one I think ..just done give up PT ..keep voting Tongue Smilie
And now we're DOWN four. Vote at will.
Vote! Vote! Vote!

*clears throat*

Vote! Vote! Vote! Don't let our ruthless competitors get the better of us!

Vote and fight for PT's future!
minus 2
We are number 1 again today !!! Hurray Pary SmilieBut keep votingSmile Smilie
And down by 16: 117 to 101

Has someone been doctoring the books or have both websites finally had results from their get out the vote campaigns?
Well, that shift from 100-92 to 117-101 happened in the space of about an hour, so I guess I'll take one from column B, Socrates, or rather, several from column BBBBBBBBBBB. Either that or the new site is so awesomely awesome that it got more votes in an hour than most established (i.e. better known) sites get all week. From where I sit, it looks like Tol Eressea is the leader this week, since all 42 of their votes are legit. Of course, thanks to Spam Wars that puts them a very distant third.
OK, since about 1800 Sunday there were no additional votes for the new site, which means the 119 we finished with 2400 Monday takes the ring, or the Ring, as the case may be. Experiment two now commences....

Meanwhile, as far as I'm concerned (and I've said this elsewhere) last weeks winner was Tol Eressea (42 last I looked) because theirs is the highest LEGITIMATE vote tally. As an explanation (NOT an excuse) I'll simply say as distasteful as I find ballot box stuffing, if everyone's doing it then "I stole it fair and square."
Another new week and new possibilities for PT Smile Smilie Let us make this a winner for PT !! VOTESmile Smilie
Have changed the settings on Tolkien Top 100 and send an email to all website owners... last week a lot of cheating was going on. Hope the changes will keep the best on top!
Thanks, Beren.
I agree, one vote per person per day is ample, one per week might even give a better sample of their relative strengths.

Last week's cheating delutes any honor the top sites might have and cheapens the value of the whole contest. Orc Sad Smilie

Moderator Smilie Please limit your votes to one per day. Moderator Smilie
Can't argue with that, Grondy. I entered the lists less on our behalf than because the only thing more nauseating than cheating is SUCCESSFUL cheating. Maybe that's why I'm a Broncos fan and not a Raiders fan (though Shannys offense prob'ly helps more.) Like I say, as far as I'm concerned, Tol Eressea won.
As owner of Tol Eress’a and a member here as well I would like to say thanks. I don't think there are winners on the top list only healthy communities. Potential members and Tolkien fans come to the sites near the top, read them to check out their content and then decide if they want to join them. You have a great base of active members here, people see that and want to understand why. You don't really need to be at the top to get people interested. At the time I joined this site you were not at the top.

In my opinion it's activity and good friendly people who attract new members no matter where you are on the list. Serching Smilie
Im sure lots of the sites are great but Im still voting for PT as a member Smile Smilie
Number 1 today Smile SmilieKeep voting
As of my vote today we're tied for number one with Tol Eressea, which appears to have made some nice gains yesterday. For the record, I tend to look at it as a friendly competition among equals amid an atmosphere of mutual respect, one that increases everyones site traffic with a nice (but meaningless) plum for whomever get the most, or the top three/five/ten votes for a week. And as long as everything's above board, great. It DOES irk me, however, when I see obvious manipulation and tampering, particularly when it's done with information worked out here (but never used) through trial and error. Everything seems to be hunky-dorry now though, so let the best site win, and all the participants pickup new members and contributors as the REAL (and ONLY) reward. I'm just glad we topped Laurefindos average before all that craziness last week, because that's a more permanent figure than week by week leaders. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Indeed Morambar, I agree with you. It's nice to get back to "real" votes. Tol Eress’a is happy to just lure a good writer to join from time to time. We are active but we have no interest in 5,000 members! Super Scared Smilie Planet-Tolkien offers many other things besides writing and roleplay and should be at the top because of the varied interests. Elf Winking Smilie
Laurefindo wrote:

Planet-Tolkien offers many other things besides writing and roleplay and should be at the top because of the varied interests.

Oh, can we have sigs? PLEASE, can we have sigs? Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Meanwhile, the evil site is still tied with us, since we've both gotten an extra vote, but we're still on top. Glad the fun is back.
Morambar I think the fun is always here Smile Smilie
We have 25 votes today and are at the top of the list , but Tol E has 27 and are number 2?
Dont matter really as long as members vote for their favourite place Smile Smilie
HAVE A NICE DAY Smile Smilie

Huh? How can they be number two with more votes?
I think you ought to look at the average at the bottom of each site. It looks as though its now whoever has the highest average is number one as opposed to who has the greatest number of vote this week.
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