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Up by Forty-four: 72 PT, 28 NK, 25 TT

Much more better this month folks. Keep it up. Happy Elf Smilie
Up by fifty-eight: 100 PT, 42 NK, 35 TT Happy Elf Smilie

Looks like we will get our average up a bit this month if you continue doing what you have been.
Seems we were really the "King of the Tolkien Hill" this month: 125 PT, 50 NK, 45 TT

Please keep it up. Happy Elf Smilie
New month and we are up by six: 23 PT, 17 NK, 9 TT Happy Elf Smilie

Thanks, and please keep us up there folks.
Now up by twenty: 53 PT, 33 NK, 17 TT

Please keep it going. Happy Elf Smilie
We are up by thirty-eight: 72 PT, 44 NK, 27 TT

Vote like they used to do in Chicago: early and often. Elf Winking Smilie
On top of the heap by thirty-two: 90 PT, 58 NK, 35 TT.

Keep us up there please.
We may not reach our monthly average this month; we only have 96 and monthly average is 109.6. Orc Sad Smilie
Weird, It is just after 2230 GMT and today is this month is not yet over; however, I just made the first vote there, the other websites have naughts. Tolkien Library must have turned their calendar early. Orc Grinning Smilie
We're in second place with 10 votes and we're behind by 2!
Now were tied for the top at 12.
Up by five: 36 PT, 31 NK, 17 TT Happy Elf Smilie
Only up by five, had been up by eleven: 58 NK, 53 NK, 34 EP
Looks like Northern Kingdom may overtake us by the end of the month, Orc Sad Smilie as we are now only up by two: 77 PT, 75 NK, 54 EP
Well, they turned their calendar before I got to vote on the 30th; so I don't know if we were able to remain on top of the heap; however, we are on top this month as we have one vote, mine, and all the other websites have yet to receive any votes in October.
Down by one: 15 NK, 14 PT, 11 EP Orc Sad Smilie

Please remember to vote daily.
Well, we are still down by one; less than 2.5 of us are voting daily Orc Sad Smilie 33 NK, 32 PT, 24 EP

Well, we are now down by four: 49 NK, 45 PT, 31 EP

At this rate we will be lucky to break 70, let alone 100, or our skewed monthly average of 98 Orc Sad Smilie
Only down by one today: 68 NK, 67 PT, 39 TT.

Please keep voting daily.
Well, it looks like we might pull it out finally, we are up by 5, but quite far away from our above 100+ weighted monthly average: 82 PT, 77 NK, 44 TT.

Let us try to do better in November, please.
We are up by four: 14 PT, 10 NK, 6 RA

Please continue to vote.

Up by ten: 30 PT, 20 NK, 13 MA

Keep up the good work guys and gals. Happy Elf Smilie
Doing better again; we are up by 25: 58 PT, 33 NK, 25 MA

If we maintain this rate we will raise our monthly average back to where it once was.

Please remember to vote daily.

Doing fine, but still not good enough to get above 100 till the end of the month. So please vote more often (like every day).
Well, were down by one and under our average again and it is partially my computers responsibility for crashing its hard drive requiring me to be offline for a few days. Orc Sad Smilie

Anyway, 16 NK, 15 PT, 8 Findulas
Up buy four: 37 PT, 33 NK, 17 EP

Please continue voting daily.
Just a request for people to keep on voting for us at the Tolkien Top 100, click here to vote now, or use the banner image provided at the bottom of all PT's pages.
Let's give this rollin' again Wink Smilie

PT 62, NK 36, Elven Top 32
Our 70 to NK's 36.

Let's get to the triple figures Very Mad Smilie
Let's get to the triple figures

Big Smile Smilie 72 now ... we can do this!
PT 73 Elk Grinning Smilie Nk 37

(reversed numbers Wink Smilie
PT 85, Nk40

Do not forget to vote people!! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
We have 90! But I kinda forgot to remember the other sites numbers.....
PT 99 and Nk 44!

One more vote and we're in double figures!!! Orc Grinning Smilie
We have double-digits!

PT 102 - NK 44 Big Smile Smilie
Woohooooo! Well done everyone Jumping Flame Smilie
PT 106, NK 47!!!

Hooray for us!! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie And do not forget to vote folks!!
PT 112, Nk 49!!!

We're King of the Hill!!!! Ha Ha Ha Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
PT 117, Nk 52!!!!

Please keep voting people! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
PT 129, Nk 59!

Don't forget to vote people. Takes only a few seconds Orc Grinning Smilie
I don't think works for me, after I click on the banner I go back and the vote count hasn't changed
First with 14, NK second with 9.

Don't forget to vote for PT folks!

Rho, when you click on the banner and get to the gateway select enter without voting. You will then see thee current tally. Get back to PT. Do the same thing and this time select enter and vote. You should see the vote count change Wink Smilie
19 for PT and 10 for NK
how often can you vote?, once a day?
Yes Rho, only once per day Smile Smilie

We have 22 votes, Nk has half of ours!
It was a moment ago: PT 72, TT 27, NK 27, but we can still do better! We are not doing it only to be on top, are we?! We must show we are not going dawn than the last month!

GO people and other creatures: VOTE
PT 89 and NK 32!

Do not forget to vote for PT friends! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
First with 95, we have a new number 2: Elven Top 100 with 34 votes!
First with 102 votes!
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