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Thanks Ammornil, good call!

Come on, People of PT! It is almost middle of the month and we have only 44 points (votes)! We can do better, Folks!

VOTE each and every day! It is not simply about being number one, it is being above 100 votes - that's a matter of prestige! We can do it! Just do it! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

Whoa..that's fierce Ammornil and I second it.

VOTE people(war cry)!!

We need YOU to VOTE...PLEASE VOTE for PT.

I just voted and was shocked that we are at the moment second on the list.So please vote.

The yellow button at the bottom of every page.Thanks.

Hear hear .we are now on the third place .listen to Odette and please VOTE for Planet Tolkien

Sorry, I am new here..only just come on this thread...what is this all about?....what are we voting for ?...I would like to support do you vote ?.....

For the uninitiated:

At the bottom of every page there is a brown-red button.wriiten on it:Vote for us at Tolkien top 100.

Now click on that,you are redirected to a page and you click on the green button,written on it:Enter and Vote.You'll then get a list of banners.We are currently third.So please check out Planet Tolkien's banner and click on it.And you've voted.

It's just 3 clicks really and if you don't get my instructions check out the first post of this thread.


Thanks, Odette... i think i have done it right!!......

I've removed the vote button from the site, as we were sending hundreds of visitors to their website every month and only receiving an average of 3 back! Also, we now have linking to and advertising PT Smile Smilie We're also now position two when searching for "Tolkien" on Google, from position six so we're slowly creeping up!

The vote button for PT is still here Taz ?

We don't do that anymore, it ended up we were directing more outward visitors to the voting site than we were receiving back! Smile Smilie

So there still is a button, but nobody uses it?!

Where is the button?

I thought you meant the button to vote at the Tolkien top hundred!? That button appears in every message you get with Mithril.

Oh. I will take a look into that. Thank you

So you didn't know it was still there!? Big Smile Smilie

I need to familiarize myself with PT's code again, it's been a while Smile Smilie

This has now been fixed.

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