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we are a ted behind but its okay, we can pull it back...... i hope...........

Love the avatar Raffy Orc Smiling Smilie
I have voted Happy Elf Smilie
This week we might make an extra effort!
Down by six. Orc Sad Smilie
Starting this week on top. It's a good place to be, let's keep it that way! Paranoid Smilie
Sure will Happy Elf Smilie
Still on the top Smile Smilie
Up by five.
up by 4 but still on top =)
Still at the top Thumbs Up Smilie
And intending to stay there. Elf Smilie
Many fine sites about Tolkien and we are also among those who 've got votesHappy Elf Smilie
oh yesh indeedy, we are ahead by a few but we can keep it up Orc Smiling Smilie
Seems like we still are Happy Elf Smilie
A minor lead, with four to go. Any of us have to be certain to vote. I really am a fighter. Wolf Smilie
A minor lead, but now 5 ahead as I have just voted Elf Smilie
Still on top Happy Elf Smilie
wooo streaking is the word *shuts eyes tight to not see the streak* We are far ahead Orc Smiling Smilie
Up by nine, Orc Smiling Smilie but it wont last. Orc Sad Smilie
I sure hope it will last Sir Grondy Happy Elf Smilie
We've started out on second place, which mean we have be awake and vote if we want to be on top!
Still behind Sad Smilie
Behind, but we will improve our efforts, I presume! Serching Smilie
Sure we willHappy Elf Smilie
I voted (I think) but i was transfered to page that said the website is temporerally down due to lack of payment. Dunno if that usually happens, but it took me ages to get back onto PT after that message showed up.
Well, all I can say, is that it's back online now so we can start voting again!!! I'm sure your vote will be counted, although if you read back a few pages, there is a guide (if that is what it can be called) and it tells you how you can see your vote being counted Orc Smiling Smilie

Or just to help you out:

log on.............. then click on on the brown box............... go on enter w/o voting............. then click our banner................ then hit backspace twice.............. then click the brown box again.................. and then go on enter and vote and we will have gone up by another vote!!!!

This will only work if you havn't already voted that day

[Edited about 4 minutes later Elf With a Big Grin Smilie]
PT is back in business, so keep on voting for a place in the sun!
Down by one: 8 to 7
Down by two 16-14 .Come guysSmile Smilie
Down by one; 16 to 17.
It's a tie 19-19Happy Elf Smilie
I had put us ahead by one, but now we're down by one: 21 to 20.
Back again 22-22 Happy Elf SmilieHave a nice day voting Waving Hello Smilie
Down by one 30 to 31 we are missing som votes!
We're now up by two for a bit. Happy Elf Smilie
And down we go again Smile Smilie
A new week and we are down by two: 6 to 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 to 1 Happy Elf Smilie

We have are work cut out for us. Orc Grinning Smilie
Down by one Happy Elf Smilie keep voting Smile Smilie
Tis equal now, but not for long, but hopefully in our favour Orc Grinning Smilie
Far far behind ..Come on Happy Elf Smilie
Only down by one today: 24-23-7-6
Still in second place Smile Smilie
That's okay. It's so lonely at the top.
I presume we have to give an effort to win back the top place, so let's do it! Paranoid Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie
We're back on top by one: 36 : 35 : 8 Happy Elf Smilie
But it won't last without more help.
I post at the start of the day, but I still cant right at the end of it............. I only wish that we could secretly post twice................ Wiggle SmilieWiggle SmilieWiggle SmilieWiggle SmilieWiggle Smilie
I only wish that we could secretly post twice................

Now now, we're not at Tolkienforums here...
Here there and back again Happy Elf Smilie On Top
3 Votes behind Tol E Happy Elf Smilie
I'm voting everyday! I make sure to to do this with my first log on of the day- just incase it becomes a crazy/bus Juggling Smilie y day for me.
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