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up by 15, looks like we may be the winner again; but then we knew that, didn't we: 62 PT, 47 NK, 43 MB
Hey, that looks great to me.
We're on top, but we're all tied: 14 PT, 14 MB, 14 NK
Not any more, I just pushed us ahead by 1, to 15.
We're still leading, but it is quite tight: 24 PT, 23 NK, 21 MB
26 to 24 now. Sorry I haven't been around much, the Sale of Bag End has suddenly reached a fever pitch the past few days -- lawyer stuff, mortgage stuff, home improvement stuff, inspections, the moving company, etc. I'm ready to collapse by nighttime. Now today we have to go out and order four appliances for the new house, Sears is gonna LOOOOOOOOVE us. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
27 - 24 now Orc Smiling Smilie

Do you think that on those other forums, they have a thread just like ours talking about how much they envy PT for being so great? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
For sure! Jumping Flame Smilie

29 PT, 26 NK, 25 MB
Good to be back and see that PT is number 1 Smile Smilie 31 votes
It is already Wednesday and we are only leading by 2: 10 PT, 8 MB, 7 NK
It's still Wednesday and we're up by 7: 19 PT, 12 MB, 9 NK.
The other sites are on vacation: 41 PT, 24 MB, 17 NK
Are the others still on vacation ? PT is number 1 with 19 votes Smile Smilie
They must be for the tally is now: 28 PT, 12 NK, 6 MB
Still on top with 39 votesSmile Smilie
It is already Thursday and we are up by nine, but that is basically by default: 15 PT, NK 7, 6 MB, 6 RA
Vacation time: 20 PT, 14 MB, 8 RA, 8 NK
I guess I'm the first to vote this week and therefor PT has only 1 vote , so come on membersSmile Smilie
It's already Thursday and I just put us up by only one; must be the dog days of August. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

12 PT, 11 MB, 7 NK
I can't remember when PT had so few votes on a friday ...anyway we are still number 1 with 17 votes Jumping Flame Smilie
the last day of the week and PT is still number 1 with 21 votesHappy Elf Smilie
I wonder where Tol Eressea has gone to, it always used to be equal to us Orc Going Huh Smilie

Planet-Tolkien - 14
Merry Brandybuck - 7
Eldamar - 5
Up by eleven: 21 PlanetTolkien, 10 Merry Brandybuck, 7 The Rralm of Arda, 7 Eldamar
Planet Tolkien is number 1 with 29 votes Jumping Flame Smilie
Another slow week, but were still up by six: 13 PT, 7 NK, and 6 VoE.
We have twice as many as we had in the above post and twice as many as our nearest competitor. Happy Elf Smilie
We have twice as many as our nearest competitors and our total is equal to both the sum and the product of the second and third place holders; however that still only leaves us with 4. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Well we still have the lead: PT 21, 10 MB, 10 NK
We still have twice the second place's score, but that probably won't last much longer as we have about half our high score as have they, their's: 26 PT, 13 NK, 11 MB
The two towers is number 1 with 12 votes and PT is second with 8 votes !Come on guys please vote for PTSmile Smilie
We've dropped back to third place with a mere twelve votes in three days.

It won't do me any good to complain; all I can do is exort you to do better, but I'm sure that those who read this thread daily always vote using one of the brown rectangular links at the bottom of most every page. If you haven't been, please do. Thanks
The new kid on the block is eating our lunch: Super Scared Smilie 39 TTT, 26 PT, 25 MB

Looks like we're relegated to second place until our voting members return. Orc Sad Smilie
Looks a little better this week: 13 PT, 9 TTT, 8 MB

Thanks Happy Elf Smilie
Watch out!! We are at a draw. 19 to 19 PT vs TTT. Where are our voters?
We are outvoted, but never outwitted!

Come on mates, push the button.
Orc Sad Smilie Down by four: 34 TTT, 30 PT, 19 MB
Down by one: 11 TT, 10 PT, 5 MB
Down by one today as well 18 to TT and 17 to PTSmile Smilie Please vote for PT
Jumping Flame Smilie PT is number ONE with 25 votes and TT is second with 23
Now we're up by five: 30 PT, 25 TT, 16 NK
Up by six now Orc Smiling Smilie
A fine start on the week for PT Jumping Flame Smilie Ahead with 4 votesSmile Smilie
Still ahead, but we have only 5 votes! Paranoid Smilie
PT is number 1 with 16 votes while Merry and TT have 11 each
We're back in the saddle 26 to 16!
My vote pushes us to 27!
Still leading with 32, this Saturday evening! The last Saturday in September 2007! Angel Smilie
Looking good: 36 PT, TT 21, MB17Go ahead and vote for us please, we still need to get our average back up to where it was earlier this year. Happy Elf Smilie
Barely ahead this week: 10 PT, 8 TT, 8 NK, 7 MB
Down by three: 28 TT, 25 PT, 20 NK, 18 MB

Come on peoples, we can do better and our average is slipping badly.
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