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I was thinking that might be it, but if so, Beren has changed it, as I remember at least one occasion where there was a tie and the site with the highest average was second (it was either us or Tol Eressea, as they had the highest average until a few weeks ago; I thought we'd never catch them.)
Its a tie between Tol E today Smile Smilie Keep Voting for your favourite Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
OK, my last vote of the week breaks the tie--for now. Should be an exciting finish; good luck to everyone (but especially us! Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie )
I also got to break a tie, so we are up 37 to 36, which brings the numbers back to more normal but we haven't yet got our average, though our average is up a couple points due to that odd-ball week where the cheaters were in vogue.
It was fun though.
Again its another new week and new possibilities for us , so come on PT Lets VOTE Deal Smilie
wooooooo im back yay, it was really wierd, i went to vote and we were top with 4 but tol eressea had 5, but we were top??? anyway i voted and its 5 - 5 yay

good to be back Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Good to have you back mate Smile Smilie
A new day and Im off to work Smile Smilieremember to Vote for PTSmile Smilie
I see the changes to the ranking system have been noticed. The position is no longer made by the votes from the week only... a lot of other parameters now decide which one should be on top. There are many parameters i can use and now i hope a better ranking has been created.

It is funny to see that PT is coming out nice now, but then again it probably is because it is very active. The system counts how many times the votingbanner is loaded (it is on my server) and an avarage rule is aplied which is taken into account for a certain percentage. I'll not specify how the ranking works now, because last time it made people to start to cheat and abuse the system.

Hope you are now happy again with the list AND i'm happy to see the best sites on top.
Sigh, yeah, you have a point, and nice job; sorry we made you so much extra work. It never occurred to me that figuring out HOW the positions were tallied and posting it would encourage cheating (I'm naive like that sometimes.) And when I saw what was happening I confess I had a pretty immature reaction, sorry. Glad everything's hunky dorry. For those who were curious, experiment number two was going to be to set back and let a certain other site wallow in it's huge lead until Friday or Saturday, then top them by one and see what happened. I'm glad it wasn't necessary.
When I logged in this afternoon just before 3pm PDT (pushing 11pm P-T time, 10pm GMT) our 'Vote for Us' link was missing from the website. I went over to and clicked on their 'Vote for Us' link without voting and came back to P-T and our 'Vote for Us' link was back and I voted. I don't know if I got the link back or if Beren's server was being worked on; anyway we are up by 2, 13 to 11. Happy Elf Smilie
I guess it was me working on it... as i said i was improving the listing system! It was indeed needed because the idea is to have a list of the best Tolkien sites and not of the best cheaters... i'm happy to hear the new system is better. It took me some great effort to make the improvements.
Thanks Beren, I think you have it about right; there are now three of us tied at the top with 16 apiece. Happy Elf Smilie
We're up by one, 33 to 32. Happy Elf Smilie
well a new week has started folks, i guess that we won the previous vote, but we are ahead (yay) and its 2 - 1!!!!
Still number !Smile Smilie
hmm i see that Tol Eressea has a new banner, i nearly clicked on it but then i thought NO as i would have voted for them lol, but still number 1!!!!!!!
its wierd, at the point of clicking on our banner, Tol Eressea is below us yet they have more votes than us??? anyone else see this or is it just me???
If you read a few posts back, Beren says he changed his algorithm so first place is no longer just based on the number of votes, but takes into account historical data, plus a secret ingredient or two. So yes, we can still be in first place while actually having fewer votes than the second place Tolkien based website. Happy Elf Smilie
Sorry about the confusion on the Tol Eressea banner! Ha Ha Ha Smilie I changed our website to a different background and banner - so I decided to change the link banner too.

I have no clue why votes show the discrepancy, I hope its because of visitors to each site. The more popular the site is, the more visitors to the site, the more 'weight' the site has on the top list. Thus the votes numbers will not completely reflect the total numbers.

I vote for PT, TE, RR and TL (Planet-Tolkien, Tol Eressea, Radio Rivendell and Tolkien Library) In my opinion they're all excellent sites for what they offer and they deserve to be at the top!
Dont forget to VOTE for your favourite Smile Smilie
Continue to VOTESmile Smilie
Vote for your favourite Smile Smilie Mine is PT

its 10 - 7 keep going we need to keep this lead!!!
Still voting for PTSmile Smilie
WOW, 22 - 16, we are streaking!!!!
Keep voting Smile Smilie
vOTE . VOTE .VOTE Deal Smilie
Is it nessersary to keep saying 'Keep Voting!' ever few hours?
Is it really a problem , or do you have to argue about everything in the threads .I will let the CM decide about this . sorry if it bothers you so much
No it doesn't bother me at all. I just wonder why, when its already on the posts above, do you feel the need to re-do the posts again and again. In most forums it known as spamming.
How dare you young sir!!! (this is my serious tone Elf With a Big Grin Smilie )

It is imperitive that we continue to post here, you see without us well we would surely go down in the votes as when we post, as you well know, the title of this thread; VOTE FOR PT, appears at the top of the threads list for all too see. It maybe be just me but whenever i see the thread on the right, it reminds me to vote, and im sure that other people do as well. Thats why Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

Either join us or die!!!! I (in the nicest way possible!!! Orc Grinning Smilie )
Loss Smile Smilie Loss Im sure that the rest knows what we mean need to use those words at the end.....And Im sure you didnt mean it....I will continue to vote anywaySmile Smilie
of course i didnt mean it, Elf With a Big Grin Smilie purely a simple threat to help everyone vote *reaches for sharp implement* theres no worry really, im going to vote nonetheless Orc Smiling Smilie

Vote PT!!!!
I'm not. Bwhahahahaha.
But I still doSmile Smilie
We're still in first, but behind by two (3, 4, 5) after I voted today. Also our vote total dropped last week, even if we remained on top.
Still behind today so keep voting for your favourite Smile Smilie
Come on guys, we are one down, we gotta be one up!
Count me in then LossSmile Smilie
Consider yourself counted, except we are down by 2, its 13 - 11!
Three way tie at 13 now. Happy Elf Smilie
PT and TE are second to a site that has only 3 or 4 active members. Continue voting! I already did for today.
Sure will Waving Hello Smilie
I go for that, reckon I'm counted in! Snowman Smilie
1st today Happy Elf Smilie
wooooooooo, 1st, i havnt seen that in a while *sighs*, 22 - 20!
We are the chanpions once again !!!!!!.Good to be on top!!!Keep voting pt.
Still up by one: 37-31-36 Happy Elf Smilie
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