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A new week has started and PT is second with 2 votes , NK is number 1 with 3 votes...Please vote for PT Smile Smilie
Up bu only one: 16 PT, 15 NK, and 10 TE
Hey when I click the link at the bottom of the page, it just brings me directly to the rankings, I don't see the page with "Enter and Vote" and "Enter and Do Not Vote". This happens in both Firefox as well as Internet Explorer. So then I tried it from my pc at work and I DID see the Vote/Don't Vote page. Is there something wrong with my browser setup at home? Or is it automatically voting??
It may be your browser setup; though I'm a know-nothing about how these things work. Have you tried using the link in the first post of this thread? That's the one I usually use. I do find if I use the URL of the page with the two choices, it bypasses that and goes directly to the Top 100 List. Anyway, I don't think your vote counts automatically if it bypasses the two choice page.

And we are down by one and a newcomer is now in third.
We are at a tie at the moment, 32 a piece... Will someone take us to 33???
Ahhh, I found the problem. Turns out my browser is okay -- the problem was my firewall software. By default it blocks referrer strings between different websites.

In case anyone else ever has the same problem -- I added "" as a trusted site:
  Information About Your Browser: PERMIT
  Information About Visited Sites: PERMIT
  Cookies: PERMIT
(This is in Norton Internet Security 2005, but I think most firewalls have similar settings.)

So I see we have a comfortable lead now, 38 to 32! Happy Elf Smilie
Were in third: 13 NK, 10 TE, PT 10

Come on folks; you can do better, please.
PT is number 1 again ..Jumping Flame Smilie
And remaining that way too Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Ohhhh, so is THAT what all the other sites mean when they hold up one finger to us? They're saying "YOU'RE NUMBER ONE, YOU'RE NUMBER ONE!"

Right??? Elf Winking Smilie
Assuming that's their index finger and they haven't just been picking their collective nose. Orc Grinning Smilie

Up by seven: 41 PT, 34 NK, 26 MB, 21 TE

I hope no one has been cheating by voting more than once per day per IP address. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
We don't need to stay on top that way. Angel Smilie
*slowly slides way over to the plug packed with various extensions and slyly switches off other computers with different IP addys....* Orc Grinning Smilie
Down by one: 15 NK, 14 PT, 8 TE, 8 MB
Still in second place with 21 votes ..NK is first with 23 ..COME ON Smile Smilie
Down by a bunch and a lot of new names are pushing us for second.
Well apparently the vast majority of users don't bother voting. That site allows one vote per person per day, and I make sure I do it, so that's my "7" each week. I see we're only up to 41 this week, which means only about half a dozen people are voting (assuming they vote every day).

Maybe you need to be a little more "blatant" about soliciting votes from the general population around here. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I always vote every day Smile Smilie We are down by 9 votes...That's never happened before ...SAVE PT and vote please Smile Smilie
We are down by 10! Orc Sad Smilie Maybe our votes each day aren't enough... Northern Kingdom are having a lucky week is all Orc Smiling Smilie
A site deticated to merry?? No offense but i think that we are far better than a site deticated to merry...
I really am going to start voting a little more often...
(it would not be right if a merry site would beat us...)
Down by seven: 54 NK, 47 PT, 39 MB
Down by three: NK 18, PT 15, MB 14

Come on down folks, the voting is easy and the summer is fun.
I just voted, we're only down by 1 right now (18-to-17).

Hey Grondy I figured out one way to "get out the vote". How about attaching a little "signature line" type of thing underneath all your posts? Nothing fancy, just a quick note and the link. I figured since you're a CM, that should be allowed if you wanted to do that, right? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Maybe something like this:
Vote for Planet Tolkien!!! Click here
WE are number 1 again with 21 votesJumping Flame Smilie
We're now down by two.

since you're a CM, that should be allowed if you wanted to do that, right? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
That would be fine Meneldur, except no one but Grep can add things like that, and he has been ignoring our pleas for improvments.
Nah, only down by one now.

Too bad about the .sig, I realize that it would be rather a pain in the rump to manually paste that into every message. Plus it would look odd since no once else uses a signature. Wink Smilie

I hope Grep decides to implement some of the improvements you guys have asked about. But I know how it is with web development -- when a website is working fine, you just hate to touch it and risk breaking something. I see what we go through at work when that happens.
Number 1 Jumping Flame Smilie
Up where we belong!
And there we shall stay, a steady four votes ahead!!!
Sorry brother , PT is second again Sad Smilie
Actually we're up by two. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Up by three: 54 PT, 50 NK, 38 MB
Number 1 with 60 votes , keep it up folks Smile Smilie
We're still in the lead, but it's close! 61 to 60!
2nd with 6 votes and being led by 1.
Up by two: 20 PT, 18 NK, 14 MB, 11 TE
Thursday ..and I just voted Smile Smilie PT is second with 30 ..3 behind NK Smile Smilie Come on
I just voted and we're up by one. WOO-HOO!!!!!!!! 35-34
We were down by three after I voted yesterday, but now we are tied for first place:
56 PT, 56 NK, 40 MB
Currently in third place, down by 2: 17 NK, 16 MB, 15 PT

We can do better please. Happy Elf Smilie
Second place with 22 votes..I agree with Grondy we can do much betterSmile Smilie Please vote
We are tied now for first, so it's a good thing as long as someone votes!!!
I put us back on top, but is a very tight race: 25 PT, 24 NK, 23 MB
46 leading Nk by 4 votes. No 1 Again, we are precioussss!!!!
51 votes and we are number 1 Smile Smilie Back in the gameJumping Flame Smilie
Right now we're up to 53, ahead by 6. Elf Smilie
Wow, have we ever been so far ahead? Some sorta record... it stands at

Planet-Tolkien: 64 Orc Smiling Smilie
The Northern Kingdom: 49
Merry Brandybuck: 43
65 to 49 now. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Well, Northern Kingdom (usually our biggest competitor), that's an RPG? (That's what the tag says under their banner on the voting website.) I'm wondering, maybe now that school is out fewer kids are around? Sent off to camp or whatever. The last week of June is also a big week for families to take vacations...I know we always did that when I was a teen, we would NEVER go away on July 4th because of the holiday crowds, we'd go the week before.
Number 1 with 27 votes NK is second with 26
Only up by one and it's very tight this week: 27 PT, 26 NK, 25 MB
PT is number 1 with 47 votes and NK has 36 Smile Smilie
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