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WB Loss, I brought back into the tie for second.
Well, even after losing a couple days, we are still tied for second with NK at 114, but TT has more than the sum of our totals added together. Gee Whiz, maybe TT wil get tired of their game or more of our members will return to vote.
Back in third, behind by one: 279 TT, 137 NK, 136 PT
Well, with just a few more hours left in the month (I think the Tolkien Library originates or has its clock in the USA) we are in second place by two votes: 306 TT, 149 PT, 147 NK

Thanks to those of you who voted for Planet-Tolkien in February. Happy Elf Smilie

But this also means that less than five of us cast our vote every day, and I admit to missing a couple days. Orc Sad Smilie

As we sports fans say after a losing season, "Wait 'til next year," or rather in this case "Wait 'til next month." Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Starting our March -run, being second and struggling forward!
Third place with 10, chasing second with 12, who, in turn, are chasing first with 14...
Chasing second still with 16, next is 17 and the leaders...25
In second by two with 20; leader has 32.
Looking better this month; were solidly in second: 76 TT, 39 PT, 30 NK
Still holding our own in second place: 87 TT, 59 PT, 53 RA, 53 NK

Please don't forget to vote daily.

Still a strong second...

TT 90 PT 60 NK 54
Oops, were now in third two back of second: 154 TT, 82 AR, 80 PT
Double oops! Orc Sad Smilie Were mired in third, nine back of Realm of Arda and way behind Two Towers.
But then they are both RPGs and ours are in the doldrums.
Closing down on Realm Of Arda with seven votes in between including my just counted vote...

163... 97... 90 PT
with 123, only down two from a tie for second place
Back in second place by four: 248 TT, 130 PT, 126 RA

Please continue voting daily.

So close to second!!!

263 TT ... 136 ROA... 135 PT
136 and second place for PT! TNK also has 136, ROA 133.
So vote vote vote! Smile Smilie
Looks like the link is broken at the Tokien Library end today, for I coudn't vote from their website either.
The link has been fixed and with 151 votes we are back in third place two behind NK.
This month doesn't look good: We are five votes back of Northern Kingdom and will probably end the month in third place.
New Month, new Tally...

We are behind first by one... 6...5...4

Grep, compliments on the new avatar... Ravens having a good ole chat like in Dumbo? Wiggle Smilie
Holding our own; much better: 23 TT, 22 PT, 21 NK
We are, and with my vote it pushes us into a tie...

23 PT... 23 TT...
ditto 32 PT, 32 NK, 28 TT
Back in second by four, but no one is way out in front this month, so it is ours to win.

52 NK, 48 PT, 44 TT
We are back in first place by two: 72 PT, 70 NK, 54 TT
Still in first; maybe the role players were just there for Spring Break?

81PT, 77 NK, 59 TT
Back in second place; down by three: 103 NK, 100 PT, 70 TT

Thanks for continuing to vote. Happy Elf Smilie
Down by two, 103 to 101!
In first place by one: 117 PT, 116 NK, 79 TT
Just about in front by one...

122 PT... 121 NK...
We are up by 2, 123 to121! Cool Smilie
Police Smilie Watch out all ye happy voters!! So Angry Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie So Angry Smilie We are passed by NK 128 to our 124.
We are down by two, closing the gap, with 130 to 128
We're breaking even! 132 PT & 321 NK! It would be nice if we close up to win this month!!! Angel Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Angel Smilie
I snuck us out of the tie with NK and now we have a one point lead with 133.
We still have a one point lead, 134 to 133....... Smile Smilie
In the front seat at the moment; 139 to 137! We do have a chance to be "up where we belong...."
We now have a 3 point lead! 141 to 138............... for now.........
Now a 4 vote start!

142 PT - 138 NK
With the resest, it is a tie 4 PT to 4 NK, keep voting! Wink Smilie
Voted in PT 10 to NK 9. We're in the lead!
We now have a comfortable lead, 14 to 10! Keep up the voting! Smile Smilie
Am I the only one getting an error msg when trying to vote/connect to
No, mine just started today...... hope it gets better soon
We now only have a two point lead, 27 to 25
Up by three...

28 PT... 25 NK
32 PT 28 NK
We now have a comfortable lead, for now, 35 to 28!
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