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Good one Aragons'lady Smile Smilie By the way ,I loooooooooooove your avatar.Happy Elf Smilie
Well we are now ahead by one, but are down in total and our average dropped partially because I accidently locked my firewall in 'block all' mode Saturday and it took until this morning to figure out where I had done it and how to undo it. I NOT!!! I R Stupid.

Happy Elf Smilie Anyway, it is good to be back, for I didn't really enjoy the forced vacation away from you.
Up by six: 28 - 22 - 10
A new week and I just put us ahead by one: 5 : 4 : 2
However our weighted average is down by 0.1, so in case of a ties, we will be placed in second.
Yes Sir and that's why I have voted Happy Elf Smilie
November ,and we are on the top of the list so far Happy Elf Smilie
And that wasn't far enough Mel. Even if it's still NOV!! Today we are down in the dump. Gotta do something, everyone!
Well gang, we're only down by four 33 : 29 : 8

All is not yet lost but we must get more votes tomorrow if we want to regain the top.
A new week and we are sharing first place with Tol EHappy Elf Smilie
Now up by one: 14 - 13 - 5 - 5

Looks like our Norwegian contingent was absent today.
True Sir Grondy Smile Smilie But I've done my voting today Deal Smilie
Yup, and we are now temporarily up by five: 21 - 16 -7 - 6 Happy Elf Smilie
Still number one Thumbs Up Smilie
28-26-9! PT is up by 2!
Do we remember the results from last week; do we bother? Good and Evil Smilie

Let's be alert!!
Let's be alert!!

Q: Whats a lert?

A: I'm a lert; you're a lert; he/she/it's a lert; in fact, we're all a lert.

Orc Grinning Smilie
Our first vote this week Thumbs Up Smilie Have a good week everyone Waving Hello Smilie
We're in second place, tied for first: 11 - 11 - 4 - 3
Still tied with Tol E , this time 17 - 17 Happy Elf Smilie
We're at top, but it's still close! Very Big Grin Smilie
Still on top Happy Elf Smilie 5 ahead Tol E Smile Smilie
Still on top and ruling! Angel Smilie
A good start this week as wellHappy Elf Smilie
PT is still on the top of the listHappy Elf Smilie
A new week and we are at the top of the heap, as I think we were at the end of this past week, for we had a 14 point lead late Sunday. Me thinks the opposition or rather our fine neighbors at Tol Earsea went home for the Thanksgiving Holiday, but they will back in force this week. So keep up the good work peoples, by voting.
I sure will Grondmaster Happy Elf Smilie
Well, the week is almost over, but were only up by one which probably won't hold up. 39-38
Now were in second tied for first: 11 - 11- 5 - 5 - 4
I've been away for some days and I have not been able to vote.. but now I'm back and my vote is of course for PT Happy Elf Smilie
We are in the lead, by 17 to 13. Let's keep it that way, be alert everyone! Angel Smilie
Still ahead Happy Elf Smilie KEEP voting
Is it me, or can everyone see that we are way ahead all the time??? Usually, Tol Eressea are about level now, but we are 10 ahead...... tis strange, although great for us, still very strange.......
My vote today put us over our weekly average and we are still nine ahead: 39 - 30 - 9 - 10 -10 - 10
Still number one Happy Elf Smilie Keep voting Smile Smilie
On top where we belong! Jumping Flame Smilie 23 - 11 I do like this, but keep alert good friends! Wary Smilie Super Wow Smilie Wary Smilie
The last day of the week and PT has 34 votes over Tol E 15 Jumping Flame Smilie
PT on top!!!!!!!! Jumping Flame Smilie I
And intending to let it be that way! Waving Santa Smilie
We are still ruling; PT on top by Christmast and with a margin! Angel Smilie Elf Smilie Snowman Smilie
We can all celebrate X-mas knowing that PT is number ONEWaving Santa Smilie
Best Christmas ever!

Liverpool is doing pretty well in the League.

Nobody has given me presents I don't know what to do with.

Pt is on top!
Well, the week recently started over and we are now listed in third: 4 - 3 - 3. Still, it is early days.
And now we are back Smile Smilie At the top Happy Elf Smilie
Still on top Smile Smilie 10 ahead Tol E Happy Elf Smilie
Yes, 23 - 12 - 11 - 9 Obviously the other sites are having member vacations for we are about average for this far into the week.
It really seems that way Grondy :PT number 1: 28 and second Tol E : 14 ...This is indeed a good start Happy Elf Smilie
It 's the last day of 2006 and we are on top of the list Smile Smilie What a way to celebrate the NEW YEAR Pary Smilie
We do have a fair chance to be on top into 2007. - 42 - 20 - 18 Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie

Liverpool is doing pretty well in the League.
Fair enough, and to my joy Man U are winning while Chelsea are in a struggle! Life is good to me these days! Elf Winking Smilie Angel Smilie Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Angel Smilie Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Angel Smilie Elf Winking Smilie

Happy New Year everyone!!!! Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie
Moderator Smilie Manchester United!!!!!!!! Moderator Smilie

We are always in front, that's what we like to see.........
A brand new year Smile Smilie Vote for PT Happy Elf Smilie
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