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Apparently it's whomever breaks the tape, because while we currently have 8 votes, as does Tol Eressea, THEY are number one, we are NUMBER TWO! *beats non-voters*
I still don't seem to be able to vote. I click and click and I get nowhere.

thats the same with me i click on our banner and i go on it again and its the same, is it the time difference from UK to America??? We are top yay
I can only speak for myself, but I believe based on experience voting just after midnight that my vote is logged as soon as I hit the "click here to vote" or whatever it's called. So I can't find a change either, because as soon as I hit the link it loads an updated version. Try this: next time you make the attempt, click "enter w/o voting," check the tally, then backspace and hit "enter and vote." It might take more than one experiment, too, because I understand votes don't always register immediately. But I believe if you click "enter and vote" at the gateway your vote is logged; mine is, and I'm in the States.
And you are only allowed to vote once per week else we would have at least 100. Elf Winking Smilie

Currently our 14 leads Tol Eressea and the rest of the pack by 2. Jumping Flame Smilie
okay thanks Mor ill try that, and by the way we are streaking!!! 17 - 12 yay!!
Still number ! !!! YEAHSmile Smilie
After a couple brief scares, one just a few hours past when Tol Eressea was within three votes, it currnetly stands thus:

1. PLANET TOLKIEN: 43 Votes This Week, 46.6/week, 5/5 Stars,

2. Tol Eressea: 35 Votes This Week, 43.1/week, 3/5 Stars,

3. Radio Rivendell: 21 Votes This Week, 31.9/week, 5/5 Stars.

So we're up by 8, and we're eeeever so close to beating Tol Eresseas average with our current total; on straight averages we're up by 3.5. That's the good news; the bad news (or more good, depending) is voting is open for the next 70 minutes, so we could quire reasonably still lose out at the end. Those who HAVE voted: in an hour you can vote again; who will have the honor of being first to vote for us this week (001 CDT is a great time to see if your vote was counted; if you click "enter without voting" you should see a 0, then backspace and hit "enter and vote" which will hopefully do the job.) Those who HAVEN'T voted, you get vote TWICE, once now and once in an hour. Carry on....
Great start this week Smile Smilie We are ahead by 5 votes , Tol E is second ..VOTE , VOTE Smile SmilieSmile Smilie
OK, so I tried my own experiment moments ago, results: we were ahead by THREE votes (which means we'd slipped; lead barely half what it was) 7-4, then I reentered voting and it went to 8-4. So either someone else had their vote registered at the EXACT time I entered, or it logged it instantly. I wasn't first this week, but I'm still in the top ten, despite not voting 'til almost 1700 CDT. What's wrong with you people? ;-p
hmm something similar to me, i clicked on the logo and went enter w/o voting and then clicked on our banner, then i went in again and went enter and vote and it went up one, is the system backwards??? it was 12 - 7 now its 13 - 7 and 44 people are online, come on guys!!!
YeahSmile Smiliestill at 1sth place!! VOTE VOTE VOTE !!
yay 21 - 15 now, i think its thanks to me, i did the same went in without voting then backspace and then went in to enter and vote anmd it went up to 21, the system must be backwards??? oh well were top guys keep going!!
Still number 1Smile Smilie Come on fellowsSmile SmilieVOTE !!!
Heads up, people! After leading by as much as 9, the bad guys are cutting into the lead like they do every weekend (and especially Sundays) and it's now 32-27, us, only up by FIVE. It's still ours to lose, but I remember a week where I went to bed on Saturday up by 12 and came back Sunday night to find us down by 2. VOTE NOW! And, of course, once again in about 8 hours. ;-p
OK, so we won, and, atm, we're number one again: We're in the lead by one vote over, well, everybody, because I'm not only the first PT voter, but the first poll voter this week. And I have no idea what happens in a tie; when I clicked "enter without voting" we were FOURTH, but now we're "unchanged" at number one. So anyway, I've broken the ice, and claimed "FIRST!" for this week; ya'll feel free to follow in my week and keep us where we belong: number one.
We're now in second place tied for first at 7 at least until it counts my vote, which it hadn't when I checked soon afterward.
We are officially second, 8-7, Tol Eressea. Where are the voters (ours, I mean?)
okay ive voted and we are 1 behind Tol Eressea so its 11 - 10, yay and we have 130 people online we should be well ahead Big Smile Smilie
Well done, Loss! And yes, we SHOULD, but as of this moment it's 13-11 Tol Eressea, with us holding steady at down by two and Silmarillion moving up fast. "There are 99 people online" is it too much to ask more than 10% of them vote? ;-p
We are number 2Sad SmilieCome on guys !!!VOTE for us!!
okay its now 15 - 12 and now ive got this system worked out, we are now 2 behind with 15-13!!!!! the 99 people online has flipped and is now 66 people online, mass amounts of logging off Big Smile Smilie
OK, people, let's get it in gear: we are now THIRD behind two DIFFERENT RP sites! I was all happy when I clicked in "oh, good, look; it's 15-14 now, we're catching up. " No, Silmarillion is; WE are falling FURTHER BEHIND. "There are 224 people online" and a little over 10% of them have voted. Sad. Where's the loyalty? Where's the hono(u)r? Vote NOW!!!

Glad you got things figured though, Loss (I knew you would.) As a PT Voter you're now eligible to attend our weekly group meetings in the broom closet. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
Still number 3 Tol E has 27 ....PT has 16Very Sad Smilie I dont understand it , it is 114 people on line !! Come on VOTE!!!!So Angry Smilie
okay, we are no longer third, i just boosted us up to 2nd!!!!!!!!!! but come on, how can Tol Eressea has 27 to our 19!!!!! come on!!!!!!! Angry Elf Smilie
I'm not even gonna ask how you did that, Loss, I'll just say thanks, for it was sorely needed. And reiterate the growing chorus: we're getting our a-ses handed to us right now folks, down EIGHT votes (we only have about twice that, total.) "Where have all the voters gone...." "There Are 315 People Online!" And Approximately 6% of Them Have Voted! More people have voted for Ulmo (and Varda) in these weeks poll than have voted for PT this week, and even given that I get to vote again the former (but not the latter) every time I disconnect, that's just sad.
Voting is a right, not an obligation.

Now go voting, or get banned.
OK, perhaps I was being too subtle: every time I load a page our "People Online!" goes up. It's gone from 579, to 581, to 582, to 583, to 584 and, when I finally got back to BUMP! 585. Our vote count is 21, which puts us firmly in 2nd place, 7 votes behind Tol Eressea. Unless Silmarillion got a couple votes while I was writing this, in which case we're THIRD! Disgraceful. Don't make me have to get sitebanned for threatening physcial violence!
Still number 2 with 625 on line ...go figureSad Smilie
okay, we are a little behind, but i put it up one more so we are definately second,

but try this........

log on.............. then click on on the brown box............... go on enter w/o voting............. then click our banner................ then hit backspace twice.............. then click the brown box again.................. and then go on enter and vote and we will have gone up by another vote!!!! just try it and see if is works for you.
Vote for PT before the last petal falls...
just 2 more votes, then we'd be equal to Tol Eressesa, 147 people online, come on Orc Smiling Smilie
Huh, that DID work Loss, even if it made me feel a little dirty. Now you've got me wondering if it's once/week or once/day; I tried it again (just as an experiment, mind) and it only worked the first time. And by the way, that brought us to down three: 32-29 Tol Eressea. C'mon, people, "vote early and vote often!"
We're only one behind now: 32-31.
We are even rigth now::
we are ahead 35 - 33 Tongue Smilie,

i think that your theory Mor, comes into play, its every 8 hours, it didnt work for me 2nd time round but it works for me the next day, but yay, we are ahead, and dont feel dirty, i think thats the way of voting Disturbed Smilie
wow we are streaking!!!! are you all using my method??? Its 44 - 35!!!
A new week and and a new beginning Smile Smilie VOTE for PT!!!
WE HAVE TWICE THE VOTES OF THE NUMBER TWO SITE!!! Of course, the number two site only has one vote. We were down, according to the site, with one vote for us and several others, now we're unchanged at first. Does that make any sense to anyone else?
well i dont know, but our scores had started to shoot right up after i put how to register your vote, apart from Mor, has anyone else used, it, i think that lots of our members are using it Big Smile Smilie
Hi there LossSmile Smilie Ive tried it but I cant see that it is working for me, anyway I vote for PT every day that Im on line so Im helping in some way arent I ? Smile Smilie
hi Mellon!! um try it tomorrow before you do anything else, log in and do it, it works once everyday i think Big Smile Smilie

oh and of course you are helping hehe
We are still number !Smile Smilie
Suilad Il'er!
I thought I might post here to let you know how the voting works on Tolkien Top 100.
When you click on the icon that says 'Vote for us at Tolkien Top 100' you go to a page that lets you either click on the enter and vote or the enter without voting link. By clicking on the enter and vote link it counts your vote for PT immediately. So when you are taken to the list of sites your vote is already counted.

You can vote once per day or as many times as you get a new IP number assigned *cough*

If you click on your banner or anyone else's banner you do NOT vote for them. You have to go through the official vote page each site owner sets up to be counted as a vote for any site.

I hope this clears up some confusion. Big Smile Smilie
Thanks (the tone indicates this was not just a random post.) Indeed, that's quite helpful, but I do note that each time I disconnect and reconnect I can click "Enter and Vote" the total goes up one. So apparently reconnecting counts as a "new" IP address. In practice, I think that amounts to a once/day vote, since most folks aren't going to be going by there over and over again (with reconnects in between) all day.
You are correct. Happy Elf Smilie
By shutting off their computer most people will get a new IP assigned when they start up again depending on how their provider's servers work and if you have dial-up or DSL or use AOL, etc.
So, the question goes.... what's the point of the poll, then?
hmmm, you could be right, i like my method better as when i do do that i cannot see the numbers go up i like to see my vote being counted, look up the page and youll see my method
Well, yes, I read your message previously. What you are doing is going in without voting to check the count then backing out to vote to see if it works. Voting works whatever way you do it as long as you click on the right link to vote. Smile Smilie

What poll lord Aragorn86? Elf Confused Smilie
the poll as in the tolkien top 100 poll
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