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a new week, and its 2 - 3 - 2 - 2, Tol Eressea is just about in front, come on guys!!
No one voted for us except me in the last 24 hours.

We are now 4 behind even if our average still holds us in the top spot.
oh no, it's 17 - 21 - 16, We are second!!!!! Guess who is first??? yes you got it Tol Eressea Sad Smilie come on guys
I voted for PT and for TE. Big Smile Smilie
And for Radio Rivendell and Tolkien Library
My favorite sites!
I agree , the best thing to do is voting for your favourite (s) Smile Smilie
Still on top, but down by one: 10, 8, 11
True true Grondy Wink Smilie We are at the top Smile Smilie
Still on top, but down by 2: 22, 20, 24

Still on top, but now down by 5: 25, 22, 30

>>>>>VOTE EARLY and OFTEN, PLEASE!!!<<<<<

Always do Master Grondy Waving Hello Smilie
Still on top, but now down by 6: 30, 26, 36

Thanks mellon Mellon. Elf Winking Smilie
oooh we are down now by 5!!!! I vote for the one site, my preciousssss PT *sneaks and hides in corner and mumbles to self*
A new week and a fresh start for PT 's votes so come on and give your support Happy Elf Smilie
okay we are 1 behind, but thats okay we gotta whole week ahead of us, 3 - 2 - 2............ keep going.................. remember to vote everyday!!!
Thanks for the reminder! I'll to do it entering P-T, but it's good someone are alert.
Yeah Orc With Thumbs Up SmilieWe are number 1 againHappy Elf Smilie
PT will always be number 1.
on(e) the road again! Snowman Smilie
as we are sooo good theres really no competition, its 11 - 8 - 9, we are ahead!!!
Except it really isn't a compatition, just a ranked listing of the best spots according to the fans.
That's why I keep voting for my favouriteHappy Elf Smilie
It is my favourie tooo!!PT forever!!!!!!!!!
thats what i meant Grondy, there ISNT any competition Orc Grinning Smilie but woooo were first!!
We are doing great this weekHappy Elf Smilie keep voting Waving Hello Smilie
its a tight one,

(PT) 26 - 25 (Sil)

its like an intense rugby match Big Smile Smilie
Still on top, but tied: 28, 19, 28
I think it's good to be tight to someoneBig Laugh Smilie
oooooo its 29 - 29, it is gonna be tight Mell
Voting & fighting for what is dear to us, can't be all bad.We are on!! Snowman Smilie
Still on top, but down by two: 31, 22, 33
That's why we have to continue votingHappy Elf Smilie
A new week and we need more votes Happy Elf Smilie
I Still on top, but down by five: 5-6-10
But climbing again in the no-competition, as far as I can see! Elf Confused Smilie
Still on top, but now down by six: 17 - 16 - 23
Someone has been forgetting to vote daily. Orc Sad Smilie
23 - 19 - 19 - 18!!! we are joint second, if you have 2 computers with the internet on them, you can vote twice, but that would be cheating, so say NO TO NO NOT NEVER NOT ALLOWED to use 2 computers to vote for PT, if that makes sense, work from the back to the front, it does make sense then , well to me anyways........
a new week of new votes, 2 - 1 - 1, we are just ahead Big Smile Smilie
So listen to Loss and keep voting Smile Smilie
Its a tie today Happy Elf Smilie
hmmm, id never even thought a Tolkien site that didnt have a banner would be in front, we are second though, with 16 - 15 - 14. keep going...
Corrections will be made! Justice will be done! Or something even more pompously .... Elf Smilie
Is anyone having trouble voting? Have you clicked on the icon to vote and gone directly to the top list instead of the vote page? It lets you rate but no vote page comes up. I have spoken to two people now who have this problem. No matter what they do they can't get the vote page to show.
oooh its very tight, we are ahead though, 21 - 20 - 19............
Right you are, Loss! Thight, but it's 22 and building up I presume!
WE're on the top of the list todayHappy Elf Smilie
Yes we are indeed and I'm glad!!!
Is anyone having trouble voting?
No, today I tried the Icons on the Home page, on the first post in this thread, and the one on the bottom of this page and had no problem getting to to the 'Enter and vote'/'Enter without voting' page.

We are still on the top of the list and ahead by one: 27 - 26 - 22.
Thanks for trying, it works since yesterday. Maybe Beren looked in here, checked it out and fixed it. Big Smile Smilie
It has been a good week for PT .We're on top with 36 .but the week is not over ..Happy Elf Smilie
woo, we are streaking (not literally) 37 - 31 !!!! Aye, i tight rugby match.....
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