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Top of the list now with 5 votes, but closely followed by the next with 3
I have voted twice! Just a Question Smilie , how many times can you vote in a week?
You can vote up to seven times per week as long as you don't do it more than once per day. Happy Elf Smilie Most of us first enter without voting to check the numbers and then back out and enter and vote, so we can see that our vote actually counted. "Trust, but verify." Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Up by three, but the total is rather pathetic: 12PT, 9 TT, 7 NK
We are up by 4, with 16 votes. the Two Towers has 12. Tongue Smilie
Tis 22 to 17 at 13:12 GMT + 0
A new week and were at the top with only two votes, but in a four way tie with MB, TT, and NK.
Well, we're now in second down by three: 11 NK, 8 PT, 5 TT
Now we are only down by one: 13 NK, 12 PT, 8 TT

Most everyone is off enjoying the Holidays, but thankfully some of you have been voting even though you haven't been posting. Thanks.
We are still down by one, 15 NK-14PT-12TT. Cool Smilie
Well, the week is almost over and we are still down by one as we have been for most of the week: 18 NK, 17 PT, 14 TT

Please keep voting daily peoples. Thanks
It's a tie Grondy Smile Smilie PT and NK have 19 votes now
A New Year and we're in third place down by four: 11 RA, 6 NK, 5 PT.

I think we managed we pull it out of the fire last week with a win, but this week it looks like there are only three of us voting again; our weekly average has been dropping for the last few weeks. Come on peoples, we can do better.
A realm of Arda is first with 12 ..Planet Tolkien is second with 6 votes ....
Pt is last with only 1 vote ...
We have no votes this week, as the link by-passes the vote/don't vote page and goes directly to the results page.

Something more for Grep to fix. Sorry
When it is fixed, how often should one vote? I have voted several times but am still a bit confused. Are there any guidelines?
Just once each and every day please. Happy Elf Smilie They automatically won't allow you to do more than that from a single IP address. Teacher Smilie

Many of us "enter without voting" to get the current P-T vote count; and then back-out; and this time "enter and vote" to see that our vote really did increase the P-T count

The problem we are currently having is probably that Tolkien Library's program isn't set-up to recognize our new dot-net suffix in place of our old dot-com one..
We now have three votes; maybe now you just need to click on our P-T banner to cast your vote. I'll have to watch more closely tomorrow.
I actually did sent a solution to Ant ... so he shoudl be able to solve it. It is plain simple, a little code switch he needs to add to the button. I especially changed a bit of code so my favorite planet can vote once again. You can vote as often as you wish by the way, I have some fun ways to see who has voted and who not, so go on... and vote Planet Tolkien to number 1 again! Hope Ant does read my mail and makes voting possible again real soon! If not voting can be done here
I still can't vote for PT.... Sad Smilie I don't know why, but others seem to be able to vote.....
I 've voted but PT has only 6 votes so far this week..Smile Smilie
NOTE: Until Grep/Ant fixes the problem, use the link at the end of Beren's above post,

I used it today and we now have nine votes and have climbed into seventh place.
Ahhhh.... my thanks Grondy, I just voted and we are still in 7th with 10 votes.
6th now with 11 votes. Only 66 votes to go before we are on top again! Wink Smilie

Thank you, Beren. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
wohoo!! Big Smile Smilie
i can see that beautyfull vote banner again Big Smile Smilie
We are now tied in 5th with 13 votes!!
Yeeey!! The 'vote for us' buttons are working again! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Pary Smilie Juggling Smilie
yep, got em going - I couldn't find the login for the top 100 - kindly pieter wrote a special gateway page for us!
Just cast my vote. I'm sure those numbers will fly to the top again! Wiggle Smilie
I doubt it, we are fourth in the list following The Two Towers MUD site who has a whopping 91 votes... I don't think we have even have half that number who are regularly active Orc Going Huh Smilie
So let's start voting. That's the only way back to the top! I'm casting my vote!
And if you read the fine print over there, the numbers are accumulated for the entire month so we can't catch up for our lost down-time. As the sports fans almost say, "Wait 'til next month!!!"
We're still in fourth place with 45; TT now have 125 for the lead. That missing two weeks really hurt us.
It's good to see that PT is climbing to the top
Third place now with 59 votes so far ..Come on Smile Smilie)
Still in third, but we have seventy now, doubt if we will be able to reach second, but wait till next month when we'll have a full four weeks to again claim our rightful position at the top. Wiggle Smilie
Third at 75, we are working our way back to where we belong!
Third at 76... Have we been steadily gaining votes closer to our opposition? They have all seemed to have gained a few new members in the last month... Should we advertise? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Well that was the end of the January voting!

We ended up quite respectably, consider our "outing". We start up quite well today, so let's start climbing/voting our way back to the top.
We are in second: 7 TT, 6 PT
Still in second, down by only three: 18 TT, 15 PT, 9 NK
Second with 19, 6 votes up TT at the top and 6 down to NK on third.
Well it looks difficult tp get back in the lead: our forum format can't competeing very well with their RPG format, like apples and oranges. Anyway we are in second down 19: 51 TT, 32 PT, 26 NK

Just keep on voting daily and maybe their attendence will fall off or ours will increase.
Down to third place, closest to NK!
In third place with 67, only two behind NK; TT is way out in front of everyone.
Well, today were back in second place, tied with NK at 74, but very far behind TT who have 135.
We are now in second place ahead by four: 150 TT, 80 PT, 76 NK

Please continue voting daily.

The members at TT and NK sure have woken up and are giving us quite a fight now. Perhaps they are more in battle with each other than with us, since they are both RPG-sites, but it does make voting a bit more exciting!

Yes, I vote and collect my Mithril every day, as every good PT member should. Or at least as often I (remember and) am able to . Wink Smilie
Again back in third place two votes shy of second: 189 TT, 94 NK, 92 PT.

At least we remain within striking distance of second place, though neither of us will be able to reach first place unless TT's RPGs become boring and I wouldn't want to wish that on them, for this is a friendly competition. Happy Elf Smilie
213 - 102 - 101

Still in third place... but veeery close to taking second... Silver is more valuable Bronze, and secretly more beautiful than Gold Orc Smiling Smilie
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