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Let's make this week a good one too . heh? Happy Elf Smilie
Believe we start voting today, you are on, M!
Were in second place: 5 - 5 - 4 and our average dropped down significently. Orc Sad Smilie
We are on 3 place.What's happening ?
no need to worry, we are now second, but 2 behind the leader......
But now I call for a voting effort, or am misreading the poll?
Third from top, down by four: 28 - 24 - 24. (It seems there are only six of us voting daily.) Orc Sad Smilie
I voted Big Smile Smilie
hmmm we have only 6 voting daily, so how many people are voting daily on The Sil forum site???
Don't know Loss Smile Smilie We are second 5 behind Tol E .
We are still second from the top and down by four: 45 - 41 - 37

I had just divided the number of votes by the number of days to get that six members; it is probably many more than six, but just not voting every day, like I was away Saturday.
A good start for PT this week Waving Hello Smilie
weve been pushed up to 1st now.................... yay, keep going us 6 voters (thats if there are 6 of us).........
A good start indeed Happy Elf Smilie PT has 8 votes so far !! Keep voting Smile Smilie
How long does the voting go for, or is it a never ending poll?
I think it's a never ending one since I vote every day I'm on PT Smile Smilie
How long does the voting go for, or is it a never ending poll?

It is weekly starting over each Sunday evening at midnight (in a timezone somewhere in the USA). Happy Elf Smilie

Back on top by six: 14 - 8 - 7, but our weekly average has dropped from the mid-forties to 33.3. (This means the one or two weeks of cheating have finally been averaged out and the numbers are a bit more indicative of the real world.)
Good Sir Grondy Smile Smilie We don't want any cheating to be number one Happy Elf Smilie It seems to me that we keep voting for our favourites and that's what's it's all about reallySmile Smilie
Well we're suckling from the rear teat. Cow Sleeping Smilie
We are in a very insecure second place this week: 47 - 35 - 34 Orc Sad Smilie

Please vote!
I have voted and also voted for Tol Eress’a. I have beat the bushes this week to get out the vote at Tol Eress’a (thankfully they have stepped up to the challenge) but its very disheartening to see a forum with only 3 active members gain 10 votes a day to catch up Sad Smilie

Keep Voting but lets keep it cheat free!
Cheat free, huh? That counts me and D-Rob out...

By the way, we are 4 up on 2nd place and 1.7 average up! Smile Smilie

Also, when did Tol Eress’a start to drop? They were always 6 votes up on us pre-summer... even when D-Rob and I were cheating...
Well done!

I think if we base our numbers on statistics and we have just one person who votes regularly go on vacation for two weeks, then the site suffers with a minus 7 votes per week. Thats a pretty significant drop in the total! Imagine if two or three regular voting members leave for a week or two! If your normal total is 44 (Tol Eressea was there for awhile) that brings it down to only 23!

So, now what are we gonna do when school starts, will it get better or worse? I guess only time will tell. Tol Eressea has several very active members who bother others daily to put in a vote. AND... I am not known as "Sir Spamalot" for nothing. Big Smile Smilie
What we are going to do is cheat, and yes, it IS possible...

That is, unless Grep prohibits me...

D-Rob sneaks away...
Don't cheat

Cheating just makes a joke of the whole thing.
I Yes, please don't cheat; just remember to vote for us once per day.

If you come here everyday, you don't even have to login, and use the link on our home page to vote for us, then we will have your seven votes each week. Were seven of us to do this each week, we would have and even higher total than our old weekly average of 45. Cool Elf Smilie
Ahh.... I was looking forward to it and everything...

D-Rob sneaks away like a kicked puppy...

!!!!IDEA!!!! D-Rob comes back as quickly as a.... uh.... word You see, I can only vote 5 out of seven days of the week, so perhaps i can vote three times just one day? Please?
Don't bother D-rob, just slink away and hide back under your rock. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
17 votes so far without any cheating I hopeHappy Elf Smilie
The idea of slinking back to my rock and hiding indefinately does have a certain appeal...

Oh yeah, kudos to me for not cheating yet...

D-Rob slinks away into the darkness... possibly to his rock...
Happy Elf Smilie 22 votes by now, so someone is more rocking than hiding! Are you a rocker D-Rob?Snowman Smilie
well we were tied at first, but i think i pushed us up to first now, but only one vote in it
it seems that we have gone down, as in no votes for a while, is no-one out there *looks out into the sea to spot distant voters sailing towards him*.....................
You are right Loss Sad Smilie We are number 2 with 30 votes Smile Smilie
Now you are tied with Tol Eress’a. Big Smile Smilie
Laur’findo, you vote for multiple websites, if you can answer this question; Which IS your favourite Tolkien Forum???
Tol Eress’a is my favorite but I vote for about 4 sites I think are great.
Good on you sir Smile Smilie I've checked out Tol E also and it's a good site :But my favourite will always be Planet Tolkien Smile Smilie Have a good dayWaving Hello Smilie
Tied for first: 39 - 39 - 20
my favourite will always be PT, we are a tad behind, 44 - 41.......
A new week again ,I feel that I've said this before.....Big Laugh SmilieAnyway let's make this a special one for PTHappy Elf Smilie
It's a tie with Tol E 20-20 Smile Smilie
I just voted Melie,we can be 1st
okay ive put in my vote for the day, and now we are up at the top now!!!
We've got 44 votes so far this week and it ain't over Happy Elf Smilie
Were second from the top and tied with Tol Eress’a for first with 50 votes each.
A new week, and we are not on top. Start voting folks! Elf Winking Smilie
Sure will Smile Smilie Have a nice week votingHappy Elf Smilie
it would be nice to know who wins each week, its so tight in the end, who won last weeks???
We are ahead and first, yay Orc Grinning Smilie!!!
Well, only one day to go and were still in second place down by nine: 40 - 31 - 25.
We better make an extra effort, we're still 8 under!
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