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hope this Rp can get started up well Smile Smilie

Adreia lights a candle, setting it on the bar. She sighs a little and looks around at everything, happy with her work on the tavern. Outside, a river rushed by gently, the sound refreshing. Some horses run around in distant fields near the mountains.
Welcome to PT Adreia! Its nice to see you started a thread, but as i see by now that its up to me to tell you this. There are not many people who write in the RPG threads, unfortunantly. There are several taverns already (try out the Khazad-dumish Inn Elf With a Big Grin Smilie ) and two three RPG threads that are barely visited enough so i just thought that i could warn you on the lack of visitors here. Join us in some of the RPG already here.

Yours truly, Etharion Timeweaver
Bradly walks into the tavern. He is wearing a long black coat that gos pass his knees. His hair is long and black. His eyes are a dark red. He is also wearing cheist and leg armor. He is carrying by his side a sword with the power of fire. Then on his back a axe made from dragon's skin. He sets down in a coner of the room.
Already inside, Andrea pounds the table and smacks her lips, slurring out, "Oy, barkeep, can I get another one of..." she peers dumfounded into her empty mug, "whatever this was? Thanks mate" She glances about her at the slowly filling tavern, waiting for adventure to saunter through the door. Or at least someone with character to bring life to her miserable day.
Thank you Etharion! How nice to be welcomed Smile Smilie
Oh well, that's fine...wasn't even expecting any responses! Thanks for your time everyone!
Adreia blinks and looks around at the people present in the tavern. She walks over to Bradly, wondering why he's in the corner.
"Excuse me Sir?" she asks, "wouldn't you rather have a seat at the bar or a table? It's better than the corner...would you like anything to drink?"
A tall female elf walks into the bar. Calenia is draped in a dark cloak w/ the hood up, wisps of copper colored hair escaping. As she walks, the cloak shifts to reveal a coiled whip and a short sword. Patches of shadow hide her pale skin as alert green eyes dart, examining her surroundings. She reaches Bradley's table and slides into the chair across from him.

Turning to Adreia, she asks for a half-pint of rum. She turns back to Bradley.

"I know I'm late. What have u called me here for?" Her eyes meet his as she waits for his reply.
The door swung open and in walked a young man who, from his looks, couldn’t have been more than twenty four. His clothing was dull in color and his boots were covered in dust from the roads. He wore a brown cloak with a hood over his face but he pushed this off his head soon after he entered. He was not exactly what most would call handsome. His hooked nose and dark eyes made one think of a bird of prey. His hair was black and just touching his shoulders and his skin was a dark tan from long periods of exposure to the sun. He walked with an odd swagger as seamen some time do when they first return to land, and although his hands were rough from hard work he had the air of a noblemen about him.

He took a seat at the bar, slapped his hand down on the counter for attention and said in a loud voice,

’The best of the house for me, I’ll have no less! And hurry it up.’

There was a sight trace of an accent to his voice, but only enough to show he was from some where to the south. He glanced around casually at the other customers taking note of their weapons as he did so. In this way he took a passing note of Bradly and Calenia.
He was in strange place and wanted to be sure of his surroundings. He glanced at the impatient Andrea and hoped that the inn keeper would be faster with his drink since she was apparently being made to wait.
Bradly looks up at Arwen. He saids in a deep vicoe"Well i guess i just wanted to see you and to talk to you." He stands up than takes off his coat now the peolpe can see his sword on his side and the axe on his back. He seats the coat down on the chair. Than sets back down. "So hows your day going,"he says. Than he waits.
Adreia nodded and poured Calenia her drink. She hurried to Andrea, filled her glass, then looked at the man at the counter. She poured him the best of the bar, then placed it by him and watched him drink.
'Only I get stuck with the lovely ones,' Adreia thought toherself.
Seeiing no conversation going on, she spoke up to this seaman.
"What brings you around these parts?" she asked calmly.
Cal slipped the hood back, revealing gold specks in the green part of her eyes. She took a long draught before answering Bradly.

" My day has been fine, though rather wet. And yours, Bradly?"
Bradly drinks then drink. He then says "thanks."in a cam vioce. He then says"Well im just looking for a plae to rest and heal"He then looks around.
Bradly turns and looks at awen. "It has been ok i just came back from a battle in the caves so. Oh yes it has been wet."
*tip toes into the thread and whispers to Brad (so she won't ruin the fun)*Psst... Arwens name is Calenia in this story...*tip toes back out* Angel Smilie
"What were u in the caves for anyways? And exactly what did u fight with?"

Cal leans forward and waits for his reply.

thanx for reminding him Amie. Smile Smilie
Bradly look at Cal. "Well i was fighting a banch of demons and i was froce in a cave." But i win it. Bradly looks at his right arm seeing it still is bleedingh.
Rolling her eyes, Calenia fishes out a scrap of cloth, grabs Bradly's arm and uses it as a tourniquet.

"Exactly how did u come across the demons?"
Bradly looks around the room trying not to answer it. He finishes the drink. Then says"thanks Cal."
He look a sip of his drink and then looked Adreia over carefully and with suspicion in his eyes, but after a moment he gave her a hint of a smile and said,

’It was my feet that brought me to these parts as evident from the dust on my boots.’ Here he kicked one against the side of the bar knocking caked dirt onto the floor.

’And if you need more explanation than that just know that I’m far from home and seeking’ a change. The pressures of my old life just didn’t hold the charms that they use to, to put it mildly.’

And that was putting it very mildly indeed. The reasons he had left his old life had more to do with the fact that the relative of the man he had killed was very powerful and looking for revenge. But he didn’t think it was necessary (or wise) to bore her with those details.

’But enough about me, there isn’t anything interesting to hear there. But I would like to know your name if that is alright. And do you own this place yourself? Or is there someone above you?’
Bradly looks at the man who just put dirt on the floor. He saids in a deep and loud viceo,"Are you going to clean that drit you just made or are you just going to keep knocking same on the floor." Bradly then stands up and walks to the man.
"BRADLY! Sit down and control your temper...You know this doesn't concern you. Honestly, sometimes I can't believe how immature you can be. I'm really not in the mood for getting you out of another bad situation."

Cal grabs Bradley's shoulder in an attempt to stop him, but he just brushes it off and keeps moving. Giving a sigh of exasperation, Cal puts her hand on the handle of her whip and follows after him, rolling her eyes.
The stranger heard Bradly but didn’t even turn his head. Instead he looked up at Adreia and said calmly,

’Is that fellow back there talking to me? He’s not the owner of this place is he?’ He thought to himself that if he cared so much about a little dirt he must be the inn keeper.

’I must say I don’t care much for the hospitality people around here show to strangers.’

He sipped his drink slowly and waited for Bradly and Calenia to reach him.
Icefangs walked through the door, and looked around the tavern. "People kept knocking me out too much, and too often, over at the Khazad-Dumish Inn, so I decided to come get a break for my poor head..." she said, glancing around again. She goes and sits at the bar, "I would just like some plain old ale, please," she says. When she gets her drink, she takes a small pouch out of her cloak and sprinkles its contents into the mug. When people start staring, she says, "Uh, medicine, for my cough."

Adreia smiled back some to the man some and answered, "Nay, I am the innkeeper. Don't worry, no fighting so long I'm around."
She looked him over thoughtfully, almost waiting for a new topic to come up. She sighed some, lost in her own thoughts for a moment, then decided on another topic. She opened her mouth to speak, but changed her mind at the last second and closed her mouth.
Instead, she looked up at Bradly calmly.
"Excuse me," she said, "I shall have no fighting in here. Please, mind you manners and your business, the dirt is no issue. It is my responsibility, not yours, so I suggest you go back to your seat before I have to do something about it. I mean no offense. The gentleman and I are just having a conversation, so please, pay it no mind."
Adreia looked back to the man, who was grinning happily, then went back to his original state when he saw her looking at him.
"Yes, I own this place myself. And my name's Adreia."
Bradly turns around as the lady saids that. He looks down at Cal."im sorry for the temper"He takes Cal by the hand and gos back to his set. As he passes Icey he tips her shoulder and waves."Hey Icey hows it going."He said in a deep viceo
"Oh! Hey Bradly, hey Cal. So, what are you guys doing here?" Ice turns towards them, smiling.

"Icey! It's so nice to see you. I'm here because Bradly asked me to meet him...before he decided to pick a fight. What are you doing here?"
Bradly saids"well im here just to rest and heal befor i go back to the fights."Bradly watches the weather turn bad outside. He askes if this place has a strom house.
The stranger glanced at Icefangs and thought she seemed like a very odd sort of person. He then looked back at Adreia as she spoke to Bradly,

’Well it’s nice to see you have your place under control Adreia. I really wasn’t in the mood to be a part of a local disturbance, not at the moment anyway.’

He glanced back at Bradly and said to her,

’Who is that Bradly anyway? Local trouble maker? If he lived where I came from he would either be some sort of chief or have his throat cut by now, more likely his throat cut I would imagine.’

He gazed at Calenia a moment in silence, then added.

’And who is the girl with him? Is she an elf? I’ve never seen one so close before’ there are none anywhere near my people.’

He was interested in finding out all he could about the area and the people in it and he figured since Adreia was the local inn keeper he thought she would probably be the best to ask.
"Well, like I said earlier, I came to get a rest from getting conked on the head over at the Khazad-Dumish Inn, It's not anywhere near here though," she said, then under her breath: "Hopefully that odd little dwarf, Loni, didn't follow me here..." She rubbed the back of her head, wincing slightly. She regarded the strange man at the bar with curiousity, then turned back around to talk to Cal.

(Ahh. nice to see some new faces in the ol'RPG's. I was begining to feel like a ghost with only my old gang here.)
Etharion walks in the door with his usual quiet fashion. He takes in the surounding and new faces and heads straight to his friends. "Hello dear friends." he says putting a arm around Ice's shoulder."What are the first impresions on this new place?"(and where is it exactly?)
(I agree with ya on us and our friends being the only RP'ers and I wish I knew where this place was...)
Ice clasps Eth's hand, and scoots herself closer to him. "Where have you been, Eth? You're usually the first to all the new taverns. 'Wine-testing' you call it. I call it 'first dibs on the booze'. I'm just picking at you, man," she says, smiling at him.

Bradly looks up his hat. "Hey Eth waz up man?" Bradly then ask for a round of rum at his table for his friends.
hahaha! I told u it was only a matter of time before Ethy followed her here Bradly! Wink Smilie
Before Adreia can go and get the drinks, Cal speaks quietly.
" Um,... Adreia...that is your name isn't it.... Anyway, I'll pass on the rum, I think I've had quite enough to drink already."

Turning back to her friends she smiles and takes off her hood.

"It's so nice to see you Ethy, what have u been up to?"
Bradly smiles and saids"Yea you told me." He listens as they talk.
hahaha! I told u it was only a matter of time before Ethy followed her here Bradly!

And the minute he got here she started flirthing. Does anyone spot a pattern here? Wink Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Exactly my point Amarie! :P

Looking at Icey, Ethy and Bradly, Cal waits to hear about Ethy.
Etharion seemed to have a slight headache so he looked like Jack Sparow."Well i was back home at the castle putting together another iron golem, when i started having this strange headache that suprisingly dosent hurt so much but rather makes me kinda happy and worryfree! I still cant find out the reasso..the resoo...the r e a s o n why it is happening! Its like i ate some weird mushroms." he said calmly.
** a voice breaks in**
"Oy! Mushrooms? Dear Lad, give'a here! Those are the foul poisonous mushrooms of Djarleen Wood! Pray you know which part of the wood ye found 'em in!" A tall woman, plain but somehow regal, stood before the group, clearly a stranger to them all. Wisdom was eched in her face, and she was dressed oddly for the region and season. "The antidote for those are to be found ten thousand miles from here. More than a day's walk!"
"I didnt REALLY eat some mushrooms! It was just a figure of speach missus. Sorry if i botherd you." said the elf still swaying gently.
Bradly is laughing in the background. He askes Eth how can you have a headcha if it dosent hate. He looks around the room for the rub but dosent see it.
Adreia looked at the man curiously, and yet was eager to answer his questions.
"No, I don't know either of them, sorry. You want anything else?"
Ice manages to stifle bursting out laughing with her hand, and ends up snickering. She watches as Eth sways back and forth on his toes, like he is dancing... Rather amusing to look at, might I add... She hands him her mug of ale saying, "Here, drink some of this, it might not stop the swayin' but the achin' it might help..."

Wile waiting for Adreia to answer him the stranger listened to the others speak. He was surprised to catch quite a few words and phrases that, although they appeared to be in the common tong, he found he had never heard before. Things such as ’booze’ and ’waz up’. He hoped these were merely local expressions since he had worked hard at speaking the common tong well enough so as not to give away where he was from.

He was suddenly taken from these thoughts as Adreia spoke to him again,

’Erm’ no, nothing else’ well yes, there is something. If you aren’t busy you can talk to me and tell me abut the area, and the local inhabitants do they always act so’ odd? I’m not even sure where this is and it would help if you could enlighten me.

((some of the others were wondering ooc where exactly this place was located, so if you have a idea for it you might want to make that clear now))
"Come, Wise one, your kind word of advice is wasted on these giggling, drunken fools. They will come running when this one (nods at Etharion) hits the floor." A young woman had arrived by the tall womans side. Standing next to the woman made her look small. She was dressed in a dark green hooded cape. She had blue eyes and her long brown hair hang in a braid down her back.

The woman looked at her. "Don't be so hard on them, Amina, they have just arrived." Amina bowed slightly. "Yes my lady. You are right as always." She looked at the others with her blue eyes. "Forgive me, resent events have made me suspicious and protective. I mean no disrespect. And if the fair Adreia would seat us by a table and find us rooms for the night, we would be most grateful." She smiled softly and it looked like that was a more natural look on her than the serious look she had earlier.
Bradly nods to the women. He saids"Hey yall keep it down now ok we has queens here now." Bradly stands up and walks over to the lady. he saids in a deep viceo "Hello my name is Bradly Chsim please call me Bradly i am sorry for my friends loudness" He looks at her with his dark red eyes.
O.C.C its voice not voico Bradly. Just think of me as your spelling corrector.Im still learning too so we can both practice this way.

Etharion bowed to the two women and said, "Drunks?My friends maybe, but not me. I dont even like alcohol so much. "he said while he waved off the oferred drink from him."May i ask you for your names fair ones?" he asked the two. He was acting completly normal and polite except for the swaying.
Deciding to follow Bradly when he moved toward the newcomers, Cal quickly made her way to his side, just in case he decide to let his temper take control again. She gave a sigh of relief as he apologized. Extending a hand to the two ladies, she introduced herself.

"My apologies as well, m'ladies. I am Calenia and seeing as I'm the least intoxicated, I'll make sure we stay quieter from now on."
Adreia cleared her throat to supress a laugh. He looked at the man for a second before speaking.
"They aren't local, nor do I understand their terminology. As for this? This is just a merry old inn, located in the mountains. No country in specific, if that's what you were looking for. Enough of my mouth, tell me about yourself. And is your name too much to ask...?"
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