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Hearing the footsteps behind him, the dark cloaked man turns to the two ladies;

"We have to go in. Lady Amina, what's your decision, are you coming in or not?"

Amina hesitated for a moment, then looked right into the darkness in the hood. The dark man turned to the entrance and talked;

"Alright let's move"

As the shades of the three were out of sigt, the black clouds have started to dance over the temple...
Silren followed her friends steps and readied her two swords. It was now our never. She gazed around and noticed the runes on the pillars and walls. "It is him, my friend. If we do not move fast, we will be too late." Silren closed her eyes and hoped to get a hint in which direction they had to move.

All of a sudden a voice boomed through the hall:

"No, not him! My friends we have to act fast!!"
Etharion was having difficultyes resisting the sudden urge to listen to the priest, but he threw it off with a strong mental shrug. He stood back from the priest and raised his staff. " I know the likes of you, dark priest. Anwser the question the lady asks and be off, want to keep that pale thing you call your skin. And dont try any more mind games, or ill use some more direct arcane forces."
The priest smiled again. "Didn't I tell you you may try to kill me? I have powers, young Etharion, you dare not to imagine. But very well, if The Master approves, I think the sacrifice can wait for a while. Ask away, and remember, the answers may be the last things in your life you know."
Etharion looked at the boastfull priest. "Oh im sure you have powers. All you perverted servants of evil have them. I just wonder how strong they are away from your master and without dark storms to keep the sun away. And you really should see more of the sun. Its good for you. But i see you dont give a damm about that." he said with a smile."Now wait for the questions (that i hope will come soon) and keep your forked tongue behind your teeth."
Amina looked into the darkness under the Ancient Ones hood. "Why would I not go inside when my Lady and my newly found Mistress is there? Never would I leave them. We have waited long for this day."

As the three of them had entered the building, the entrance appeared to be melting. Amina watched it dissaperar and the wall became solid. She ran up the stairs to where the shouting came from and without a word to her Ladys side.
"Etharion! Do not waste your time on this slave of the damned!" Laurelindhe saw that Amina was alongside her, and she was ready ."We have only one purpose now, and you will not be sacrificed today." She said to Etharion.
"Now, preist, that we have identified one another properly, you say you have powers, but do you have wisdom? Answer me this:
Number one: What is your master's true name? Call to him, for He is here.
Number two: What are the exact words of the Sacred Prophecy? Of course you will not know the end...but that is no longer important. And do not try to use her mind, I have blocked it from you." Laurelindhe said of Ice.
"And three:What secret realm did the first One come from? I doubt with all of my heart that you know this. Bring your master here! Show yourself!" She screamed at the walls to Him.
Silren had followed Amina's lead, but was not quite caught up yet. In the distance she heard Lady Laurindhe asking someone for the prophecy. And right at that moment the dark presence broke through her mental defences and brutally invaded her mind. Silren fought to find her bearings to remain standing but collapsed against the wall. She cried out in agony and prayed someone would come to her aid. ’Oh Ancient One, please deliver me’’ She cried inwardly.
Ice held the black sword at the ready, and just watched, silently, the responses of the evil servant. A new sense of understanding had come over her, and she felt she needn't say anything.

Etharion noded towards Laurelindhe at her response. He then waited for his anwser. He looked confusedly at Ice, he didnt really understand what was happening connected with her. "Ice...what, i mean who, exactly are you?"
As Silren fell down in pain he could not hear anything but the call of darkness. The Imprisoned One was torturing her mind and the only one to be able to save her seemed to be the stranger who just arrived the temple. As she opened her eyes in vain, she saw the dark hooded man by her side. He was on his knees and his right hand was on her head. He was talking in some strange language she did not know. As he kept talking, Silren started to understand some words, then the whole conversation. The hooded one was talking to the one who tortured her , the Master of the Darkness.

"Leave her, you have no right on her!" said the deep voice, but even a deeper and darker voice replied ;
"No right on her? She is of my blood! I have more right on her than you do! So if there is someone to release her, it is YOU!"
The Ancient One replied in anger ;
"You have brought her nothing but misery! She doesn't want you! She has already made a choice, and it was not you!"
The Dark Master was smiling this time;
"Her choices doesn't matter. She's mine. She always was, and always will be. Now now don't look at me in anger. You knew i'd be back when the time came and you never told her about it, have you? Stop worrying about her, she'll be fine, after all you were her teacher were you not? Now i will let you live if you leave now, and never come back"
The Ancient one was sad this time;
"I have already beared a hope that you'd be as you used to be. Alas all my hope's lost with your words... I will stay with her, until what end time brings, even if i have to sacrifice more than i've already have, i will stay with her."
The Dark master talked one last time;
"So be it fool! You will not leave this place alive!"

The great Darkness left Silren's mind as he finished his words. The Ancient One was on his knees next to her with his hood off. Silren looked into his eyes but instead of the fire that used to burn in them, she only saw the sign hopelessness. She took his hand between her two hands while she whispered;

"Lavok , are you okay? What has just happened"

The Ancient One, stood up instead of replying;

"We must go, your friends need our help. Can you move?"

Silren repeated with hesitation;

"Yes i think i can."

And the two moved towards the voice...
Ice listened to the voice of the dark one, and light went off in her head. She'd heard that voice before! She turned to Eth, saying, "If, my dearest Etharion, I knew what I were, or what is going on, you know I would tell you," though the voice that spoke the words did not sound like the regular Icefangs at all.

Amina turned to Icefangs. "You are the One, me dear. Our Mistress reborn. He fears you, you are the One chosen long ago to defeat Him. We have travelled far to find you, he has tried hard to stop us. It will come to you. Be not afraid." She smiled. "You have trained us well."

She turned to face the priest. "I hear His voice, but I can not hear yours. Will you not answer my Ladys questions?"
Ice nodded and felt suddenly as though she commanded a great power. "I, I, Eth..." she said softly, turning to look at him, "I am a reincarnated sorceress..." She turned back to the evil one, awaiting his answer.

Am I right though, a sorceress?

Bradly stands there watching and listeing with a joy on his face. Bradly looks over to Cal. Then to the others.
Silren was still puzzled by the events earlier. Did she understand some of it? Or..... She kept her eyes fixed on persons who stood at the end of the hallway seemingly talking to a robed person. 'No, Lavok always stood beside me, he would not lie to me,' Silren thought to herself, pushing aside all doubts. Both hurried across the hallway to hear the following words spoken: "I am a reincarnated sorceress..."

Silren and Lavok exchanged glances..
"No one is taking her anywhere....." he stood before the priest, sword and staff ready, and teeth bared. " I dont like your tone Dark One, and even less your temple... Im starting to get annoyed." The fluying energies of the temple stoped suddenly, as if the transformation was over on the former Tavern.
Steps out of the shadows his broadsword in hand. "There will be no taking of this person." goes into his battle stance. brings his sword to the ready and it starts to glow faintly then stronger and stronger.
A dark cloud rose up above the priest.


Silren stared at the elf that hat stepped out of the shadows. His golden hair shone like a beacon in the night. The sword started to glow and instinctively she stepped in front of her mentor readying her two swords as well and ignored the booming voice. It was time to finish this once and for all. "If you want her so badly, you have to kill us first" she cried defiantly.
Steps infront of the priest. "Go ahead try and take the girl." his eyes reflect the bright light radiating from his sword. "You will have to kill me first." plants his feet and looks into the priests eyes.
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The priest smiles softly, and looked at Drizzt. The priest's eyes began to glow, and Drizzt began to float. Drizzt was crushed against the wall and became unconsious. "Muahahahaha! I told you not to challenge me!"
Silren acted quickly and whirled around the priest, slashing him low; hitting his knees as a result. The priest fell on his knees and Silren held her sword at his throath. She knew she had him there. One small move and he would be dead. "Now, bring on a more serious candidate Evil one!!"
Laughter boomed out.

The body of the injured priest dissolved and faded from sight. From the darkness walked another robed figure, identical to the previous one.


Again there was laughter, menacing and evil. The priest smiled.

Gildor - we have a problem here! Can you delete the bit about disappearing with Ice. The priest can't grab her that easily. And we want a bit of confrontation with the Big Bad etc. Please. Pretty please.
Wakes up shaking his head a bit and the sword flares to life glowing as bright as the sun as he angerly gets to his feet and moves toward the priest his eyes imune to the glow as if by magic. "You made a fool out of me priest and now i will take your life." steps closer to the priest bringing the brightly glowing blade up for a strike.
The brightness of the sword dispelled some of the dark above them and reflected off the shiny dark walls. There was a scream of sudden pain from somewhere high in the temple arches. For a moment the figure of the priest wavered then he turned and walked back towards the sheer and inpenetrable walls, disappearing through them as though they were a fine mist.

The sword continued to shine while the others shielded their eyes against its billiance. Elven runes along its blade glowed with many colours and the power, forgotten by its creator but forged with it, ate into the evil surrounding them.

The temple shuddered but slowly the darkness strengthened.


Clears his throat and shouts "I challang ye." the sword glows brighter because the priest got away and his rage is still building. "Come if you dare." he plants his feet securly and holds the sword at the ready.
Amina grins. "Yes come, Makoa 'The Maker'! You are no maker, you are a copier. And a coward. Stop hiding behind men in robes and face us!"
Sorry, guys, I went somewhere with my family yesterday...and yes, Ice, as far as I'm concerned you are a sorceress/elf/assasin/warrior/whateveryouwant. Now to figure out where to go with this next! Anyone with ideas, Vee, Amarie, Rhapsody, Icefangs, Etharion, Gildor, Drizzt, anyone else, have at it! Now should we all get ready to do the old showdown? Vee, great Big Bad! And I love the evil preist, Gildor...

Laurelindhe had somehow been stricken silent when the glowing of the great sword began. She had readied her weapon all the same. There was no way that He would ever get Ice as long as they were all there. But she could not gain her voice back, He had somehow put some kind of a curse on her. As she stood at the ready to battle for her cause, she noticed that Icelia began to look almost transparent, and a faint symbol was appearing on her left wrist, the same symbol her Mistress once bore. She was almost ready to do what she was born to do.
Etharion percived the outcome of the fight with the priest so he stood back, letting Drizzt have a go. Now he was in the front again with the rest. The priest vanished and they were alone. He leaned closer to the others and said lightly "We now must act as if we are afraid of what He migth send next. That way when we kill the next obstacle, we will humiliate the Dark One so he might make a mistake." They all then hudled together in a defensive position, back to back, all of them, They were a small group in the middle of the vast dark hall that was the cheerfull old tavern not long ago....
Silren exchanged a smile with Etharion. "Let him blow of some energy first. But I am glad you joined the fun!" She looked over her shoulder and met the approving eyes of Lavok. "Come, let us guard his back." Silren felt the unsetling feeling flow away from her body while she concentrated on the foe ahead of them. 'Endgame,' she thought.
"Ah, there is where i think your wrong. If i understand Him even a bit, the game is just to begin.... " he smiled at her with a sly grin.
"We have been in the game for a long time. He has sent creations like this after us for as many a time, as well as humans, orcs... Worry about them I can, avoid and shield myself against them, but fear them? No, that I will not. It is time to see if I am worthy the honour I have been given." She bowed to Icey. "My eternal faithfulness, my Mistress." Then she kissed her ladys hand and looked at her. A soundless conversation that no one else could hear took place between them, as fast as thoughts can fly. Then Amina stepped out on the floor, her sword glittering in her hand.

"What do you have for me, Makoa?"

I WILL RULE SUPREME....... AND YOU, MY DEAR," the voice was directed to Ice and the whole room seemed to zoom in around her, "YOU ARE THE KEY!"

Black smoky tendrils slithered from the darkness. The priest waved his hands in an intricate pattern dictated by his master's thoughts and those tendrils wove themselves around Ice. She felt the pull of His power.... should she give in to this insistent voice?

She heard Amina's words in her mind and could answer her the same way, but she could not speak. Then Laurelindhe remembered why. Long ago, when she had sworn allegiance to her Mistress and had been bound to serve and protect the One, she had taken an oath of silence, that when the time came to complete the prophecized ritual necessary to defeat Him, she would not be able to speak of anything that she knew and jeopardize the One. The mounting tension in the former tavern was unbearable. Finally, she told Amina to speak what she was thinking; which was," Show yourself, Makoa, in the form that you have taken. Be warned, though, the weapon is ready and so are the rest of us. You are not dealing with unskilled heathens, we have defenses and techniques far beyond your Earthly grasp. If you will, oh Ancient One, visit some knowledge upon this beast of madness." Amina said for her, turning to Lavok. He would surely take Him down a notch. Then by some devilry, He had ahold of Icelia somehow, without anyone noticing.

Sorry to leave you out on my last post, Asteroth! Amarie pointed it out to me and I meant no harm, I just have problems with my brain functioning properly sometimes! Smile Smilie
Drizzt rushes at the priest his swords light growing brighter with every step. "Die priest!" his blade comes up and comes crashing down on the priests head.
Again the body dissolved into nothing and yet another identical figure walked towards them smiling with arms outstretched.
His rage doubles as does the light from his sword. "I know not who your master is priest but he should give up on you and your kind trying to stop us." Lets out a savage roar and charges the priest bringing in a stomach slash then a head slash.

The blackness pressed down trying to extinquish the light. Again the temple shook. Another priest appeared smiling.
"Fine then show yourself and I will plant my blade in you." growls at the new priest and rushes it bringing the blade up and slashing downward as his blades light grows brighter. "I will keep attacking your priests if they are of you this must sting like a bee." his blade passes from head to croch on the priest.
Instead of one priest appearing, half a dozen walked towards the group ignoring the brightness of the sword for they were all blind. As they approached more black whisps rose up from their hands and swarmed towards the blade, wrapping it in darkness. Before the others could see what was happening more tendrils wrapped themselves around Icey and drew her towards the group of priests.
Sees the darkness engulf his blade and lets loose a mighty growl and charges the priests his blade comming threw midsection after midsection as his rage grows brighter "How dare you use your magic on my blade!" Keeps hacking and slashing at the priests getting more and more enraged and when the last priest dies the light returns brighter then ever.
Sorry to leave you out on my last post, Asteroth! Amarie pointed it out to me and I meant no harm, I just have problems with my brain functioning properly sometimes!

Yeah, I can see that Laurelindhe Wink Smilie I have never been called Amarie before. *adds that to the long list*

Silren exchanged glances with Etharion while Drizzt killed the priests in his battle rage. "Drizzt! Do not waste all your energy yet. Control yourself. More will come, this is just an illusion, and can’t you see? This is just a fraction of what will come." She stepped forward and looked Drizzt directly in the eye. She made sure the tall elf could not look away. "Listen to me warrior. I understand your anger, but I need you clear headed and focused here. You had your revenge, but we need to keep our sanity together, especially now. This evil has been playing with you and will act on your fears and desires as long as you put them on display. I have dealt with this before, and so have others of this group. Let us form the front line, protect the Great lady and Icefangs the best way you can. Lavok will assist you." Silren turned around and asked: "Bradley, Camina, Amina, Etharion? Are you ready?" The ranger readied her sword once more.

Take it easy Drizzt, this way no one can keep up Smile Smilie
I have never been called Amarie before. *adds that to the long list*
I know how you feel, Rhapsy. This namecalling is totally uncalled for. I was called Vee in a PM in chat. Still haven't gotten over it. *sniff* But back to the story. It quite a protective circle we have around Icey if she can be pulled away like that without anybody noticing?

Amina saw the dark tendrils surround Icey, trying to pull her towards the priests. Someone tried to cut them, but the blades had no effect. "Break free, my Mistress." called Amina. "Shadows have no hold on you."
I was called Vee in a PM in chat.

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Ice screamed, and the voice that exploded from her throught was not the voice of (your friendly neighborhood-) Icefangs, but it was someone elses. She drew the black sword and jumpd back, out of the tendrils. Swinging her sword, she slashed the evil black strands into nothing. "You will not have me, Ancient One. Why must thou persist trying?" she said softly, knowing full well that he will hear her. She turns, and bows to both Lady Laurelindhe and Amina, saying, "It is a precious treasure of mine to be side-by-side with my two closest friends once more," she smiled and waited for an answer.

Etharion nodded at the words spoke. he saw Drizzt killing the priests innefectivly. He too was nerved by the priests but he jsut wanted to kep them from doing any magic. He steped up to a priest and triped him with his staff. He layed his staf on his throat and a foot on his chest, so he was not able to get up."Better prevent than let them multyply like that, they are like the many headed beast called Hydra. But this was i have an eye on him. Stop figeting you pathetic waste of flesh!! " he looked at Ice as the tendrils made their way up on her. He knew she was in no trouble yet. This was in her power. After all,she was the one, or so they told him.
Silren nodded and scanned the hall they were in. "We need to locate from whence it is coming from, if we don't, we will keep on fighting minions, shadows or even our own imagination if this dark power wants us to. She glanced worried into the direction of Icefangs; her face had shown shortly a contortion she knew well. Had the Evil invaded her mind as well? Why were others not affected? What did the Evil One mention that she was of its own blood? Was she related to Icefangs?

"Come on Etharion, we must locate the source. I had it with this place."
I hope that doesn't mean you want to go because I called you Amarie, does it Rhaps? I am sorry to you both Rhapsody and Amarie, my memory has never been the best and I'm afraid I'm a bit like old Barliman Butterbur-one thought pushes out another in the old noggin, so to speak...don't hold it against me! **She goes into corner like a whipped dog with her tail between her legs, if she had a tail**

Laurelindhe watched as Ice finally found her own former strength and fought back the tendrils. The multiplying preists were retreating, now that Drizzt had restrained himself. Silren was right, they must make for the source of the dark power rather than fight the slaves to His will. She looked at Icelia, whose tranformation was now complete, and realized she was truly her Mistress. Joy filled her heart, and she wept as Ice greeted she and Amina with the voice of her beloved teacher and friend. She told her Mistress mentally that she had been bound to silence for this moment in time, but she had already known. The power that she held was only beginning to reveal itself. Laurelindhe gathered together with the others and awaited the plan of action in pursuing Him.
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