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Name: Lotanarie
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 1735
Appearance: tall; light brown hair; hazel eyes which seems cupreous in sunlight; slim; slightly pointed ears; golden pendant as a shamrock given to her by
Clothes: brown cloak; brown trousers under long olive cardigan; brown leggins and brown high overshoes, olive mitts.
Weapons: bow and arrows.

A few minutes later the door of the tavern opens and a tall young woman comes into. She stops and looks round the room. As she sees a person in a grey traveling elvish cloke, immediately she directs her steps to her.
- Zephrah, sorry for being late, unexpected things happened...
Greatings Lotanarie. Have you fared well? As you know these are not the safest days to be traveling far from home! I asume you recieved the message from my father?
As Zephrah speaks she is watching the other ocupants of the Tavern closely! Being carful not to reviel he face still hiden in shadow benieth the cloke.
Yes, I've received the message. "Lotanarie bends over the table and continues whispering" We must find that map otherwise our lives and lives of our relatives will be in danger! Time presses, we should hurry! Do you have any idea where "She tries to brace up" could go?!
No I don't know, I have recieved word that someone who will help us was here in this tavern. I am souposed to find him.
How does he look like? Your father asked me to help you... we should concur very quickly!
I wish I knew, it might spead things up. but He will find us, I am sure we will know him when we see him.
Now if you dont mind I need a drink! I'll try to find out what I can.

(Zephrah stands and aproches the bar.)
Etharion stood up at the bar and speaked to Zephrah. "Greetings fair lady. May i help you with something? My name is Etharion."
Lotanarie comes to the bar and sits near Zephrah. "She looks mistrustfully at Etharion".
- Sorry, how did you say...what is your name, ah, yes, Etharion, how can you help us?!
"Well...." he said suprised "Depends on what you need." he said with more assurance.
Ethy!!!! Exploding Head Smilie Gr! If they need drinks they come to me!!
Zephrah turns and confronts Etharion.
Sir please tell me why I should trust you?
Where do you come frome, and what is you'r business here?

Turning to the bar tender,
I need something cold!
Adreia nodded and looked for what would be good. She shrugged and got out some water, then put it on the bar, "Here you go lass."
Etharion replyed "Well, i hail from the far north, from places not known to many. And yet i can only say that you shall trust me only if you wish so. You can ask Adreia here. I am a honest person."
Zephrah turns and signals Adria to the courner she had ben sitting in earlier.
Please excuse me then
As her and Adria sit down, Zephrah removes he hood only after the shadow of the courner has embraced her. Light ing a candle so only Adria can see her.
Hello, Adria how have you ben? Even though we have met only once, I find myself trusting my fathers faith in an old friend! Please tell me what you know of Etharion?
Adreia hugged back and smiled.
"Been good, thanks! You? And Ethy? He's a friend, local yocal, you know that stuff. He's a good guy to be around, fights for the ladies." snickered. "Yeah, so that's all I know."
Covering her head once again, she stands, and nods to Rue. Turning back to Ethia
Do you have a room in the back the four of us could talk? We cant chance just anyone hearing what is to be said.
Lotanarie touch Zephrah's sleeve.
- Be careful, you could ruin everything our fathers have planned!!! Don't trust the first comer!!! You're too naive even for an elf!!!
LOL, that's Eth, the ladies' man. Very Big Grin Smilie

Cal sat at a table enjoying her drink as she looked at the people in tavern, especially the strangers.
Then Lotanarie turns to Etharion and tries to speak more gentle.
- So what you are trying to say is that we can be sure in your honesty and you won't betray us?! Am I right?!
"Sure do, right this way."
She led them into the back in a small room.

((Rofl, sure is! Big Laugh Smilie ))
Zephrah turns Acnowlidging Etharion.
Sir I would have half a mind about me if I placed my trust in a Man, rather then an elf!
Rather it is you whoom I am rather inclined not to believe! If not for Adriae.
Bradly walks up from no were. Gos behind Cal. Then waves hey to her.
After the small group enter, the dim candle lit room Zephrah spies an old splintered chair, and sits down. As she does so however, her cloke moves just enough for "Vishrow" her ancient dagger to show. With a lightning quick hand she adjusts her cloke to cover the blade! the looks around hoping that none had seen.
As Adreia closed the door, Zephrah spoke up.
I am searching for a map, at this time the map is in the hands of the enemy I was given the task to retrieve it. so far I have ben unsucesfull, that is why I am here!
Cal catches sight of Bradly waving to her and her face brightens. She runs to his side, hugging him.

"How are you? Where'd you go?"
Ummm...Zephrah, i am a elf. Just so you know.

"Come. We can talk here." said Etharion. Settling down he spoke "Now, tell me what you really need. I shall see if it lies in my power."
*he strides into the room, ducking under a low beam and sits in the shadows*
*a piece of paper burns into existance on the table in front of him and he reads the message left to him*
We shall meet here in two days time at midday (ooc: GMT 12:00) If you cannot be here let me know.
*he watched as the words burned into the paper and vanished*
Bradly hugs Cal back. "Im ok." As he said that he holds his side. "I was takeing by a man wolf into this dark place and i could move or any thing but im ok." He looks under his cloak seeing he is still bleeding.
"Come. We can talk here." said Etharion. Settling down he spoke "Now, tell me what you really need. I shall see if it lies in my power."

" I have been following a man, who he is that I do not know. However he has an ancient map, this map tells one of the most well kept secrets, of the Elves! The map is engraved with Moon Runes, and can only be read by the ligh of the full mon! i must retrieve this map beford..... well I'd rather not think of that!"
Glancing around the Tavern, Zephrah is begining to appear more nervous!
Lotanarie was stanidng behind the door and listening to the talk between Zephrah and Etharion.
"Stupid girl! She has always been such a naive! She thinks she will cope with this task without me...! She's all abroad!"
Suddenly Lotanarie notices the strange man who's reading a message on the table.
"Who he might be?!"
"I see..." says Etharion."What does he look like? That might help me."
*he looks up from the table and glances over at the door*
*he thinks for a moment and then pulls his hood up*
Lotanarie stands stockstill looking at the stranger.
"I myself have not seen this man, however I am told that He dresses as aRanger from the north. and is caying two Elvin swords!? this is all I know."
"I see.....I may have to contact some friends, but ill find him.I shall return as soon as i can." with that he left the building.
Zephrah ran after him "No, Wait I will come with you. This is after all my responsability, and I WILL succede." With thah they left.
Adreia looked around the near-empty tavern with a sigh.
"Drinks on the house! All fine Elven wine!"
She filled all the glasses she needed, then gave them all out and left two at the door for Ethy and the lady Z ((hope it's okay to say that i don't remember the full name)). Lastly, she brought a drink over to Renor, taking a seat by him after handing him his drink.
"Why are you all alone over here friend?"
(OCC Sorry guys I've been having a lot of problems with my family so I'm not able to come on that much anymore Sad Smilie I'll really miss you guys Sad Smilie sorry)
Kyra walks off to arandil To find her father

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~This Person has left this RPG~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Aww, Estel, sad to see you go! I must personally thank you for joining up in this RPG, and you will be missed! Hope things go better for you. Family problems aren't great Sad Smilie But you know what? Things always get better after they are bad, so you have that to look forward to. Just charge forth and greet it with a smile Smile Smilie and take it on! Nice having you around! *waves*
((OOC sorry to see you go estel, but as things must...))
*he takes a sip of the drink handed to him by Adreia and places a hand over hers which is resting on the table*
You have called me friend. I shall forever be by your side, should you need a fatal blade for protection.
*he nods lightly under his hood and sips his wine again*
Cal's eyes widen as she catches sight of Bradly's wound. She pulls him over to the nearest table and makes him sit down. Ripping off strips of cloth, Cal bandages it, then sits down across from him.

"Must you really injure yourself right before you meet me everytime? Can I get you anything?"
*realising he is still holding Adreia's hand he quickly moves his hand to his glass*
*he looks sideways at Adreia for a moment and a very slight smile appears on his lips for a brief moment*
Drizzt steps back into the inn and looks around then stumbles over to the bar orders a water then finds his way into a dark corner of the bar and sips his water watching everyone in the room. His hand slides to the empty sheath on his hip and he feels sad that the sword broke but he will find a forge soon enough and will get back to work on a new blade. "Well it seems the lady moved on while i was away." he says quietly as his eyes glitter.
Adreia smiled some at Renor.
"Yes, my friend, you are most welcome here."
Looking over her shoulder, she saw Drizzt again and waved some with a smile before turning back to Renor.
Hi all, I'm not going to be coming back for some time. Concidering that I am still new at RPG, I think that starting off with just one is pleanty. SO after I start to get the hang of it, and can keep up, I'll be back. I hope! Angel Smilie
Okay! Nice having you around! Smile Smilie
Bradly looks at Cal,"You dont need to get me any thing. Im fine."
*he takes the new blade and throws in the direction of drizzt, it lands by his feet embedded in the floor*
maybe you can make use of this one. i retrieved it from an orc.
*he looks back at Adreia, staring at her eyes*
Rue entered the tavern and sat at the counter,"One ale..." She says pulling out money.
Cal nodded then smiled with relief. She noticed Drizzt walk in and sit down, and realized that he looked vaguely familiar. Quietly, she walked to his table and sat down next him.

"I know you from somewhere. Who are you?"
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