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Ducks into the shadows and watches the stupid creatures run past him then runs back inside.
"Get away from her if you wish to live creature." holds Teiwaz tightly his eyes mear slits from his rage.
Finnaly Etharion returns after he came back from some journey of his own. " I am back!!!" he yelled. "I bring iron for the stouborn.....and fire for the vile...." with that he swiped his way through the orcs with his bastard sword, tearing flesh,bone and iron of the foul orcs. He came behind the wraiths and a light emenated from his staff."Burn in the flames of Udun!!" and several wraiths burst into flames, screching their last song.With a wild fire in his eyes he said "I see you all did well here. But another pair of hands is needed. Come we have work to do!!" he took a short second to take in the newcomers and he started for the exit.
Takes note that the orc didn't even look at him and barrols into it and cuts it down. then sits back down and cleans off his blade with his cloth. "sorry about that M'lady" sips his water.
Amina was finishing of the orc she had been figthing with. She glanced over at Drizzt and Adreia. "Well it seems they have chosen not to help anyone but themselves."

She looked around. This was his territory. She had to get out of here, she was an easy target here. And they needed waepons. "The orcs are led by Him, we don't have much time befor they come back. They are after me, to finish what the assassin didn't succed on doing. More and worse will come. Follow me if you wish!" She forced the assassin, now covered in orc blood, in front of her out the backdoor and away from the tavern.
Adreia blinks, watching him curiously.
"'s quite alright. What brings an elf like you to these parts?''
"to tell you the truth M'lady i know not because I know not of my past." sips his water again looking into the females beautiful eyes.
Adreia returned his gaze, saddened by the news.
''That is terrible indeed to hear, M'lord. Glad you came though.''
Seems to fall into a slight trance as he looks inside himself trying to find out what brought him to this place.
She tilts her head some and looks at him sadly, in a way empathizing him. She sighs some, hoping he finds his answer.
Drizzt and Adreia were the only ones left in the tavern. The others were continuing the fight with the orcs and wraiths outside. Still no one noticed that the black roots and the vines that issued from them had entwined themselves around the tavern, covering windows and lastly the door. There was now no way in or out of the tavern. The roots and branches were like steel and slowly they started to squeeze the building and were likely to crush it.
Etharion rallied the rest outside. "Come!! We must fight our way out. But first someone should tell me are we planing to attack the temple now, or are we just gona run away and attack later??"
Calenia slips her arm under Bradly's shoulders, giving him a little extra support, just in case.

"Bradly, are you feeling better now? Oh, and if u want me to remove my arm, just let me know."

Cal and Bradly hasten towards the inn and the sound of Ethy's voice.

A slim, copperhaired, goldflecked-green eyed elf maiden, weapons are a whip, short sword and daggers. Came to the inn to meet Bradly.
Someone shouted "THe tavern! Look what's happening to the tavern!"
Adreia broke her gaze with Drizzt and looked around, finally seeing the tavern surrounded.
''Oh, no, Drizzt, we're surrounded!''
Amina stopped and looked at the tavern. She swallowed. The poor people! But she couldn't go back, she had a task to do, they still had not found the One. She turned her back to the tavern and continued to run.

Kilian had slipped away from the group and continued on his way down the road and away from the town. This place was definitly not to his likeing and he would remember not to cross through here again...
Apears to wake from his trance and looks around. seeing that there are few people left he wonders where they went
Gets to his feet and heads for the door his sword in hand and every one of his nervs tingling. "What the heck did you get yourself into this time Drizzt." exits the tavvern his eyes glittering.
Bradly saids to Cal"Ill be fine now that your by my side. Now lets hurry to the tavern and see if we can help." Bradly looks at Cal with a smile on his face.
Smiling back, Cal slips her free hand into Bradly's for comfort.

"Alright, let's go. But i don't want you to hurt yourself more, so please try not to fight."
Laurelindhe had run from spot to spot outside of the tavern, battling orcs here, slaying creatures of varying kinds there. She had not seen the terrible creeping vines until it was nearly too late. She found Amina, who was still thankfully in one peice.
" Amina. We first must try to save these people, then we will find the One. I think they have already found us."
Then she found Silren, Bradly and Calenia. Icelia was nowhere to be found, nor Adreia, Etharion, or Drizzt. Most of the orcs had either run off or been slayed, but there was still no sign of Him.
"Is everyone alright? Where is Adreia, or Etharion, or Drizzt? We cannot leave them in there! Amina, you and I must break the spell. Silren, Calenia, and Bradly, while we try to undo His curse, you should all attack the vines with your swords. Ready?"
"Adreia and the one who calls himself Drizzt is inside, no one else as I know of. These are no ordinary vines, my lady. Our powers may slow them down, but swords won't do much good. I fear the vines would grab hold of and smother any who comes too close. We need to find the One and we need more weapons untill we do. Luckily I now remember where the old forge lies. The blades that age has now power over. Do what you can for the people in the tavern, my Lady, I will be back as soon as I can. But don't forget, He is still just toying with us."

She moves in closer and whispers to Laurelindhe. "... where we will also find the the Sword of the One. Hopefully that will trigger someones memory. Deep down, someone will remember who they are. I have my thoughts on who it could be, but as you know, it is hard to say for sure."

She calls out. "Follow me! Only when we are fully armed can we give the Evil One a proper fight! Oh, yes. Should I hold on to this assassin or should you, my lady? He seems to have difficulty figuring out what path he should take."

*Amina. About 400 years old. When Amina was still quite young, the Mistress and Laurelindhe helped her family. In thanks, Amina was, at her own request, sent with them as a hand maiden for the Mistress. ’Father, send me with them and be debt free.’ Amina quickly became one of the Mistress favourite maidens. She didn’t say much, but worked hard and loyally, like a shadow she was always near when the Mistress called for her. This way she picked up a lot of what was said and done and her love for the Mistress and her pupil grew even larger. Aminas talent for languages was uncovered as she one day corrected the Mistress’ translator in public. The Mistress saw that Amina had potential, and began to train her as she trained Laurelindhe. She soon put them together as she felt they fulfilled each other. Since Amina has less training that Lady Laurelindhe, she sees herself as her pupil and servant.
I made it alive to page 28!!! Whohooo

Silren looked back and forth between Amina and the Tavern and glanced over to the rest. A grim smile appeared on her face and said: "Come on, what say ya! Are we gonna leave the innocents inside, trapped in that tavern? We will not leave them there and I don't know about you. But I will live up to my oath." She lunged forwards with the torch and sword prepared; her face showed a determined look. Amina growled an aye and followed suit.
"Silren!" Amina called. "You forget that most of these people came here to have a drink and a chat and room to spend the night. Only you, the lady and I came where knowing there would be trouble. They will be trapped between spiky, choking vines and angry orcs and who know what else He will send at us. At least give them the choise to equip themselves better with shields and swords and bows before you charge them into battle."
Sheeze, I leave for a day and there five more pages to read! You all just move too fast for me... I don't even know if the orc in the tavern in dead yet, Could someone please tell me what's going on?]
Silren stopped short in her tracks when Amina shouted at her. As a result she almost slipped in the mud and made an impressive slide which halted just a few metres before the tavern.

"What do you mean with wait? The longer we wait, the harder it will get to free these people. You heard the Lady. I don't see him lifting a sword anytime soon with those wounds." Silren said while she nodded into the direction of Bradly.
"Maybe if I had lead them to the forge earlier Bradly would have had more to protect himself with, and he might have been in better shape now. If I only had remembered the location sooner..."

She looked sad for a brief second. "More beasts are coming. I need to go to the forge while there is still time. I will be back as soon as I can to help you and my lady and those how decide to go back to the tavern. Those who need weapons and armour can come with me. I am not forcing anyone, but He is trying to fool us, to run into battle without thinking. I for one really need a shield. And we can help the people in the tavern better if we help ourselves to various sharp objects first." She gave Silren a little wink and began to run towards the hidden forge.
" Alas, I believe Amina is right. This is only the enemy's grandest desire, to see us rush into battle without proper defences. Thank you for your unfailing wisdom, Amina. I will come with you to the forge." Laurelindhe sheathed her sword. " We must wait until we have the true weapon of choice, the One. Amina has forseen the coming, your message came at the appointed time, and soon all will be revealed, then we can at last restore peace to this tavern, and to the loyal patrons that call this their second home." She fell behind Amina, then called out to Silren, Bradly and Calenia,

"Silren, you are also right, we cannot leave those who are inside unattended. Do you have any ideas that may distract the will of those vile creeping vines? Keep in mind that He is on the prowl and there are fell beasts abroad, as well as orcs, so mind your backs, all of you! We will return in an instant, unless something goes very wrong. And please, if you wouldn't mind, Calenia, have Bradly drink this slowly." Laurelindhe handed her a small cask containing a strong brandy that would warm Bradly and reduce his pain. " You cannot fight, lad, if your don't get warmed up a bit first, eh?"

She caught up to Amina, touched her arm, and they were in the forge.
"Of course, laurelindhe. But could you please grab me a shield and sword while you're at the forge?" Cal turned to Bradly. "You heard her, get drinking, at least until you're feeling better."
Silren looked around in the forge. The heath of the fire seemed very appealing to her and her mind wandered of for a bit. Oh yes she had seen these vines before. Some years ago she had done some scouting in Angmar and she had seen a castle entangled with it. None knew why or when it had happened, it was just there.

"You have guessed it right Lady Laurelindhe. I have seen this vines a long time ago. They do not like fire or axes, but once gained hold and attached to its prey.. they hardly let go. Mithrandir told me once. That is why I acted so quickly. It can withstand any battle rage, even those barbarian ones. Maybe some oil will work wonders." Silren watched how Amina armed herself with a shield. She hated shields and looked around for another sword. In the end she found a long sword to her liking and sheathed some extra daggers in her boots. She made sure her vambraces were secured and watched how the others looked around for some extra weapons as well.
(Ice, I would love to tell you, but everything's going too fast for me too! Hey, where'd my char go?)
Tries in vain to open the door but fails. lets out a growl of frustraition then gets another water and sits down to wait for rescue his eyes burning with an inner fire.
Adreia raised a brow as she watched Drizzt.
''Forget it, it'll be hopeless.''
She watched him drink his water, a saddness filling her eyes some.
"M'lady i will get us out of here." he sips his water. "i dont know what evil this is but it will fall before my blade." blinks sadly "I only wish i knew who i was i remember why i came here i was told that i may find the answers i seek here by an old elf.
''Well, being in here will be fine, I am sure, M'lord. And I know not any old elves, just myself. I wish there is some way I can help.''
She closes her eyes, almost at the point of crying.
Gives the beautiful female a reasureing smile then takes her hand in his own.
She tilts her head and looks up at Drizzt, then smiles back
Scoots closer to the female "Ye are verry beautiful M'lady there is none i would rather be traped with." gives her another smile and wraps his arm around her shoulder.
''Aw, thanks, and it's wonderful to be trapped in here with so sweet, kind, and handsome an elf.''
She smiles back and leans into him.
I think we should lay down some rules....
More than one of us here think this is all going to fast. We shall have to make our posts shorter and more to the point. Just DONT write if you really dont have to. This is NOT a lose RPG or some chat/spam place. It would be cool if we could all just pop in and add a line or two. But i think you shouldnt write anything shorter than some 4 to 5 lines of text. Be creative, but also think about the others and dont make up some immposible situations with no reason or role play other characters. I have some expirience with RPG's, not only here on PT, so i think these guide lines are pretty good.Thank you.
(Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I'm going with Etharion on this one!)
Etharion has been on track behind Ice,Bradly,Laurelindhe Cal,Amina and Silren. (Drizzt and Adreia are in the Tavern). As they came to the forge Etharion finnaly caught up with them. "Ah i managed to find you at last! We must hurry, as you all might know. There are people traped in there and we wont let Him have them!" he said fiercly. "Pick a weapon, shield,armor whatever you need. Now come we have work to do....."
lets out a small sigh and rubs the females back. his thoughts turn inward toward his unknown past and the dragon that took his past from him the most he remembers is that he was fighting the dragon because it took his sword and he wanted it back but he tries to keep himself in the here and now thinking of how to protect this beautiful female from what ever it is that is trapping them in the tavern.
Adreia smiles some, closing her eyes and resting her head against his arm. Her thoughts flee to the realm of Lorien, and all her memories from the land.
Amina was happy about the shield she had found. It was light but strong. This was what she had been trained for.

"These vines are fed with the will of Him. But I believe my lady and I should be able to free a window or a door in the tavern long enough for them to get out. But fire... yes... It could help. But be careful, we can't risk the tavern catching fire.

As she quickly gathered all she though she could need, she kept an eye on what the others chose. Maybe, just maybe..

Sees dark vines covvering a window and stands slowly drawing his sword and heading over to the window. opens the window and starts hacking at the vines with his sword as it glows with his rage at the darkness in the vines.
Silren nodded in agreement. "Just be careful Amina. We will watch your back."
manages a small whole and calls out for help..
Adreia watches Drizzt for a momoent.
''Drizzt, why even bother? Those vines aren't going anywhere, and everyone else has those things outside. Might as well let them be.''
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