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Drizzt looks at the sword and then picks it up and looks over it with a skilled eye before taking it over to the person who threw it to him and handing it back. "I am sorry but i can not accept this blade I must once again forge my own for they are the only ones that I can trust." he then walks over to his table and sits down. "You have seen me once before when this tavern was under attack I was the elf with the glowing sword." He says to the person who came over to his table.
"Ahhh, thank you. Mind if I sit with you for a little?"
"You may sit where you like." he says then takes a sip from his ale his eyes seem to glow from within and he then takes out a knife and cuts a strip from his cloak and ties the cut on his arm that he doesn't remember getting though he knows it must have happened on his way back to the tavern from his home village or what was left of it he had been away to see the graves of his family and lay flowers at the graves of his wife and daughters.
You need only trust the hand the blade is in..*he says quietly so only Adreia can hear*
*he takes the blade and sheaths it, sipping at his drink again*
Drizzt looks into his ale a tear slipping from his eye. He sips from the ale and thinks back wondering if it would have been better to have never have gotten his memories back. in barely a whisper he says, "I couldn't save them I can't save anyone why was i spared the death that came to my family."
Adreia smiled up at Renor softly.
"Aye, that's always best," she said lowly, only heard by Renor's ears. She had gotten Rue her ale before.
Not quite sure how to react to Drizzt's remarks, Cal didn't speak, but put a comforting arm around him and sat there.
Bradly stands there looking around the room.
Rue looked up and saw Bradly, she waved and returned to her drink.
Bradly look at Rue then waves back. He looks to the ground thinking.
Rue ordered a few more ales to keep herself awake.Drinking slowly she looked around the tavern taking in the different aspecs it had.
Adreia excused herself from Renor again for a moment.
"A few more ales you want there missy?" she asked, setting them out for her. "Well, here you go, and if the time comes, there are rooms upstairs for you."
She smiled and gave a nod, then sat back down in front of Renor.
"Thank you", she replied, Slowly taking sips." But I'll be leaving shortly."
Bradly takes out a dirt from under his cloak and throws it on to the table of Rue's. He then walks outside.
*he takes a small gem from inside hes cloak sleeve and presents it to Adreia*
Do you know what this is?
Adreia looked at it, a brow raised, then shook her head.
"That I don't know, my friend. What is it for?"
what? you threw a bunch of dirt on my table that was weird (unless it was a typo)
It is 'The Life Of The Northing Star'.
*he says in a shallow voice so only Adreia can hear*
It is part of my heritage. Its is meant for me to give to my life partner, unfortunatly i do not have one.
*he slips the gem back into his sleeve (where it attatches to a silver vambrace of a similar design to his crown)*
My time is almost done, I must find a partner soon or.......
*he lowers his head and sighs*
Adreia nodded, looking up at Renor sadly.
"Don't worry," she whispered softly, "I'm sure you'll find someone special."
I am sure I will....
Adreia rolled her eyes.
"What's not to like about you? You're sweet, funny, smart, handsome, an all-around good person. Don't under-estimate yourself Renor."
Drizzt finishes his ale his eyes darkened with saddness as he stands and leaves the tavern just outside the tavern he closes his eyes and the ground shakes around him. the shaking continues for many minutes and when it stops a pure stone forge stands before him with freshly dried wood inside he quickly sumons a small fireball and lights the forge. He then pulls a chunk of metal from his pack as well as many tools.

He consentrates again and a stone anvil reaches out of the ground before him then he sets the metal chunk in the fire and gets to work.
I thank you for your kind words Adreia. However they bring me no comfort.
*he stands and walks to the door but stops dead in his tracks*
Adreia lifted her head a bit higher and watched him over her shoulder.
"What is the matter Renor?"
Drizzt worked all through the night and came in the next morning looking drained but he had a newly forged sword in his sheath. He stumbles over to the bar and orders an ale then slides to the back of the tavern and sits in the shadows sipping slowly.
*he drops down to one knee and slides a small throwing dagger from his boot. he then places a hand on the floor and the pupils of his eyes widen*
A new prey has arrived...
Rue looked over at the strange man,wondering if he was doing something productive or was just drunk.
*he gives a sideways look at Rue and then looks out of the door and into the forest*
I hear Urachai!
Drizzt's eyes glitter. "Let them come they will all die for what their master did to my family." his hand travels down to the hilt of his sword. he sips his ale his dark eyes half closed as he traces a rune on the pomel of the sword.
Rue looked from one man to the other,and by the sound of it they were about to have some fun. She looked to the door as her hand went to her sword,just in case.
Adreia sighed a bit, still standing by Renor.
"Let Drizzt take care of it Renor, but we will be here for back-up."
She placed a gentle hand on his arm, a warming touch.
"Don't worry, we'll keep an eye out for them."
Bradly walks to Rue and sends into her ear,"Lower your graud for now." Then he walks into the darkness.
Is there anything interesting happening here? If so, could someone tell me shortly whats going on so i can join? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Weren't you already here? o.O Uhm sure, some Uruks are coming for the tavern through the forest...just what this place needs, more Uruks lolz
Rue laughed,"Lower my guard,like that would ever happen",Bradly wasn't careful enough,one day it would get him killed.She took another sip and put her hand back to her sword.
Bradly looks into the forest and see the men cameing. He pulls his sword so fast it look like it was all ready out. He jumps into the forest and cut at the men. He kicks at them ounches at them and cuts at them.
The Urukhai are my fight also... But I shall do as you ask and stay by your side.
*he walks over to the fire and slides the knife back into his boot. he looks over at Adreia and smiles ever so slightly*
Etharion came into the tavern through the back door. He looked around suprised, seeing nobody there.
Adreia smiled up at Renor again.
"Good, good, the others will take care of it. We'll spring in if we need to."
*he sarcastically hops on one foot for a moment and then goes to sit down*
Adreia rolled her eyes and laughed a bit, taking a seat by him.
"So...anything else you need to talk about?"
Drizzt sits in the deep shadows thinking of times long past and wondering if the world will ever change
Nothing I Need talk about. Anything you Wish to talk about?
Adreia smiled a bit to him.
"Nope, nothing I can think of at the moment, except what will you do about it?"
Rue could over hear thier conversation from her table,"You two are quite the gold mine of conversation aren't you?" She took a long sip of ale and looked out the door again,moving her hand back to her sword.
Adreia looked over at Rue and smirked.
"Isn't that a good sign M'lady?"
She laughed a bit, looking back to Renor with a smile.
Bradly gets hit back in to the inn. He is bleeding from his chest and right arm. He stands up and runs back outside. He fights off a group of barbarians that found him. The barbarians yelled at him,"You are a failer to the barbarian name." It was 13 barbarians fighting one man.
*Renor rises quickly but before he is at full stance he has already taken down four of the barbarians with his bow and arrows. the barabrians turn and look at him, he aims for the leader and lowers his bow ever so slightly and looses the arrow piercing the leaders neck*
Bradly turns to Renor and yells,"No you fool now we all may died." He sees the King of barbarians jump out of the forest. He punches Renor breaking his bow and his arrows. Plus it knocks him to the ground. Bradly jumps at the King. He cuts at him. He's speed is great and his strenght is great. By the time Renor gets back up. Bradly and the King is in the forest fighting. Bradly is still bleeding. He sees more barbarians cameing.
*Renor looks at the remains of his bow and sighs. he walks back into the inn and sits down next to Adreia.* Not another bow, that was my best one.
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