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Hunter falls off the bed and lands on the ground. He looks around seeing the light. He sees Rue and her wolf seting at the window. "Rue is that you? How was your joerny?"
Rue looked up from Axis and turned to Hunter,"Like any other one,over and done with". She got up and walked over to her pack. Pulling out a bota of aqivi,she returned to the window.
Adreia got him a hot tea, then handed it to him, their hands touching slightly. She blushed a bit."
"Hope you enjoy."
Adreia then returned to behind the bar.
Drizzt takes the tea thankfully and smiles at the beautiful female. noticing her blush when she touched his hand he has a strange thought in the back of his mind. Maybe an old wanderer such as yourself can find love drizzt. He drinks the tea seemingly lost in thought and when he finishes it he takes the cup back to her and as he hands it to her he leans forward and gives her a peck on the cheek.
Hunter gets up and then rubs his head. "So what do you want to do now?" He walks over to her then sets down beside her.
Rue smiled and took his hand," Considering it takes quite a while for me to get drunk,I'll probably wash up, go for a walk,take some aqivi,and pray I don't start retching from too muck liquor". She laughed softly and closed her eyes."I'm just glad it's over with,time to have a relativly normal life."
Adreia blinked, not able to hide a wide smile. She cleaned the glass and put it away, then leaned against the bar, looking outside, deep in thought.
Drizzt chuckles deeply as he heads outside and begins going through his sword katta's working out streaching his muscles slowly and then faster and faster before stopping and removing his cloak and tunic showing off his muscled chest to those looking out the windows and he goes into more and more complicated katta's.
Cal grabbed an ale and headed for one of the secluded corner tables, then pulling out a blank book and writing utensil, began to scratch down something in it. Every so often, her face would twist in concentration and she'd make a small sound, stopping now and then for a drink.
Drizzt continues his training his sword flashing in the lightning as a thunderstorm breaks out around him but he doesn't even seem to notice. His arms feel like lead but he ignores it pushing himself harder then he should knowing his body shouldn't be put through much strain this soon after haveing been ripped apart not so long ago by his enimies.
Drizzt picks up his tunic and walks into the inn his hard body gleaming with sweat and rain. His eyes glitter with an innerlight. He walks to his normal table and sets down his wet gear and walks over to the bar and goes behind and brews himself a cup of tea afterwords he walks back to his table silently he sits down and sips his tea letting his gaze follow the beautiful woman that keeps the inn.
Adreia looked around, blinking slightly. Her gaze fell upon Drizzt, and she smiled some. She walked over to him.
"You need anything else?"
Cal yawned and packed up her stuff, then turned and headed back silently to her room. After staring at the ceiling for a while, she drifted off to sleep.

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Drizzt smiles widely at the beautiful woman. "No thanks," he says softly his voice though barely a whisper reaches her ears clearly. Water is dripping from his muscles but he doesn't seem to notice he is stareing into the beautiful elfs eyes.
Adreia blinked some and nodded with a smile, frozen in her footsteps. She didn't move at all, just looking at him.
Drizzt grins softly his pearly white teeth shinning softly. "My Lady you shine with the beauty of the greatest of stars." His eyes seem to shimmer as he stares into this beautiful females eyes.
Rue got up and walked over to the bed,"I'm tired,I need sleep,you've no idea what that took out of me". She sat down and began taking off her belt of daggers,tossing them on the floor.
ooc, sorry i've been away for so long guys. but i'm back. and i have a picture for Renor, or should i say his brother.......

Drizzt keeps watching the beautiful female. He sips his tea slowly his eyes never leaving hers.

OOC: that looks a bit like Drizzt Do'Urden the drow elf.
ooc, *shrug*

Streea Velve Arisa prowls around the inn and finally takes a seat by the fire, it's dim glow making his dark features appear even more sinister
Adreia felt the corner of her lips curl into a smile at his compliment. She remained silent, just looking up at him, not seeming to notice the sinister man that took a seat.
Hooded Rider then comes in and evacuates the area around her by farting. Big Smile Smilie
Sorry she says guiltily, pulling her hood up over her head even more.
Drizzt reaches up and pulls the beautiful female down into his lap and kisses her cheek. he looks at the sinister his hand moves to ward his sword as his other arm wraps around the female in his lap.
The sinister figure of Streea watches the couple, his eyes glow slightly and he smiles, showing his fangs.

At the entrance, the door swings open and allows a gust of wing into the inn. Renor stands in the doorway, silhoueted byt eh sunlight, but it is easy to tell it is him from the glow he radiates.

Streea stands quickly and draws his tainted blade, charging at Renor.

Renor meets Streea's blade with his own and they are locked together, neither giving ground. Both staring into the other's eyes, their armour and crowns mirrors of each other, one dar, the other light.

R: Why are you here?
S: I have come for my prize!
OOC: this is my last post here.
Drizzt sets the female back on her feet hands her a sack of gold, "that should covver the tea I have ingested while here and the room and the pipeweed." he says and then he walks out the door and off into the sunset.
Adreia sighed a bit, watching Drizzt go.
"There goes a noble man..."
She then turned and looked at Renor fighting, frowning deeply. She glanced around and slid behind the bar, Cal watching her out of the corner of her eyes.
R: You may have saved my life once but that was long ago...
S: Your life belongs to me and I will take what is mine!

Their swords clash, creating sparks...

R: My life is my own!

They are matched in power, finnese and speed, neither one gives ground...
wth is it w/ peeps and sunsets...have u ever wondered that? :P *tacklehugs Adreia and hugs everyone else* OMG Adreia, had suuuuch a wonderful time in Mexico...specially with the Mexican guys, I'll have to e-mail ya about it cuz somehow I don't think anyone else is really gonna wanna care and its a rather long story. :Elfbiggrin:
Smile Smilie Arwy!!!!! *hugglez* Glad you had fun in, an e-mail would be great!!! Glad you had fun, and I"m glad you're back!!!

Adreia sighed and drew her own sword, which was a well-made blade with a pearl handle. She strode out toward Renor and his opponent, looking at the curiously.
"Excuse me, there is no fighting in this tavern. Either take this outside, where people are more than likely going to join in your fight, or just stop fighting all together! I don't want to get please, do stop."
"Whats going on anyway?" Asked Rue from the staircase. "Usually bar fights are fun, but this one seems to be the acception." She swallowed aqivi and returned her attention to the men.
Adreia glanced to Rue, smiling slightly.
"Apparantly, we've got a fight....but this one doesn't seem too plesant."
She turned back to the men quickly.
After almost an hour of fighting, neither man seems to have lost any stamina. The fight rages betweem them their sword clashing. Finally Renor seems to gain the upper hand. Streea drops his stance so he is almost to the ground and thrusts upwards at Renor's gut. Renor deflects the blow and at the same time draws his other blade and, leaping into the air past Sreea's shoulder, brings the second blade down upon his neck. Streea falls to the floor as Renor lands behind him.

R: Till first cut...
S: My life, for yours...

Streea plants the point of his blade in the flor and leans on it a he tries to stand.
*looks around as if he just woke up*

Hrmmm.... Look at that. Our little tavern has turned into a 99 paged thread...
I'd read all the pages but i've got some other threads to visit.

Where is Rhapsody by the way?
Hi ummm can i join?
Sure thing! Just jump right on in

Name; Silver
Gender; Male
Looks; leather boots, dark red pants, white shirt.
weapons; whip
Race; Men
Height; 6' 4"
Age; 19
what race are you? how old?
Hey Hoodie!
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Silver slowly walks into the tavern. He walks up to the bar and asks; "Can I get a room here please? I have been traveling a long distance to get to food and shelter and I would greatly appreciate a nice cold beverage."
Adreia smiled and poured Silver a glass of cooled ale.
"Rooms are upstairs, you can go choose one."
She smiled at Silver, sliding him the glass.
I'm terribly sorry, but due to the fact my parents are taking away my internet for God knows how long, I'm quitting all my RPGs. I've already not had the net for 2 wks or so, and I dont' think I'll be able to manage to sneak on very often and I don't want to burden any1 but I'll be back as soon as I can. don't forget me. And Adreia...I'll be in in ur part of Ny state from july 7-15, so I'll have to write ya and see later on.
I'm gonna miss all of ya tons.
hey All c'n i join Smoke Smilie good o'l pipeweed
It's no problem for you to join, just remember to post a charracter bio
name:Valin Talonarmor
race: dwarf
age: around 85
sex: male
items: axe named Durin's wrath and set of mithril armor
history: led expedition into moria left because of the balrog
residence: Lonely Mountain
skills: master craftsman and master fighter
appreance: brown beard and hair mithril suit always carries and axe with him

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