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Cal just stood there with an eyebrow arched, puzzled at the events taking place. She readied herself as Silren called for everyone to get ready. She turned to Bradly.

"You are okay with me fighting aren't you? Though it doesn't appear I have much choice, seeing the situation...," Cal turned to Silren and Amina.
"So, what are we going to do now? Fight or try to find whatever it is that's causing this...and will someone explain why Ice just changed?"
Silren turned her head towards Cal, waited for a moment and shot a questioning look towards Lavok.
"It seems like she has transformed into the counterpart of the Evil One here Cal."

She had a gut feeling where the source was. It called to her and she fought it with the every essence of her being. "I think I know where, but I am not going there without my mentor." She faced Lavok and gave him a weary smile : "Whenever you are ready Ancient One."

Laurelindhe: leaving to where???? I am not going anywhere. A big hug for you because you made me laugh Wink Smilie
Drizzt looks at the males "who here is the strongest?" has an idea about what to do to the darkness. "I need you to launch me toward the darkness above us so that the light from my blade might do something to it."
Silren smiled wryly. "You want us to toss you?? Ah no brave warrior, the darkness is not above us." She put her hand on his sword, pushed it down with her hand and ordered: "Sheath your sword and protect the Lady. At all cost."

She sighed and continued: "If we do not make it, you have to get the Icelia, Amina and Lady Laurelindhe out of here. Just protect the rearguard, which is all I ask of you. Do you accept that challenge?" Silren raised her hand when the elven warrior wanted to interrupt. "Please, trust me. I have battled this before. I know what I am doing."

Silren turned towards Cal, Bradley and Etharion. "This enemy will try to fool you, act on your deepest desires. If you doubt what you see, check with the others first. Bradley, are you sure you can wield a sword? Lavok, will you join us?"
As the group was surrounded by darkness, Lavok was thinking about what to do next.
He had little choice, to stay with the company, and go to the end, though he had doubt
about it, since the prophecy talked of his name and not in a good way that was.His second choice
was the wiser one, to flee the darkness, though that was something he had never done before.
Finally he decided that he had to stay with the group, at least for Silren, for he owed her that.

His motivation was distracted with the loud words of a man;

"...launch me..."

Lavok immediately turned behind, and shot a piercing look at the person who was talking. It was the elven
warrior and he was suggesting to be launched to the air to dispel the darkness with his

"Your talk is nonsense elf... Do you really think your enchanted iron can dispel his
darkness? You underestimate him greatly, and that could cost you your life. Now stop your
rumbling and stay close to the group, especially Ice, protect her at all cost"

Lavok then turned to Silren, who was asking for his companionship.
"You are not the one who should be asking for my help Silren. Today, i will need yours" he said with a voice only she
could hear. Then he talked with a sound everyone could hear.

"Listen to me everyone... We cannot stay here and fight the Dark One's illusions forever. We need to go to
the source of the darkness, where he will have to show himself. There we will be able to fight him openly, though it'll be
the place where he's strongest. Now listen to my words carefully, for i won't be telling you these a second time. He will try
to control your minds, attack you where you are weakest. That could be your love , your friends, or your family..." He
hasitated when the last words came out of his mouth , and he had a quick look at Silren, then he continued his words
"... you have to resist him. No matter how hard he tries, he cannot control you unless you give up." Then he turned to
Silren and Icelia;
"You will be guiding our way"

The both women looked at each other, puzzled, but Lavok spoke again;

"Just follow your instincts, and we shall guard you."
Bradly stands up. "Yes now i can for i feel my friends power around me and gives me strength." He pulls out a ring than gives it to Cal. He than pulls out his battle axe and sword.
Etharion nodds to Silren. "I shall fight with you. And Lavok is right, you could not penetrate that darkness with your sword, it is far from strong enough. I know you treasure your sword but it is not really that powerfull. We shall find another way. Drizzt, listen to the others, if we fail you are our only hope. Guard her well. Now let us be off into the murky depths of this Eru forbiden temple." Etharion started forward with Silren. He wasnt afraid to much with the mind control. He practiced his will power to be as strong as iron, and he had no loved ones worth mentioning or at least that were alive. but danger still existed....
Cal looks puzzled for a second at the ring, then nods her head at Bradly and slides the ring onto a finger on her right hand. She snaps her whip out.

"I'm ready to fight, when do we start? And what do you want me to do?"
"It was only a thought since I know not the extent of the power in my blade but if you think its foolish then i wont try it." Drizzt drops into an attack stance and waits for something to kill though his sword is still shinning brightly from the rage building greater and greater as the darkness presses in. Drizzt shouts "Come and stop using puppets come face this elf for i will plant my blade deep into your skull." So Angry Smilie
Silren sighed’ deeply. ’Yes Etharion, let’s go. He is completely fooled by the dark one. I pity him, but I am afraid there is nothing we can do for Drizzt now.’ Cal, Bradley: you form the defence with Amina for Lady Laurelindhe and Icelia.’ For a moment she touched the pendant she was wearing, being an heirloom, it had always given her comfort. But this time a painful image flashed through her mind.
She stumbled a bit backwards and all of a sudden she realized what Lavok meant with his words. ’Wait!!’ Icelia, give me your sword. She removed the necklace and pendant from her neck, fighting the pain that tortured her. ’Please, trust me..’ She accepted the sword offered and placed the pendant on top of it. The ground shook for a moment, but Silren remained standing, eyes closed. ’I should have realized this earlier My Lady.’ Silren apologized. ’You represent the light and hope for new life’ I represent all that is dark; the blood of my house has proven so. But we have always been stronger than the Dark Lords thrall. Not everyone of Angmar has fallen from grace.’ She removed her hand and returned the sword back to Icelia. The pendant was gone now and instead the jewel was imbedded in the cross guard. It flashed shortly. ’Our houses and fates are joined now. We are the only ones who can wield this sword. Use it wisely.’ Silren stepped backwards and nodded to Etharion. ’I know the way, it is calling me.’
Amina put a hand om Drizzts shoulder. "I have already tried that, my friend. He won't come, we have to go find him. When we do, it is up to us to hold his puppets occupied, in the end only my Mistress Icelia can do him any real harm. Do not waste your life by attacking Him. You have a life to regain and loved ones to remember. This is the life I chose long ago, I will die for my Mistress and my Lady if that is what is asked of me."

She turned and joined Cal and Bradley. She smiled as she heard in her mind a distant grumble from Him as Silren discovered her link to Icelia. "You couldn't stop us from getting here," she thought "and you will not stop us from getting grid of you, Makao. You WILL fall." She looked at Lavok and then took Silrens hands. "Lead the way, dear Silren. Maybe after this you will be free."
Ice held the black sword at her side, low and ready to be brought up at any moment. "I agree with Amina, Silren I understand that we are linked, and I plan to use the sword to destroy the evil one, but, if I fail, I leave that task to you, for, as you said, only you and I can weild it, therefore it is our responsibility. Lady Laurelindhe, Lady Amina, let us go and protect Silren,"she said, smiling.

Bradly stands there in attack form. He is still bleeding from his right arm but he dosent care much about it. He just stands there waiting for them to came.
Silren led the group down the stairs into, what it seemingly used to be, the tavern's basement. In her head Makao offered her all kind of rewards is she just stopped and ran a sword through Icelia. She tried to keep her thoughts as neutral as possible, pushing away all that she wanted and dreamt for; but oh the temptation. Sometimes Makao struck too close to home. In the left corner of the basement she found the trap door she was looking for. Silren opened the door and passed through, descending a long spiralling stair where the heath from the lava down below seemed to welcome her home.
Glances back over his shoulder at bradly noteing that the male is bleeding. Walks over to him and leans his sword against the male the blades light goes out as his hand leaves the hilt then some of the runes glow as he reaches into his pack for bandages when he looks back Bradly has stoped bleeding and the sword is dark once again. He shrugs and tucks the bandages into his pack and picks up his sword and it flares back to life because as long as he is surrounded by this darkness his rage will grow.
Cal walks alongside Bradly, alert and readying for any sudden attack. She sees the stranger pull the bandages out, then stuff them back in after glancing at Bradly. She paces a little faster until she is at the elf's side.

"I don't believe we've met, I'm Calenia, Cal for short. Who ru?"
Bradly thanks the stranger. He then throws his sword and axe around testing himself. He then stops and sees that two wolves had join his send.
"Be carefull what you do. the wounds are not healed mearly they will not get worse." looks at cal. "is there something that you wanted?" his blade is at the ready and this opressive darkness is driving his rage higher and higher and the blade shows this by getting brighter along with the amont of rage in his small elf form. Mutters "who am I and what other powers could this sword contain?"
O.C.C. Bradly, stop summoning your blasted animals, they cant enter the Tavern, and even if they could, they would run away squelling from the unnatural evil of this place.

Etharion followed Silren down through the trapdoor into the heat of the lava. He couldnt stop noticing the young and angry elf with the Light blade, called Drizzt. He had seen his kind before. Even elves can turn dark.......He himself had once. But that was a long time ago. He would for now just keep an eye on him, but if he harmed their party, he would put a end to him. And so, down they went, into the great evil and unmentionable terror..........
Although the heath intensified when they descended the stairs, Silren felt how a cold shiver crept over her skin. She pulled her cloak close and her hood over her eyes. She knew where to go, she did not need her eyes to see. It was so hard not to give into the call of darkness; steadfast she remained. And so was her enemy, not willing to give up yet. A great battle was at hand and Silren hoped that they all would survive for the greater good of Arda.

Big bad, where are you??
He drew on their darkest fears and deepest sorrows, flinging images into their heads of dead loved ones, those murdered or killed in battle, rotting flesh, worms eating away at someone they once knew and loved, cruelties committed, hatred and malice..... all these images distorted the reality. The steps became dangerous, the air hostile, the very fabric of the world around them seemed full of loathing.

The temple above remained as it had been but the evil that had swarmed the lofty ceilings drained down into the underbelly of the temple, persuing those who dared seek Him out in His dark domain.
Even Etharion was starting to sway from the images in his mind. He remembered helping someone up from falling, while he himself was having troubles standing up. But suddenly...he realised, none of that really happened. His best friend wasnt torn apart by orcs, he was still alive, far from here but alive. And others, even the ones that were dead, sisnt die in the teriblle ways He tried to convince him. He stood up and shouted to the rest "Listen to me!! You must press back these images that He is sending. Think!! None of that really happened! He is just trying to trick us. Make us weak. Shall we let him do that?! NO! Get a grip on your thoughts and lets go and slaughter that evil creep!! Comeon!! he shouted with fresh hope.
Drizzt is imune to the images since he doesn't know anyone really. steals himself against the asults against them and yells out "Is that the best ye've got?"
Mutters "cowardly spell casting dark hearted......"
Amari’ stopped by this post.
Suddenly, another priest appeared before them. He smiled softly, muttered some soft words and disappeared again. Then, snakes were all crawling over, and every second there came more and more snakes. The snakes began to attack the company.
A small unnoticed girl Stood In the corner watching everything She sees everyone colapsing and she runs to try to help one guy up and as she does he yells "Listen to me!! You must press back these images that He is sending."I think that he has awoken so I run back to the shadows where noone can see me."Think!! None of that really happened! He is just trying to trick us. Make us weak. Shall we let him do that?! NO! Get a grip on your thoughts and lets go and slaughter that evil creep!! Comeon!!" I dont see anyone fallow him to fight. But nobody is attacking those people so I relax. I hear a soft footstep When I look it is a old man almost like a preist he moves with grace and agilty. He starts muttering a few words and I remember that voice, I've heard it before. but there is no time for that now snakes start to appear in the room, more and more.The preist vanishes with a soft chuckle.I rush over to the man who was yelling and took The sword near him. "I'll return this to you later m'lord"I send comforting thoughts to him.I bring this sword up in the air and plunge in into a group of snakes as i kill them the sword seems to sing in my hands.I feel the familer rush of blood in the air the stench of death as I keep these people from death.
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Silren kept her mind focussed on the thoughts in her head. She needed to maintain this link to get close to the evil one. She kept on walking and did not take any heed of the ones that accompanied her. Darkness embraced her and she fought with the essence of her being not to give in. Lavok had warned her. It would be a struggle. She could not give up. She kept on walking, eyes closed, following the call.
Drizzt starts hacking the snakes apart with a wild look in his eyes as his blade lightes the entire area. "Did I or did I not say stop with your tricks?" growls and keeps taking the snakes on.

The voice was inside her head and all around her. She looked at the others; they too heard it. It was comforting, welcoming......... it spoke to her of coming home.....


She wanted to follow.... to obey.... to let go of all this and just be swept up and taken back into His wonderful presence.......

"COME, CHILD...... HAVE NO FEAR......"
Etharion whacked at the snakes with his staff, not letting them come closer, for he saw the venom driping from their fangs. The snakes were many, but not enough for the expirienced group. Etharion wasnt really sure where the little girl came from (AragornEstel), but he was sure that she wasnt a hallucinacion. Then he heard the soft voice calling...for Silren. He looked at her as she strugled to make up her mind. He nodded to her and said with a smile "Silren, follow the voice. Give in. But only......if you are that weak to chose the easy way out. To embrace the never ending sleep and stop thinking about others, or if you still care for us....your friends, stay, fight on. We care for you, we need you. Dont leave us. This is your choice. Chose wisely. Chose now." and he hung his head down.
The voice changed.

"Etharion" it called.......

The snakes had gone and in their place were many jewels, glinting and shimmering in the light.

"You are tired Etharion... lay down your staff. Take the jewels. they are yours."

Etharion wavered. The jewels were beautiful. How could he doubt that voice... it promised him so much?
Amina saw Silren struggle and heared the soothing voice talking to her. Being trained and being prepared for so long made her able to resist it. But Silren had not been prepared for this. Then she a calm feeling found her, like she had been given the answer to a question she had carried for a long time. "My lady." she send her thoughts to Lady Laurelindhe. "I now know why there is two us.." Then she hurried from her Lady and her Mistress to Silrens side. She took Silrens free hand and put it to her (silrens) chest. "Listen to your heart, Mistress."
Silren stopped and turned to face Etharion. She pulled back her hood and shivered. Her normal grey eyes were pitch black; reflecting the darkness that was claiming a hold on her soul. She watched how Etharion took a step back as if he was not expecting to see that. Then Anima grabbed her hand. "Listen to your heart."

'Listen to my heart, ah no, I cannot,' Silren thought to herself. Her hearts desire would most certainly be her ruin and she would not risk that. She pulled the hood over her eyes; her hand rested lightly on the hilt of her sword.

"Oh I hear the call my friend, do not worry. For me there is no surrender and no retreat. But I have something to settle.. I can either walk away and give Arda a dark future or remain steadfast and.." Silren faced trailed off. "We cannot wait any longer, it is coming closer."

note to other participants: please do not decide what Silren's heart desire actually is. That is for me to tell.
Etharion gazed sadly at the gems lying around. His eyes glistened while he spoke. "So much wealth...So much riches. So beautifull, and yet so sad..." he continued in a stronger voice "For i have lost a old friend over glass, just like this." he smiled. And then frowned. "But i wont let it happend again!" and he shatered the largest gem with the bottom of his staff. He swept through the other gems and strode forward into the dark, not waiting for the others to make their minds whether to give up or fight on.
As Etharion smashed through the gems the images ruptured and once again he could see they were snakes.
Feels tired and scoots to the back of the group. he starts to recite bits and peices from a song but he doesn't remember the song at all or where he heard it "With eyes that take in the sky a warrior is born this day, his heart pure and strong will guide him to the day where darkness surrounds him and he must fight. But will he win even the fates cannot say." as he says the last line he fell to his knees holding his head as if in pain.
note to other participants: please do not decide what Silren's heart desire actually is. That is for me to tell.
Like it is such a big secret... She want chocolate! Who doesn't? I won't tell Big Bad, honestly.

Amina smiled sadly to herself as Silren pulled away and moved on. Silren had listened to her heart and got away from His spell. But it sadened her that what was in Silrens heart seemed to scare her more than He did. Now He had turned his attention to Etharion instead. With an annoyed grunt she returned to slaying snakes.
Still silent, Laurelindhe fought off the snakes almost rabidly, while doing so, she kept attuned to her intuition, knowing that He would try to tempt and distract the others. She heard his feeble attempts to gain control over Silren and Etharion, but something was very wrong indeed. Instead of the strong impulse to protect, she almost felt that somehow it was the way it was supposed to be, and that she need not help them as they could make their own choices and defend themselves. She caught herself thinking this and snapped back to attention: what was going on? They had delayed too long. Soon, if Icelia and Silren could not lead them to the Makoa, then they would surely all meet terrible fates. Already he had penetrated their defences with his Snakes of Doubt, more could only be a heartbeat away. Then, a laugh, cold and cruel and icy as the night in the northern lands, came up from the deepest places of malice; the only shock was that it was coming from Laurelindhe-but it was not her voice...
Bradly fights off the snakes. He sees one jump at Cal but he cuts off its head befor it hit her. He trys to not let Him contol his mind.
Lets out an earpeircing scream and falls to his hands and knees. He shakes his head and gets to his feet his eyes seem somewhat clearer and his sword is not glowing as brightly. He mutters "I am all alone...and i always will be." then with a roar he attacks the snakes beheading three with each swing. He keeps killing the snakes faster and faster but his blade doesn't seem to be getting brighter it seems to be getting dimmer.
He mutters "I am alanon the last of my people the rest were destroyed by a nameless evil and now its time to return the favor." he sees a snake go for bradly and his blade like lightning comes down and severs its head.




Clue - All for one and one for all! How many magic weapons do you lot have? Ever thought of working together?
A great blackness rose in front of the group. In its centre there was a darkness even deeper. The air became hot and the smell of sulphur choked their lungs and stung their eyes. The darkness grew darker and more solid.

Amina gasped. "My lady!" She turned around, furious now. "You can not give power!" cried Amina. "All you can do is take power! Look at these priests, they have no power, they are puppets and tools, no minds, no souls, no honour, no nothing. I will not be yours!"

With an angry roar she threw her shield at a low angle into the swarm of snakes. The shield cut through them and plowed a path into the avaiting darkness. "Are you coming with me or are you going to stay here playing his game?" Amina hurried down the path, her sword held firmly in her hand, snakes snapping after her heals as she they began to crawl back. She picked up her shield and shook of the pieces of dead snakes from it. She cast a last glance back at the others before she entered the dark.
Bradly yells from the top of his lungs"I AM BRADLY MAXIMOE CHSIM THE LAST OF MY RACE OF BARBARIANELFS.WITH MY SWORD AND AXE I WILL KILL YOU."As he saids that his sword and axe begins to glow a dark red. His hair turns a midnight black. His eyes turn a darker red. He hits the ground hard. Then runs at the snakes. Kill them all as he runs. For fire begins to grow from his arms to his weapons.
Riiight... Anyway, where is everybody? Are they all gathered in one groupe are they spread? Etharion ran into some other darkness a couple of posts ago. Rhapsy says Silren is ahead of the group. Amina is in the darkness thingie, hopefully it is a short cut to BigBad.
I suggest you all follow - kill it from within!
yeah right Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Etharion was wandering through the dark, and even then, when he heard Bradly yell, he laughed in the dark. And that gave him a fresh hope that he could make it through this cursed darkness. He walked on confidantly, and bumped into Silren. "Ah its you. Come on. Lets go this way. I think i heard something from there." and they went forward like blind people, unknowing what lies ahead.
A shiver went through Silren when Etharion touched her arm. For a moment her thoughts were only... dark. She turned her head towards him and he seemed like a shining beacon in the night.

It was so tempting. The lure of being welcomed.. to home she never had. She almost had given in to it. "I need help, the pull is to strong... it wants to devour me. I need your help.. or else.. Please be my eyes and lead me the way. "
Etharion nodded to her in the dark. He layed a arm on her shoulder and they walked on. They went further and further until all the other voices were no more. As is they were in a seperate place. That worried him. He though they had only strayed a little from the rest. But this dark was too much!! He stopped.
"Aye.. my friend. I can sense your unrest. This is it. The void. All we can do is wait and pray that Icelia will join us soon." Silren unsheathed her sword and said: "I am here Makao. I answered to your calls. What is what you really got to offer me!?!?" For a moment Silren touched Etharion's hand to reassure him. With their fighting skills, courage and wits combined... they could pull it off.
Starts chanting under his breath holding one hand toward the darkness and a ball of pure white light forms as he walks toward the darkness. "Come dark one since you managed to give me my memories back I owe you one. though you were foolish enough to give them all back by trying to pry into my mind." the light launches from his hand into the center of the darkness followed quickly by the him.
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