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Rue closed her eyes and leaned against the wall,"Hoolies knows where you'll be next",smiling she took another sip. "Holywolf has held up nicely,I lost Diresong back at Osgiliath,so it's all I've been using",She whistled and Redwing flew in the still open door and landed on her shoulder,"It looks like I'm not the only one whose missed you."
Adreia laughed a bit and shook her head, scrubbing some glasses with a hand towel.
"Renor Renor Renor, I've never cooked a good meal all my life! It's a miracle the food didn't catch on fire!"
Hunter smiles,"It looks like that." He howled. As he howled one of his wolves came with her kids following her. "Shadow had her kids and she wants you to have one."
"What?",asked Rue startled,"You don't mean that,they're yours". Rue knelt down and smiled,"Hoolies,I can't possibly take one".
Ahh, neat wolves I love wolves. I'm glad no one here says it like woof or woove
Drizzt has passed out with masive burns on his arm from where he hit the fire his hair looks singed and he is laying helplessly on the floor with a small pool of blood near his chest.
"No she wants you to have one Rue." He pets Shadow on the head as it sets down beside him. He sees one of her pups jump into Rue's lap.
Cal had come down from her room to talk with the others and was making her way to Adreia when she notised Drizzt lying on the floor. Grabbing a cup of water, she began slowly washing and bandaging his wounds and burns.
"Here" He gives burn ointment to Cal. "This most likely won't give you any comfort but I made t myself" Look at this new stranger lying on the floor. "Sorry, it does sting".
Rue laughed and began stroking the pups back,"Really? Do you mean it?" She looked down,"This one seems very comfertable", nodding to the one in her lap,"If you're sure than I'd take this one-but only if you're really sure".
Cal nodded, taking the ointment and thanking the stranger, before applying it rather liberally to Drizzt's burns the wrapping bandages carefully around them.

"Now, what do you say to finding you a nice place to rest, seeing as you're in no condition to be going anywhere at this moment in time."
Rue looked over to Adriea,"You don't happen to have any aqivi laying around,do you?" She played with the pup in her lap as she waited for a reasponse.
Adreia looked at Rue and shook her head.
"No, sorry. Would you like more ale or something?"
"yes im sure Rue. And to tell you the truth im gald that you want one. It is the start of a new skill you going to learn." He smiles at he finishes his ale.
Rue turned to Adriea,"Thats alright",Then turned to Hunter and frowned,"What are you talking about? New skill? Hoolies,Hunter I've got my hands pretty full,with other things..." She smiled then looking at the wolf,"Does it have a name already? Because if not I've one in mind that suits it well..."

For people who don't know,and if I mention it again with out considering my vocabulary,aqivi is a southern ale.
Hunter laugh. "The new skill is to rasied ceaters and be able to call on them. And he dosent have one yet." He finishes his ale. Then puts shadow.
Rue smiled,"Alright it sounds promising." She looked down to the wolf pup still smiling,"Axis. Axis Sunsoar will be his name." Then looking at Hunter," It's a legendary name of the Icarii race."
Hunter smiles."Sounds like a good one to me." He looks at Shadow seeing her face light up in a happy light.
Rue lifted Axis off her lap and stood up,"I need some air",She took one last swig of her drink, kissed Hunter, and stepped outside. The night was cool and silent as she walked into the woods,sitting down she grabbed a stone and began sharpening her sword vigorously ,muttering to herself in a mix of northerner and borderer.
Hunter watches her leave. He sees her wolf follow her. He stays in his set then sends his wolves off to home again.
Rue saw that Axis had followed her,she smiled and issued a short whistle and he came running eagerly. "You can tell can't you? The difference." She asked quietly,then relizing she was talking to a wolf, put her sword away and kept silent.
Drizzt shuders as he awakens his whole body hurting and his mind splintered and acheing. He stands on shaky feet and walks out of the tavern gulping in cold crisp air the sword on his hip seems to glow slightly in recognition of the danger he faces. "So it has come to pass at last Drizzt old boy you should have known."
Adreia shifted her gaze to Drizzt, then grabbed a cloak that was laying around and went outside after him. She handed it to him.
"You might want this, it's cold out. There are plenty of supplies inside if you need them, don't feel afraid to ask."
She turned around and went back in.
Drizzt looks at the female wishfully then turns and looks up at the sky. "There is nothing any one or anything can do for me my time has grown short and my greatest foe is comming for me." His sences prickle as he feels the magics of this evil force growing closer from the west.
Adreia stopped in the doorway, then turned and looked to Drizzt.
"You should wait inside for a while, it's getting dark and chilly out there. I don't want you sick."
She smiled and returned to her place behind the bar.
Drizzt looks at the female his eyes clouded. "What would it matter I am not strong enough to take on this mage." his eyes wander to the sky again and he mutters "Come along the time is near and when you get here have no fear though once alies now bitter rivals fight to the last blade to blade staff to staff we see today the battle at last.
Adreia brewed Drizzt some tea, then brought it out to him, it still warm.
"Here, at least have a warm drink."
She smiled once more and went inside.
Drizzt sips the tea slowly his mind wandering to the battle ahead. "well Drizzt ye old fool the time has come at last and you let yourself grow weak and now the time has come for the final battle though your enemy and you used to be equil in strength you are now the weaker of the two though alanon seems hardly able to contain his magics." takes the cup back inside and sets it on the bar before drawing his brightly glowing blade holding it at each of the compas points it seems to glow brightest from the west indicating he was correct in his thinking that Alanon is comming from the west.
Alanon,hence The Sword Of Shannara?

Rue entered the tavern and walked back up the stairs,Axis following at her heels. Choosing the room she had previously accommadated,she opened the door and let them both inside.
Hunter sees Rue walk though. He gets up then walks to Rue's room. He knocks on the door then askes,"Rue may i enter? I need to talk to you."
Rue looked up surprised and walked to the door,"What is it?" She asked opening it slightly."Is everything okay?" Frowning she let him in,"I need to talk as well, Somethings come up and I might be leaving soon so lets make it quick,alright?" She gathered her things and waited for him to speak.
"Yes i know samething as came up. I heard it in the forest on my way here. Let me go with you Rue. I want to help you." He looks at her then smiles.
"You know? I thought only Bradly and the others knew..."She trailed off and frowned again,"Um, are you sure you want to come? I can handle it, I did before,and I'm not sure how much you really do know,it might not be safe". She sat down and looked out the window,"I'm torn,mabey I shouldn't go, I've lived with it this long."
Hunter walks to Rue. He gets her by the hands. "Listen i dont know that much but i tell you this. I did promust you that i will be by your side as long as i live. Now didnt I?"
She smiled and hugged him close,"Yes you did,and I appretiate it greatly,not many others were willing to help", She pulled away and stood up,"Lets just forget it all,it's only gotten a little worse since it happened,and there probably isn't anything to improve it,There are just odd things you don't know",Looking up she smiled,"lets get something to drink,I can manage a few more ales,how about you?"
Hunter hugs her back. "I know that you are in great danger and that you are just running from it. And what do you mean odd things"
She kissed him,"It's about those ales?",She asked walking to the door,"I'm gonna get some to stay awake", Before leaving she turned back to Hunter,"Really, I can't talk about it anymore". And she left.
Hunter stay in the room thinking about what may be happening soon. He then prays for the power strenght speed and courgae for what may happen.
Rue entered her room with two ales,Handing one to Hunter she sat down,"Are you alright? You look tired".
Different alanon This one and Drizzt used to be friends untill Alanon tried to use his magic to combine himself with a darkmage and lost himself to the darkness
Drizzt sits watching the door and after only a few minuets a hagard looking mage in black robes walks into the tavern his eyes are compleatly black as if the pupils have taken over his eyes he looks directly at drizzt a smirk on his face.
Drizzts speeks softly "well old friend has it come to this at last?"
Alanon glares and says "It would not need to come to this if you would just join with me." they stare at each other before drizzt gets to his feet heading outside. "lets take this outside there is no need to endanger anyone else this is between the two of us." he doesn't seem to be at full strenght but he makes it to the door and out into the feild in front of the tavern.
Hunter takes the ale then looks at Rue. "Well i havent slept in like 24 hours so. I guess i am trieded."
"Then you should sleep," Rue said moving over to the window and looking down, seeing two figures step outside she turned back to Hunter,"Hey, it looks like a duel...sorta,I'm going to check it out",Rue put her ale down and headed out the door.
Hunter nods his head. He finishes his ale then moves to the window. He whiches the duel.
Drizzt is struck by lightning from the orb on top of Alanon's staff and is knocked to his knees and apears to not have the strength to get back to his feet as Alanon walks up laughing. "You always were a fool and now your life ends elf."
Drizzt looks up into alanon's eyes "your the fool evil will never over come good." He brings his blade up and alanon laugh as the blade doesn't even touch him.
Alanon raises his staff. "Oh look the elf is half dead already guess I should put him out of his misury." another bolt of lightening flies from the staff striking drizzt in the chest and slaming him into a tree.
Hunter looks at the fight. He then jumps out of the window with his sword out. He cuts downward at Alanon. He sends him to a tree. He looks at Diz,"You ok Diz?" He watches Alanon,"Who are you and why are you trying to kill him.?"
Alanon looks at the foolish warrior "I am alanon and I am here to destroy the last tie to my goodside." he raises his staff and lightening shoots out at the warrior..

Drizzt sees the lightning and launches himself from the tree his blade absorbing the magic of the lightning. "Alanon I recomend you leave now or you will suffer the consiquenses."
He seems unable to keep his feet and he is tottering back and forth.
Rue made it out the door but froze at the fight taking place. The man she had seen earlier looked on the edge collapse and Hunter wasn't that well off either. "What is this?" she whispered. Unsure whether to interfeir or not she stayed put.
Hunter runs at alaone. He swings his sword around like a 8 in frout of himself. He cuts everwere at ala. He jumps back missing one of ala's lighting attacks. Hunter powers up his sword. "Now get ready to fall by my power. I am Hunter master of animals." He yells,"Wolf Rage of the King!" As he yells it a wave of energy from his sword hiting ala in the chest. it makes him feel as though 100 wolves hit him.
"No,Hunter!" Rue yelled, "This isn't your fight, These two have something to settle,it would be a dishonor to them both if you continued,it can be only them". She looked away from him angrily,and watched the two rivals.
Hunter stops before he finishes his attack. He looks at Rue then nods his head. He walks to Rue's side then wishpers in her ear,"Im sorry but Diz was in need of help."
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