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Bradly gets hit with a upper cut. He flys though air. He falls though the roof of the inn and lands on the ground makeing a hold in the ground. He cant get back up yet. The barbarian King cames to the inn and sends in 50 barbarians to fight.
Adreia smiled up to Renor.
"Now now, long as you're hear things get fixed."
She hopped over behind the bar, then bent down and picked something up. Then, returning to Renor, she handed a finely-crafted bow to him, it lined with gold, a hithlain string also on it.
"I hope you like it, it's a bow of Lorien."
Cal sat silently in the shadows observing quietly as she drank her drink. She was not really in the mood for fighting at the moment, but would lend a hand if they needed her.
*Renor bows his head at Adreia* Many thanks my lady. *he strings the bow and tests it on some of the barbarians that came into the inn. he fells twenty in less than a minite and he then takes out his twin blades and, moving like water throught them, slices the necks of the remaining thirty. he sits back down with a few bruises and a gash on his face* Now I feel better.
Bradly starts to get up. He is bleeding badly. He yells to him,"Stop it you fool." He sees more cameing. Its like if he takes down one 4 takes its place.
Adreia smiled and nodded to Renor. Then, she looked up at Bradly with a brow raised.
"Think nothing of it."
Rue stood up and left money on the table.Gathering her cloak about her she left,going out a back door, as to aviod the disturbance.
Bradly turns around and leaves following Rue. He thinks to himself as he leaves,"Them fools dont know what tehre doing."
Rue turned around,"What is it? Do you need something?"Then she resumed walking at a fairly quick pace.
Bradly runs to Rue's side. "Whats wrong Rue?" He looks at her worried.
*Renor keeps taking down barbarians dispite the fact that they just keep coming* I havn't had a fight this good in five hundred years *he thinks to himself*
"Nothing, I'm fine". She stopped,"What did you want anyway?",she asked as she fiddled with her sword for a moment.
Bradly saids to Rue,"Nothing,but are you sure that your ok."
Adreia ground her teeth together, watching Renor with a careful eye.
"Please, do be careful Renor. I do not need wounded people on my hands."
"Why wouldn't I be?", She asked harshly,,She started walking again,and looked down at herself,then relized she had forgotten her bag,quickly turned back toward the tavern with a sigh.
Bradly gets Rue by the arm. Hands her her bag. Then walks off.
Rue walked after him,"How did you get my bag?" She put a hand on his shoulder,"I really want to know." She looked back to him,"Alright,I'm sorry I snapped...but I still want to know"
Bradly trun to Rue. "I saw you left it so i got it for you. And i still want to know what is really wrong."
"What do you mean?" She asked looking toward forest,"Nothings wrong..." She sat down and opened her bag checking the continents,closing it after a momment she looked back to him,"Why are you so concerned anyway?"
*Renor returns to the inn. he is in peak condition, his breathing is steady and he is not sweating. he takes a seat by the fire and cleans his blades. after a moment he turns to Adreia*
Thank you for the bow. It is a most impressive weapon.
Adreia smiled to Renor warmly.
"Anything for a friend."
"Really,why are you so concerned?" She looked at him with a puzzled exspression residing on her face.
Bradly says to her, "Im just worried. Ever sicne what happen."
"What ? I don't know what you're talking about..." She looked away and began playing with another dagger."I don't understand...when did anything happened?"
Adreia glanced anout to the patrons of the tavern.
"Anyone need anything to drink, or eat? I'll warn you though, I am not a cook."
She smiled and even laughed a bit, tucking some hair behind her ear.
Drizzt gets up and walks over to the beautiful female asking if people want food or drink. "My lady if your no cook then alow me to cook for you I have some expirence in cooking for large groups." He bows deeply with a small smile on his face.
Adreia smiled some as well, knitting her brows a bit.
"If you insist, then feel free! And there is no need to address my as My lady. It's kind of you to say so though."
Drizzt bows deeply then heads into the kitchen and soon the smell of roasting meat fills the tavern as well as the smell of steam and vegtables. He hums as he works quickly he soon brings out trays of food for everyone.
Rue sighed and stood up,she was very tired by now and had decided to purchase a room,previous events were getting to her and she needed to think some things over. "I'm heading back, alright? And if either one of us is still here in the morning you can tell me what happened",With that she turned on her heel and made her way to the tavern.
Bradly layed down under a tree. With his sword out and a book which he wrote in . He wrote,"With my sword and my soul. I permost to alwas pertect the ones i love and the ones that are in need of help."
As Rue walked she heard Bradly speaking to himself,"...Those in need of help..." She murmmered. She thought of turning back but decided other wise,sleep was tugging at her.
Bradly keeps writeing,"Only when im gone they will know my power. The power of my sword and the power of my life. Only i can stop him and only i can help them."
Ta-thea looks upon the tavern as she reaches the top of a nearby hill "Hmmmm" "What has happened to it this since i was last here?" She grabs her sheath pulls out her newly bloodied sword "I must join them to protect the peace of the tavern." She says as she starts to run down the hill

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-I'mmm Backkkkkk Tongue Smilie Big Smile Smilie ~-~-~-~-~-~
*Renor gets up and goes to the door. he opens it and opens the door as Thea runs through it. he smiles slightly and closes the door as she falls over a chair. he walks over to her and holds out a hand.*
*Dark walks in with his party hat and a box of beef jerky" "Beef Jerky.......How can you go wrong?"
Rue entered the tavern once again and walked up to the counter,she looked to the front door where a new arrival stood. She laughed inwardly at the recent comment before turning to Adriea,"Do you still have rooms available? I've recently changed my mind about leaving."
Adreia nodded and lifted a hand, gesturing to the stairs.
"Of course, of course, right up there! Stay as long as you need!"
She smiled, then turned to the newcomer.
"May I help you?"
"Thank you",Rue picked up her things and began to ascend. Choosing a door a bit down the hall she entered and atomaticly dropped her things on the floor. She walked around and took in it's detial,then gathering her things again she made a pile beside the bed.
Bradly close his book. Then put his sword away. He stand up and walk into the traven. He set down in a coner of the room. He looks around.
Rue slipped off her cloak and went through her bag,pulling out some clean forest garb (which was rare for her)and few matches.She lit some candles and changed into clean clothing before throwing herself down on the bed, She could hear the movememt going on down stairs.
Dark you are still in this I hope?

Adreia ran a hand back through her hair, glancing to Bradly.
"You want anything?"
"Hey is there anywhere here left to crash for a night?"
Adreia turned to Dark and raised a brow slightly, then laughed lightly at his language.
"Yes, yes, of course! Go upstairs and choose a room!"
She smiled at him.
"any room is good for me. It's better than sleeping outside." Glances up stairs. "So anything going on in here?"
Adreia smiled a bit with a sigh.
"Thankfully, no, you missed all the action that happened a while back. Personally, I'm glad it's all over with. Who knows? Something more might turn up with you here."
She winked at him.
"Want anything to eat, or drink?"
" that'd be nice. If you don't care" Shakes his hair out of his face. "I'm not thirsty seeing how it's raining outside"
Adreia shrugged a bit.
"Well, I am not a good cook, and if you don't mind that, then that's good!"
"I don't imagine you can cook any worse than me. Whatever ou make will fine".
Calenia yawned and stood up, stretching then walked over to Adreia.
"I'm going to take a room upstairs again tonight if you don't mind. Oh, and tell Drizzt the food was wonderful."

With that said, she turned and headed upstairs.

I'm so glad you're back Tiger!!!!! *tacklehugs* Big Smile Smilie
*Renor walks down from a room upstairs. putting on his cloak he looks a Adreia and smiles*
I shall return. *he takes the bow Adreia gave him in hand and exits the tavern*

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