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"Hmmm. Might i ask you for your name. For, flowing white hair and a fair crown are not a usual thing on a stranger that comes to a Tavern like this." says a elf that just entered the Tavern.
Well met, I am Renor Arisa.
One of Ice's ears pivots, so she can better hear the conversation. She half turns from the fire to watch out of the corner of her. Though Ice is tempted to get up, as this information would be quite interesting, she is too cold and wet to move from her spot by the fire.

"Yes." says Etharion "But who are you really? That is, where are you from and what is your story?"
Adreia gives a shy wave to Ice and looks back up at the person with the crown.
"Fancy many people come here. You a king or something Renor?"
She smirks some, looking up and studying his face.
*he turns his head slightly reflecting the dim light off his crown*
Prince. And i do not like to talk about it much.
"Riiiight..." commented a nearby dwarf. "Why do you wear that crown and make sure it is shiny and eye-catching if you don't want to talk about it? Spill your guts, mr No-beard." He burps and hold up his empty mug. "Miss Inn-keeper, do you think you could bring me a new beer? I'll pay you extra if you don't faint all over me."
Cal wandered to where the Elven prince was, listening to the conversation, but hanging slightly apart from the others.
*shakes his head slightly*
Very well then. I am the son of an elven princess who has left these shores. My father died a thousand years ago. I am the last in my line.
(It's really died down here with there not much to do =( )
TaThea Walks outside and kneels down on the burnt grass."Hmm, I wonder what hes doing now??"I stare off into the darkness of evening dusk Foucousing my pristess powers to find him...
(Gildy do you want to show us your evil plan for a different tavern?????Or can i write for you???)
"It is a odd tale, this past of yours." says Etharion to Renor Arisa. "And i agree. If you want not to talk about it, why wear the crown in such a obvius way? I am sure that didnt just slip you as you got dressed this morning." he looked at him closer. "Now what was the name of your father? For i recall you not, and i ahve a good memory."
You would not know my father's name. He was outcast. That is why my mother left these shores shortly after my birth. This crown is all i have of her memory.
"Oh, I see. Sorry to hear that bud."
Adreia staggered to the dwarf and refilled hi mug, then pulled into a seat by Renor.
*rests his hands on the table*
So what is your story Adreia?
Adreia hummed some, then looked up at Renor.
"Well, I grew up around here, and I don't really remember much. Just the warmth of the fire on those bitter cold nights when you're wrapped up in blankets, listening to stories of your father's when he was off at sea, images playing in your head. Later all the siblings would play the stories before Mother would come up and tell us to go to bed. We never would right away. We'd always go out into the horse pasture with or blankets and lay there, looking at the stars until we fell asleep. So much has happened around here, so many memories...but what has happened around here lately has destroyed the place."
*looks at the scorch marks in the wood*
Yes, i see...
*gets his bow out and readies an arrow*
Cal looks at the Elven prince confusedly, as he nocks the arrow, then deciding it was probably better not to make any comments, she went and joined Ice next to the fire.
"Renor, it's okay. Nothing more now."
She looks up at him and smiles some.

((Sorry about the constant change of tense! I just forget so easily...))
*his eyes dart to the shadows and he draws the arrow back and fires it with such speed it is almost impossible to tell where it went*
Sorry about this Adreia, i shall be but one moment...
*he walks into the shadows and a small yelp is heard as he removes the arrow from the woodwork, unpinning an orc*
'wondered how long it'd take ya ta catch me..'
Quite, orc!
*he drags the orc into the centre of the room and throws it on the floor*
I have been tracking this thing for days.
Celebedhel enters the tavern, shaking off the cold of outside. He stops just inside the entrance and removes his long, flowing silver-grey cloak. The hood slips off as he removes the garment, revealing an elven face. His long sandy coloured hair falls around his shoulders, draping slightly across his face and forehead, beaneath which a silver circlet catches the light and gleams. His quiet, sharp almond eyes glance around the room looking for a table. Spotting an empty chair at an unused table, he strides across the entrance into the tavern, the long elvish strides graceful and unfaltering. He slips into the chair and folds his cloak on his lap.

He nods briefly at the other patrons, flashing a rare smile before casting his eyes downard at his hands, looking at a metal object.
Cal turns as the newcomer enters, letting in a rather cold draft. Catching sight of the crown on his head, she groaned.

Oh, no..not another one, Cal thought quietly to herself. How many more can there possibly be?!
*he drags the orc into a corner and straps it to a chair*
'you'll never find it!....'
*he binds the orc's mouth*
I already have, orc.
The dwarf sighs. "Here I come for a relaxing drink and a snack after working long and hard in my mine. It's always the same, someone always have to start a fight. A trouble maker, that's what he is. Carving on tables and spilling blood on the floor. Very rude, orc blood always leaves stains you just can't get out. You might need a bouncer, fair Adreia."
"Yes..." said Etharion from the nearby table. "That might be a good idea. but you need someone strong and bulky. Maybe a troll.." he then looks slightly suprised at the orc, and the newcomer, a elf.
*he sits at a nearby table and takes out a short black sword and starts to examine it*
*the orc starts to wriggle and make noises but Renor ignores it*
*he looks at Adreia and says*
May i have a bowl of fresh water and a cloth please?
The dwarf rubbed his beard thoughtfully. "There are some troll near my cave... One can be talked to. Does what he is told if he gets payed. He could help tidy up this place too. It's worth a thought."
Adreia smiled to the dwarf at his compliment, then got Renor the items he requested, sitting near Ethy and the dwarf (in between whatever distance they are).
"Perhaps that will be the way to do things. And no, good dwarf, he isn't rude. Believe me, had you been in here before, you would know what rude is...."
Celebedhel seems to casually observe the room with indifference, though
the sight of the orc strapped to a chair is enough to make him want to
leave. He's never been fond of Orcs, and it would not take much to stir
him to action should the orc decide to glance in his direction.

~What an odd gathering of Ardans~ he thinks to himself as he watches the
stranger that seems responsible for capturing the orc. His acute elven
hearing caught the name "Adreia" from the muttering dwarf at one of the
nearby tables, apparently no more happy at the sight of the orc than he.

Deciding to stay his blade for now, he silently slides the long steel
back into it's sheath, nobody had even noticed him draw it in the first
place but that is the way of Elves.

One of the locals says something about a troll, making Celebedhel scowl
under the dim lighting at his corner table. ~Trolls, orcs~ he mutters to
himself, ~As though there haven't been enough in these parts~.

Parched for thirst, Celebedhel searches the room for a drink. Still
uneasy about all this orc and troll talk, he stays at his table silently,
pondering whether his thirst is stronger than his disdain. One good
thing, the orc seems to have been restrained and wounded - sadly not
*the orc's eyes flit around the room looking for a means of escape but he finds none*
Thank you Adreia. *he says as he takes the bowl of fresh water and cloth. he sets them on the table and chants something over the bowl and then dips the cloth in the water*
*as he puts the wet cloth to the black blade it hisses and the orc screams under the gag*
*eventually he wipes the blade clean to reveal elven writing*
Yes, this is the one.
Adreia nodded, then looked over to Celebedhel. She walked to him and smiled.
"Welcome, Sir. May I get you anything? And do pardon this mess, many events have happened of late..."
Turning sideways in his chair, Celebedhel nods briefly to Adreia. "Thank you m'lady, a flagon of your finest red wine will suffice for now", he says in a polite tone. He hesitates for a moment, then forces himself to smile. Smiling is such a human thing, but in this company it would seem the most appropriate action to take. "Quite a band of patrons gathered here" he says to Adreia, relaxing into a conversation. "Tis been some time since I saw orcs elves and dwarves in the same room not slaying each other", says Celebedhel with a slight snort of amusement, "Though I fear that if that orc does not die soon I may have to part him from his life myself.".

With that he leans back in his chair, satisfied that he had given sufficient warning of his intentions to the proprieter of the tavern, albeit subtley so. The dwarf makes him almost as uncomfortable as the orc, though thankfully the orc's stench is strong enough to block out the dwarf from his immediate thoughts.
Adreia nodded some with a brief smile, returning with his glass.
"Well, here you go Sir."
She laughed softly at some of his words, pulling up a chair and taking a seat.
"If you don't mind, sitting here would be nice."

((Oh, right, I forgot to welcome you!!!! Welcome one and all!!!))
*now with a clean blade in hand he rises and walks over to the orc. he unties it from the chairs and lets it run outside*
This is the enjoyable part.
*he runs out after it and a moment later there is a short scream. he then appears at the door with orc blood dripping down the new blade*
Etharion sips his drink quietly. (cause he missed a lot of whats going on, and he's to lazy to read it all and find out!)

Adreia looked over to Ethy for a moment, seeing his glass becoming empty. She went and refilled it for him, then took her seat back by Celebedhel.

((Lol're too funny Big Laugh Smilie I've been in that position before, no doubt...))
(yayyyyy! i'm back Tongue Smilie )
kyra gets up after watching renor kill the orc.
miss? can i please have your finest ale?
she says sitting down staring into the fire.
*he walks over to the fire and holds the blade in the flames. the orc blood sizzles and the blade is cleansed by the flames*
*he looks at the person sat next to the fire*
Hello there.......
(OOC Just had a sugar burst!!!!!!!!!! Big Smile Smilie )
"Hello Renor Darthirii Arisa I am pleased to have the opportunity to have formaly met you" I say still staring into the fire "Renor I shall like to have an audience with you later, but for now I have to go"
Smiling I turn towards Adreia "Miss?" "Milady... bar keep?" "May I please have a part in helping you clean up this bar?" "All I ask for in return is a job." "lady I will be back tomorrow... If you will let me" I say walking out of the room
Etharion was sitting quietly reading a large tome.
*he retires to a dark corner to sharpen his new blade but leaves a note pinned to the mantle piece for Estel, it reads
If you wish to speak, i shall hear. R.
Adreia went and got the people their ales, then sat at a table. She scribbled designs using her fingers on her arm from boredom.
Adreia furrowed her brows some.
"Sure, I've got jobs. What are you looking for in particular?"
(OOC tomes are books right?)
"Whatever you are in most need of milady. I am able to do whatever it is that you need"
I pick the note from the mantle. "Hmm" I think carfully "When shall we meet, Renor? Where?" and watch as those words imprint themselfes onto the parchment. I throw the paper into the fire knowing that the message will get to he shortly.
*watches a tumbleweed go by* did everyone go? Hm must be a party in the basement
Pary Smilie Shaking Head Smilie
Cal gets up from next to Ice, and taps Adreia on the shoulder.
"Hey, I know you're rather busy, but when u get a second, I could do with a pint of something strong."
Cal plopped down across the table from Eth, upsetting his tome slightly.
"I thought you were leaving, though you do appear to have lost your traveling companion."
Adreia got Cal her pint.
"Here you go!"

((Woo-hoo!!! Welcome back Arwy!!!!!))
ty, ty Adreia. You must be tired of saying that by now... I think u've said it in every thread we're in, LOL. *bows and manages to gracefully remain on her feet for once*
Rofl anywho....erm that doesn't matter! =D
A young femail Elf (Zephrah) enters the Tavern. She is aproximately 20, and clothed in a grey traveling cloke. the hood of the cloke is puled foword casting a shadow on her face. She walks acros the room, and finds a deserted corner. As she sits down her cloke moves revealing an Elvin blade fashioned durign the second age, by the Silvin Elves. she sets down the silver bow she has ben carying, and waits.
name: Zephrah
Age: 3420
gender: F
Race: Elf
Appearence: slender, brown eyes and hair. Clothed in a worn elvin cloak, and looking tired from a long jurny!
Height: 5ft 6in
Weapons: Silver bow, given to her by the tree elvs, and a small dager, fashioned durign the second age by the Silvin Elves.
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