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tg, get better soon D.
Cal gave a sigh of relief as the smoke disappeared, then turned to Drizzt and spoke.
"Who is coming? The person who attacked you in your sleep? And who is the 'she' you were yelling about?"
Hope you feel better soon Drizzt!

Adreia went upstairs quietly into Drizzt's room and whispered to Cal.
"Is there anything he needs, or any of you?"
Drizzt remains tight liped his dark eyes glittering. He lays there hurt but not carring that several of his ribs are cracked and he can tell from the shear amount of pain in his chest. His right hand clutches the hilt of his sword and He tries to keep his mind off of the one the dark mage wishes to hurt. In barely a whisper because it hurts to talk he says, "A dark mage of increadable power one who bound himself to the dark one himself." His eyes seem to see right through cal as if weighing the chances of survival.
Adreia looked over at Drizzt and placed a hand on his forehead. She looked down at him sadly.
"Will you be okay, and do you need anything Drizzt?"
Drizzts looks up. "I could use a cup of tea please." his eyes are loosing their inner light quite quickly and he is fighting to stay awake. He starts chanting softy trying to heal the wounds so that they can't kill him but finds he doesn't have the strength left to heal himself. He grips his sword tighter to remind himself that he is needed and that he should not allow himself to get like this because he will have to fight.
Adreia nodded slightly, having had a mug of tea with her already. She had a feeling that's what he wanted, so she gently handed it to him.
"Take it easy for a while, your strength."
She kissed his forehead lightly.
Drizzt takes the cup gratefully and sips it slowly letting the warmth work it's way through his body. He allowed himself to smile faintly as he gave his thanks he lays his sword beside him and keeps sipping the tea.
Cal rolls her eyes and begins deftly bandaging his chest. Muttering slightly to herself, she ocntinued. He still hasn't answered my last question, I wonder why. Oh well, it can wait for later. He needs to heal first.

"You're staying in bed this time. I don't care whether you sleep or not, but leave that bed and you will find yourself wishing you hadn't."
Drizzt looks into cal's eyes. "If the dark mage apears before I'm healed I will be leaving this bed." He states it like it is a fact of life. "there is nothing that can keep me from fighting him even these wounds." He sips the last of his tea and lays back in the bed not making a sound though it hurts to lay on his back but it would hurt more to lay on his stomach or side.
"I don't care if I have to fight him myself, you're not leaving that bed until you are fully healed. Plain and simple, end of discussion."

Cal sat down next to him, watcing carefully just in case any more wounds showed up.
Drizzt falls into a deep sleep that seems as if he is dead he is barely breathing and his heart doesn't seem to be beating. He dreams of the vision he had where cal was almost killed because he was to weak to stand. His body seems to glow to all those watching and his body starts healing magicly his body seems to tence up and he floats up into the air. He falls back on the bed fully healed but drained of all his energy and he sleeps deeply.
Cal had finally given up on keeping her eyes open and had fallen asleep, with her head resting on the edge of Drizzt's bed. She dreamt of nothing, just a peaceful restful sort of sleep.
Renor walks in and takes a seat.
Adreia went back downstairs and behind the bar, humming softly to herself. She looked up and saw Renor, then squeaked embarrassedly. She smiled up to him.
"Been a while, hm? Want anything Renor?"
Drizzt wakes up and gets out of bed quietly as to not wake up cal then walks shakily down stairs and orders a tea. He takes his tea to the back of the tavern and sits in the shadows sipping it. He looks alot better then the last time he was seen and his eyes seem to have their inner glow back though he knows a battle is comming he knows that he will fight to the death if need be.
A little after Drizzt had awoken and went downstairs, Cal woke up to find the empty bed. Deciding that apparently this wasn't working he sighed and headed downstairs to ask Adreia for something to eat.
And on the stairs she bumped into...Etharion!
"Eth! You're back are you? How are you? Where've u been?"

Cal hugged her dear friend, glad to see him again, almost knocking him down the stairs in the process.
Renor smiles at Adreia and asks for a drink.
Adreia nodded with a smile, pouring him an ale. Then she went to Renor and handed it to him gently.
"Enjoy...and nice to have you back."
She winked at him, then returned to her place behind the bar.
Drizzt looks through his heart for the answer to what he should do when this battle arises. He finds himself without the answers to these verry important questions and wonders if he shall survive the battle. His dark eyes seem to glitter with an inner light as he makes the connection as to why this evil would chose now to attack there is a female that he wishes to kill as well as drizzt himself.
Congrats on 100 Drizzt! Pary Smilie

Adreia glanced over to Drizzt, tilting her head a bit.
"Anything you need Drizzt?"
Oy what about me? I just passed my 1100!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Just kidding. Congrats Drizzt!
Ethy Ethy Ethy! Disturbed Smilie Congrats to you too!
Rue gathered her belongings and pulled her cloak over her shoulders. She had decided to leave Axis with Hunter,not wanting an innocent pup getting in her way. She left through the back door and vanished quickly into the woods.

Be back later peoples,and Bradly,please don't follow.
Hunter sets under a tree with Axies in his arms. He sees Rue running to the woods,"I see you made your mind up Rue. I hope you be back later." He watches her leave.
Drizzt sences the evil comming and knowing that he couldn't hope to win he knows he must draw the fight away from the others. He stands strapping his sword on he heads for the door fire in his eyes. He is a great warrior but there is nothing he can do to protect those he cares about if he stays here. He leaves and quickly takes off into the woods.
Calenia walks up to Adreia and taps her on the shoulder.

"Hey, could I have an ale? oh, and do you know where Drizzt is off to? He seems to be in a bit of hurry..."
Adreia looked to Cal and handed her an ale, then back out toward Drizzt.
"I don't know Cal...but I think he's headed to a the way he looks, it's his..last..."
She wiped the back of her hand across her cheek to catch a stray tear, then sighed some.
"I hope he'll be okay."
"Oh great, and he just healed from his last fight. You'd think by now he'd of learned his lesson. Oh well, I'm going after him."

Cal sighed, grabbed her whip and sword and followed after Drizzt, muttering slightly under her breath as she went.
The dark figure of Renor Arissa appeard in the shadows. He stepped out to reveal his minimal silver crown had turned such a deep black that it appeared to be a void in space itself, the shining jewel now replaced by a dark red crystal. His face was scarred from the last time he had been in battle, though now there was a darkness in his eyes that would send shivers down the spine of Sauron himself. His face was overcast by shadow. His fingers, which now looked more like talons rather than the delecate things they had once been, gripped the bow that Adreia had given him in his right hand.
Drizzt flies through the woods and comes to a medow and there in the middle of the medow is a patch of darkness that sends chills into the hearts of men. "So you have come to me." A voice booms from the center of the darkness.
"I have come to put an end to your evil or die trying." Drizzt says as he frees his sword from its sheath and they stand stareing eachother down.
Hunter sees Diz running. He follws him in the trees. He hears what they had to say and he just sets there in a tree watching and waiting.
Adreia looked around boredly, then saw Renor. She shivered a bit.
"You need anything?"
As he spoke his voice echoed with a depth so chilling it made the air around him still.
"Where is Renor Darthiri Arisa?"
Adreia felt the air around her become cooler. She shivered again, then shrugged.
"I don't know, Sir."
Cal slipped quietly around what used to be Renor, deciding it was better not to be seen yet, and that this way she would have an easier time killing him if she had too.
A seared blade taps Cal on the leg as she passes and she notices that the elf that appears to be Renor is looking at her out of the corner of his dark eyes.
"Renor Arisa owes me his life." he says, the air remains cold and a nearby glass starts to get frost on it.
"I am Velve Streea Arisa, his twin brother, The Dark Prince. Where there is light there shall forever be darkness."
"Not if I have any say in the matter. Light has always conquered darkness and always will. I will not allow anything, you especially, to change that. What have you done with Renor?"

As she spoke, Cal cautiously edged her hands so that they were resting lightly on the handles of her weapons, readying herself to fight, making sure that the creature in front of her had no idea what she was doing.
Drizzt charges into the darkness and after a few shouts and yells of pain his lifeless body comes flying out blood dripping from the blade. The wind seems to shift and the darkness disapates and the dark mage lays dead on the ground as well.
Adreia bent down sadly over the body of Drizzt. Hugging it to herself some, she cried.
"Your should've rested more..!"
"Adreia, there might still be hope. Fetch Etharion, I believe he may be able to help Drizzt. I'm afraid I am not advanced enough in healing to bring him back. Time is of the essence though, so hurry."

Cal took Drizzt's head out of Adreia's lap, folded her cloak and laid his head on it, muttering slightly under her breath.
Drizzt's sword is laying a few feet from his body glowing softly with a white light. The sword seems to be seaking it's owner and a rune of healing is glowing brightest of all. Drizzt himself is growing colder and colder to the touch.
Cal eyed the sword in puzzlement, then picked it up, examining it.
"I wonder..." she whispered to herself, then laid the sword so it was resting of Drizzt's chest, then closed his hand around it, watching it carefully.
The sword glows blindingly bright and when the light fade Drizzt is sitting up shakeing his head. "Where am I?" he asks his hand tightly gripping the hilt of his sword the knuckles turning white. he looks over and sees the dead mage and memories from the battle come flooding back.
"Welcome back to the world of the living, though if you could cut back just slightly on these near-death and death experiences, I would be rather gratefully, seeing as one can only be healed, brought back to life and taken care of so many times in such a short period of time. Now if you don't mind, I'd say it's about time we headed back to the inn, and this time I'm going to keep a much closer eye on you, everytime I turn around, I turn back to find you injured, or worse. lean on me if you have to."

Cal stood up and pulled Drizzt up slowly.
Drizzt chuckles softly his eyes seemingly full of joy for the first time since his family was killed. He looks at the blade resting in his hand and says softly "I truly hope that one day you and I can part but for now it would seem that we are bound."He begins walking back to the tavern
Adreia smiled widely to Drizzt as he entered.
"Welcome back, friend! Would you like anything?"
"Just a hot tea M'lady." he says softly his eyes seeming to have gained an inner glow from his last battle the sword on his hip seems oddly uncofortable to him. He sits himself at his table at the back of the room and looks over the crowd knowing that there is still more evil in the world there is always evil and it will find him with time.
Rue entered the tavern and went quickly up the stairs and into the room she had previously accomodated .Shedding her cloak and dropping her bag on the floor,she lit a few candels and sat on the window-sill,where she began to fall asleep.
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