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(wooops... well she protected the Lady's back when they descended the stairs right??, For the rest she isn't really mentioned at the Glen, otherwise I will change it...)
Andrea can take over the BIg Bad if she wants - it is all moving a bit fast for me.... Or..... I can still be the Big Bad with Andrea as my evil servant....... and then I can just pop in every now and then smiting everyone?

I won't use the name Vee for the Big Bad - and currently there is no one for Bradly to fight as the servant disappeared at his master's command.
It's too late to chicken out now Vee! You must suffer the confusion like we do!
Ahh yes down the stairs, of course, not in the glen yet. Sorry. Wink Smilie
well in the glen can be arranged, if you want to Wink Smilie . Vee, please stay, you write a very good Big Bad, so well that Bradley doesn't realize that it is really gone..
No no, i though you said Amina was in the glen, but you didn't. Amina followed them down the stairs, now she is in the tavern. Everything is fine. Who is in the tavern anyway? Icey, Etharion, Kilianbar/Vort, mr Assassin man..
"You fools!"

The voice came from beneath the tavern floor and surrounded them all.

"There will be no escape for you. Already my servants are eager to do my bidding...... they come!"

As the words faded the door flew open and standing in the doorway was a large orc.
Amina followed them down the stairs, now she is in the tavern. Everything is fine. Who is in the tavern anyway? Icey, Etharion, Kilianbar/Vort, mr Assassin man..

Calenia and Adreia are there as well. Oh and a big Orc Wink Smilie

Bradley is either at the tower or in the tavern (I can't make sense where he is)

Laurelindhe & Silren are at the Glen a mile from the village
Amina drew her sword as the orc headed towards her. The orc carried a large axe which he swung at Amina. She ducked away elegantly and gave the orc a deep slash with her sword under his arm, where his armor was not protecting him. He gave an annoyed growl of pain. She was quicker than he had expected. She rolled away from another attack by the axe, this time getting behind him. Hitting the back of his knee and thigh made him kneel down. "Like I said" said Amina to the others, eyes fixed at the orc. "Flee or fight. It has begun."
Ice slung her bag across the floor, to the orc's feet. As the orc stared puzzled at what had just hit it, Ice leapt up onto it's back (as she is known to do to large creaturesBig Smile Smilie) and drew her golden sword. She whacked at the orc's neck from behind, drawing a bit of blood, to which the orc replied: Ugh!"

Amina grinned to Icefangs. "That's the spirit!" She circled the orc who didn't know which woman to attack first. Her senses tuned to the others to see what they chose to do.
Bradly looks around the tower seeing Him isnt here. He then falls to the ground bleed badly. The creaters powers go back to them. Bradly is in pain.
Another orc appeared at the doorway. There was the sound of glass smashing as more orcs broke their way in.

Do what you like with the orcs - they are dispensable.
In the tower where Bradly lay bleeding the stone walls quivered and formed a troll who advanced on Bradly, bloodlust in its eyes.
In the chaos caused by the sudden appearance of the orcs, Calenia slips out unnoticed and begins cautiously searching the woods for Bradly. She comes to the tower, and hearing strange noises slips inside to investigate. She makes her way up the stairs an dpeers cautiously in. She sees bradly lying limp, and bleeding on the floor is about rush out and help him when she sees the troll. Cal hesitates for a second then rushes in anyway, jumping between Bradly and the troll, whip and short sword out.
Gads, I am gone a few hours to sleep and all **ll breaks loose! Sorry for the confusion...although I must say that it was rather amusing to see you guys scramble to figure out where you were! My fault...Vee-please stay. You can guide your evil servant, Andrea, from afar if necessary, after all, what is an evil overlord without their dedicated minions, right? We need all of the evil opposition we can get!

Laurelindhe followed Silren and listened intently as she relayed the long-awaited message. There was not time to absorb the meaning of it, however, because both of them instantly felt the danger in the tavern and the tower. But who needed help first? Laurelindhe felt Bradly's dread the strongest, so she decided to go there. She told Silren to go to the tavern, but not to be captured under any circumstance. If necessary, she should hide, Laurelindhe told her. The sight that met her eyes upon arrival to the tower was dreadful- a troll, seemingly appeared from nowhere, was hunched over a limp and bleeding Bradly, ready to eat. An arrow shot him from the other side of the tower; Calenia had arrived to help her dear friend. As she attacked from the one side, Laurelindhe, speaking the ancient tongue of the Noldor people, held her sword aloft for a moment, then charged the troll. This was no regular mountain troll, it was bigger and much swarthier-looking. And smarter, for as the ladies assaulted, the troll stepped aside from their blows, undaunted. So together, Cal and Laurelindhe formulated a quick plan. Laurelindhe circled around the troll, round and round again, dizzying him. Meanwhile, Calenia hoisted herself onto the troll's back and climbed to his shoulders. Then she struck him a fatal blow to his skull, rendering him immobile. "That was far too close. My dear Calenia, what a steadfast friend Bradly has found in you." She turned to the lifeless Bradly, touched his chest and whispered "You are well." He revived, his blood disappeared, and his color returned to his face. "Let us hope this will be the last time I will have to heal you." Laurelindhe told him with a smile. Then she pressed them onward to the tavern, sensing the chaos within it. She knew He had come.
A shadow moved behind the three as they made their way towards the tavern. What evil was this that reached out claw like fingers? A wraith!
"Cal, you must run. A wraith has come! You cannot hope to hold it off! Run!" Laurelindhe turned to face her enemy.
"So, has your Master sent you to be destroyed at my hands again, or have you come to play?" She challenged the wraith.
"Where is your steed? Oh, that's right, it was killed in the great War! Poor baby." She taunted it.
The wraith ignored her taunting and moved closer, it's smoke like body trailing above the ground. Behind her another wraith rose.
Silren, who had run towards the tavern as ordered, spotted a ghostlike creature heading for the Lady. With a swift resolve she jerked a torch of one of the nearby walls and ran towards the creature whom only seemed to have an eye for Laurelindhe. She set a fire in the wraiths coat and caught the attention of the creature of the night. She unsheated her sword and said daringly low: "Yes that is right foul creature of the night, here is a challenge for you."
"I'm not going to leave u guys here alone, I'm staying."

Cal took up a definsive position next to bradly.
"i know i promised not to fight, but you're in no condition to, and u will need my help, sorry bradly."

knowing the whip would be of little use, Cal quickly coils it and grasps the short sword once again.

hey didn't mean to throw everyone off w/ my last post, i kinda had to do something and didn't finish it until just barely. anyway, my weapons are a whip, short sword and a couple of daggers, no bow and arrows...
Laurelindhe tried desperately to reach Amina, who was embroiled in the heat of battle inside the tavern, as the orcs spilled into their master's temple. "I will be there as soon as possible. Please hold them off, Amina! Who is with you? Where is the one called Etharion?" her thoughts to her were broken off by the appearance of first another wraith, then Silren and Calenia advancing with fire and weapons in hand. Silren challenged the wraith, and Laurelindhe was very glad to see them.
"Well met, ladies. Are we ready?
Bradly, are you alright to fight?"
They turned to the gathering wraiths, and the elven maids began to glow softly in the opening up of their spiritual defenses. The wraiths laughed at their advance.
(just fyi, Silren is a edain/human/dunedain, not an elf)

Silren did not pay attention to the glowing elves and engaged the wraith in a fierce move, using the sword and torch in equality. The sooner the better they bested these two enemies; the sooner she could assist at the Tavern where hell had broken loose. It had been years since she fought a wraith and she had not lost her skill fighting them. The wraith halted her next blow and both struggled to gain advantage over on another.
He looked at Amina and wondered how she could know his true name. He was going to ask her but when the oarcs appeard he had better things to think about. He drew his long knife and used it as best he could...
Sorry Rhapsody! Waving Hello Smilie No glowing for you!
Drizzt enters the room looking around and wondering whats going on here.
(Gawd, all this happened in a night! Who knows what'll happen next...)

Adreia looked around confused at all the fighting, then growled lowly, gradually getting louder, her growl turning into yelling.
"How many times does a person have to say NO FIGHTING IN THE TAVERN?!?!"
She let out a bloodcurdling scream, deafening to even the wraiths. Then, with all her might, she ran after the wraiths, running them out of the tavern. Then she shot an evil glare to the orcs, hoping to make them run.
"No fighting in my inn, please kindly remember this before I have to kill all of you orcs. Thanks!"
Drizzt looks at the mess around him and moves quickly into the shadows muttering, "Well you do seem to have a nack for walking into trouble Drizzt."
Adreia turned and looked at Drizzt, the flame dying down in her eyes as she slowly smiled.
''Welcome, would you like anything?''
"Yes where exactly am I and what is going on here?"
Puts his hands on his hips
Drizzt brushes some of his long hair out of his face his fingers lightly touching the hilt of the broadsword hanging over his shoulder.
Adreia brushed back some hair out of her face, then looked at Drizzt.
''Welcome to the tavern. First, no need for fighting. I do not want any fighting in my tavern. Secondly, you're just tucked away somewhere in the mountains. Thirdly, I have no idea what's going on here. No one really knows, they're just following whatever happens.''
Okay. Recap time. Two strange elf maids, Laurelindhe and Amina, came into the Silver River Tavern, looking for a person who is supposed to know the ending lines of an old prophecy. The prophecy regards an evil spirit of some kind, who takes the form of a human and reincarnates down through the ages, and his demise. The only person who can stop Him from regaining strength and taking over the tavern(his former temple)and the town of Silver River(somewhere in the North, I believe)is the One who knows the last lines, and that person has yet to have been revealed. An assasin of the enemy, sent to stop Laurelindhe and Amina from finding the One before He, the Makoa does, shoots Laurelindhe, seemingly killing her. She heals herself, and all the while poor Adreia is trying to keep the peace in the tavern, where the various patrons(Etharion, Kilian, Calenia, Bradly, and Ice(who did I forget?) become involved in an argument over Kilian's Corsair liniage. Then, Bradly helps Laurelindhe to capture the assasin, who is bound and gagged, and he begins to lead them to his master. They all return to the tavern, where we find out that Adreia is the daughter of the former owners of the tavern and knows of its history. She leads Laurelindhe to the attic, whereupon they find a book that leads them back into the past, when the temple was still the buiding's main use. They are able to get out of that time, but only after they were seen by the enemy. After returning to real time, they find that the company has returned to tavern, except for Bradly, who has gone to the old tower to look for answers. There he is attacked, and while Laurelindhe and Amina meet the messenger, who is the one appointed by Imrahil to bring a strange rhyme of great importance to them, they all feel the dark presence coming. Lastly, He finally reveals himself, his servants begin to invade the tavern and the tower, Bradly has another near-death experience, and Amina, Icelia, Kilian, and others begin to battle orcs that have swarmed the tavern. Have I missed anything? Now-if I'm correct, we have come to a turning point in the story. I do believe we should all agree on the direction of the story, so suggestions, come forth! Welcome, Drzzzt(is that right?) Also, as an idea, which I at least should have done in the beginning, why don't we all take the time to give a slight background on each of our own characters, just so everyone is up to speed? I'll start:

Laurelindhe Ilmarin-Noldor elf maid of about five hundred years, possibly some Maia lineage, trained under the Mistress(the original One who was killed) in "magic" and warfare, skilled warrior, tracker. Has the ability to astral-project and communicate with her mind. Most honored emissary of her people and friend to all beings or things good.
Drizzt nods his head slowly and looks around. "I do not wish to fight but if attacked I will crush the one whom attacks me."
Adreia nodded with a small sigh.
''Just wish the fighting would stop. Would you like anything to drink?''
Fixes a table and chair and sits down. "Yes please do you have any water it has been a long journy and I am parched."
''Of course. Hold on a moment.''
She scuttled over to the bar on hurrying feet, then poured some water in a glass and returned to Drizzt, setting it down on the table.
''Here you go, hope it is good.''
She smiled at him.
"Thank you beautiful lady." takes a sip of the water. "Its perfect."
Unseen and unnoticed by anyone thick black slimy roots started to grow slowly outside the tavern building. They sprouted from beneath the building and coiled and twisted their way upwards, wrapping the tavern in a tightly woven cocoon of evil. Thicker roots grew outwards at ground level and they ended in vicious spikes pointing upwards.
"Would you like to join me beautiful lady ye have yet to even grace me with your name." takes another sip of his water before unsheathing his sword and starting to wipe its surface with a cloth from him pack.
Umm... Adreia, if you didn't want fighting in your tavern you could have said so earlier when we talked about moving the story elsewhere. There is a bunch of orcs IN your tavern, trashing the place. Quote: " Another orc appeared at the doorway. There was the sound of glass smashing as more orcs broke their way in." and quote: "hell had broken loose" in the tavern. People haven't even joined in the battle, I doubt it is over so soon..
stands Teiwaz glowing softly as his rage grows. "Ye orcs best leave before this turns ugly"
Big Smile Smilie Pretty hard to have a nice cozy little drink in the middle of an orc feeding frenzy! Though I think that the combo of the orcs and the evil black roots advancing may just make you want to defend your tavern. However, now we have come to a question:would you like the action moved out of the tavern? No problem if so.

Laurelindhe, Silren and Calenia had their hands full of wraiths, but Silren was a great fighter and pushed them back just long enough for them to make way for the tavern, wraiths just behind. Laurelindhe took up the rear, then turned to face the wraiths. Using all of her force, she struck at the first one with her sword, striking it on the head and sending it screeching away. The others quickly followed it, but they knew that the wraiths would not stay back for long.
(Ack! o.0 Sorry, I'm slow on the uptake. Erf, just please keep the fighting to a minimum...? Well, moving this is really up to you.)

Adreia blushed some at Drizzt's words as he spoke.
"My name's Adreia, yours? And don't worry about the''
She watched as Drizzt made his way to the orcs and shook her head.
'Remember the peace, Adreia, remember the peace,' she thought.
"I will be right back M'lady" starts hacking at the orcs with Teiwaz.
"You all will pay if you dont want to leave."
We can move our focus to the tower or something, no problem.
Adreia nodded and stared down at the table, waiting for his return.
'Lucky, lucky me,' she thought.
(Okay with me, Amarie, but is it okay with you?)
Amarie, try to lure the orcs out somehow, and I'll come up from behind!
Silren of Angmar
D’nedain ranger originally hails from the Northern Regions of Eriador. Her family originally came from Angmar but fled that region when the Witch King came into power. Born and raised in the Angle, Silren knows all about D’nedain traditions and is skilled with bow and sword. The past years she has served in Ithilien gathering intelligence for her chieftain and she done special assignments for Imrahil, Prince of Dol Amroth with permission of Aragorn. She has become weary of the ranger life and this will be her final assignment as a ranger’ or not.
"come you vile creatures you want elf flesh do you not?" runs for the door.
At this the orcs turned and lumbered towards Drizzt, following him outside - all except one who turned his attention to Adreia....
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