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Rumil shook his head, "Adventurers," He looked up, "When will all ever get sick of doing these kind of things?
"Never." she grinned widely. "It's in my blood."
"i'm afraid i'll have to agree with Celebrian, it's in my blood as well, rather strong. i fear i shall never be rid of it, nor would i want to be."
Rumil shurgged, "Well, thats fine with me. But an important thing is, when you take the job, is not to be afraid, which I'm sure you have no trouble NOT doing."
Ice shrugged then nodded her agreement to the adventure. She glanced at Rumil and said, "As far as I'm concerned, there is no such thing as fear..." she said grimly and then rubbed her hands together eagerly, glancing at Cal and Celebrian. "When do we start?"

"I say we leave as soon as Rumil and Drizzt are well enough to stop looking like they're going to die on us, seeing as that appears to be their present condition," Cal said laughing.
Rumil threw his hands up, "Alright., alright, but I just came from a long and exhausting campaign against the goblins but I guess I do need to lighten up abit."
"Definately. Adventure... here we come!" said Celebrian smiling. She has agreed to this new quest heartily, but still, somewhere in the back of her mind, there was a sense of, What am I getting myself into? ""But, before anyone goes anywhere, I say we should all have another round of drinks, eh?"

OOC: Sorry I was gone so long, but the county fair was in town and I couldn't resist going! Smile Smilie
OCC: sry i've been gone too, my parents went awol again, so I'll try to get on whenever they let me.

Cal grinned. "i'm definitely up for another round of drinks. I plan to get stone drunk tonight," she said laughing. "Who's with me?"
"You know I am!" Celebrian smiled broadly at Cal, then looked to Rumil. "What about you Rumil? Up for a good time?"...
"I'll have one glass and that'll be enough thanks." Rumil shook his head, "I'm not in the mood for getting drunk today."
Celebrian shrugged her shoulders and looked back to Cal. She then whispered, "Well, truthfully, he doesn't look as though he's up for a good time. He looks as though he needs some serious rest." Celebrian smiled and took a sip of her ale. "I'm really looking forward to this new adventure. But I need some details. Who did he say we could contact about this one?"
Icey grinned broadly and nodded her ascent to the 'action of becoming intoxicated' (my english teacher is watching and doesn't like the word 'drunk'). She plucked four mugs of ale off the tray of someone walking by and handed one to each of the group. "There, the first drinks have been delivered," she said lightly and then turned to Cal, saying, "Cal, were you around during one of those times I was drunk? I honestly don't remember what happened. I was wondering if I should be forewarned..."

Cal laughed, and shook her head, taking a deep drink. "Honestly, i can't remember...maybe i was, it's quite likely. If i get too bad, just dunk my head in a large barrel of cold water."
Rumil shook his head and grinned, watching his friends drink. Then an elven soldier appeared at the door, "Rumil, urgent message from Haldir." Rumil listened to the message, his eyes widening and then told the messanger what to do. Nodding the elven soldeir hurried out, quickly mounted a horse and galloped away. Laughing he rejoined the others, hoping they had not seen what had just happenned.
Cal, not yet completely intoxicated, notised the look on Rumil's face when he returned to the table. "who was that? You look worried. What has happened?"
Ice shook her head to clear the slight intoxication taking over her and glanced up at Rumil as he returned to the table. "So, what did that guy want?" she said, having heard some of the conversation due to her wolf-like ears. As Cal spoke, she nodded, wondering at the answer their questions.

Celebrian looked up at him from her drink. She looked to the others around the table, then back to Rumil. She tried to look beyond his mind, into his thoughts, but with no luck. She continued to wait for an answer to the questions: Who was that, and what is going on?
Rumil shook his head yet again. THese were the kind of peopel who would do anything to know what happenned. he took a breath before speaking. "Our campaign in the mountains is not going well, my nephew Gildan is trapped with a few hundred men in the northern borders of Lorien between two large goblin hordes. One of your kinsman. Cal, is leading a small force to try and break through the enemy lines, but the poor fool doesn't know what he's doing, he's definately going to be ambushed. My cousin Haldion is asking for me to go up, since there are not many experianced commanders left. The situation is grim, I'll have to head off soon. Turns out I might go with you a little way in your 'adventure before heading for Lorien." he waved them off, "Go on, continue, pretend nothing happenned, don't let that ruin your fun." At that moment another elf walked in and whispered to Rumil. Nodding he gave them another wave off, before the elf unrolled a map and started talking to Rumil pointing at different places while Rumil nodded shook his head and suggested things while the elf quickly wrote it down.
"Something serious is going on..." whispered Celebrian to Cal and Icey, as Rumil's back was turned. "Should we get involved? Do you think there's anything we could do?" She glanced to Rumil,who was still giving orders to the other Elf, and then looked back to her friends.
Icey shrugged, a grim expression on her face. "I really don't know Celebrian, I just don't know," she said softly, shaking her head, her shaggy hair moving with her. She crosses her arms in front of her and looks over to where Rumil is standing with the other elf. "I just wish we could help someway..." she says.

"Wishing won't accomplish anything...if Rumil leaves, we're going with him. After all, we can always finish the mercenary thing later. From the sounds of it, Rumil and my kinsman are going to need all the help they can get," Cal stated, moving so she was looking over rumil's shoulder at the map.
Hmmmm. thought Celebrian, sounds like an adventure to me...
Rumil finally shook his head, whispered a few orders to the other elf who left the map with Rumil, mounted a horse and rode away. "So, I take it you're going to help anyway, and knowing peopel like you, I know I will not be able to persudae you to Not help, especially when Cal's kinsmen are in trouble. Just explaining the situation again, one army is trapped in in Northern Lorien with two hordes closing in on them. A small task force has been sent north and try to break through the enemy lines and bring pull them back, but as brave and daring that is, your kinsmen, Cal is not exactly thinking correct. Firstly, these goblins are not unciviised rabbles, they have good armour and are cunning and clever in tactics, which explains how one of our armies have been trapped. Sending a force north like that would be suicidal. By now, your kinsmen will have been...." Rumil couldn't continue shaking his head and looking at his map, "I'm sorry Cal, but they may be captured, their skills will allow them to survive, but they will probrably captured. My army is in southern Lorien, and from what I have heard, have just repelled an invasion of orcs. My plan is to bring them up nad attack one horde, while the trapped army can then fairly deal with the other horde, and then, we may rescue your kinsmen. There are two other armies but one is busy dealing in the west Lorien while the other has split up to form 'home guards' I know its complicated but thats as simple as I can put it. I have four hundred men waiting further up ahead encamped." Rumil studied the map furher before speaking again, "Cal, I'm sorry about your kinsmen, butk knowing the goblins, I know they'll probrably capture them and try and use them as hostages. Your kinsmen are good captains, brave and valiant but they underestimate too much."
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Name: Syeria
Race: Elf
Homeland: Lothlorien
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, looks to be in early twenties
Physical Appearence: A black-haired elf, with a few silver streaks, violet eyes, slightly tanned skin
Skills: She is an excellent swordswoman and huntress, as well as an accomplished equestrian
Special Items/Weapons: A rapier, several knives and daggers, a grey mare named Dancer
Background/History: Unknown

Syeria pulled Dancer to a stop near the inn and pat her on the neck, and the horse trotted off. Quickly and quietly, Syeria approached the inn and stepped inside. She grinned as she slid next to Rumil and tapped him softly on the shoulder.
"Suprise, suprise, old friend, how fare the borders?" She grinned brightly.
"Well, I haven't seen you in a while!" Rumil flashed a brief smile before continueing, I'm afraid our armies are struggling, as I have told these people here. But," He added with a forced grin and turnned to everyone, "I would not for one like to spoil tonights merriness. Why don't we all go have a drink, though I still wont be getting drunk." Turning back to Syreia he asked, "So how is it with you?"
Syeria smiled and shrugged a bit.
"The usual. I've given up on practicing the dark arts...just isn't for me. How have you been?"
She grinned at him.
Ice cringed when she heard the predicament of the elves. Though she herself was half-elf, she didn't consider them her people; she had been shunned by her own 'people'; they called her unatural, a perversion of nature. She sipped her mug of ale and smiled slightly as the other elf came up to Rumil. Holding out a gloved hand, she said, "Hi, my name is Icefangs, 'tis a pleasure to meet you."

Rumil swallowed up the enormous grief welling up inside him and instead sipped at a glass of ale. 'My brethren are dying up there fighting, while I sit here drinking.' he thought bitterly to himself. He watched as Icefangs introduced herself and with all his willpower put on a happy tone, "Well, Syriea, you'll like these people, they're your type, all of them are adventurous like you"
"Of course, tho if we're leaving tomorrow, i better pass on this round, or you could be dragging a puking useless elf on a horse the whole day. Besides, I am not nearly as naive as my kin when it comes to battle," Cal stated, then turned to face the newcomer. "I take it you will be joining us as well then?" Cal smiled and bowed deeply.
"I suppose you're right, if we are leaving tomorow that is." Rumil glanced around, "Well if you're all going, that means we have 5 people going. Now I warn you this isn't like those other crazy adventures you go on, it maybe similar to one, but this is war."
"'Crazy' disregarded, I have been on some wild adventures, and I seem to remember a few wars... that kind of thing is not new to me, " Ice said, looking at Rumil. She crossed her arms across her chest in a relaxed posture, but truthfully, she had put them in easy reach of her throwing-daggers. She stepped back and glanced out the window, the sky was getting rather dark...

just a touch and go shot in this thread, I promise I won't disturb your story too much

Beneath their feet, the Cloveress shivered among her sweet grasses, causing an uneasy rustle through the vegetation in this land...
"War and fighting are no strangers to me either, Rumil."

Cal yawned. "I think we'd better turn in for the night so we can leave bright and early. After all, it is not a short journey."
"Again, you're right," Rumi glanced outside, "Its getting very dark so we better go get some rest straight away."
Syeria stretched and yawned with a smile.
"I agree one hundred percent. Some rest would be most welcomed."
With that, she fell asleep at her table.
I would like to join later so if you want to give me a place to join or something or, i can just appear it is up to you.
Ice's ears perked up and she glanced at the door, a shadow was seen near a window, approaching the portal. Ice walked up to the door and put her ear against it, listening. She jumped as a loud knock shook it, and bounced into her sensitive ears. Stepping back, Ice waited for the mystery person to open the door.

There ya go, Robbin!
lol why thank you icey

An elf opens the door carefully, looking around to see what is inside. He has his hand on his sword which from the looks has been used often. He then notices the people standing there. Hello, Why are you all hunched around a map. By this time he has placed a few faces and notices that he has fought with most of these people before. Let me guess, It is another adventure. If it is will you accept another person or elf as the case may be.

Name: Calin
Race: Elf
Profesion: hunter/scout
Equipment: Clothes that are made to blend in with the plains. He has a sword that is well used and A bow slung on his back that looks to be very powerful. He also has a gold ring with orange and red swirls on it.
"Well met Calin. I remember you from a border skirmish in west Lorien." Rumil grinned sadly, "This adventure is serious business, we're rescueing an entire army from annihilation and Cal's kinsmen, but I'm sure you can join in." Rumil nodded.
"What about an old friend coming along?" asked Rue from the stairway. She tilted her head some, moving off the steps, "Yeah, uh, I've been upstairs, heard everything, sounds fun if you're willing to allow one more".

Is that alright guys?
I don't know about others, but for me, the more the merrier. ad btw are we brother and sister in this one?
You pick, I decided last time.
since all of these threads are kind of after Division, this one just recently was 'ressurected' , s for any later than this, yes, agreed?
Alrighty then Dunce Smilie
"Well hello Rue, what a surprise." Rumil smiled sadly, "Well think this little adventure will suit you, since we're going back to our homeland. we're rescueing an entire army."
Rue nodded and stepped further into the room, "I know, I've been listening to everything, homeland huh...this'll be interesting. As for rescueing an entire army, sounds like a blast", she smiled slightly and leaned against the wall.
Yes I agree. I probably know some of the elves in the army due to my travels so it will be nice having a chance to rescue them. and to take out wuite a few goblins in the process.
"Well, this is quite a group now, I think we're ready to lead an army. Well is this a first time to see Lorien Rue? Or of course hav u been there before? I'm only asking because you haven't, as I have heard, met fath- ehem, Lord Celeborn." Rumil asked.
"Uh, no, never been", she said shrugging. "But it'll be one more place I have visited once we're done". She was silent a moment, "What's it like? Is it nice?"
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