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Adreia nodded once to Renor with a smile.
"Of course, be sure to come back."
She watched him go with a small sigh.
Rue walked back down the stairs and into the main room,sitting down she decided she could handle a few more drinks before turning in.
Bradly keeps his eyes on the outside. He dosent not yet why but he dose.
"What in hoolies are you looking at?" Rue asked her gaze shifting to the door,then turning back to Bradly.
Wow! 600! Go Rue! Pary Smilie

Adreia glanced at the patrons of the tavern.
"Need anything anyone?"

"Yes,could I bother you for another ale?" Asked Rue.
"It's no trouble at all madam!"
Adreia poured Rue another ale, and one for Bradly just in case. She set the mugs down.
"Here you go, enjoy."
Bradly see it then looks up at Rue,"Nothing just thinking." He takes it then drinks same of it.
Rue frowned,"Now it's my turn to ask,are you alright? You've been acting strange". She took another sip of ale.
*Renor returns to the inn. he walks through the door, his cloak torn. his face, arms, and body cut many times and a large gash on his chest. he slumps into chair holding himself up with his longsword. Adreia's bow lies at his feet in perfect condition. he coughs and a small amount of blood trickles from his mouth*
A worthy hunt... *he says before collapsing over the table*
Rue immediatly got up and walked over to the man,"What in hoolies did you do to yourself?" She asked as she set a hand on his shoulder. 'He definitly got torn up',she thought to herself,"Hoolies, Bradly help me".
Bradly got up then walk over to Rue. He helps her. After helping her he walks back to his set then looks back outside.
Adreia watched Renor with wide eyes, then sighed a bit. She went into a small join adjacent to the main one, then soon came out with a basin of water and a rag. She turned Renor onto his back, then nursed the cuts.
Rue left Adriea to tend to the man and walked over to Bradly,"Whats going on with you? Something is deffinitly wrong,you've been staring at the darkness like it's about to swallow you whole". She frowned and walked back to Adriea,"Hoolies,what did he do to himself?",She asked looking at the man.
Adreia shrugged a bit, still focused on getting Renor better.
"He said something about a hunt, I cannot be one hundred percent sure."
*as Adreia cleans his wounds Renor stirs. his eyes open slightly and he sees her.*
Such an angel's face should not belong in this hell.....
*painfully he raises his hand to her, a shining gem clutched as though his life depended upon it. as he holds it out for her he falls into the darkness again*
Adreia slowly took the gem out of his hand and pocketed it, looking at him, her face lined with worry.
"Rue, help me bring him upstairs. Get his legs, just, please, be careful."
Adreia slipped her arms under Renor's shoulders.
*Renor groans as Adreia picks him up, the large gash on his chest bleeding heavily*
Rue walked over and supported the man,he was in terrible shape and needed rest. "Hoolies,in all my time I can remember few injuries like this". She looked at the man with pity for a momment, then looking to Bradly,"Could you bring some water up?"
Adreia sets Renor down gently, then immediately begins washing out the wound on his chest.
"This may sting a bit."
She sighed a bit.
"Rue, go get drinking water."
Rue sighed,thinking Bradly had brought it up she had concentrated on supporting Adriea with the man,She hurried down stairs and retrieved a pitcher.
*as Adreia leans over Renor, cleaning his wound, he tries to sit up and talk but only succeeds in coughing up blood.*
Those Uraks can... can be..... quite vicous.
*he looks at Adreia and smiles*
But it was..... *he clentches his side* worth it to see you again......
*he leans back and sips the water*
Adreia smiled some, then nodded to Rue gratefully.
"Rue, many thanks, help yourself to anything downstairs. As for you Renor..."
Adreia sat beside him, looking down at him.
"You rest. I'll just stay here and see to it."
She smiled some, putting a hand over his gently.
*Renor smiles and holds Adreia's hand tightly as he falls asleep. his breathing becomes more stable and the bleeding stops entirely. the small jewel on his delicate silver crown starts to glow.*
Rue put a hand on her shoulder in reasurance and left. She decided to tidy up the main room down stairs,the sudden occurance made it impossible to sleep and there was little else to do.
Adreia smiled at Rue and thanked her for all her help, then looked back to Renor and smiled softly, staying right by him. She raised a brow at the jewel.
*Renor's face scrunches up as the jewel glows and his wounds start to heal unusually fast. after about twenty minutes his minor wounds are nothing but small scars and the large gash on his chest is almost completely healed. he wakes up and the jewel is still glowing. he lightly kisses Adreia on the cheek and sits on the edge of the bed. his body, forearms and one of his legs are bandaged showing his well built yet slender physique.*
Thank you Adreia. You have no idea how much this means to me....
Adreia smiled and blushed some, then fingered the gem in her pocket. She stood and kissed the top of his head, then went back downstairs.
*he watches Adreia leave, he shakes his head and starts to get dressed. as he puts his shirt on he runs his hand over the gash and breaths in sharply. he finishes dressing and with his cloak over his shoulder he picks up his weapons and makes his way down to the main room.*
Rue looked up at the sound of footsteps,she smiled to Adriea,"I've cleaned the place up a bit and washed some dishes,and now I'll be leaving,if you could, tell Bradly I want to talk to him soon but in the mean time I'm looking for a friend,his name is "Hunter",Bradly will know where I am". With that she waved and tossed her pack over her shoulder.
o.O That was a gift?! Well, had I known that...uhm...I'll just edit the post I guess

Adreia smiled up at Renor.
"You need anything?"
Adreia then looked over at Rue and waved.
"Okay, will do! And thanks for stopping by! Come back if you need anything!"
ooc: someone hands you a gem and calls you an angel and you dont think it's a gift?? Very Big Grin Smilie

*Renor sits by the fire and sorts his belongings*
Not at the moment, but thank you. I shall just sit here for now and rest.

ooc: i have to go now, but i shall be back..... Read Smilie Smoke Smilie
Rue smiled,"Of course,it's the only place with any exitment". Rue waved again and walked into the near forest.
Ok yall im going to make Bradly leave and let Hunter came Ok?

Bradly gets up hearing the sound of Hunter's name. He walks to the forest and disapper in the darkness of it.

Hunter sees Bradly leaveing and dosent speak to him. He sees Rue walking. He runs to her. "Hey Rue. How are you?"
"Oh!",Said Rue turning at the sound,she smiled when she saw Hunter, "I've been wondering where you've been",She exclaimed as she hugged him,"I'm fine, how about you?" She asked.
Hunter hug Rue. "A little cuted up but other then that im good. So you and Bradly dont fight do yall?"
She kissed him."All the time,but it's fun,although he was acting strange tonight", She pulled away,"I was leaving but if you like we could get a few more ales and food,you look like you need it".
Hunter kisses her. "Sure we can. I wonder what Bradly was thinking." He gets his hand then walks into the inn.
Adreia looked up to Hunter and nodded politely.
"May I get you anything, Sir?"
*Renor's eyes open slightly at the sound of Adreia's voice. he looks at her and smiles.*
May I have an ale my dear?
Rue left Hunter and sat down she was still puzzled by Bradly's behavior but kept her face exprsssionless,as she waited she played with her knives and occasionaly her sword.

Bradly,doesn't it feel weird to play two people,one being someone in love when the girl and your other self keep arguing? I think it's sorta funny...
Adreia looked over to Renor, eyes meeting his, then smiled.
"Of course!"
She poured him one, then walked over to Renor and gently handed it to him.
*as he takes the drink their hands touch softly and he looks away a little*
Thank you
Adreia blushed and smiled, glancing away a bit as well.
"Your welcome, Renor. Want anything to eat?"
She glanced to Rue and Hunter.
"Do you two need anything?"
A hearty meal would be most welcome.
Adreia nodded and went into the kitchen, quickly preparing a meal, then poured two mugs of ale for Rue and Hunter. She gave Rue and Hunter the two ales, then Renor the food. She went back behind the bar.

I'm off for now, toodles!
*Renor takes his time over the meal*
That was lovely Adreia. You should cook more often.
Hunter sets down beside Rue. He drink same of his ale. "Whats wrong Rue?"

Not really its like i have been playing to people all my life.
"Bradly said he was worried about me,"Ever since what happened",but I've no idea what happened in the first place". She sighed and took another sip,"Where have you been? You said you wouldn't leave like that again..."
Hunter looks Rue,"Im sorry i left but i was at a healers. When we last meet i was hurt really bad so i went to the healers. And the thing that happen is that we had to fight a warlock looking for you. I try to kill it but i failed." He takes a drink from his ale.
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