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Alanon falls to the ground bleeding from his wounds and mutters one last curse at Drizzt then dies.

Drizzt passes out there in the chared grass his sword burring it's self deep into the earth.
Rue kissed him,"I know,but honor must be kept,even if it means death,I wanted to help as much as you." Then seeing the man fall,"Hunter,now is the time to help." She pulled his arm and slowly made her way over,"He isn't very well off,but I think he'll live."
Cal watched as Drizzt collapsed to the ground, then grabbing some things, had run out past Rue and Bradly and begun bandaging whatever wounds she could find on him. She turned back to Rue and Bradly.

"Come help me get him back up to his room. This time nothing is going to get him out of that bed until I say so. I need to examine him a little bit more, just to make sure there's nothing serious internal."
Hunter picks Diz up. He places him over his right shoulder then follows Cal to his room. He puts Diz on his bed then leaves the room so Rue and Cal can take care of him.
Cal called out a thank you to Bradly as he left, then began to examine Drizzt. After a few minutes she spoke.
"Did you find anything else Rue? or have we managed to find everything?"
"I think it'll be alright, but he's not getting out of bed until the wounds close,as you said." Rue put a cool cloth on his forehead and went to the door,"If you need anymore help,just call", and with that she returned to her room.
Hunter is seting by the window in Rue's room when she came in. "How is he Rue?" He looks at her then throws his sword to the side of the room.
Rue sat down on the edge of the bed,"He'll be fine". She took her cloak off and began folding it,then stuffing it in her bag she layed back."I wouldn't go throwing blades around if I were you".
"Its all my felt that Ala is died. I shoot King Wolf Rage before you send stop." He looks at the ground then gets up and picks up his sword. He puts it away.
"Yup", She said without looking up, "You seemed very eager to kill,and it scared me, you didn't think of the conseqences,we all could have died with that much power in the open field,I'm surprised he's even going to live with such a shock". Then she got up and went to the door,"I need a drink". With that,she closed it and headed down the hall.
Hunter watches Rue leave. Then he saids,"I couldnt controll it. I wanted to forget it but i couldnt controll the power."
After making it down stairs Rue went and found Adriea,"Would you mind if I took a glass outside?,of course it'll be returned,but I need some air".
Hunter falls asleep in the chair. His sword was on the gruad his armor on the bed. He was faceing the window though.
Drizzt wakes up his head pounding as if a smith was using it as his anvil. He turns his head to the window and sees his sword sticking solomly out of the ground and he tries to forget the look in alanon's eyes. He strugles to his feet riping some of his wounds into bleeding angain and stumbles back downstairs to the bar and gets an ale then goes and sits in the shadows and sips his ale slowly.
Hunter wakes up. He walks down stairs. He sees diz seting in the coner drinking his ale. He walks over to him,"How are you Diz?"
Before Drizzt could respond, Cal, stomped up angrily. Supressing a groan at the sight of Drizzt's wounds resplit open, she put her hands on the table and spoke.

"Come with me Drizzt. You're going back up to that bed and you're not leaving it this time. I don't care if I have to weld you to it, you're staying there until I say you can get out of it. Don't think of trying to change my mind, now back up you go, this instant. Those wounds are never going to heal if you keep this up."
Rue took her glass outside quickly,trying to aviod the sound of Calenia's scolding and made her way into the woods. She set the glass down and pulled her bow out,continuing archery practice.
yeah, um, Rue...I'm Cal in this RP :P u might wanna change ur post.
So what are you all up to here?
Drizzt looks at cal his eyes seeming to have lost their inner light. "I could not care less if my wounds do not heal naturaly. I need a good drink and I'm drinking it now if you persist I might just lose my temper." He takes a long pull from his ale wishing he had a pipe and some good shire tobacco.
"If you wish to have a drink, do so. But you'll do it in bed. I can be just as stubborn as I have to be and you don't want me to lose my temper. I assure you it would have much worse consequences. Now are you going to go back up of your own free will or do I have to force you?"

Drizzt looks into his glass. "Why bother?" his right hand glows softly and the bleeding stops. "You see I have no need of being confined to a bed I can heal just fine sitting here getting drunk."
Cal rolled her eyes. Men!! she thought to herself.
"Up. I don't care if you think you're healing well enough sitting down. I don't and it's much easier to keep an eye on someone when you don't have to constantly babysit them. Now back to bed."

Cal grabbed his ale and tapped her foot impatiently.
Drizzt smiles sadly. "I did not request your aid in my healing and there is nothing you can do to heal my wounds because the wounds that hurt me most cannot be seen with the eyes." he looks at the ale in her hands. "I do request you give that back before I have to get up and get another. But I do have a favor to ask of you."
Adreia happened to over-hear the conversation between Cal and Drizzt. She recalled having a pipe and tobacco laying around, so she found them. Adreia walked over to Drizzt, nodding to Cal, then she handed the pipe and tobacco to him.
"If you need a light, just ask. And please, let someone bandage your wound."
Drizzt accepts the pipe and tabaco and takes some parchment out of his pocket and lights it on the candle in front of him and uses it to light the pipe then blows out the paper. He leans back blowing a small blue smoke ring as his glowing left hand moves over all his wounds healing them so that no more blood comes out and they all close
Cal slammed the ale back in front of him, sloshing it over the sides, and glared at him.
"Fine, what favor do you wish to ask of me?"
Rue walked in ands sat down again,"You really should listen to her", She says nodding to the man,"Calenia is usually right with these things,even if you can self heal, you need rest". She put her glass down and sat back sleepily.

I hate being sick, Out for two weeks with nothing to do...
Looks at rue. "why would I need rest?" He looks back at cal. "Could you fetch me my sword I want to make sure it is not damaged now that alanon is dead the evil in him has gone back to the one it came from and he will be wanting to come after me for trying to help alanon defete him long ago. There is another battle comming worse then the first and I must be ready." He takes another pull from the pipe and blows a green smoke ring that floats just above cal's head.
Rue shrugged took another sip,and closed her eyes again before leaning back against the wall.
Drizzt leans back in his chair and blows another smoke ring it comes out purple and floats above rues head. He smiles watching his work as it floats above her head. He thinks for a second and takes another pull and lets out a pink heart shaped ring of smoke floats over and floats just above adria.
Adreia looked up the the smoke ring and smiled, blushing a bit.
"That's some nice work there Drizzt."
She laughed a bit, then sat down and looked out a window.
Cal rolls her eyes, gets his sword, and laying it on the table stalked outside to cool down. Once outside, she went off a distance and began pacing almost impatiently.
Drizzt chuckles softly and then blows another pink heart ring and it floats out the door to float about the ring already above Cal's head. He leans back and starts inspecting the blade but nods off his head resting on the table.
Adreia found a blanket and pulled it out, then draped it over Drizzt and patted his back gently.
"Get some sleep, you need a break."
She then went behind the bar and started to dry glasses.
Cal looked up and with a sigh of displeasure, noticed the smoke above her head. Breaking off a tree branch, moved them irritably away, muttering to herself.
Drizzt mutters in his sleep and his left hand moves in a complicated pattern and the spell binding the smoke rings over cal's head where they will stay untill he releases the spell he snuggles into the blanket his body seeming to glow under it.
Noticing that the smoke obviously wasn't moving she turned back and headed toward the inn, determined to settle this once and for all. After momentarily pausing to regain her composure, she entered the inn and stalked up to Drizzt's sleeping form and groaned, then turned to Bradly.

"Hey Hunter, I need you to carry this thick-headed clunt back up to his room again please. And this time he is not leaving it, at least not until he removes the spell holding these blasted smoke things above my head."

She followed Hunter up as he put Drizzt back in bed, then planted herself in a chair next to his bed.
Bradly left and changed to, um,yah...*Goes back to sleep*
Whoops, ty Rue...I'll go change it right now, thanx for catching that. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Drizzt whimpers in his sleep currling into a tight ball as if being punched in the stomach. His face contorts with pain and his eyes shoot wide open though it is clear he is still asleep and a deep cut crosses his cheek.
Cal, having dozed off was awakened by the sound of Drizzt's whimpering and moved quickly to his side. She shook him, trying to wake him up.

"Drizzt! Wake up now!"
Hunter dose that. He is seting outstand the inn. He feels the clod wind blow in the air. He saids to himself,"Its time."
Drizzt is thrown from the bed still asleep and he crashes into the wall. He lays there for a moment before being thrown back across the room into another wall. He crumples into a ball and then a look of dismay crosses his face and he launches himself to his feet shouting "You shall not harm her!" as he wakes up.
Hunter looks up as he heared what Diz said. He jumps up. He runs up to Rue's room and gets his stuff. He pulls out his sword and cuts the Diz's door down as he cant open it. He runs in. He looks around the room.
Rue,awoken by the sudden crash,ran up the stairs and through the door Hunter had knocked down. Looking at the man on the floor,she turned to Hunter,"What in hoolies happened?"
Hunter turn to Rue,"I dont know i just got here." He feels a ghostly push on his skin. He turn around seeing no one is there.
Cal made her way to Drizzt's side and helped him back over to the bed., glancing irritably at the smoke rings that stillhung above her head.

Rue, go grab some water please, and some food, preferably bread or something like that. Unter, stay here with him while I go grab some stuff."

Cal hurried back to her room, rumaging through a bag, looking for what she needed.
Um, Drizzt will be absent for bit, not quite sure how long at the moment.
I'm back from the hospital so I will be on some but not much because I'm supposed to stay in bed.

Drizzt lays on the bed sweat covvering his face. "He is comming." he says softly. His eyes look at cal sadly. He keeps his mouth firmly in check and keeps from saying what he saw in the attack on his mind. His right hand waves softly in a circular motion and the smoke rings disapate. his eyes seem to have a glassy look to them and he moves his hand in the opposite direction and his sword floats to him as if reciving some sort of call to come to his aid.
Hunter whichest Diz. He keeps his graud up and his sword out. He looks around and waits for whoever is caming.
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