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He smiled when she mention the speech of the others. She must have noticed the quizzical expression on his face as they spoke. But when she asked his name his face went blank. He had no idea what he was going to tell her. His real name was Vort Preshnick and he had been one of the Corsairs of Umbar, the land to the south of Gondor. But for now he had to leave that life behind, and although Adreia was not likely to have heard of him there could be others around who might have. Besides that his name was clearly that of an Easterling, and there were likely some around who (with good reason) would hold that against him. He remembered a man he had met on the road who’s name was Kilianbar. That name would have to do.

’And well you might ask my girl. I should have told you as soon as I came in, but I’m afraid my manners are a bit lacking. My name is Kilianbar and I come from’ Pelargir which is a great harbor city in the south of Lebennin. I worked on board cargo ships wile I was there. If you should ever find yourself in the southern regions of Gondor I would suggest stopping there. It’s is a truly wonderful town.’

Just about every word he spoke about his past was a lie, though some truth had been woven in. He really had been to Pelargir and knew it well, but that was because he had been in a raiding ship from Umbar. In that way there was another truth, he had worked on a ships but the cargo on those ones had been stolen of course.

’I guess I will have trouble in these parts finding a new line of work. They don’t exactly sail ships I the mountains, but I have enough to get by on for a wile at least.’

Wanting to turn the conversation from himself he said,

’The name Adreia has a pleasant sound to it, but I have never heard it before now. Have you grown up in these parts? Or are your own people from some where else?’
Etharion the elf silently noded to himself as he over heard the conversation between the stranger and the barkeeper with his keen elven ears, or something else. He sat himself down again seeing the two ladies were busy talking between themselves.
Bradly turns and sets back down at the table.
Ice blinked a few times and shook her head. She stood and turned toward the owner of tavern and the few there around her.

She straightened and said, "I beg your apologies for my earlier, attidude. I'm afraid I've been out traveling for far too long and have adopted some of the mannerisms of the people I have met, and the places I've been," she bowed, "I am called Icefangs, but my fellows here call me Ice. Now, I would also like to mark that I am not, in fact, drunk, intoxicated, or, as some I've met would say, 'high'. I beg your forgiveness, and I now take my leave to my friends' table," she finished and sat back down at the table.

She sipped the ale she had been given, which had turned a mysterious pale green color.
Bradlt looks at Ice. "Hey Ice why is your ale green now what did you put in it?" He stands up and looks at Ice's ale
Amina made a slight bow. "It is nice to meet you, kind stangers. My name is Amina, where my lady goes, I go. We have traveled far to get here, but it is up to my lady to give more details on our business here.*

Amina sat down by the table with her lady, ordered an ale, and sprinkled some powder in it and grinned as it turn a radient pink colour. But that was mostly to show of. To turn ale green took a whole other kind of powder, and maybe Icey would appreciate the distraction.

*since I have no idea, I just though I could tag along with Laurelindhe and see what she had in mind. Wink Smilie
Ice nodded her head at Amina in thanks. She sipped the ale, and immediately a warm, fuzzy feeling came over her. She looked inside the mug and saw that the green was starting to disappear, so she took out the pouch, pretended to drop something under the table, and ducked under to sprinkle some more powder in it. She came back up, grinned at her friends, and said, "Bradly, why is your arm bleeding? What have you gone off swinging at now?"

Bradly gets his arm and sets down."Well i wasnt swinging at nothing a demon cut me."Bradly watches his arm bleed more this time it is bleeding fast.
Adreia managed a smile at the mention of Gondor.
"Yes, quite a wonderful town, I'm sure. And the name Adreia you actually find nice? That's a first...yes, I grew up just over the mountains."
"Well i think its a nice name as well." said the elf. "Thats some weird ale."
"Whose?" Ice asked. "Mine, or Amina's?" she says.

Bradly dosent pay much to the talking but to his arm. He watches the blood fall on to the floor. It begins to make a symbol. Bradly remebers this symbol from his village. It is the symbol of the beast.
Ice watches the blood, morbidly amused at the pretty picture it is making. "Um, Bradly, what's going on with your arm, there Bradly?" she asks. She puts her hand in the air, "Um, barkeep, Adreia, right? Could you get us a cloth or something, my friend is bleeding alot?"

Bradly dosent here Ice. All he heres is the blood droping. He watches the symbol it begin to glow a darker red. Bradly feels its power. Bradly stands up and stands on the symbol. The blood stops and the glowing gos around him. Bradly's arms are now down by his side and he cant move no matter what.
Oh!!!! Ohh!! Sorry Adreia! My memory is, well, I would tell you how bad it is, but I can't quite remember. Well, way late though I am:

WELCOME TO PT, ADREIA!!!!!! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie


Not used to the strange occurances in the dark chasm of the tavern, the tall woman(whose face no one could really make out) rose from her quiet observation, came over to the rigid fellow and raised her hand to him, palm-out. He winced in pain, then fell to the floor. When he resurfaced, he was fine again."This is all very odd. It is just as well that I have come. I want to help you. You are all in a far worse plight than you ever imagined.", the mysterious lady stranger said to the faces of the people before her. "I am Laurelindhe of the Far Lands, and I am at your service." She bowed low, but fell over in all her great top-heavy height, after all, she was seven-foot-nine!

(Thanks for the vote of confidence, Amarie! I'm honored if I have you to follow my lead!)
"um, exactly what do u mean by that m'lady? Bradly is going to be alright isn't he? You can help him can't u?"

Cal looks anxiously at the tall stranger on the ground.
**regaining her composure**
"Yes, lady, he will live today! I am sorry to startle you kind folks. I am sent here by someone who guides you all from afar. I know, very strange. Let us just say that the mark some of us observed in his spilling blood was no mere mistake. Allow me to fill you in slowly, however, for now the hour is but early and the night still young! More ale for all, to kill the fear that may come later!"
**She orders another round. Looking at Brad, she sees he looks rather pale still."Drink this, Lad." Laurelindhe hands him a large, frothing mug.
Bradly takes the ale and drinks it. He then trys to stand up but just falls back down. He just sets there and says"Thank you for helping me. If i may ask what was this all about and can you please feel us in?"

Mean wile Vort, or should I say Kilianbar since that is the name he gave, watched from his seat at the bar. He saw the symbol in the boodl, and thought something looked vaguely familiar about it, though he couldn’t quite place it. He watch the next happenings with interest, and then confusion as Laurelindhe spoke. When she talked of someone who guided them all from afar he figure she meant the others, and not him. At least he hoped not. In his home country of Umbar no one knew anything of elves, but they were still taught that they had strange powers and were never to be trusted. Well he had just seen this tall elf lady use strange powers already on Bradly, so there was proof enough in his mind. He turned to Adreia and said,

’Is this the usual nightly entertainment around here? I hope you have someone working for you who’s good at scrubbing floors.’

He then turned to Laurelindhe and said,

’You speak of fear lady, but what would a pretty thing like you know of such matters? And as for you being sent by one who guides us from afar’ Are you sent by a star? For that is the only guide I have had for the longest time.’
"It is a wise notion to only speak of that you know and only of thyself. Your guide in this lifetime may not be known to you, but that does not mean it is not known at all. I chose not to speak of this now, as I saw that these dear folk have been traumatized enough this eve, but as your curiousity surely will know no bounds, and this is not my land, I will explain myself at the present. I am not sent by a corporeal being, my master is one who cannot be confined to such limitations. I am only an emmisary of our realm, so I intend no hostility, friend." Laurelindhe stuck out her hand to shake his, when a large gilded arrow peirced her chest, and she fell to the floor. Where the arrow had come from, no one could tell. "Amina...tell the Mistress that I regret failing her." With that, she seemed to die, and all color instantly left her.
Etharion was about to say something when the murder happened. he just stood standing and blinked a few times. " Well THATS not something you see everyday!! Maybe i did eat some mushrooms... im starting to see things.." he says to Ice sitting next to him. "You know.... i could swear that i just saw a arrow KILL that odd lady there." he said calmly with a puzzled expresion.
Bradly jumps up pulling his sword out. He runs outside in the rain. He runs around looking for who kill her. He is so mad he hits the ground hard leaveing a hand porit in the ground. He stays outside looking for the person.
Ice nods. "I know I didn't eat any mushrooms, and I saw the same thing," she says, while turning her head slightly so her wolf ears might pick another soft -twang- of a bowstring. Ice turns back to Etharion, saying, "Any idea why that happened, Eth? Or are you as in the dark as I am?"

"So you mean someone really shot her?! But who??" he looked around to see from where the shot came from. He walked over to the door to see if Bradly foundout something."Quick check if shes breathing, maybe we can save her!!" he yelled.
Ice ran to the woman where she lay on the floor. She felt for a heartbeat, and feeling none, sighed. She cocked her head to side, her left ear facing the lady's chest. She didn't hear a heartbeat, either. She dashed out the door and yelled, "Eth! I can't hear or feel a pulse, found anything out there?!"

As soon as Ice had turned to find Etharion, what was left of the strange lady's body instantly, and completely, disappeared. There seemed to the other patrons of the Tavern to be a white mist above their heads, only for a second. Then it was gone. That was the same instant that the mystery archer revealed himself, and the significance of the bloody symbol solved.
Bradly gets mader and mader as the time passes. He is all wet by the time he walks into the taver again. He walks to his set and sets not saying a word to no one.
((lol...thanks! Big Smile Smilie enjoy it a bunch))
Adreia brought the lady a cloth, then went back to the bar and leaned back against it with a small sigh, not seeming to hear Kilianbar.
Kilianbar jumped to his feet as the lady was shot right in front of him. He made a move to the door, but when he saw Bradly was going to reach it first he thought he would let him go. No sense in having them both go running out into the range of a sniper archer (he always looked out for himself first when he could). Turning back to see where the elf had fallen he was surprised so see her body vanish.
"I knew it." He thought to himself. "There’s more of that strange magic."

He leaned back against the counter and said aloud,

’Very convenient, now there is no need for a burial.’

He then said to Adria in a lower voice,

’It’s regrettable that she is dead, but this just shows that it is a bad idea to get mixed up with strange elves and their ways. I had an uneasy feeling about her from the moment she started talking...’
Amina slowly rose from the floor where she had kneeled by her ladys side. She met the eyes of the archer and he vanished into the shadows with a grin. No one else seemed to have noticed him. But neither had she the first time. The one they seeked might still be here. She picked up the arrow that now lay on the floor and clutched it to her chest with closed eyes. "Oh my great Mistress, do not leave me here alone like this. It is too big for me alone."
The tavern was in a uproar. Noone wanted to get shot so most guests leaved huridly. Etharion leaned against the bar thinking. He then turned to the stranger (Kilian) and said "Well if you dont like elves and strange things sir you should never be a furlong close to me.Or should i call you pirate good sir? Because strange old elves like me know things.." he said looking straight into his eyes. "Anyway, i respect that you at least tried to do somehing when she was shot." he said turning his head.
Amina looked over the now quite empty inn. She walked over to Adreia, still with the arrow in her hand. "I am sorry for the trouble we have caused. If we had know he would follow us here, we would have done things differently." She sighed sadly and looked at the arrow. "Very differently..." Her eyes swept over the remaining people.
Ethaion pulled out a small bag that tinkled with gold inside."Here" he said to Adreia."For the trouble we caused.I hope its enough to cover our drinks as well." he said.
Bradly looks at Adreia. He saids in a deep and powerful vioce,"Who is the person you talk of is it he /her that kill this lady?Tell me please i want him/her died becuase this lady who have told me of my past and futher which i dont know and she whould have told me things i aswas wanted to know about me and my power."With that said Bradly waits for the answers.
Kilianbar narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked back at Etharion and said,

’Do you usually consider those from Pelargir to be pirates?’

He looked him over carefully and added, ’You have an odd way of observing people elf. Are you a mind reader as well?’

He said this with contempt, but inside he wondered about this Etharion. He was obviously someone who should not be taken too lightly.
He was distracted by Amina as she approached them. After a moment he said to her,

’Are you still in danger yourself here? And do you have friends or relatives near by to go to? You shouldn’t be wondering around all alone. I would ask you to explain these strange things but a knife might come flying from the shadows and strike you down as well and then who ever you are seeking would never know. Then again’ if you want to risk it I wouldn’t mind hearing an interesting story.’
Adreia nodded in agreement with Kilianbar as he spoke, but kept silent. She looked around at everyone and wondered how everything came to this.
Bradly watches them as he puts his hand on his handle of his sword. He listens to what they have to say adn all that still mad about the lady elf died.
Calenia walks over to Bradly's side, waiting to hear the story. Her hand still rests on the whip's wore handle, just in case any more unwanted visitors decide to drop in.
Bradly looks at Cal. He gets her hand and nods no. He says to her a low vioce"If we fight ill fight for you ok i dont want you to end up like she did ok?"
"Alright, if that's the way you want it Bradly, but I am perfectly capable of taking care or myself...If i think you're a little overwhelm tho, i will fight."

She squeezed Bradly's hand and then slipped hers away.
Though it strained her abilities a little, the moment she was shot, Laurelindhe immediately projected herself to the woods that lay outside the old tavern. The wound was deep, and it would take several days to mend properly; the arrow had peirced her chest, but high enough to not do too much damage. However, she would need shelter and somehow she must alert Amina to her whereabouts. She tried to mentally reach her, but wasn't able, due to the wound. She began to pull the gilded arrow out, and surprisingly, it came out with ease. As she bathed the wound, she worried for the state of things back at the tavern. She hoped that the ones she had met would guide her to the one she sought, but she also prayed that they would be safe from Him.
Amina turned to Bradly and Killanbar. "I have no relatives anymore. Those I once had are far away from here. I chose long ago to serve my Lady Laurelindhe. She is my family now. Or was..." She stood silent for a moment, like she was listening for something, then she continued.

"I don't think I am in any grave danger yet, He doesn't find me important enough now. He needs to know if he has really killed my Lady. She has escaped Him before, but I fear He was successfull this time... I dare not tell you anything untill I know for sure. I don't want to bring you in more danger than I already have. It is very desent of you to worry for me, this is a good place to be in such bad times." She smiled gratefully, but her eyes filled with sorrow as she looked over to where Laurelindhe had fallen.

"We were unprepared. We should have know better. I failed her."
Bradly looks at Cal then nods then looks back the others."You dont fail we fail we should have know if a lady of great power was to came here then we should have been ready for attackers." Bradly hears samething in the woods but he thinks he knows who it is. He dosent tell then others.
Etharion replies to Kilian " Im a no mind reader. I simply see what is there. And almost everyone i know from Umbar is a pirate and just some are from Pelargir. And now, tell me why are you so far inland?I think is because of some ...unpleasant happenings. The mountains are no place for a fish like you." he gazed in his eyes for a moment and turned away. Hearing Bradly he said "And how are you going to protoect her from a silent arrow? A asassin's weapon always reaches its target.Sadly, but the assasins of Him are far more terriblle that the ordinary."
"um, Ethy, how do you know who this mysterious He thing is and um, would care to let those of us who are completely confused know?"
"For that you should ask lady Amina. She can tell you more. But i dont know if you should know that. Dark things are abroad...." he finished quietly.
Kilianbar looked first at Bradly as he spoke and said, ’Speak for yourself. As for my part I have failed no one. They came here of there own free will, and it was not our place to protect them from an unseen, and previously unknown enemy.’

Then as Etharion spoke he turned to him and said with a sneer, ’My reasons for being so far inland are my own. But since you think yourself to be so good at guessing the back ground of a stranger perhaps you can dream up an answer for yourself.’

He then turned to Amina once more and said,

’Don’t be afraid then to tell us what is up. I’m sure we will end up in more danger if we are left in the dark. For myself I know I don’t like to have things kept from me if I have some involvement. It is very unfair of the two of you to come in here like this and cause all this excitement and then refuse to tell the rest of us what is going on. If I’m in any danger I want to know why and who it is from.’
"Of course." said Etharion to Kilian. " Oh yes, i can imagine a few reasons. And a couple of people who might find them interesting,pirate." he said darkly."So you beter leave me alone.Im not in the best of moods."
**It is ten years earlier. There is a large, ornate building, adorned in gold leaf scroll and ancient runes of some kind. A king is seated in his throne upon the highest stair of the building, silent, but somehow mournful. A trumpet not far off sounds. The king rises to his feet quickly, his body standing rigidly at attention. He hears from a distance "My Lord, they have taken them!". He runs to the scene, where he finds his guard accosted and the entry gate ruined, stripped off its hinges as if by horrible force. The king crumples to the ground, stricken.**

Laurelindhe had rested for almost the whole evening when she began to think of the consequences of her and Amina's visit to the tavern. Then her memory turned to the day ten years ago that had started it all. The He in question to all of the company inside was said to be a very dark and powerful being that had been broken before, but had returned to clean up his unfinished business. The prophecy predicting his return had claimed that he would take the form of a human man, and his one errand would be to seek out the one who knew the last phrase of the prophecy and kill them, to prevent them from fulfilling his ultimate demise.
Ten years ago when he had returned, his first mission had been to abduct Laurelindhe and Amina, who had been appointed by the High King of their realm as protectors of the One. He had not been successful then, as they had escaped His clutches, and he had not been successful now. His assasin had not been skillful enough to kill an immortal. But now it became all too clear to her that they would have to find the One who knew the end of the prophecy much more quickly. And she did not know that where her search began, it would also end- a small but nicely tended tavern near the Silver River.
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